My Office Staff Conquer Fatigue by sleeping all day.  Not always an option for us Awesome Small Business Owners & Entrepreneurs!

My Office Staff Conquer Fatigue by sleeping all day. Not always an option for us Awesome Small Business Owners & Entrepreneurs!

Work-Life Balance they say.  Just visualize millions and it will come they say.  Find the right get rich quick scheme they say.

I have heard this load of BS way before I started my business and even do this day.  Many of my clients and colleagues who are successful self-made millionaires ARE ALL HARD WORKERS and they often laugh when they hear cliche lines like thrown out at seminars that usually ends in someone trying to sell you something very expensive.

Almost all successful people I know agree with this view about “Working Hard” and such.  Be it physically fit, financially or health wise – it takes strong committment.  Three years on in business I am earning great money and it’s very hard work but I love it! Right now, I am busy working on “Process & Automation” to help me earn more money without the direct “Swapping Time for Money” type of relationship. So far so good!

Going back to the early days of my business especially and even today – Fatigue can be a massive problem at times in business.  You can say what you want, but there are times when you have tons of work coming in and the cure is long hours and tight love and hard work.  I find anyone who talks about “Not doing it”, is usually lying or are one of the few that have the processes in place (which takes a long time to develop – I can tell you, although that is my own goal).

Talking reality, there are times you are exhausted and fatigued.  I am actually feeling that way right now at 6:14PM on a Friday as I write this article and I figured a great opportunity to walk my talk.  Totally exhausted, mentally wiped – what a perfect time to blog about the experience I am talking about.

Although I am feeling Fatigue, what is keeping me going is several key mindset points:

1) The Knowledge that my work is changing lives.

2) That writing this blog contributes to my automation and residual income.

3) It’s part of my Daily KPIs and Rituals.

4) I love my work.

5) It’s fulfilling my promise to myself!

This is my personally and I think that is the way we mentally conquer these situations.  If you “Hate / Dislike” something it’s very hard to be motivated, BUT if you love it – like me now the motivation is endless and awesome.

Myadvice? If you are in business and going into it – make sure your heart is in the job / business.  You will have some long hours especially early days so get in there, stick in there and go hard for awesome success! (And of course, in speaking of Awesome Success, check out my Awesome Marketing Vault! One powerhouse online Small Business Marketing Course!).

So keep up the great work, conquer the fatigue and feel rewarded that you are committed to yourself and your own life purpose!

Thank you from Edward Zia – Small Business Marketing Mentor, with a touch of fatigue right now x x



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