9. Awesome Face to Face Selling

Unless you are say a Pure Online Business, almost everyone is involved in some form of Face to Face Selling. Be it you are doing it to pitch for work or on a different note, you have to have the basic negotiation skills to hire suppliers / select partners this is one critical skill.

8. Business Networking – The Top 7 Strategies

Business Networking is common for most Small Business Owners / Entrepreneurs in one way or another. Be it for getting clients directly (as Edward built his original business with) or having just a community to support you and send you referrals – it’s one of the world’s oldest form of doing business.

6. Facebook Marketing for Success

From a Small Business Owners / Entrepreneur’s perspective this offers some amazing opportunities to build ones business community and even use the highly powerful “Facebook Advertising” to target people with very tight and relevant demographics.

5. The 90 Day Action Plan

Marketing is obviously a massive topic and we see quite a few cases where the Small Business Owners / Entrepreneur knows the “Tools” and “Options” but are either overwhelmed and not doing anything or worse still – doing things in the wrong order. Lets put some structure into your plans…

4. Premium Quality, Premium Image and Premium Profits

This is a big missed opportunity of many Small Business Owners / Entrepreneurs in that that they may be Technically Brilliant but have an image that makes them unfairly look “Cheap” and miss out on plenty of potential business.

3. Awesome Products, Services and Pricing

All too often we see awesome Small Business Owners / Entrepreneurs working too hard and just earning too little money. This common issue is often caused by the business person not having a clear understanding as to what they sell and often are under-priced market wise.

2. Business & Marketing Strategy

Only too many awesome Business Owners out there don’t have a clear Strategy and Direction. This is often the cause of all problems and often results unnecessary stress, anxiety and almost always poorer financial performance. The first answer to that is writing a Business & Marketing Plan…

1. Introduction to Small Business Marketing

Time is money and it’s critical to get your direction spot on from Day 1. Build an intelligent strategy that resonates with the market and access the business & marketing plan template taught to Edward by a mentor and entrepreneur worth $40,000,000+ – the same template used by hundreds of small business owners.

7. LinkedIn Business Marketing

LinkedIn is a powerful “Social / Business Networking” site that has over 225 Million Users worldwide. Although this is smaller than Facebook, it’s also not cluttered by teenagers, images of cats, dogs or people showing you what they have had for dinner that night.