I am quite proud of my first test poll using Mailchimp. Love it!!

Creating POLLS to email out on Mailchimp

One of my wonderful clients asked me a question on Friday that in working with thousands of people, seeing easily over 10,000+ email newsletters in my time that finally stumped me where I had to go off and learn how to do it. He is a kind and strong man who asked “Edward, how do we send...

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The Awesome Ranger Jamie with my Marine Cap - love his work!

Brilliant people that WIN quickly: How, How, How? (Thank you Ranger Jamie!)

Everyone is most certainly created differently and talking business & entrepreneurship; some people take a bit of time to succeed in business and some ‘make it’ just that bit quicker. I can look you in the eye and say it took me a good 3 years before I could claim that I was...

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Why would anyone not answer questions? Why Why Why!

Selling Success 101: Answer Questions ASAP

I had a very funny experience over the weekend. I was contacted by someone through LinkedIn who wanted to talk to me. I think it’s great! I love speaking to new people in that you never know who you are going to meet, it could be a big break coming my way, a new client or anything...

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My trusty backback from my 2015 travels - I did say at nice hotels though.

Marketing Strategies to target BACKPACKERS

Today I am with a new client that I am excited about. They are Marketing & Promoting their services to backpackers that visit Australia and I think it’s going to be a fun and wonderful session today on many levels. Going back a very long time, I believe it or not and went backpacking...

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Why Trump will WIN the 2020 election

A good 10 to 15 years ago I got into Donald Trump from an entrepreneurial viewpoint. I really liked some his books and as an Australian became a fan before he was known in our local pop culture so to speak. I found his direct, no bull, results and reality driven style a massive break and...

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Joy Villa is my HERO. I love her work!

TROLLING as a positive, powerful & winning marketing tactic (thank you Joy Villa)

You have to agree that the past 18 months has been arguably the most heated in global politics in recent history (as long as I have been alive). From both sides running aggressive campaigns on each other, the bar seemingly keeps getting lower and lower. Or has it? Interestingly enough,...

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Spending powerhouse planning time with Website Expert Martha Arifin - love her work!)

Getting a beautiful & high converting WEBSITE (thank you to Martha Arifin)

It was some years ago I was involved in quite a few different business networking events. I was a leader in many groups mostly of the start-up / entrepreneur breakfasts and eventually I moved on to the lucrative, profitable and very fun business chambers of Sydney. To this day I work...

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The awesome Maggie T Phan who inspired this article. Love her work!

Pressure is how diamonds are formed! (thank you Maggie T Phan)

It’s Sunday afternoon and as I continue to enjoy a wonderful day with my lovely family, I was on Facebook watching the awesome Maggie Phan and her many videos come out. She is actually on a trip in the United States right now going to seminars, meeting people, expanding her knowledge and...

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It takes a lot of different moves to win - including lots of wonderful friends!

My Marketing & Growth INCREDIBLE; the reasons WHY!

Even though my business has always grown steadily, the last 3 – 6 months have been incredible (in particular this December and January). In the last 2 weeks also I have been blessed with more clients than ever joining my community that any equivalent period historically and I am asking...

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Elle Gerasimou rocks and love her work!

The ‘feel of success’ as you walk in the door (thank you Elle Gerasimou)

For my clients with offices, salons, work sites, centres, laboratories, stadiums, convention centres or whatever the case may be; I am very sensitive to the ‘feel’ I get when I walk in the door. Even though the more numbers people may think I have been leaning towards my hippie side too...

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Tea time with Laura Moore in Sydney's Potts Point - love her work and a total inspiration!

The opportunity to connect with the BRILLIANT (thank you Laura Moore)

A few weeks back I went to Nicole Davidson’s book launch. It was a great experience that I wrote about in a previous blog which not only inspired me to *perhaps* write a book one day; but got me connected to some incredible people. You can often tell the brow of someone by their friends...

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All these beautiful people make the British Chamber nights WONDERFUL!

How the Australian British Chamber of Commerce changed my life

It was early in just 2016 where my friend Mark Kyte invited me to join him a “Whisky Tasting Night” event in in Sydney CBD. I have never actually tasted Whisky much before (even though I was in the Australia Army once) and especially never had at a Business Networking event. At the time...

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