Happy Australia Day? The “Angry Mob” of 800 at Lakemba using Free Speech to stop Free Speech!

During our Australia Day Weekend we had a so called ‘Peaceful Protest’ of people using Free Speech to Stop Free Speech. Challenging times and we must unite to protect our rights! (Courtesy and thanks to SBS for the image)

It’s a very different world that we live in with respect to what happens in our own lovely city of Sydney. After getting ready for the Australian Day Long Weekend, I see on Facebook that last night there was a so called “Peaceful Protest” in Lakemba (Western Sydney).

After watching the video on SBS (article here) I get more of the impression of an angry mob rather of Radical / Extreme Islamists trying to use Free Speech stop Free Speech.  The police also reported “moving on people” from the scene from disturbing the peace.  Really? I thought it was peaceful.  If people are disturbing the peace, I would think of it as an “Angry Mob” before anything else.

It’s really sad what I think is going on here from multiple viewpoints and I think we have to be very diligent with what is happening in our Free Speech.

Firstly, you have Extremist Muslims tainting our Awesome Muslim community with the same brush.  You can thank these idiots for why innocent muslims in the street are looked at with distrust and fear.  You can’t blame the Australian public for thinking that.

Secondly, you have “Free Speech” being used as a weapon to stop “Free Speech”.  In Saudi Arabia could we protest against the government? Sure – if we want to go to jail and be executed.  So here they can “Peacefully Protest” to reduce our rights.

Thirdly, I think the coverage of the event has been very questionable by the media. The media hasn’t been giving much coverage to peaceful Islam in Australia and giving too much time to these dangerous extremists.

Finally, not enough of the media isn’t talking about the “Pink Elephant” in our city.  We have 800+ possible Muslim Extremists in Western Sydney causing all sorts of problems.  How many of them are getting ready to pack their bags to go to Syria or plotting something else?

I think SBS are doing quite well with accurate reporting, but ABC? Give me a break.  They are a corrupt organization who are sticking to very “Left-Agendas” and truth isn’t something they are quite into.

We live in very trying times where people are on all sides trying to limit our Free Speech.  You have Radical Islam, Corrupt Media, Timid Government not saying what needs to be said – while all of us in between are being used as Pawns / Cards for whatever agenda they have.

Our Freedom of Speech and Liberty is really at stake in the whole World right now and it’s really important to keep this alive.  I don’t want to grow up in a world of Sharia Law as much as live in a world that is a “Police State” where you can’t say anything.

Between “Political Correctness” and people justifying the Charlie Hebdo massacre – we have got work to do to ensure that our children live in a fair and just world.

Happy Australia Day Weekend! We shan’t let these 800+ extremists take the edge of celebrating the best country on earth!