Mexican Bowls!

I just got home, very late from a wonderful function hosted by Adrienne McLean. She is one cool operator and I love her work. During the event, EVERYONE that knew me commented on how slim I am and asked me how. There were several answers for that, but one of them was Mexican Bowls! I...

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Work with organisations that appreciate you!

I had an interesting experience the other day, where I was reinvited back to an organisation that I once worked with to volunteer for their team. Whilst I love the purpose of what they did, it didn’t resonate with me at all in that when I worked with them. I didn’t fit into the culture;...

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Lessons from WINNING Elections!

As I entered my mid 30’s, I got very interested in politics. Many things brought me in there; from fear about my future, the loss of Western Civilisation and more. It all brought me into wanting to be part of the future. Turns out we’re now winning which rocks and I have been helping my...

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Do Your Numbers!

I love Sales & Marketing and in building my own business, it’s totally taught me more than when I worked for anyone else as a Marketing Manager & Director. The biggest thing I have learned over the past year is the importance of Daily Numbers. That is, making a certain number of...

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Running Meetup Social Groups: Different and Great!

I get asked all the time about running Meetup Groups based on my own wins and success. They are really good and lately; I have been running a few Meetup Social Groups as part of my Meetup HQ role looking after Sydney. Social Groups for me are quite new, and combined with business groups;...

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A hot coffee before an evening event

I get asked all the time as to how I stay active and awake throughout the day. As much as I love my job, sometimes I get really tired if I have been up say early, in meetings all day and into a Business Networking event that right (where I am say running it, speaking or a VIP there). My...

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Ed’s Secret on Taking Great PHOTOS

Coming up as I write this article, is the last powerhouse NSW Business Chamber for the year. It’s great, it’s tremendous, it’s full of top people and I love it. It’s also a very busy time of year and lots of people tend to forget that it’s on and find out the day after I post great...

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Recording in the Vault in SECTION 11: “How to Shoot Easy, Free and PROFITABLE Videos!”

Awesome Friends! We had a great Live Webinar tonight with a tight crowd, great questions and lots of wonderful feedback. In this one, I spoke about how you can use Video as part of your Marketing talking about different approaches including what I do. This is in Section 11 of the Awesome...

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The amount of people you REACH OUT TO DAILY!

I have been thinking lots about my business and my own performance in 2018. In many areas it’s been a massive success and if you know me personally; I don’t like to drop the ball on items. What this year has really taught me (and I wish I did more of), was more daily numbers. This...

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Iron your clothes!

When I was 19, I got up and joined the Australian Army. I was quite sick of my life, my victimhood and I had enough of myself to be totally honest with you. I was ready for the Army to crack me and rebuild me, and oh boy it did exactly that. I can tell you some of the major...

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When breaks come your way

It’s been almost a year now since I made a key decision in my business that set my life in a new and amazing direction. It all started with my Meetup Group “Profitable Marketing” in Sydney. It went great when I started doing fortnightly workshops and I was approached by Meetup HQ to...

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Eatin’ Healthy

As we get busy, life takes off and things happen; that is when unhealthy eating can creep in. I find this happens to me in times of long hours, difficult conditions or sometimes when I just let myself go and stop thinking and act on pure impulse. What I have learned the hard way (which...

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