Eric Cartman (from South Park) is one of my Sales Role Models Ever! He is without fear and like a dog with a bone going hard at it.  His ethics I certainly question, but his motivation and focus on the job is outstanding!

Eric Cartman (from South Park) is one of my Sales Role Models Ever! He is without fear and like a dog with a bone going hard at it. His ethics I certainly question, but his motivation and focus on the job is outstanding!

Even writing the heading for this blog post has got me totally on the edge and taps me into some of my first original sales experiences.  I was speaking to some of my awesome clients lately who are in Start-Up Phase (and even one who has been around for years) and they are in the position where they are ready to smash it and kick some butt.

When I told them “It’s time to get awesome at Face to Face Selling” some turned white and gave me that “Look” which reminds me of how I first felt when I was a 20 year old learning Technical Selling (in my hold Henkel / Chemical Days).  In my business I am quite used to selling and it’s certainly for me “Unconscious Competence” level.  When I my business 3 years ago, the first year was a bit rocky – but I feel great now and am certainly in the zone now.

When you are say starting out in your business, you have no money and you need to get some sales in (or even as an employee) this experience can be super hard for sure! For me I used to work for the Government and later in a Laboratory – so I would get paid no matter what.  In Sales now, WOW THE PRESSURE! It can be very hard learning the ropes, so here are my own personal 10 x Tips for Overcoming Shattered Nerves:

1) It’s NOT JUST YOU: Everyone freaks out at the start.  Getting used to Selling and Targets takes time.

2) Keep Turning Up: Everyday keep chipping away and get better at it.  Slowly and Slowly.

3) Accept it’s Hard: It is! But every day gets slightly easier.

4) Study and Digest Positive Materials: Books teaching selling a great one and watching stuff on YouTube.

5) Keep Learning: Open your mind and every time you get a new experience learn from it.

6) REJECTION: Get used to it!

7) MORE REJECTION: Suck it Up!

8) Celebrate your first wins: No matter how small!

9) Develop Confidence: Keep at it and get better!

10) Chase and Chase: 50% of Selling is just chasing people! So enjoy it.

I hope this little action list can help you out and feel free to drop me a line if you need Sales Therapy! If it’s stressing you out, relax – I was there too and with plenty of hard work you will be fine!

Thank you from Edward Zia – Salesman before Marketer!



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  1. Could you recommend some videos and books about selling techniques? I find I don’t have a problem speaking with clients and getting my foot in the door, my problem lies in closing the deal and getting that deposit to start work.

    I’m not sure of the best way to do it, I often find myself waffling on and not charging as much as I should.

    • Hello James! Great points and thank you for putting them in. There is no straight answer to this but one of MY MOST FAVOURITE Sales Mentors every who I did study like over 10 years ago is Dr. Tony Alessandra. He is this awesome New Yorkan Italian that I would love to meet one day. – he has got plenty of straight stuff on YouTube which is great and his site rocks. Also, may I invite you to go Business Networking? Nothing beats practice and speaking to plenty of people – check out 4Networking Australia: and of course Squeeze which you know about: – Hope that helps James and thank yoU!

  2. Great tips to increase the sale, persistence is the key but you know rejection is painful. I started cold calling but then I stopped as it seems waste of time.I’m good at one to one conversation and speaking people but facing problems to close a deal just because of my simplicity as I wont ask for initial deposit.
    I ll use youtube to learn the selling technique…specially and ll join 4networking at London area.
    I’m active linkedin member but reading Edward’s blog first time..

    • Thank you Rubina! You are a legend and appreciate the fine comment – I so love Dr. Tony Alessandra and I first learned lots of great tips from that legend! I am quite dark on Cold Calling actually as a Marketing Strategy. Not out of fear or anything like that, but it can be a really low return technique and doesn’t make a lot of sense in some of the clients I have worked with. If you say have a great list and an appointment setter to warm them up / get you appointments it can be awesome in that regard.

      Hope that helps and nice one! 🙂 Thank you again for the great comment!

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