Less is most certainly more!

Less is most certainly more!

I have just finished my next generation PowerPoint for our Free Evening Seminar and I am pumped. As time always passes, I make lots of new changes and improvements to everything I am doing.

In this case (I have known this for a while), my PowerPoints are just far too long! I think that has been a hangover from my older Academic Days and I have finally set some rules to myself to make them shorter, more potent and powerful.

At times, I would have slides of up to 90 (yes 90) slides and it was total overkill. I would end up running a powerhouse workshops of course, however that would be because of skipping lots to entertain and deliver a compelling experience to the wonderful audience.

I finally decided to reduce the length of all my content, with now a LIMIT of 30 Slides per PowerPoint. I have done exactly that and it’s so much better.

It’s forced me to remove the fluff, minimise repeating points and make it more interesting. It was also faster to do, more fun and it shall be so much easier to print! (As 30 slides, is just 5 sheets of paper when you print handout mode of 6 to page).

My advice and thinking? Make your content, workshops, thinking and the lot shorter and more powerful. It’s been a massive journey of mine and I love it. Even my blogs are shorter. Like this one lol.

Love your work, thank you for the read and stay awesome friends!



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