Radical Islam couldn’t stop us Eating Ice-Cream, Chocolate & Freedom at the Lindt Cafe today! #jesuischarlie

#jesuischarlie - The Muslim Extremists couldn't stop me and my friends enjoying an Ice Cream at Lindt Cafe.  They are a bunch of Evil Cowards and it's great that the Arab and Western Worlds are standing up to them.  RIP to the fallen and you shall be avenged!

#jesuischarlie – The Muslim Extremists couldn’t stop me and my friends enjoying an Ice Cream at Lindt Cafe. They are a bunch of Evil Cowards and it’s great that the Arab and Western Worlds are standing up to them. RIP to the fallen and you shall be avenged!

Today has been a very bittersweet type of day.  My business is outstanding, clients are happy and I got to spend some great time today with two amazing colleagues – Martha Arifin & Drina Ng.

These two ladies have been great partners and supporters of my business (and vice-versa) now for the last few years and I am so lucky to know them.  Drina was very kind to take Martha and I out to lunch in Sydney today.  This is the “Sweet” Element of what I am saying.

The obvious “Bitter” element is the sadness I feel for the Martin Place Tragedy and to have those emotions stirred up with even more sadness for the Twelve Heroes that died at Charlie Hebdo in Paris.  It was sad not only the loss of life and also the thinking of the “Revolution” that is coming from the Western World and also the Arab World.

What I am very impressed with is Muslims (especially Australian Muslims) and the Arab World coming forward and condemning these attacks.  It’s very sad that they have these “Rats” in their ranks that are causing problems with everyone.  Right now, we are really seeing the “New Revolution” in that Political Correctness is going out the window and people are speaking the truth.  We have dangerous Extremist Muslims among us that right now are plotting to do more harm.

As an Ex-Government Operative talking to you, I can promise you there are Muslim Extremists in Australia plotting how to carry out more attacks inspired by what happened in Paris.  Right now, they are coming up with creative ideas to murder you and I.

As I was sitting with Martha & Drina and we are having lunch, over Drina’s shoulder I couldn’t help noticing Lindt Cafe behind us.  It was the afternoon, I did need a “Sugar Fix” and I am sure like many – my reaction to Lindt Cafe is very different now to what it was before the Sydney Martin Place Tragedy with the Muslim Extremist taking hostages and murdering two innocent people (only a month ago as I write this article).

I kind of started looking at Lindt Cafe in a very different light.  I have liked it all along and this time I was seeing it more as a symbol of “Freedom”.  That is, Radical Islam doesn’t want you and I have freedom, enjoy our lives, worship who we want or even live.  They want us to either follow their version of “God” or “Die”.  Pure and simple.

With these thoughts going through my mind, my suggestion was “Let’s go to Lindt” for dessert.  Rightfully and reasonably so, the girls first reaction was silence and then “Ah, is that a safe thing to do?”.  After consideration Drina said “Yes, let’s support them” and Martha smiled.

My remark on going to Lindt Cafe was to make a statement against Radical Islam and demonstrate our freedom.  The more Radical Islam uses violence, tries to coerce us, hurts us and the like – the stronger we become.  In response to Charlie Hebdo we are already seeing LITERALLY HUNDREDS of new degrading drawings of Prophet Muhammad come out.  As those three cowards tried to suppress drawings, they have created the opposite.  People are now drawing more cartoons of Muhammad and everyone is sharing them on Social Media.  Even one of my great Muslim Friends was sharing them and I love her work.

People are now inspired to draw Muhammad and as I can’t even draw a stick figure (me drawing Muhammad would not get me killed – more laughed at) – my own act of defiance was eating at Lindt Cafe.  As I know Muslim Extremists want me dead (let alone eating Ice-Cream with my friends and having a good time), every mouth full of Ice-Cream was extra sweet with the taste of freedom and a big up-yours to those evil cowards.

The truth is that “Radical Islam” think they are tough and I can promise that their days are numbered.  They are a bunch of evil cowards that can’t take on a decent army – so they focus their energies on taking hostages, blowing up children and attacking places that have no means of defence.

There have been some sad times lately.  The light at the end of the tunnel is that the whole world is taking a stand and even talking myself – I WANTED TO EAT AT LINDT CAFE TODAY AS AN ACT OF DEFIANCE.

The more they try to silence us is the louder we shall speak!!!

Thank you for the read and RIP yet again to those slain lately in the name of “God”.  It’s some dark times we live in, but together we can fight and stop this evil threat to our civilization.