Kerri-Anne Kennerley. Kerri-Anne Kennerley. Yes!

Sensing & Knowing Powerful People (Thank you NSW BC & Kerri-Anne Kennerley)

I was very grateful last night for being part of the 2017 South Eastern Sydney Business Awards (with NSW Business Chamber). It was incredible being there, seeing an amazing crowd and watching people win. The fact is that if you are a finalist, you are already pretty powerful and have...

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I love these people!

The KEY to running a great event: It’s all about THEM!

I am smilingly tired after running a great event last night on LinkedIn Marketing. Even though I do have a sensitive / thin ‘Trumpish’ ego, I know it was great based on what people told me and how they reacted (including 5 star reviews). Even though I run 5 star events all the time with...

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The awesome Elvis from "Harum Scarum" - one of my top films as a child!

Enjoying Life! In Moderation…

It was only last week that I attempted something that I understand Elvis one tried; eating ridiculous amounts of junk food. I have no excuses and I offer one pathetic explanation of my sins; I had function after function and I just went for it. Chocolate, Wine, Desserts, Pasta, Prawns –...

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And it's handy to get used to trains...

Go to the Money

I have a lot of conversations with incredible people all the time. My friends are all successful people and if they aren’t ‘successful’ in the moment, it’s merely a temporary situation. When I speak to successful people and not so successful people you really hear massive differences in...

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Blink and you miss it - that awesome everyday humour.

When only the best shall do

It was just yesterday I was with my wonderful family visiting a nearby country fete that was on the edges of Sydney metro. There were sheep, fluffy bunnies, cute stuff, artwork and it was all pretty much what you’d expect for a great family focused event. There were a few rides and ‘Try...

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The awesome Bronwyn Clarke. Love her work!

People you just GET ALONG with! (Thank you Bronwyn Clarke)

When I first start working with lots of my early entrepreneur clients they are usually winning big, yet going through times of massive challenge and personal transformation in their lives. Depending on where you came from and your experience; if you came from a ‘Working Class’ background...

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John Howard. John Howard.

Pounce on that OPPORTUNITY NOW (thank you John Howard)

Today was another epic win / bucket list item off the list for me. I finally got a photo with the awesome John Howard. I was actually meant to do this about 13 years ago. I was at a function, he was there, I didn’t pounce and I just missed that chance to get a photo. It has been a life...

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Being alone rocks. The perfect time to meet new people!

Being Alone Together

Tonight was a very special night for me in that I had a great opportunity to go back to the roots of where my business began in the ‘Salt of the Earth’ of Western Sydney. Western Sydney has been so kind to me over the years in helping me get my business of the ground, getting my original...

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Peter, Nick and Amy Rock. They win. Again. Nice.

Watching people WIN and the Hard Work Required (Thank you Amy & Nick!)

I am buzzing and SO HAPPY as I write this blog right now. I am worn out and sitting down to enjoy a fine lunch reflecting on a massive win that both the awesome Amy Siah & Nick Rorris had with their successful pilot of their “Digital Transformation” for business (backed up by the CBD...

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It was just wonderful soaking up the great view. Love your work Richard de Groot!

When you just need to get away from it all (Thank you Richard de Groot!)

I was very lucky to meet up with an old friend who I haven’t seen properly in a few years. I felt kind of bad actually in that I was just so busy with business and life (and yes I was ignoring them). As excuses are just not my thing as I was in the wrong on this one; I was very lucky in...

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Create your own unique experiences and WIN your own way!

WINNING at your own game

Today has been an incredible day for me in working with many amazing people. I have had wonderful people speak to me on massive lows for support, people who are busy winning asking for tips to win more and those in between who are creatively stuck. In each of these experiences, people...

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To double down and keep me more focused, I even have my plan stuck on my wall. Yes!

STICKING to Your Winning Gameplan!

Right now in my business I am actually winning (touch wood and thank you JC!). More awesome people are joining the community, the Awesome Marketing Vault is getting great results for everyone and I know I am winning. However sometimes during long days and the normal highs and lows in...

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