Deciding on your Social Media Platforms

Deciding on your Social Media Strategy is a critical to set the foundation!

Meeting Mark and hitting CATC has me thinking on a much deeper level talking Social Media!

It was over a good year or two ago (if not longer) that I spoke to a group of aspirational photographers on Marketing & Social Media. It was a great group with lots of questions and as life continued on; it left my mind as I continued working away with many awesome clients.

Then out of the ‘blue’ as things tend to go, I heard from one CATC’s Design School Lecturers Mark Kratochvil. He is this very kind, affluent and intelligent man who is great to work with and he invited me back to speak to some of his photography students at the college on how to get clients with Social Media.

It’s a massive area in it’s own right and just yesterday I spoke to their students about various platforms, angles, narratives, posting types and gave many examples on how people use it (from within and outside their own industry).

One key issue many people encounter is getting ‘buried’ by the number of platforms out there and losing sight of actual marketing and what matters.

I know I certainly did and talking Australia; the most common platforms used for heavy successful commercial purposes if LinkedIn & Facebook. Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter are great platforms – however I have known few to really go hard with these platforms and get the comparable client results that many gain from FB & LinkedIn.

When it comes to coming up with a Social Media Strategy, it takes lots of considerations and in short this is what I commonly advise to people:

Few platforms done well: I rarely recommend going past 2 – 3 platforms. Usually when people do the performance drops big time. The big players I know have a Primary and Secondary (for example, I am Facebook and then LinkedIn).

– Go to ones where your customers are: Forgetting the pretty colours, filters and quality for the moment – where are your customers? Most people find theirs on FB and LinkedIn.

РSelect what suits your industry: Some companies tend to fit in on say Twitter or LinkedIn better than Facebook. Very common in these cases.

– Make sure your content suits: Depending on the platform, you probably have to tweak your content. You can have lots of fun on say Facebook or Instagram, but would certainly tone it back on LinkedIn.

Select what makes sense to you: For me I loved LinkedIn and Facebook and it makes sense to me on a personal level. Snapchat is totally not me at all, so I am proud to stay out of it. But if you love Snapchat and can make a buck from it; go for it!

My advice in short? Select what makes sense to you and come up with an achievable Social Media Strategy and know your platforms. It requires a mixture of technical and marketing skills to totally win here.

For me I have put lots of thought into both platforms to get it right so I can succeed and win in style. Make sure you get into your ASAP and win.

Thank you for the read, thank you Mark Kratochvil from CATC!

P.S. Stay awesome and watch these videos here to learn some Powerful Marketing Strategies + Ideas!