Hiring the Awesome Jude Dowsett: Reasons why she will help you succeed in 2015!

Jude Dowsett is one amazing Success and Happiness Mentor who has helped me and countless clients to massive results. May I highly recommend her!

Jude Dowsett is one amazing Success and Happiness Mentor who has helped me and countless clients to massive results. May I highly recommend her!

Hello Awesome People! This article I am writing in “The Edward Files” is taking things in a different direction tonight.  Away from me complaining about Sydney, giving Sales & Marketing Advice and giving commentary on my key learnings – I want to shine the spotlight on the amazing Jude Dowsett.

I have been very lucky to be with Jude since February 2014 and obviously I am very bias – however, I can say that she has made a massive difference to my life already.  In her role as the “Happiness & Success Mentor” at “Hey Happy Jude” – she does exactly that for people inside and outside of business – HELP THEM BECOME HAPPIER & MORE SUCCESSFUL!

If you say compare me to her, I am more of a Marketing Mentor & Consultant.  That is – I am the “Marketing & Business Expert” that Consults and more focus on helping my clients get more profitable clients through applying what I know.

Jude is far more holistic than that in the sense that she works on people coming from her own background of years of owning businesses, natural therapies, her coaching training and something that many have hired her lately on – her own Hypnosis ability.

About 3 – 4 months ago from writing this article I was a bit down.  I was ripped off a few times late last year, working long hours and I honestly burned out a little bit.  For a few weeks, I just “Wasn’t Right” and it was a hard slog getting through the days.  I eventually swallowed my male ego and said “Jude, Honey – can you please do some hypnosis on me and help me get over this problem?”

She did exactly that – she lead me through some visualizations, gave me some great advice, got “Inside my head” and fixed it up! Putting aside the whole “Feeling Happy” thing and talking pure Dollars & Cents – this was an amazing thing her helping me get back into my headspace.

It got me extra active again, focused, believing in myself, increasing my pricing and then I WENT AND PICKED UP 3 x MASSIVE HIGH PROFILE CLIENTS!

Talking about her helping people too; we have run workshops together, I have seen her do amazing training courses and we have shared clients too.

My advice and thinking for hiring Jude? It really depends on what you are after and if you are after the following skill set / outcomes, I would highly recommend her:

– Someone to help you nail your Focus, Direction & Passion.

– Work on your Sub-Conscious Mind to ensure it’s inline with your objectives.

– Assist you with Accountability & Support.

– Be a Phone Call / Email / Facebook Message away in between sessions.


– Someone who is not just in business for the money – but someone who genuinely wants to support like-minded individuals.

If you are interested, may I suggest you drop her an email at jude@heyhappyjude.com.au – she would love to hear from you and also check out her Facebook Page >> Right Here

Love your work and drop Jude a line!