It's the only way to get out the stress, bad emotions and get back in the zone! (Image Credit and thanks to South Park)

“Go for a nice walk and get some exercise!”

Food has always been my vice throughout life. I used to be the ‘little fat kid’ and although I have been very fit throughout my life; there have been times that without being politically correct, I have been ffffhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaattttt! It happens to the best of us and depends on a range...

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You will know when people are on your side and when they are not! (Image Credit - Fallout)

Are people treatin’ ya right?

I have been in many situations where I have worked with people that are just wonderful. I have also been in situations where I have worked with people that are not so wonderful. One key point I have been quite sensitive too and exploring lately is how a given character acts towards you....

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Kon and his team from 'Outsourced Sales Solutions' do exactly that. Impressive and rare!

Outsourcing your Sales & Giving it to the Pro’s!

Even though I am a ‘Marketing Mentor’, I find a good 10 – 20% of my time talking Sales with clients. I am the opposite to my great friend Sharon Grant who is a Sales Mentor. She needs to know a bit of Marketing and I need to know a bit of Sales to make everything just work. Interestingly...

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Melbourne Business School ran an incredible event that got me thinking, about thinking!

Thinking through your thinking!

I had enjoyed a wonderful evening with the Melbourne Business School. They are part of the University of Melbourne and I was grateful to be invited to one of their Alumni business discussions in Sydney. This topic was a great one being that it explored the implications of Trump, Brexit...

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Beautiful handouts make all the difference and everyone loves them!

When running a workshop GIVE PEOPLE A HANDOUT!

I have done this for years and said this for years; when you are running a workshop, speaking at an event or getting up in public, if possible you want to give people a handout of some form. Be it a single page with talking points or even a full print out of your slides, this makes your...

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Great Marketing is continuous and you never ever stop!

Treat your Marketing as ACTIVITIES not a ONE-OFF!

As I was heading to Aldi to purchase some cat food yesterday (my cat loves the brand there), I bumped into an old friend who is running their first workshop in the coming months. I remember the stress of running my first workshop in business and it’s a big deal for sure. I run workshops...

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You don't need everyone as clients! Focus on yours and give the rest to someone else! (Image Credit to Vault Boy and Bethesda)

Going after the TOP CLIENTS and ignoring the rest!

I’ve had an incredible day meeting wonderful friends and helping them pursue their dreams. One is a growing leader in their own Market Space and we had a great conversation today about the type of clients they are after. In their market they target the top / crème (being the high...

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Sometimes the answer is just cranking out more and more Marketing!

Cranking out the Marketing Day after Day!

My wonderful wife and I have been not just working ‘in’ the business, but doing the ultimate of working ‘on’ the business. She has done an amazing job of asking questions, remaining objective and keeping me on the track. Over the past few months we have done a great deal of analysis to...

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Spending time with your wonderful friends and customers is a great start!

Put yourself in your CUSTOMERS SHOES!

As I was enjoying a breakfast, playing with my wonderful 9-month-old and talking to my glorious wife; we were having a great conversation about how our customers & community members think. That is, we are actively putting ourselves into the minds of our customers to look at us from...

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I used to be unhappy. Then I made a choice. It rocks!

Choosing to be Happy (or not)

As I write this blog, I am crammed nice and tightly into an undercarriage of a train heading from Sydney CBD to Parramatta. It’s a little bit hot, very cramped and I was in deep thought pondering life, success, happiness and of course Marketing. I have been working with so many...

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So don't let mistakes bother you (too much!)

‘Making mistakes are part of any day’

With my wonderful 9-month-old being carried on my chest; my wife and I went for a tour of the Loreto Kirribilli. It’s is an independent Catholic school that is very close to the Sydney Harbour Bridge and it’s incredible. Even though our wonderful daughter can’t even walk yet, we’re...

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I am one with Marketing and Marketing is with me!

The FOCUS of your wonderful efforts

I am sitting at my desk, thinking about business, success and Star Wars. Even though I was a ‘Trekkie’ first, I have really got into Star Wars lately thought he mobile gaming side and it’s been a key part of my thinking and joy as I go around the place. A great chat I have had with many...

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