Humanity Over Dollars: Doing the Right Thing. Because.

Sure this guy did the wrong thing.  But to stop so pubically against a probably massive salary - legend! This really touched me this one!

Sure this guy did the wrong thing. But to stop so publicly against a probable massive salary – legend! This really touched me this one!

As a Full Vegetarian and animal lover I have always found Spanish Bullfighting pure evil and very shocking to watch.  Even as a child when I was eating meat at the time I found something “Wrong” about this.   What did the bull do? How can a country today still make this is National Sport and past time? How can a civilized race enjoy the public torturing of an animal? Who are the greedy money making scum bags that defend this? And of course, how can we stop their tyranny against poor animals?

From a great post I saw on Facebook, this photo was shared talking about Matador Torero Alvaro Munera ending his career.  The wounded bull didn’t even continue to fight and it was great seeing someone do the right thing over profits.

I bet this guy was getting paid heaps (assuming say he seen like a NSW Rugby Player) and for him to say “NO WAY – THIS IS WRONG” I think it just totally awesome.

Bringing it back to Small Business Management and Marketing – it got me thinking about when I started my business.  With my own Personal Mentoring services I was always flexible, no hard-selling, no contracts and over time this rocked for me.

At the time I started (and even today) I know so many companies that do the opposite to my disgust.  They hard-sell, push people to buy before they are ready – and just really overcharge for the otherwise “Standard Vanilla Ice-Cream” services they are selling.

I heard a very scary thing from a friend the other day.  The Coaching College I once did a course at is teaching very questionable means of selling from stage.  Teaching things like buzz words, psychological techniques and preying on people’s scarcity and human psychology to get them to purchase things they may not be able to service financially.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not some type of hippie arguing that “Money Sucks” and all that.  As a Persian Guy living in Inner-West Sydney I am very ambitious – but as I have said before it’s all about making money the right way.

These days you get some people that make it by doing the wrong thing and ripping people off – but these days (especially in the Small Business Space) the shonks don’t last.  Sure, they may go in and clean out everyone out  and make more money at the start, but then they get what they deserve!

As per the awesome Ex-Matador who did the right thing towards the end over money – he is the awesome example of justice / humanity over money.

My advice? Work out how to make heaps of money the right way! If you find a dodgy way of making money – DON’T DO IT! Money earned the wrong way just isn’t worth it.  I have lost count of the number of awesome multi-millionaires I work with that who have done it all the right way.

Hope you enjoy this read and have an Awesome Day Great People!

Edward Zia – Marketing Mentor and Animal Lover x x