Simla Sooboodoo and Lauren Balen know their stuff and rock. When I told them, it was funny watching their shock.

Embracing your GREATNESS

I am sure that you have seen lots of wonderful people in your life never believe in themselves. That is certainly true whenever I look in the mirror. The issue of accepting (let alone embracing) my own greatness has taken years of conscious thought and exploration from myself. I tend to...

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And great food helps to fill workshops!

My tips & tricks to FILL A WORKSHOP

Workshops are a wonderful strategy for many of us awesomely attractive entrepreneurs. It’s a powerful leveraged way to get more high value profitable clients and to also just look wonderful. It also gives you regular public speaking practice so over time you become a great speaker (even...

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It's incredible what can happen in 15 minutes!

Whilst waiting for Pasta & Italian Salad

My wonderful mother visited us and whilst we were watching some evening free to air television there was a great ad for a Pasta Sauce. The ad was just so well done I immediately reacted asking if we had Pasta. Alas we didn’t. However, after some collective problem solving we decided that...

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You always wanna stay relevant...

Always reinventing yourself

One key observation for my own business and many of others is how growth tends to occur in steps. Our business is at a given level, we make some changes and then it grows! Then what can happen is that growth can slow down or even stop. In my own business, it’s grown a lot lately and I...

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With thanks to Yve Lavine for a wonderful photo - it made me reflect on how wonderful Sydney has been to me. I love this town!

The many reasons I LOVE SYDNEY

I used to be a drifter. Going from place to place living out of my car. Many find that hard to believe in that these days when they hear my accent and see what I do. What interestingly got me homeless was making some bad decisions continuously. Bad relationship choices combined with poor...

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Ranger Nat and Ranger Jamie rocked the night. They are awesomely DIFFERENT and very popular. I love their work!

It’s not easy, but just be DIFFERENT!

It was only yesterday that I attended the NSW Business Chamber, however it feels like weeks have passed with the amount of leads, meetings and wonderful conversations to come out of it. NSW Business Chamber is an incredible organisation that ‘owns’ the entrepreneur space in Sydney and I...

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Meet at least 20 people per event! The numbers just work!

Meet at least 20 people per event!

As I write this blog, I am buzzing after a wonderful visit to the CBD Sydney Business Chamber. It’s backed by the wonderful team of NSW Business Chamber and it’s grown very quickly under some incredible leadership (thank you Peter May!). During the event tonight, a lot of people asked me...

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Learning 'respect' at a Tribal Warrior gathering post a challenging PT session. Love it!

Learning RESPECT (Thank you Tribal Warrior!)

Respect is a word that gets used lots in pop culture, but it’s actually quite a complex term with many different layers of meaning. As I have gone through my life I have learned different variants of respect based on context. This has included respecting people in the Military, Gang...

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Shane Phillips from Tribal Warrior gave me an incredible perspective to a world, culture and people of strength. Love their work!

Fighting your way UP! (Thank you Shane Phillips from Tribal Warrior)

It’s been an incredible day of learning about Australian History in both the dark and light side of how our country has come together. As a proud supporter of the awesome ‘underdog’, I have always been quite into Australian Aboriginal Culture. Over the past few years I have been more and...

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My friend Paul takes selfies that may even rival my own...

Finding Hidden & Secret Gems

It was less than a decade ago that I was only living in my car making the wonderful journey up to Sydney. I was strangely optimistic in those days to only go through some very hard times that would make me much more powerful later in life. I originally started job hunting (which was a...

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Stefan Thomas has been my Networking Mentor and a wonderful friend. I love his work!

My Networking Mentor (Thank you Stefan Thomas!)

I get asked a lot, ‘Edward who is your Mentor?’ I love this question and when it comes to Business Networking, many know me as one of the best in Sydney. This is often judged by how much money I earn from networking, how I have used it as a top strategy and by people just seeing me out...

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Rachele Grassi rocks and whenever she is around, things just go 'better'. Love her work!

The Like Minded (Thank you Rachele Grassi!)

When I started out in business I was very much trying to get along with and appease everyone. This of course to any seasoned veteran sounds totally daft and is one of the silliest strategies ever. If you are busy trying to appease people that don’t like you, you are busy missing out on...

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