From George Takei's Facebook Page - Agree with it all and even Conservatives like me are joining this way of thinking!

From George Takei’s Facebook Page – Agree with it all and even Conservatives like me are joining this way of thinking!

I am a big Christian.  Love Jesus Christ.  Pray at least 10 times a day.  I am fully supportive of Gay Men, Gay Women and Marriage Equality.

On Facebook I shared this great post from George Takei (Sulu from Star Trek) which seems fairly reasonable and straight forward:

– I’m not gay, but I will vote for gay marriage & defend gay rights every chance I get.  Why? I believe in happiness.

Putting up this post got a great following – but we got this nasty man come in and do a long hate speech against gay people.  He said “Shame” to people like me, made claims of “No Happiness”, claimed it’s against nature and called this “Animal Marriage”.

I was quite taken back by this and very shocked.  Not only did my straight & gay friends came in to return fire to this hater – but so did I.  The hater came back with some type of religious justification that not only didn’t stack up – puts a black mark against the name of God believers like myself.

This really got me thinking greatly about Gay’s and being a Persian man – I immediately thought about it in terms of Small Business Owners, Marketing and general entrepreneurial success.

Coming from the Marketing Profession as well – I have been surrounded by plenty of awesome gay men and in my business today – I have heaps of Gay clients.

Interestingly, Gay’s have been amazing clients of mine.  They are kind, understand business, transparent and are usually astute business people.  Going on the next level, I have found that they are heavily driven by contribution and can be incredibly charitable.

I think the reason being is that almost anyone who has grown up with that level of hostility and discrimination (such as that hater targeting me on Facebook) knows what it’s like to be persecuted – so they come back knowing “What it’s like” wanting to help anyone in pain.

You may be wondering why am I speaking about Gays? It is amazing seeing the amount of ignorance and hatred directed at this minority – especially when you consider how much these awesome people generally earn and that they relatively keep to themselves (without actively attacking parts of their community).

Even thought I was “Born Again” as a Christian in the age of 26, I hate to speak ill of my own kind but I remember many equating “Homosexuality” to a sin like “Murder”. I am not kidding one bit.  I have known Christian Women that seem very peaceful, but once the “Gay” flag gets raised – dagger eyes and hatred comes out.  Are all Anti-Gay people haters? Well I think lots are – but many come from the point of misinformation and have just been told bad things and take it as fact.

I can tell you personally – as someone who heard this anti-gay stuff day in and day out, it’s all wrong and based what I have seen – it’s all a big fat lie (probably built on ignorance more than evil).

Talking Small Business Marketing especially – the Gay’s I know are totally sharp operators who are totally on the money.  If anything, many of my gay male clients act more straight than I do! My advice? Gays, Straights – doesn’t matter! Don’t judge a person by what they do in their bedroom, but what they do in the boardroom.

I have learnt first hand that people’s ethics in business transcends right through to their personal life.  If someone who honest to their business associates, they are honest to their family at home.  So Pro-Gay, Pr0-Small Business and Pro-Marketing!

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Thank you for taking the time to read this.  If you are Pro-Gay – great! If you are Anti-Gay, I ask you to ask yourself why and think about it critically.  Are you acting out of reason or some view you have been told by someone else?

From Edward Zia – Marketing Mentor and Pro-Gay Straight Guy – have a great day or night!



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