George Germanos is one Sharp Accountant who checked in on my welfare today.  I am very humbled and nothing like having great people covering your back 24 / 7!

George Germanos is one Sharp Accountant who checked in on my welfare.  I am very humbled and nothing like having great people covering your back 24 / 7!

I was very humbled to have a very kind phone call from George Germanos yesterday.  He is a CA (“Chartered Account”) and he called me post 2013 to check in on me.  George was reading some of my blog articles and saw me reflect on some of the extreme experiences I have had to contend with and survive in my life. He felt the caring need to check in on me and to make sure that I was “Okay” – especially with me recalling extreme details of failure, depression, alcoholism and my life almost ending in my early 20’s.

I am really good and the fact I have friends checking in on me is a great thing. I never had this support network even 1 year ago further proving that 2013 was the year in my life “I turned it all around”.  If I reflect back not only as Marketing Mentor, but just as an Entrepreneur in general – I can quite easily see that it’s been my friends, supporters and colleagues that have enabled me to enjoy the Sales & Marketing Success that I am proud of.

Putting on the “Small Business Marketing Strategy” hat and looking at things in a direct commercial manner, I have benefited from them hiring me directly, coming to my workshops and passing me awesome referrals and introductions.  Talking on a more “Life / Intangible Level” (but make no mistake, this is just as critical) I have great people supporting me when I need it! And likewise if they have a rough time, I am right there to support them!

To me this is the logic – Every so often someone will rip you off and take advantage of you, but MOST people are totally awesome. And of course, only awesome people read my articles – so that means you are totally awesome. So be nice to yourself and buy yourself a gift you deserve.

This experience of George checking in on me reminds me why I should be always the first to help, support, give love and expertise to help to others. Even though I was “Okay” this time when George called, the fact I know he is covering me is a very humbling experience – that also speaks to his credibility, ethics and sense of honour (so check out his fine website here at Alliance Accounting).

George is a man who gets the give / receive nature of business and we are all on the same page.  By always being the first to give, this helps you build your base of fans and supporters that give you the commercial and psychological support you need – especially when things turn dicey or the “Not So Awesome” people try and rip you off.

So my advice as a Marketer? Be the Company / Person that gives the most so people truly appreciate and like what you have to offer.  I promise you that with this strategy, you will be in the top list of people’s consideration when they are looking to hire that Skill Set / Product you are offering.

Thank you again George for checking in on me and if want to learn more about Business Networking & Marketing Success, make sure you check out my Online Course “The Awesome Marketing Vault” – you will love it LOL.

Have a great day or night wherever you are and thank you from Edward Zia – Marketing Mentor and Persian man who is lucky to have tons of great friends and allies!



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