The Best of Times and the Worst of Times…

Worst of Times Lead to Best of Times - Proven that to Myself!

Worst of Times Lead to Best of Times – Proven that to Myself!

I have had an amazing run in my life lately.  I am 35 years old now and reflecting back now on succeeding in my own business, it has got me reflecting on how strange life can be sometimes.

When I was 29 / 30 – I was washed up career wise.  Post GFC, my old “Corporate Marketing Manager” skills were worth 1/2 the value as they were in the old days (assuming one could get a job).  This pressure was brilliant in the end as it helped me become the man who I am today where I have been lucky to help Hundreds of Small Business Owners & Entrepreneurs build some happening lives.

2013 has been a year of “Clean-Up” and reinvestment for me.  I lost all my weight (still some left though – the sides are always the hardest), reinvested almost every cent I had back into the business so I can help more people, got more into charity and this one was long time coming – cleaning up my Personal / Relationship Life.  I am far from perfect on this on this front but I have made all my hard decisions that I have been putting off for years.  Even though I don’t have the results yet, I feel good in knowing I have finally taken some responsibility for my actions!

Quite a few of my clients & friends are going through tough ones now.  Some much tougher than me (mine isn’t really that hard, it’s all in my head).  What I have reflected on in all of this is:

– The Best of Times, The Worst of Times…

Right now I feel like that in my life I am truly living and contributing and especially in the last year I have had the highest highs and the lowest lows.  I must be starting to sound like an old man now in that what I am realizing is that it’s very hard to have massive highs, without the massive lows.  I spent most of my life numb and in the middle and I have realized that is what most people do to their own detriment – live life on the “Average”, and to me that is painful!

I have made lots of big and little decisions this year, some worked out great, some were not so great – but one thing I have noticed is that I have personally helped the most people ever, earned the most money ever (although I have put it all back into my business), had some amazing wins and life changing experiences AND had some massive lows!

Over the past few months my personal life has been very rocky, so I made some big decisions and took the bull by the horns.  It was tough, but now I feel stable – and this part of my life is working out.  Even though I haven’t got what I want, to me I have learned (and seen this with many of my clients) that as long as you take charge and no longer play Victim – you instantly feel better and inspired.

So here is to the Best of Times and the Worst of Times! I used to be fearful of the bad times, but now I know – the Worst of times can be enjoyable in the respect that it teaches you what is important and what really matters.

Thank you for the read and I talk about Business Mindset in the Awesome Marketing Vault.  Feel free to check it out and hope you like it.

Have a great day or night everyone with thanks from Edward Zia – Marketing Mentor and Small Business Lover!