Ed’s 3 x Top Tips to a GREAT SELFIE

I have been labelled lately the “KING OF SELFIES”. Whilst I think this is true, it’s equally a compliment and a bit of a dig at me. Be it good or bad; what I can tell you is that I AM THE KING OF SELFIES. Selfies are great for fun, taking photos with great people, promoting others and...

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“Creating a PROFITABLE Image, Brand and Identity” is in Section 5 of the Vault

Friends! We had a wonderful Live Webinar tonight and a big thank you for those who joined us. The Webinar Recording is in Section 5 of the Awesome Marketing Vault Mentoring Program. It’s great and it’s available to our wonderful Premium Subscribers. I would so love to invite you to join...

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My recent updates to my Marketing Strategy!

I have had lots of people compliment me in several ways lately. These compliments I would never have heard even 12 months ago. They have said and I quote: “You’re a machine.” “You’re not human.” “You’re Superman.” This warms my heart greatly in that it’s been what I have done as I have...

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Cutting back the MASSIVE MEALS

When I was 20kg heavier, there were a lot of reasons behind this. It wasn’t my genes, genetics, family factors or anything like that. It was bad choices on my part. One of the continual bad choices I would make are MASSIVE MEALS. This was especially the case where I would go to Buffet...

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It’s great to get Professional Help

If you have been following more for a while, you may have noticed that I have lost tons of fat and got healthy. It’s been the healthiest and my life, and I love it on many levels. To achieve this result, it hasn’t all been myself. I’ve had great people to help me win big. One of those...

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Why it’s great to VOTE LIBERAL

As I write this article, the count is going through for our NSW State Election on Saturday 23rd March 2019. I’m slightly sunburnt from hours of election work in my local area of Parramatta and it’s been a great day. Labor people attacked me today like they normally do, but they hardly...

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Never pick on your customers

I love my customers! I think they’re awesome. Their stunning, attractive, brilliant, brave and just wonderful. As I write this article, we’re getting ready for one top State Election in NSW. It’s going to be the battle that paves the way for our Federal Election and I’m totally pumped....

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Live Webinar Recording in the Vault: “Creating PROFITABLE Pricing, Packages and HAPPY Clients!”

Tonight’s Live Webinar “Creating PROFITABLE Pricing, Packages and HAPPY Clients!” was a lot of educational fun, with a great crowd and top questions. The recording is now in Section 4 of the Awesome Marketing Vault Mentoring Program for our wonderful Premium Subscribers & Members....

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Henry the Barber at WeWork Sydney

Across WeWork Sydney Properties, I started noticing people getting their haircut. There was this nice, dark, handsome guy doing the haircuts; and I noticed the outstanding quality. He would take his time, do a wonderful job and really cared about the best results individually. I...

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There are times in business, where it’s just IMPOSSIBLE to book face to face meetings. It’s happened to me and I was very lucky to connect with Linh Podetti. She’s powerful Outsourcing Expert and we’re both very busy and very successful. As a result, we just couldn’t get an overlapping...

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Lots of CARBS for Breakfast

I got into WeWork 100 Harris St Pyrmont nice and early today. I like to get in there before 8:30AM so I have time to settle in, get started and get into the kitchen before peak hour. What prepares me for a massively winning day is lots of CARBS for breakfast. I have tried the whole, no...

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I’m a GOOD person okay!

I’ve had great times in my business where for some reason, people just are out to get me. Be it my Career Days or my Business Days, I know exactly why some people just put a mark on me. I am efficient and take no BS. My direct, straight shooting style makes me lots of friends and gets me...

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