My Latest Marketing Plan: It’s All Yours!

My Marketing Plan is here for you to download - enjoy!

My Marketing Plan is here for you to download – enjoy!

Coming up with simple, intelligent and actionable plans is everything to me. It strangely doesn’t take that long and forces one to sit down, seriously think things through and also it gives you something to share with people to create talking points for debating.

Especially if you are coming up with some controversial in your business; it requires a space of intelligence, clear thinking and having it ‘tested’ by intelligent people in the know.

A plan also gets you to really think through “What Matters” so you can really focus your activity accordingly. I completed a recent update of my plan and it really got me asking the hard questions as to what’s working and what’s not. In short, this has been the findings of this process:

  • Live Events are powerful and it’s the best way of bringing in meetings and clients ASAP

Like all things this forces one to rethink their plan and realign it on what really matters. I think about this all the time actually and my last plan leant more on Online for results. This plan leans on the real world with heavy online for results. My plan template is only several pages long and I’d love to share it with you.

>> Download my 2017 Marketing Plan Here

I trust it inspires you and if you need a hand at any level; just ask.

Love your work, thank you for the read and enjoy my plan!