Sage advice for those difficult times in being an Entrepreneur and Running  a Small Business!

Sage advice for those difficult times in being an Entrepreneur and Running a Small Business!

Not the most positive heading for an article, but I think it’s quite an important topic of running a Small Business and being an Entrepreneur that is rarely talked about. I find there is a lot of discussion on Insurance in that “You Get Badly Injured” and when you say have a breakdown in your “Family” how to heal yourself.

Where I find minimal discussion exists is when you have to still work on your business while you are “Sad & Distressed” and in particular if you say get “Sick” with something minor but you still have to see clients Bright Eyed and Bushy Tailed.

I am dedicating this article to a secret friend of mine who is right now on a winning direction.  I had a great conversation  with her yesterday and in 2013 she had nothing but things go against her.  Difficult business conditions, relationship breakdown and problems came her way – BUT she conquered them in complete style!

I did too, but at least in my case I had a great business as part of it all to keep me grounded and keep my focus on the right areas during my tough times in 2013.  Even though I found myself and poor Pandy questioning where I was sleeping some nights and how I was going to feed her and myself – I had a rocking business and great friends / clients to support me during my own family breaking down last year.

Positive Thinking is great and can get you so far, but in terms of pragmatic reality I think there is a large discussion to be had in that you are say busy, got a business and a life and something big happens that makes you sick and sad.  Mine in 2013 was family breakdown based, some may be more financial or like awesome Kylie Warry fighting Cancer right now (and winning may I add. Yay!) – things happen that throw us out.

My own experience and advice that I gave to my secret friend from yesterday was that in these moments you REALLY MUST HAVE A GREAT GOAL to keep you going.  In being straight up with you – your whole life has been tipped upside down and just say not crying may be a challenge, what is keeping you on track? What is guiding you? Why get through the pain? What is the big result?

As I write this article I am resting up in the awesome Wollongong 4:55PM on Friday night.  It’s about a 1 Hour, 20 Minute Drive from where I live in Sydney and it gave me a great chance to reflect and actually think about my awesome life.  Right now I am very happy and as things are coming together for me now – it’s allowed me the mental space to focus on putting my previous painful experiences into perspective.

Earlier this morning about 8AM as I went to the train station to go to Sydney CBD I went passed this awesome Salvation Army Guy by the name of Kelvin Cannon.  He is there all the time and I gave him a $20 for his great work and he gave me the priceless card (in the image) attached that I put straight on Facebook.  It got me reflecting all day on what happened to me last year and some painful experiences.

I remember that in one situation I was sitting in a 4Networking Business Breakfast Meeting.  I was in between homes and been working long hours.   I was quite worried about my Cat and didn’t eat very well for a few days before (and slept maybe about 4 hours at the most).  The breakfast I had then was the best meal I had in a short while and it felt great.  I kind of had a special moment to myself and was actually quiet grateful for what had happened to me.  That is, to everyone else they where busy wheeling and dealing – and for me, it was great chance to eat some normal food in an environment where I felt safe (even for the moment).

Like my awesome friend from yesterday and thinking back – what kept me going? What kept me focused during those tough times? How did I keep performing at my business and INCREASE MY INCOME during that period?

For me it was the goal of finding a place for my Cat and I to live.  It was the knowledge that even though I am suffering every day I have I get to help someone and also I knew that I “Deserved what happened to me”.  If you have read my previous articles, I put myself in my position and I am 100% responsible for it.  That knowledge was actually very empowering.  I knew I could work my way out of it, get some great learning experiences and help others.

That reasoning actually made me “Happy” during times of Pain and Emotional Trauma.  It helped me frame and coalesce my pain into a god-driven purpose to help others in my position.

And I did that yesterday. Because I suffered what I did, I was able to help my good friend from practical experience and help lift her spirits.  It was worth it! All the pain was worth it and I feel great as a result.

(Of course for something that is totally worth it too, check out the Awesome Marketing Vault.  Yeah! Don’t you love how I always get that in?)

Thank you for taking the time to read this and keep up the great Business & Sales + Marketing out there you Awesome Person you!

Edward Zia – Marketing Mentor and Happy Man x x



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