Improving your Marketing DAY BY DAY (thank you Sharon Grant)

Sharon Grant is winning so much day by day. Love her work!

Sharon Grant is winning so much day by day. Love her work!

I gain a great deal of pleasure watching people at the early stages of their businesses slowly win day by day. Many tend to look at my business in awe in terms of my Branding, Presence, Social Media Use, Online Product and the like where I am always the one saying it takes a long time to really get powerful.

When we start out in our businesses there is so much to learn and talking Marketing; when you don’t even have a Facebook Page it can be a long far cry of working yourself to getting 50,000 views per month.

In this whole experience I have worked through it myself and remember going from once not evening having a website to one of the best Online Marketing Courses in Sydney. Also too, I am seeing it play out in the awesome Sharon Grant and am impressed at how quickly she is winning.

I remember when she started out and compared to now (in just under a year), Sharon has a very powerful platform already. She has gone from pretty much nothing to a Brand, Business Cards, Sales Materials, Successful Meetup Groups, Quality Emails and running top events.

In every day that passes she creates something newer, more powerful, beautiful and more convincing that she had the day before it’s very inspiring. It reminds me not only of my journey then, but my journey now in that every day it’s a challenge to make my Marketing that bit better than the day before.

Some days I will try and do my videos better, start a new FB Advertising Campaign, update my website, say something new at a Networking Event and am forever pushing myself to come up with new ideas to help me win.

My advice and thinking? Much like what we see with Sharon Grant is that your Marketing doesn’t just appear wonderful; it’s the result of a continuous daily effort.

Some days it can seem we are having little impact, but when you add those many months together it accumulates to a massive and powerful result. You want to keep working on that little thing every day. No matter how slight as it all just adds up…

Love your work, thank you for the read, bravo Sharon Grant and stay awesome!