The Grand Mufti, Public Relations & Profitable Marketing…

With thanks to the Daily Telegraph for the digital satirical image of the Grand Mufti - this guy has had better PR days!

With thanks to the Daily Telegraph for the digital satirical image of the Grand Mufti – this guy has had better PR days!

This has been a very crazy few months in the world (if not few years).

The world is tragically at war with Radical Islam right now and as I write this article, I feel for a group of French Police / Soldiers who have been conducting raids trying to catch the recent mastermind of the shootings.

Bringing it back to Australia, we have seen all sorts of discussion, politics and the like go on.

Talking more on a “Public Relations” viewpoint I feel for many kind hearted muslims we have in Australia. They obviously have massive PR issues (which is only going to get worse) with them being seen as contributors rather than helpers to what is going on with Radical Islam and the like.

The Grand Mufti Ibrahim Abu Mohammed in Australia is of the highest officials representing the Islamic Faith in Australia and without casting judgement on what he has said – he really needs a good PR Firm on this one.

In response to the Paris Attacks, he hasn’t handled it in a way which promotes his cause and sadly it’s an easy case to argue that he has made it harder for Australian Muslims.

For the record, I don’t agree with him overall – but he has made some very good points when it comes to the treatment of Muslims worldwide. Rightly or wrongly, his views haven’t seemed to appeal to anyone giving an impression of apathy, hostility and taking little personal ownership of events impacting his religion in the modern world.

Let’s assume for argument case that he is 100% correct (which of course I don’t think that). The issue isn’t so much what he said, but the fact that he has set off everyone in a negative direction means that even if he does say what people want to hear – they will dismiss it.

This got me thinking about how the market thinks and what they respond too. I have found that as a Marketer in one’s own business, it’s critical to understand what people think and how they feel about you. In my case, I know that when people come to me – they can often me stuck, confused even “Bummed” out.

It totally get that and I find that my Marketing has to be very positive and supportive so people feel comfortable. In my Financial Planners case, he has people coming to him about to make massive financial choices – so has to be quite conservative to build trust and get buy in.

Basically, you want to get into people’s minds so you get the issues and can get your point across in a way that gets buy in and success.

As for our poor Grand Mufti friend, I would have approached things very differently if I was him. It would have been way better for him to really condemn the Paris Attacks Hard so people feel that he cares.

Then, he could make all his points (with some of them being quite valid) and people would be more likely to listen. Right now for him, he made Page 1 of today’s Daily Telegraph.

I certainly hope I don’t anytime soon LOL

Love your work, thanks for the read – Grant Mufti, I hope your voice gets heard fairly and thank you Daily Telegraph for the image from the front of your paper today.

Stay Awesome and Keep PR in your Mind!