Joel Curtis is back again as our fine Guest Blogger on his real article 'My Businesss'.  This is his tough story about starting out in business and I love it  - one compelling read!

Joel Curtis is back again as our fine Guest Blogger on his real article ‘My Businesss’. This is his tough story about starting out in business and I love it – one compelling read!

We are very lucky to have Joel Curtis the Psychologist talk to us on his own story titled “My Business”.  It’s his authentic rough story about the reality of him starting his own business and effectively building it.

I gave Joel Curtis today a referral to a friend of mine who is in business and what I said was “What I love about Joel is that yes, he is a Psychologist – but a real one that understands business”.  My friend was rather impressed and I hope you enjoy this article from Joel talking through his experiences on the topic.  If you want to learn more, Google this fine operator and go and see him!

“My Business” with Guest Blogger Joel Curtis:

5 years ago I started my first full time Psychology practice. I wish I could say that it has been easy, it hasn’t been. I made the decision to start my business right at the beginning of the GFC, good idea right?

It took 12 months from the time I applied for my loans until the doors of my business first opened. During that 12 months I had to work hard and convince a lot of people, who didn’t even know me, that backing me was an awesome idea. I was given a lot of help along the way and I am very grateful for the support my family gave me during that time. After a long and difficult process I was finally able to open the doors of my practice.

I was hoping that when the doors opened that a flood of people would want to see me. I found it pretty rough when people didn’t just simply walk in my door and start seeing me. What I started to realise is that just being good at my job wasn’t enough to get people in the door.

Since then I have worked hard to build my reputation in the market place. My only goal has been to make sure that every interaction I have with a client, a referrer, or anyone who came into contact with me was a good experience. I know that the success of my business is in my ability to build a rock solid reputation. Without that, my business is nothing.
5 years later I am still working on improving my business, the work never stops. What I know now is that so long as I keep doing the right things, each and every day, the results take care of themselves. If you have just started out in your business focus on building your reputation each and every day. Don’t take any interaction, no matter how insignificant, for granted.

Each and every person you come into contact with could make the difference in your business.

Take care of the little things and the big things will take care of themselves. Build your business each and every day.


Joel Curtis – The Psychologist.

Edward’s Commentary:

Brilliant, Truthful and Very Real.  That is why I love Joel! Thank you for the read from Edward Zia, Marketing Mentor and Lover of Joel!



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