The Kindest Crowd Ever

Beverley Scheepers rocks and it was great speaking at IOPO!

I had a wonderful day today speaking at the Institute of Professional Organisers (“IOPO”).

It was a group of all female, all powerful and all open-minded brilliant Organisers and ‘Declutterers’.

These fine people are hired by people often at pivotal moments in their lives; when one needs to get organised, make difficult decisions, get rid of ‘stuff’ and start new lives.

As I spoke at this wonderful conference, it was the least challenging and confrontation crowd I have ever spoken in front of. I am used to getting sharp questions, trolled, people saying crazy stuff (which is really funny) that even happens at my own events.

I am used to being trolled all the time and this great audience where just so nice, happy and complimentary. It was so out there on the nice side, I even feeling left ‘unfulfilled’ as there was no usual challenge factor ever for me.

I even toned myself down for this audience, lightened my approach and acted more kind to match their lovely energy.

My advice and thinking? All crowds and audiences are different. It’s important that you adjust on the fly and very quickly as it plays out. For me, I toned myself down and acted much nicer to suit the great crowd and it just really worked.

As you speak to people, always work them out and adapt. The best way to go.

>> Check out the “Institute of Professional Organisers” website here!

Love your work and thank you Beverley Scheepers for the invite 😊