It can sometimes feel that way as an entrepreneur! Keep smiling. (Image Credit & Thanks: Fallout + Vault Boy)

Overwhelm: When there is a lot riding on you!

It’s 9:01AM Friday and this is the perfect time for me to write this blog. About 10 minutes ago I actually got totally overwhelmed with all the great things racing through my mind and I had to stop and pause. My thinking was going incredibly well in that it got too busy and at one point...

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I shall now think business when I see Fish and Chips!

Getting clients whilst waiting for Fish and Chips

After a very long drive from Sydney’s Northern Beaches back to where I live, I was certainly famished like many at that time of night. It was raining, traffic was slow and at about 7:15PM I arrived at Hills Ocean Seafood to pick up (wait for it), really good Seafood! It’s a great spot...

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Police Academy! A timeless classic that made me the man I am today (seriously).


I was speaking to a fantastic client today and not so much talking pure ‘Marketing’ actually; I played much more to my Business Mentor side talking about many issues that confound us in life in business. They are doing an incredible job in managing the multiple businesses...

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Laura Viskovich delivered at her event - love her work!

The importance of lots of ‘High Energy’ in your events (thank you Laura Viskovich)

It’s 11:29PM, I took my first awesome Uber home this evening (another story for another time) and I am quite impressed at an event run by my friend Laura Viskovich. If you know Laura; she is awesome. High energy, kind, helps other people, owns a Children’s Entertainment / Party Company...

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PROFITABLE Marketing Mindset and Abundance Thinking

PROFITABLE Marketing Mindset and Abundance Thinking: Live Webinar

I really enjoyed tonight and got some great responses too that not only makes me smile; it vindicates my reason for doing this topic tonight. Interestingly and believe it or not; I have been working heavily on my own ‘Marketing Mindset’ lately. Even now when I incur losses for whatever...

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Hayley Mackintosh from Servcorp - she is in the zone and we love her work!

Coworking. Trend or Faux? (Guest blog by Hayley Mackintosh)

During my very early days in business I met one ‘Emerging Leader’ who is now a ‘Leader’. From watching her get promoted multiple times, sharing the stage with her and watching her win; Hayley Mackintosh is one powerhouse character. I am lucky to have her guest...

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My PowerPoint for tomorrow's Webinar. Exciting!

Powerful PowerPoint’s that Persuade, Produce and Propel You

For whatever reason I am in a creative flow right now. I have been updating my Marketing Mindset PowerPoint on this rainy Sunday and like a teenage boy playing his XBOX One; I have been indefatigable in my application to the task (I was also proud of my use of ‘Ps’ in the title lol). If...

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If you're not winning, you're not winning. Time for new strategy - ASAP!

Not Winning? Change your Strategy ASAP

It was early morning Saturday today and I was talking through a beautiful park on the way to the gym. Even though it was raining, it was just divine with the clean air, quacking ducks, great visuals and I was in the zone. During this walk I was on my phone playing two games which I...

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Winning, Winning and Winning. Hmmm....

When you’re winning please keep it up!

I am actually spending a moment in the lovely Novotel on Brighton Beach in Sydney thinking about business, marketing and all things nice. It’s been just fantastic for many of us lately. Our community has seen massive growth, people are really happy and I am personally winning right now....

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I am busy loving NSW Business Chamber (and winning!)

How NSW Business Chamber has changed everything for the better

It was only about 2 years ago that I was asking a lot of questions about my business. Sure, I had did what few businesses do in that I ‘survived’ but I didn’t start a business to ‘survive’ – I did it to succeed. During this time I was considering many different things, exploring...

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There is only so much room in your mind for people. Remove the bad ones and keep the great ones!

Choosing who sits at your mind’s boardroom table

Have anyone ever got stuck in your head? Did someone rile you up and they just made this impact on you that is hard to shake? It’s most certainly happened to me many times in that talking to negative; let’s say someone did something bad to me I can be thinking about it for a long time....

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I love being me. It's just easier!

The more you WIN the more YOU shall come to the surface

I had a great conversation yesterday in which I caught up with an old friend that knew me just when I started my business. Even though I am a Marketing Mentor, I actually started out doing some studies in Life Coaching and NLP (through the TCI College in Melbourne). I met this great guy...

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