Marketing Vault Update: “Getting More PROFITABLE High Value Clients ASAP!!!” in Section 6

Friends! I love doing tonight’s Live Webinar and we had a wonderful crowd. I’ve just uploaded the recording into Section 6 of the Vault. It’s great and check it out here: >> Visit The Awesome Marketing Vault with Edward Zia™ Here! Love your work...

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My results of producing more content

You may have noticed some changes to my Social Media Content Strategy lately. It’s more content! I used to do 1 to 2 videos per day. I have now upped it to 3 to 5 videos a day, and it’s been a massive change to everything. It’s a bit more work (but not really that hard) and I’ve had the...

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Get on the RADIO

I was only thinking that a decade ago, I was a homeless veteran living in my car. Now I’m a Community Leader & Influencer on the radio! It was cool, and it was my first mainstream radio interview ever with he awesome Alexi Boyd on her Triple H 100.1 FM Radio Station. What fascinated...

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New Vault Content in Section 5: “PROFITABLE Writing, Headlines, Copy & Words that SELL!”

It’s been an incredible evening friends of a Live Webinar with our best attendance ever. It’s taken me long enough to get there, and I’m so happy with the result. Our Webinar recording is in Section 5 of the Vault! >> Visit The Awesome Marketing Vault with Edward Zia™ Here! Love...

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The day I finally ran around TOPLESS

I was thinking back to one of my big goals that I achieved over the Christmas break. This involved losing 20kg, working on my body and building up the confidence to RUN AROUND TOPLESS. Yes, I took my top off and ran around in public without my top on. I’m obviously a man of the 70’s...

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Ranger Jamie’s ARMY TRUCK

I put up lots of content on Social Media. Lots of it are videos, with a few great photos documenting my life and the adventures of “Edward Zia”. One of these recent epic photos was when I visited my powerhouse friend Jamie Simpson in the Shire of Sydney. He had a “New” Army Truck. “New”...

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Marketing yourself EVERYWHERE

I was at the Anytime Fitness North Parramatta over the weekend, working out (as I do). It’s been great lately. I have really got my health right and I feel great. As I spend more time at the gym, I have become part of the “furniture” and it’s been great. I was speaking to Josh the...

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Dangerous & Brilliant Thinkers

As I’ve become more well known and senior in my field (over the many intense and wonderful years), I get invited lots to judge awards, contribute to academic projects and contribute to government policy. On a beautiful sunny weekend, I received an email from one of my old colleagues...

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Creating EASY & Simple Meetup Social Events

Meetup.com is a great platform for creating, running and building communities. I use it all the time, and it’s helped me really take off in my business over the past two years. I get people nervously asking me how to get their own Meetups going. They think they need 100+ people like what...

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Ed’s 3 x Top Tips to a GREAT SELFIE

I have been labelled lately the “KING OF SELFIES”. Whilst I think this is true, it’s equally a compliment and a bit of a dig at me. Be it good or bad; what I can tell you is that I AM THE KING OF SELFIES. Selfies are great for fun, taking photos with great people, promoting others and...

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“Creating a PROFITABLE Image, Brand and Identity” is in Section 5 of the Vault

Friends! We had a wonderful Live Webinar tonight and a big thank you for those who joined us. The Webinar Recording is in Section 5 of the Awesome Marketing Vault Mentoring Program. It’s great and it’s available to our wonderful Premium Subscribers. I would so love to invite you to join...

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My recent updates to my Marketing Strategy!

I have had lots of people compliment me in several ways lately. These compliments I would never have heard even 12 months ago. They have said and I quote: “You’re a machine.” “You’re not human.” “You’re Superman.” This warms my heart greatly in that it’s been what I have done as I have...

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