LinkedIn: Powerful, Slick and Love it!

For those that know me, if we go back about 4 years, I wasn’t a big fan of LinkedIn. At the time I was right into Facebook and LinkedIn still had a very long way to go in making itself work. Then as the rumours grew, I heard about Microsoft looking at buying LinkedIn. Like all of us, we...

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“Always Half Full”

I get told lots that I’m an optimist and always very positive. Whilst I don’t honestly always feel like it, I know it’s the vibe I put out. I naturally always look for the best in a situation and am the first one to look for a silver lining in a storm cloud. It’s a great trait that has...

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New Vault Content in Section 2: “PROFITABLE High Return Sales & Marketing Strategies!”

I love adding new content to the Awesome Marketing Vault, as well as going back and making updates to older content. Tonight, was an update to “PROFITABLE High Return Sales & Marketing Strategies” which is in Section 2 of the Vault. Section 2 is also available for Free Preview, so...

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Having a Straight, Strong and Confident Posture!

I was pumped to speak at the Professional Speakers Association the other night. I had some people say I was the best ever (which fed my ego) and I loved it on many levels. As you’d expect, in that room were some incredible people and top speakers. What I spent lots of time noticing was...

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Take 1 Idea and Put It Into ACTION

It’s 12:08AM as I write this blog after a day of profitable action. I had a big win (that I can’t tell you about just yet), combined with speaking to a group of powerhouse speakers at the Professional Speakers Association (PSA). One of my friends was taking photos and one slide / point...

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Upload Event Photos to Social Media FAST!

On a minor (yet critical note), I have recently realised the importance of uploading event photos to Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and more fast. Let’s say you run a great event or meet some great people; you want to upload the photos quickly (if possible that same day / evening). The...

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Smart thinking from Jason Sotiris

I am connected to brilliant people, smart people and very savvy people. One of them, is the powerhouse Entrepreneur Jason Sotiris. I love his content, ideas and what he’s about. Today, I did a video today on the importance of being clear on what you give away for free in your business...

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Don’t tell people that they’re WRONG

I had an interesting experience at one of our events that got me thinking. I was running an event with a great mix of people, including lots of people I am meeting for the first time. It was a fine night, with great food and the like. Towards the end of the evening when I was meeting...

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New Content in Section 3 of the Vault: Creating Your Profitable Sales & Marketing Plan!

Friends! Tonight, was a stellar Live Webinar full of incredible people. It was as record attendance and we had great questions that made it all just wonderful. The recording has just been uploaded to Section 3 of the Awesome Marketing Vault Mentoring Program along with the latest copy of...

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A 5 Star Review for Gladysdale Bakehouse in Yarra Junction, Victoria

Even though my blog is more of a business & entrepreneur blog, I like to break rank every now and then and do food. Be it I try something unique or I find a wonderful place; it’s a great opportunity to explore something new. Just got back from 2 weeks working holidays with my family...

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Why I love being IMPATIENT

I used to get told all the time, “Ed, be patient”, “Ed, build it and they will come” and all this dumb stuff. After many years of hearing this and being told how bad I was for being impatient; I realised how great it is to be impatient (and that all my critics were wrong yet again)....

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Edward’s Latest Sales & Marketing Plan – To Download

One of my wonderful clients and friends is working on their Sales & Marketing Plan to win big in 2019. As he asked me about it, I realised I need to update my own plan. Well I did and you can get it here: >> Download Edward’s Sales & Marketing Plan Here (January 2019...

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