Accor Hotels Saved Me - 1130 Friday Night and I forgot to print out some critical handouts.  Problem solved.  I SO LOVE ACCOR and the Pullman Hotel x x

Accor Hotels Saved Me – 1130 Friday Night and I forgot to print out some critical handouts. Problem solved. I SO LOVE ACCOR and the Pullman Hotel x x

Even though some of my articles (especially when written about large companies) can be arguably be “Rant Posts” I am so glad to be doing the direct opposite today in talking about my love for the Accor Hotel Group.  They are the massive Publically Listed French company that own key hotels such as the Pullman, Novotel, Mercure, Ibis, Sofitel brands (and probably way more than that).

Also, no they aren’t clients of mine!  So I can promise you this “Positive Rant” isn’t because they are buying me nice stuff.  It is going to be hard for me to just write a Purely Positive Post, so here goes and there is a first for everything you know!

I don’t know how they do it, but whenever I go across their Network (which I have worldwide) they seem to really have it together from my perspective in that:

– They are all very co-operative.  I once visited one of their brands and they directed me to another one of their premises they felt would better suit me.

– Even in older venues which they have purchased and are renovating – they are very well-maintained.

– It feels super homely!

– The Food is great and they have nailed this side of things quite well.

– The Staff are always on the ball and if something doesn’t go right – they will FIX IT ASAP and do an amazing job at all times.

We just had our Awesome Business Boot Camp – our first successful Pilot of our “Free Seminar Series” to help people and promote ourselves and we have had some awesome great responses come back already! My buddy Martha Arifin and I were totally flat out running it and that night I checked into the Pullman Hotel Olympic Park with Jude.

And guess what? As you have it – I FORGOT SOME DOCUMENTS FOR IT! It was 11PM Friday (the night before the event) and I was freaking out.  Panicking I went to reception and they printed copies for me.  100 x Stapled within 30 minutes and it was almost midnight by then.

Our event the next day was a Smashing Success and the Awesome Pullman Hotel / Accor Team were there at every step of the way.

One thing that I have really noticed lately is that we are starting to see some of the big companies like Accor get things right from the Boardroom Top to the Service / Coal Face level.  We have already booked our next two events at the Accor Olympic Park complex so can’t wait.

I must say that it’s odd for me to write a 100% positive post, as I usually have something negative to say.  It almost feels like I haven’t finished my article without making some kind of negative comment or extremist comment – so here goes:


Great, I feel good now – I have made a big extreme statement as per every article I write.

Have a great day or night everyone and thank you again Accor for making my life easy!

Edward Zia – Marketing Mentor, and Accor Chain of Hotels Raving Fan / Lunatic!



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