Jude Dowsett did an amazing job at her Awesome Happiness and Marketing Forum today! The Proof is the Pudding and I am impressed!

Jude Dowsett did an amazing job at her Awesome Happiness and Marketing Forum today! The Proof is the Pudding and I am impressed!

I have to say that I am really impressed with the results from today.  Under Jude Dowsett’s fine Leadership, I helped run her first Workshop ever titled “The Awesome Happiness and Marketing Forum”.

In short, it was a Free, Half Day Saturday workshop which was all based on helping Business Owners on key common issues, i.e. Jude talking Happiness + Success, Craig Mowbray from Greater Building Society talking money and Edward Zia (myself) talking Marketing.

We have been very humbled by tons of great feedback already and it got me thinking as to once running my own first workshops.  Jude being my awesome Fiancée as well, when we woke up to start the day she explained “OMG I am so nervous about this”.  My response was “Yes, another day at work!”.

It was quite a funny conversion to have from a range of perspectives and it reminded me of when I first did my first workshops. When I first started out (even doing really small workshops) it was such a scary experience! You get used to it after a while and one can pull off great events – BUT when you are starting out, boy it’s scary!

Bringing it back to the amazing Jude, she went through tons of emotions some time ago that I exactly went through.  When you do your first workshop, it’s JUST REALLY HARD! It looks easy on the surface, but once you start working through the process, a lot of fear can come up. “What if no one comes? What if they think I suck? What if it doesn’t play out? What if this? What if that?”

All very good questions because let’s face it – we want to do brilliant events to impress people, help others and also get some work from it too!  In commendation of Jude, she put herself out there, worked very hard, took a risk herself and invested an amazing number of hours to pull this off.

That she did! Jude pushed through her limitations and got an amazing result.  To think, only three years ago she was broke, crying with a two year old on her hip at Centrelink (the Australia Social Security Office) asking money to survive.

My advice and learning’s from today? Being a Homeless Vet at times in life, Jude being a homeless single mother – when you push yourself that much every day, amazing things can happen in the not too distant future.

Congratulations to Jude for achievement of a job well done! Edward Zia – Marketing Mentor who thinks Jude is wonderful!



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