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I have found that when you are in the zone it doesn’t take long to turn your Life and Business Around.  This is why I love our “90 Days of Profitable Sales & Marketing Theme!”

Today has been the big day for me in starting to promote our next Awesome Mastery Workshop “90 Days of PROFITABLE Sales & Marketing”.

I love this workshop format and have done it quite a few times in my own Business & Also my old Marketing Manager days.  I totally love it and it’s one of my most favourite “Turnaround” formats of them all.

What I have seen play out personally hundreds (if not thousands) of times over and over again is that when you are on track be it in business or life – things can turn positive in an easy 90 days.  There are plenty of business reasons for this and my own personal view is that when you have a strong plan, you just tend to “GO FOR IT” and get what you deserve.  Be it you are fat and losing weight, got no clients and want more or you are single with relationships not working (like I was) – things can turn quickly!

Just to qualify too in what I am saying here; I am not saying you may make $1,000,000 within 90 days.  You may be in a position where you may turn things around – and it may take longer for results to kick in.  BUT – you can make make the massive difference and start getting the Growth & Positive Results you seek.

I was in a nasty position about 1.5 years into my business.  After I got washed up in the Global Financial Crisis, I went from my high-end management jobs, right down to $70K / Year lower end Marketing Jobs (compared to the high end strategic roles of my past).  This time of my life really sucked and I was totally unhappy in my final job in the Corporate Workplace.  It was the trough of my career and an ironic place to finish things on as an employee.

With the little time I had, I “Moonlighted” building my business.   This eventually came to a head and the “Boss” I had at the time was making me do lots of hours (outside of business time).  So I resigned and got the same job back as Contract!

This actually worked out quite well for a while, however overtime the demands rose and rose – it went from being a great partnership to a situation where I was getting the sharp end of the stick and it wasn’t fun at all. Eventually, my old job turned “Client” became a D client and with almost no notice they got rid of me and didn’t fully pay me out the contract termination period.  I was in big trouble! I worked night and day for this  job turned client for a few years and I was in the position of facing Christmas with almost no money!

I was about to lose the farm, so I knew it was time to prove myself!

Basically after 3 months (90 days) I would have been totally dead and would have lost the business.  I was facing losing all I had worked for and I had only 1 choice – PROVE MYSELF AS A MARKETER and go pick up heaps of clients!

This started what I reflect on in hindsight my “90 Day Journey” where I put my skills to the test! The fact I am writing this blog 2 years later means that obviously made it.  What was funny – they were my “Bread & Butter” and after they shafted me I was freaking out – but I replaced them and more in about 60 days.

In this experience myself and then the many I have worked with over the years, here are my personal 10 x Tips on this fine topic:

1) Solid Belief: You need a tight mindset to win this one and lots of faith! Believe and they will come.

2) Iron Constitution: When you are down everyone will tell you that you suck.  Ignore the losers and be the winner.

3) Strong Product: Make sure your Product / Service is good and on track.

4) Logical Mechanics: Critical that everything you are doing “Commercially” makes sense!

5) Write down your plan: Make sure everything is written and you read it every day!

6) Call in Favours: All in! Ask your friends and network for help.  Get referrals, give them and go hard!

7) Change Everything: Be open to new thoughts and flexible.  Kill those sacred cows!

8) Research the Best: Don’t reinvent the wheel – copy it from someone! Learn from the best.

9) Do everything you can: Go beyond the advice you are given, be creative and work out how to promote yourself!

10) Love the Future:  Don’t fight the past.  Let it go and go forth!

I trust these basic mindset tips help you if you are in this position and it’s getting me thinking more about our 90 Days of Profitable Sales & Marketing Workshop coming up! To learn more please read our Flyer attached with all the details! So love to see you then!!

So glad I got that quick sell in! Have a great day or night awesome people!

Edward Zia – Marketing Mentor and Turnaround Man x x



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