Diversity & Tolerance and Being Unfriended on Facebook

We won the Election yesterday! I worked a 16-hour day and did my small part in helping the powerhouse Scott Morrison and the Australian Liberal Party grow in power. I’m friends with lots of people right across the political spectrum. One of my friends at the gym is a self-described...

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VOTE Liberal tomorrow!

Friends! If you are reading this article, you are probably already Liberal. Not many non-Liberals read my content. If you’re a Liberal, you will love the confirmation here. If you’re not a Liberal, then please – read on and hear me out. Three great reasons to vote Liberal and it’s why I...

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Finding new great friends

I have been reflecting lots lately on how I need to structure my business and life to win even more. I’ve made lots of changes and in what I do, my success is heavily reliant on making new awesome friends all the time. It improves my influence, they may refer / become clients and it’s...

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Uploaded into Section 7 of the Vault: Creating PROFITABLE High Converting Websites & Lead Pages

Awesome Friends! Tonight’s Live Webinar Recording has been uploaded into Section 7 of my Awesome Marketing Vault. If you’re a Premium Member and subscriber, please dive in. Any questions reach out. If you’re not, you’re very invited! >> Access the Awesome Marketing Vault with...

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It’s great being a Failure and a Loser!

Hey everyone! Guess what? I’m a failure and a loser. In fact, I am willing to bet that I have failed in life more than you have. I have made big mistakes, had large regrets and put myself in tight spots. But you know what is great about all these times I have failed and lost? It’s taught...

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Curing Loneliness & Finding Community

I have spent many years of my life as quite a lonely guy. This includes many moves when I was younger to different housing, right through to joining the Army when I was older, and then moving Interstate starting a new life. I have spent many times of my life quite lonely and I always...

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The RARE times you shall see me in a SUIT

Truth be known, I am not a suit fan. Everyone tells me how great I look in them (which is true since I lost the pounds), but I don’t like it. I used to like suits when I was younger, but years of wearing them just wore me out. I love dressing like an Entrepreneur and it just works. There...

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New Vault Upload into Section 15: “Monetising Your PROFITABLE Knowledge!”

Friends! We had the best Live Webinar tonight talking how to turn our knowledge into money. This webinar explored our ideas, online courses, membership sites, Teachable, Workshops and more. The recording has been uploaded into the Section 15 of the Vault: >> Visit the Awesome...

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Finding where GREAT people hang out

Truth be told, that I’m an introvert! Many people are surprised, however some of those with the necessary training can pick my traits there. In being a proud introvert, “Business Networking” is something that used to terrify me for a long time. I visited many different events and...

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My first Selfie from my NEW Samsung Galaxy S10

It’s 11:31PM and I am in the process of setting up my new Samsung Galaxy S10 Phone. It’s an incredible phone and to kick off this experience I took my first selfie. I am impressed by the quality in that it’s dark this late at night, yet it looks just wonderful! Watch this space my...

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Webinar Recording in the Vault: “Creating & Sticking to Your PROFITABLE Daily Actions!”

Friends! Tonight, was a rocking Live Webinar which has been uploaded to Section 6 of the Vault. >> Access The Awesome Marketing Vault with Edward Zia™ Here! Love your work friends...

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Thickening Your Skin

I had an extremely productive day. Meet a great client, made 30+ phone calls (for my workshop) and put out a stack of strong videos. Right now, I am “playing for keeps” in what I’m doing, I’m working very hard (and smart) on cracking things to make my business and life to the next level....

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