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Edward Zia loves Creating Master Persuaders & Influencers™

Ed’s a Marketing Mentor Certified Practising Marketer (CPM) & Master Coach and has mentored thousands of winners globally to help them get more clients, win top positions and become leading personal brands. As Master Grade Coach, Edward has exceeded the threshold of 10,000+ Personal Coaching Hours making him a leader in his field. He’s helped generate over $160 Million in his career and loves it.

Prior to Edward starting his own company Excellence Above Coaching; he started his working career in the Australian Army as a Combat Engineer. He was grateful to be invited to work in the Federal Government on special projects in Drug Enforcement, fighting Organised Crime and preventing Terrorism.

Edward has lived many lives with incredible ups and downs from being at the bottom of society and doing it tough; walking the mean streets finding out information to protect the public, right through to managing teams of elite professionals and helping thousands build bigger businesses.

Edward works directly with key organisations such as Microsoft, Meetup, WeWork, LinkedIn, NSW Business Chamber, the Australian Government and more to get the latest knowledge and support great people. This also includes his charitable works as a proud Christian, helping the global community thrive.

You’re very invited to connect with Edward on LinkedIn and get in touch with him at [email protected] / +61 458 310 670 (Phone & WhatsApp)


Edward’s Personal Mentoring Program

We will help you transform into a Powerhouse Influencer and Attract High Value Clients 24 7.

  1. Identify your real customers
  2. Pinpoint your service and product
  3. Build Strength in Marketing Mindset
  4. Create a Personal Content Plan
  5. Converting Leads and Prospects
  6. Market in your Own Unique Way
  7. Personal Mentoring for Kick Start and Inspire you to Win Fast

Book a 60 minute Discovery session with Edward to learn more, get key strategies on the house and start you off in the right direction. Contact Edward Zia via LinkedIn today!






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