Our dedication for Automated Marketing Tips goes to Bec Jarrett-Dalton.  She asked some amazing questions, that lead to amazing answers and hope you enjoy this one!

Our dedication for Automated Marketing Tips goes to Bec Jarrett-Dalton. She asked some amazing questions, that lead to amazing answers and hope you enjoy this one!

I am a very lucky Persian Marketing Mentor and met with a dynamic entrepreneur today by the name of Bec Jarrett-Dalton.  She owns and runs her own Boutique lending service by the name of “Two Red Shoes” (you so must Google her) and we had some amazing conversations about her business.

If you ever get a chance to meet her, do so as I was immediately taken back by her charisma and her fun business style.  As we spoke I got to learn more about her amazing business and success – then we started talking about one of my favourite topics “Automated Marketing!”

Now, I know it’s a bit of a “Buzzword” and a “Cliche” out there (but I try and avoid cliches like the plague!) – but it actually works! About 12 months ago I started working on this in my own business and after about 6 months of work, the awesome results really started to kick in.  What happened to me and has happened to awesome Bec (the heroine of this article) is that as you get busy in your business, you hit the “Work Vs. Marketing” barrier.  That is, you are so busy doing the work and picking up amazing clients – time gets tighter and more valuable.  Sales & Marketing can often get much harder as whether you delegate or not – you need to pump the work / instructions out and keep new clients coming through.

As it happened to me 6 months ago (till I broke through it), ones revenue can hit a wall and unless you have strong systems in place it’s very hard to expand beyond that.

Talking more to Small Business Marketing in this article (and not so much delegation or back-office structures), Bec’s sharp mind and questions inspired me to write my own personal 10 x Tips to Automate your Small Business Marketing:

1) Get Ready for it: When you talk Automation of Marketing, Cash / Cost generally starts to kick in.  Make sure your business is rocking, with a great client base to help you pay for what you need in order to upscale.

2) Work out what you like: It’s great to start the information search and work out which Marketing Strategies you like the most.  Facebook is not for everyone, nor is LinkedIn or fancy websites – so figure out what you like, don’t like and focus on that.

3) Put a plan together: Let’s say you pick Facebook, how are you going to pull it off? What are you going to do? What type of people do you need to help you? ( x x)

4) Cover Low-Cash Options: Early Social Media, Setting up Partnerships, Referral structures are generally “Low-Cash” options and are great to get right early on.  After all, if you have 10 x people referring you business – how sweet is that?

5) Get your Website Ready: My analogy is that your Website is like your “Mini-Westfield Shopping Mall”. You want to make sure it’s new, ready and fresh to sell your fine services and wares.

6) Integrate your Email Database: Email Marketing – I love it! Make sure you get this platform ready so people can sign up at your website.  Set up Auto-Responders too so people get information without any work from you.

7) Social Media Online: Select your platforms, make sure the pages / details are ready and integrate this into your website.

8) Consider Blogging / Articles: Brilliant strategy that works (you are reading this article without me doing any extra work right?) as it supports everything nicely.

9) Work out Paid Online Advertising Options: Personally I love Paid Like-Building and Boosted Posts on Facebook.

10) Start and Slowly Ramp it Up: Testing and measuring all the way.

This is my own personal guide for getting your Automated Marketing Rocking! Also too, please don’t think this is going to happen overnight.  In my experience, to really get this process working for you and boosting your profile (let alone deliver leads) it’s generally at least 3 months of intense work.  BUT the great news? It’s cumulative and for me, every day that passes it all gets that bit stronger.  The even better news on top of this – while you are sleeping or taking time off – you are being Marketed!

I hope that helps and like always, if you love my Marketing Thinking – then you will totally love my Online Course “The Awesome Marketing Vault” – available here for instant download. 

Thank you again to Bec Jarrett-Dalton from Two Red Shoes for being my Poster Girl and thank you for reading this one!

Edward Zia – Marketing Mentor and Automated Marketing Lover!



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