Being Reputable, Telling the Truth and Being Trusted – Go Anna Porter!

The awesome Anna Porter, Property Mentor and Investor.  Very lucky to have connected with dynamic and trustworthy characters like her!

The awesome Anna Porter, Property Mentor and Investor. Very lucky to have connected with dynamic and trustworthy characters like her!

This article is dedicated to the amazing Property Mentor / Investor Anna Porter (from Surburbanite).

I had a very long extended “Business Lunch” yesterday, I was reflecting on some amazing discussion and realizations I had with Anna.  I am very lucky to have worked with her and she was my first sign up ever to one of my workshops which we now run all the time!

We spoke about many business topics and caught up on old times and one of the big themes that came up in our conversation again and again was all about being a “Reputable Player” not only in our markets, but within our own respective industries.

I was subject to a stack of heavy personal attacks by people over the past few weeks and poor Anna has had her fair share too.  We both realized that as one succeeds and contributes, the right people reward you – but the wrong people pull out daggers and come and get you out of destructive envy and insecurity.

The big reflection of this is that as you succeed in business, you tell the truth and stand your position – at the start of the game no one cares about you, but as you go up – people come out of the wood work trying to take a chunk out of you.

I had this person have a shot at me late last week and I know what to be completely true – when I started out, this person ignored me, but now I am actually making a different they are coming after me and trying to bring me down.  In the case of Anna Porter too, if you ever meet this dynamic business woman she is nothing short of amazing with a truly giving heart, but as she is successful she has her critics trying to stop her doing great work.

As we spoke, we joked about Sydney at times being one “Large Shark Tank” and I think that’s it – accept people are going to come and get you, but don’t deviate from your path – think long term and live the life of being Reputable, Trusted and telling it as it is!

And of course, watch out for those sharks too! One tried to chomp me last week, but I got ’em with the Harpoon Gun!

Thought Leadership, Yes Thought Leadership!

Thought Leadership - Well that's one way of getting attention, but perhaps tweak the approach on this one :)

Thought Leadership – Well that’s one way of getting attention, but perhaps tweak the approach on this one!

I had a fantastic day today, met with some totally awesome clients and one in particular was a fine gentleman by the name of Ciaran Keating from East Software.  This was right in the Sydney CBD and we enjoyed lots of fine coffee and food for a Friday morning.

We spoke for hours and hours at length and great minds think alike – we have a similar business strategy that we are pursuing called “thought leadership”.  I originally learnt this term some years ago through the Australian Marketing Institute and this is basically:

– Being known inside and outside your industry as a reputable leader and someone who sets the pace!

It’s my dream to be that myself and although the “kindling” of that process is there for me, it’s a far-cry from that! But still aiming for the stars I am!

Putting on my marketing mentor / consultant hat, this is quite different to what most people do. I am all for survival – but too many people I find go from month to month without any clear direction! Not good for anyone, people can get in ruts, make poor decisions (i.e. especially not saving up cash or not thinking ahead) and it’s bad! What I like about “thought leadership” is that beyond the cliche it actually get’s one thinking long term! It makes you think about your reputation and make more considered and intelligent decisions which I think it awesome.

For example, to become a thought leader there are probably hundreds of ways of doing it, but I think nothing beats the long hard grind. In my case, I am personally:

– Writing this blog post! Ha, I got you

– Networking like crazy.

– Speaking all over town.

– Going hard for my clients ALL THE TIME.

– LinkedIn, Facebook, Facebook Advertising.

– And many more!

I think the trick for this working is really considering, “What must I do to get that reputation that people look up to me?”. And of course, we are doing this for far beyond EGO reasons – Industry leaders usually get paid the most, so ha ha ha! Hope that helps and gets you thinking – I will have to write more on this topic!