Taken from the cenotaph in Parramatta (Western Sydney) this morning. This image hit me the most.

The many great meanings of ANZAC Day

I get lots of great comments and likes from our community around the world when it comes to ANZAC Day. For those in Australian and New Zealand we know what it’s about from birth; and for those new to the country or internationally they may not know the event itself, however they see the...

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Be awesome yourself and search for other like minded wonderful people!

Finding the RIGHT crowd (and WINNING BIG)

2015 & 2016 were great years for me making decisions to create a new success stone. If you go back through some of my old blogs from that era; I was expending lots of energy on the wrong people. I am way happier today than I was then and with total humour in reflection – some of my...

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Improving my strength and conviction has made me lots of money. Love it!


Over the past few weeks there has definitely been something in the water with people having this core issue in their Marketing. I used to have exactly the same problem in that even though I am a total raving and successful expert; I didn’t completely ‘feel’ or ‘deliver’ my message with...

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My latest FB ad is working a treat. I love it!

Facebook Advertising: Starting with a simple $5 / Day FB Budget

For those wanting to make it on Facebook and build ones brands and stream of high value clients; I always suggest getting used to the platform before even thinking about paid advertising. That is set up your page correctly, invite your friends, start posting daily content and usually I...

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From a simple email to a complex opt-in, there are many ways of automating your lead nurture!

Selling on Autopilot and PROFITABLE ‘Lead Nurturing’

It’s 8:11PM and I had a great phone discussion pre-dinner with one of our community members on automating one’s selling. Basically, they don’t like selling (which I totally get) and they want this done on auto-pilot as much as possible. This is to create the high coveted situation of...

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Getting projects done ASAP also allows more time for what really matters!

Why you MUST implement your projects ASAP!

I have had a fantastic afternoon with a client who is just wonderful (as they all are of course). We met at the beautiful Novotel and I was working on their new concept, rebrand and the messaging to help them acquire many high value profitable clients. This client is incredibly easy to...

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Just give it away. The love shall come back to you in abundant droves!

The reasons why FREE stuff makes lots of MONEY

I have messed with lots of people’s heads lately; with one of them being my own. I have found over and over again that doing ‘FREE Stuff’ makes a lot of money. Before you may write me off as being totally insane (where there is good evidence to suggest that), I would like to spend some...

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Lala Wang rocks. A character of true abundance!

Creating your own ABUNDANCE and SUCCESS zone (thank you Lala Wang)

I am connected to a lot of incredible people on Facebook. As someone who uses Facebook for Business and loves it personally; I think I would log in at least 50 times a day to see what is going on and the word on the street. Due to lots of blocking and removing old connections from myself...

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Stay tuned friends! Enjoy the PRESELLING tips.

PRESELLING: How to build excitement, interest and SALES on release!

Depending on what you are working on in your business there will be instances where ‘Preselling’ is required. This is generally a reference to a ‘release’ of some form when it will be available. There are very common examples where this occurs including launching events, workshops,...

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Post great stuff all the time and people shall listen to you. Even nut jobs like me!

Creating a MASSIVE PULL on Social Media

Some months ago I received a comment that wasn’t till only just recently that I understood the power of it. One of my long clients and personal friends is the type of person that is extremely intelligent and only speaks when they can really back up what they are talking about....

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I loved Taronga Zoo and it got me thinking about business. I also got this epic photo too!

Winning 101: In your own UNIQUE & RARE way

It’s funny when you browse Facebook. You see lots of ads out there telling you how to win. Follow this system, use this blueprint, use the proven system and follow OUR process to make lots of money. I find this incredibly interesting and amusing in that many of us not only question the...

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Being taken seriously is everything (Image Credit - Donald Trump, Twitter)

Going for First Place: Showing the Market that YOU ARE SERIOUS

Donald Trump continues to create new records in world events with the first ‘Real Combat’ use of the M.O.A.B (“Mother of all Bombs”). It’s their biggest non-nuclear weapon and it’s part of Trump’s obvious strategy to create the new world order. It was only a month ago where I thought...

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