“Don’t Tread on the Bear!” & Powerful People!

"Don't Tread on the Bear" is one of the quests in the Fallout Video Games Franchise. It basically warns you not to mess with someone powerful...

“Don’t Tread on the Bear” is one of the quests in the Fallout Video Games Franchise. It basically warns you not to mess with someone powerful…

It’s Saturday morning (11:12AM) in a very beautiful Sydney and I just sat down to write my blog for the awesome people (like you) who choose to read it.

If you are friends with me on Facebook, you will know that I am a fairly ‘Centre Right’ type of character. I love Donald Trump, proudly identify myself as a Christian, all for the idea of taking out ISIS / Radical Islam and pro Gay marriage and the like.

As I was checking out Donald Trump on Facebook – love him or hate him, he calls things accurately and truthfully as he sees them. Some factions of the Media has really attacked him in America (and worldwide) and you can tell that the leftie media really wants to take him down and protect Obama and Hillary and the like.

One thing that was interesting was the amount of people who have attacked Donald Trump and really come off second best. One clear example is Macy’s in the US (basically a department store like Myer in Australia). Basically they are different in their political views to Donald Trump and they dumped him like a hot potato around mid 2015.

It went really really badly for them in that their stock price has totally crashed since they have done that, with what must be millions of people disenfranchised with them (and protesting through not shopping there and slamming them on social media).

I have seen this occur on a much smaller level in Sydney too. In the earlier days of running networking groups, I would have people undermine me and then get shunned from the community. Sure, I get I can be a confronting character that some (silly) people won’t like.

Where this amazes me is that I have some amazing kind people who are leaders across town. I have watched people tread on them at times, only for the leaders to retaliate damaging their operations. This can be anything as light as not recommending that person anymore, or something quite extreme such as kicking people out of communities.

Why do some people do that? Why do they attack powerful people? I think it’s a combination of low intelligence and probably not thinking things through. They just get emotional, attack someone – and then have lots of long-term consequences to deal with.

On a big level you have things like Turkey / Russia, Donald Trump / Macy’s and on a smaller Sydney level – you have people attacking community leaders.

My advice and thinking? Sure defend yourself, but use your brain. If you ‘Tread on the Bear’ (quoting the Fallout Video Games Franchise), make sure you are ready to deal with the swipe you are going to get.

Love your work, thanks for the read, and go Donald Trump!