The Awesome Relief of No Expectations! Losing expectations takes all the stress out of Face to Face Selling Situations for me!

The Awesome Relief of No Expectations! Losing expectations takes all the stress out of Face to Face Selling Situations for me!

Alcohol? Positive Thinking? Watching “The Secret” over and over again? Ah No.

It’s taken me a lot of pondering to get to this position and to get the answer, you have to click this link right now – and pay me… Just kidding! Because I think you are awesome I am just going to tell you on the house:


Yes, that is my big secret to remove the fear of selling.  As a High-Distinction Postgraduate High-Achiever / Entrepreneur, this I am sure must sound like a very odd statement coming from me.  However, it’s true.  Lately in my business I have gone extremely well in terms of my Personal Selling ability and what I have found more and more is that I am not worried about the result.

Now just to couch what I saying here, I am actually very focused on Sales Results and I am not arguing some “Spiritual / No Money” hippie position.  That is, I have learnt through experience that Selling like all things is following a process.  I know through experience that if I meet 4 x People – I will get one new Personal Mentoring Client.  Be it through one of them going “OK Edward Help Me”, right through to them referring someone to me.

As I have been around long enough, I am NO LONGER WORRIED ABOUT GETTING THE SALE.  I am more focused on just following the process of:

– Being Out there.

– Continually Marketing.

– Presenting my Services.

– And knowing by numbers I will do well!

That is, my focus isn’t on the Sales Numbers – it’s on meeting say 5 to 10 x people per month! If I do that, I get an extra 1 to 2 clients per month. If I do that, my numbers are just super beautiful and things just rock for me.

Now the truth is that by removing your expectations of “Having to get a Sale to everyone you meet then and there” – you will overcome your fear and be a lot happier.  However, it may take a bit of mental conditioning to get yourself into that mental zone.  It may even take quite a bit of work and self development BUT it’s so worth it!  Being in the Sales Zone where you are just flowing on Auto-pilot is profitable bliss and the only way to get there is probably the way that I did – just do it so much that it become second nature.  So if you are feeling nervous about selling and want to remove your expectations here are my top 3 tips to help you:

1) Just sell all the time! Sell more.  Meet more people.  You do that, you get better quicker and faster.

2) Be objective about your emotions:  Nothing wrong with freaking out all the time like I used too.  Just accept you are human and keep working away.

3) Work out and Apply your Conversion Rates: I am about 1 sale out of meeting 4 x people today and it’s great.  So I know if I meet 8 x people, I get 2 x new clients so yay! My job is to chase the meetings and the clients will come!

And of course point 4) (yes I did say 3 points) – be nice to yourself.  Face to Face Selling is a profession of it’s own and it’s taken me a few busy years to get great at it.  So can you too!

Hope you enjoyed the read, how you remove your fear of selling ASAP and best of luck you Awesome Small Business Owner / Entrepreneur you!

Edward Zia – Marketing Mentor and Salesman Now x x



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