“Love it or Leave It!” – Happy Australia Day Weekend Friends!

I love Australia and this is THE BEST COUNTRY ON EARTH!

I love Australia and this is THE BEST COUNTRY ON EARTH!

If you are reading this article then most certainly the “Love It” component of my blog title applies to you.  Australian is the best country on Earth and it’s full of amazing people and I think it’s a testament to multiculturalism.

After all, how many places on earth do you have the diversity of people getting along? People that help out strangers? And of course beautiful beaches and scenery?

I really love Australia and I have proved it multiple times.  I have been in gunfights defending my country from people that hate it, I have paid my share of taxes fairly and as a “Civilian” today – I do whatever I can to prove I am a “Citizen” in terms of defending our values and our people.

The reality is today that there are some people that don’t love Australia.  In fact – they hate it, they hate us and they want us to fail.  In fact, some of them want us completely dead and wiped off the map.

I am not just taking an obvious shot at Radical Islam on this one.  I am taking a shot at anyone that gets up in the media and attacks Australia, attacks our values and does anything to damage our economy, borders or anything like that.

The Martin Place Tragedy, Julia Gillard forcing her Carbon Tax on the public, the Corrupt Labor Government flooding our shores with illegal “Immigrants” (and not leaving room for the real ones), Radical Islamist’s that try and divide us and the even more Anti-Australian Flag Burners at the ABC (the so called “Australian Broadcasting Corporation”).

Also, the fascism of “Political Correctness” is hurting Australia.  We aren’t allowed to discuss any issues that the delusional left don’t agree with as we get labelled as “Racists” or “Climate Change Deniers” or something like that.

This is the good part which makes me love Australia more.  PEOPLE AREN’T TAKING IT! Yes and this is something I love.  You are getting Mr & Mrs Public (as you can really see on Facebook) stand up for intolerance and people screwing with Australia.  Such as #illridewithyou to defend innocent people on our transport, people standing up to Radical Islam or just attacking the evil Labor Government when they come out with their lies and even better – tuning out of ABC as they spill their leftist propaganda rubbish.

I love the strength of our country and I want to say THANK YOU for reading this article! Be it you are reading this on the Friday night as I write this article or months / years later – I love your work and here here to the best country on Earth!