Whilst I was building my Live Webinar for Monday on “Profitable Public Speaking & Selling from Stage”, it had me unpacking all my tips and tricks to get great at public speaking. One of the minor (yet noteworthy) points, has been what I learned from my Mentors and Experts on how to...

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The Powerhouse LinkedIn Voice Messaging: LOVE IT!

It was late September 2018 where I first got access to one new App Update which I was eagerly awaiting. Like an 80’s child waiting for a video game in the Christmas Sock; I was checking the LinkedIn Mobile Phone App daily for something special. This of course was the POWERHOUSE LINKEDIN...

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The MCA Café is GREAT for Meetup Groups!

Last night was our first and extremely successful Meetup at the MCA Café. This is the “Museum of Contemporary Arts Café” in long form, and we had a great meeting with a top view. Even though it was howling with wind and raining cats and dogs; you get the best view ever with lots of...

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It all started late last year in my life. I first started hearing about this new Coworking Space that was being extremely loved in Sydney. It started with one person telling me, then another and then eventually I started asking questions to learn more about this place. We Work? We work?...

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“Win the Room” by Wes Linden & Stefan Thomas

I love having very smart Mentors and people in my life. It’s how I moved on from living in my car as a new arrival to Sydney, to having a business, life, family and more over the last decade. Much of my life has been learning new ideas to help me and those around me become more...

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My Powerhouse Morning Rituals

I got asked by a very smart, attract and brilliant guy (who isn’t James lol) about my Morning Rituals and Routine. When he asked, I tweaked that quite a few other people have asked about the same thing. People are amazed at how much I get done and how focused I am through the awesome...

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Controversial Issues and “South Park: The Fractured But Whole”

As truth be told, I am an old-time gamer from way back. From my first Computer being a Commodore 64, through to my first 286 IBM PC; right through to playing games on my Samsung Galaxy S9. My business has grown beautifully with us running more workshops, online mentoring and more;...

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5000+ Awesome Friends in our Profitable Marketing Meetup. THANK YOU!

It was only a few days ago that I was on the Meetup App checking out our Profitable Marketing Meetup Group. I remember starting it some years ago in a very different form and breaking our first 10 members. Then we made 100. Then 1000. Now 5000+ and THANK YOU. I honestly struggled with...

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Our successful Meetup HQ Walking Group

I for many months now have pondered what walking groups are like on Meetup. I for one, LOVE WALKING. It’s how I chill out, lose the weight and even when I am travelling (be it for business or pleasure), I am one to walk around as much as possible to explore an area. As part of what I do...

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NSW Business Chamber: Highly Recommended

Let the truth be known, that I am a massive buff & fanatic for Australian’s Top Chamber. There are many reasons for that. The main reason being, is that it was the community that helped bring me back from the brink and go to the top of town in what I do. NSW Business Chamber is a...

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My extremely smart pal Samantha Sorscher

I am very lucky in life to know lots of great people, who win big all the time! One of my new great pals is someone who I met just over the Christmas / New Years break at the end of the year. Meetup was taking applications for people to help the Global Community as “City Organisers” and...

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Resting up

I love being an entrepreneur! It’s an incredible life I sometimes think it chose me. It’s certainly not a life for everyone in that it can be very extreme at times. Sometimes I have cruisy days, whereas sometimes I will have meetings back to back and finish my evening speaking at an...

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