You just know when something looks right on the surface, but something isn't just quite stacking up! As a Small Business Owner too I think it's really important to keep an eye out!

You just know when something looks right on the surface, but something isn’t just quite stacking up! As a Small Business Owner too I think it’s really important to keep an eye out!

The Small Business Marketing Book is now 6,700 words plus! Exciting times and from Edward Zia – Marketing Mentor, I hope you love this passage!

8. 100% Authenticity – Being the Real Thing and NO FAKING!

It’s 11:17PM as I write this tip and even though it’s late, I had to write it up while it’s super-fresh in my mind. I finished running one of my regular evening Business Networking Events in Sydney and it’s full of mostly great people.

I run tons of Networking Events around the place and most people are awesome, but you get that few people there which don’t tend to add to the value of the room.

These are people who just sell and have an agenda to push. What I find interesting about these types of people is that be it you are a seasoned business person or you are starting out, everyone can pick something funny from a mile away. Be it fake smiles, someone pretending to “Be your best Pal” or the like. I had one interesting experience where in one of my private Facebook Groups I had this person “Trolling” me (basically trashing my views and thoughts publically in a forum environment). I got lots of complaints about this person, gave them a polite warning and they didn’t apologize – just tried to twist things around in a bullying sense. So all good! I removed them from the group and unfriended them on Facebook.

A bit of time later, they rock up at a Networking Event which I was running, pretending to be my best friend like nothing happened. I was professionally polite (and they didn’t cause any trouble, so I let it go) – but it was painful watching them follow me around, completely faking liking me and just trying to manipulate me.

It was so obvious, one of my friends at the event was giggling away watching the social dynamics and it’s incredibly obvious when people just aren’t being honest and being totally In-Authentic. This “Warning / Anti Example” brings me to my next insight:

Crazy Persian’s Small Business Marketing Tip #8:

“Be Honest. Be Real. Do the Right Thing.”

Chances are if you are reading this passage you are totally thinking “Well Derp Edward! Of course I am like that”. I am sure you are good, but the reality is that some people just aren’t like this, they are completely fake and not on our side. The trick I think is to be on the look-out for these shady characters and pro-actively dealing with them. A bit like the “Troll” trying to be my best friend – NO WAY! I was totally onto the tricks.

You want to be surrounded by people authentic and awesome like you! Chances are if someone is inauthentic they are hiding something or have an agenda. Run like crazy and you only want to work with people who rock. The world is big enough for everyone and there are more than plenty awesome people for you and me to have as awesome clients!



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