The end of political correctness. Finally.

Political Correctness kept us quiet for a decade or two, but it failed to change what we really think.

Political Correctness kept us quiet for a decade or two, but it failed to change what we really think.

Commentators on both sides of politics are both heralding Donald Trump for one thing. People on the centre and right love him, people on the extreme left can’t stand him – but he is doing one thing almost no other politician has done in a long time:

Speak the truth, share his thoughts and call it as is!

In simple terms no BS. Donald Trump has totally changed a great deal of discussion in the political and media world in that prior to him hitting the scene – everyone (me included) were totally afraid of speaking their minds out of fear of being labelled Sexist, Racist, Islamophobic, Homophobic, Transphobic and more and more.

It was this strange means of silencing free speech, so I did some of my own research to go back slightly – not so much as a marketer, but more personally understand ‘Political Correctness’, what it actually was and what it’s origins were. The reason being is that whatever, it used to be – it transformed into this ugly means of controlling people, preventing debates occurring and creating ‘shut-down’ lines.

For example, “You are a racist sir” is one of the most favourite lines of this I ever heard from a Muslim woman who got pulled over by a cop – trying to get off her fine (where as you know damn well the cop isn’t a racist, he has to protect road laws).

After doing some Google Research, there are lots of different places where it has come and theories on why it arose. My own view of putting it together (without writing a scientific PhD quality paper on it) is that it seemed to hit mainstream attention in roughly the 1970’s with it really taking off in the 1990’s. The intent of it actually sounded quite noble in that is was developed & implemented to protect minorities and small groups from abuse and discrimination.

I think that sounds great actually in principle. Protecting minorities is a great thing on the surface, but as you know – it didn’t take long for this to get totally perverted and before it was used to control us. I think it may have certainly protected some people at the start, but like all things – it was used very quickly as a political silencing device with someone being labelled a ‘Racist’ or ‘Sexist’ being something that can end careers.

Hence it created a lot of fear.

But as we know, humans don’t like living in fear forever. They resist and fight back.

With the rise of Radical Islam especially of late, heavy Islamic immigration into Europe and the West – it was used quite heavily to silence debate and I think this one of the key issues which allowed the rise of Donald Trump. Donald as a genius business man and politician, was able to tap into the common frustration we all feel (except for hardcore lefties) in taking down Political Correctness.

I remember on the Islamic issue, you would have uncontrolled immigration into Europe and the UK. If you were to speak out against it, ‘Islamophobic’ was what was thrown at you. Winding the clock forward 10 years – things are very different. People are likely to wear ‘Islamophobic’ as a medal of honour these days.

If you think of what has happened, people like Donald Trump are tapping into this anger and frustration that people feel. It turns out Political Correctness failed to change what people were thinking, it just merely pushed their views underground.

But now they have bounced back.

As a Persian Christian myself, I certainly know what it’s like be marginalised. Being ‘Middle Eastern’ earned me lots of racial abuse growing up and also being a Christian earns me discrimination from some Middle Eastern Muslims (I actually got a serve of it a few weeks ago). I know all about being discriminated against and I can tell you that Political Correctness did nothing to help me. Fortunately, I also know some absolutely awesome muslims who I call friends and they agree with my views here.

Abuse can’t silence the truth? My take is be truthful, be fair, be well researched and be willing to take abuse yourself. Squealing the ‘I’m offended’ line isn’t working like it used to either. And these so called ‘Safe Spaces’ in universities cropping up? They won’t last forever.

Now I feel like I have a voice. Who ever thought I would have Donald Trump to thank for starting this discussion?

Love your work, thanks for the read of my ‘Essay’, looking forward to more free speech, love your work & stay awesome!

Edward Zia

Author: Edward Zia

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