Creating a powerful Opt-In Lead Page in just minutes!

My high value Webinar Opt In Page - I love it!

My high value Webinar Opt In Page – I love it!

One of my wonderful friends and clients is overseas right now on a cruise and they are loving it. They are putting up great photos on Facebook and they are also working away too from their laptop growing their business whilst having fun.

They are in the process of setting up their online presence for their own Coaching business. This involves lots of work in anything from Facebook, to LinkedIn, to Mailchimp – let alone working on your high value website.

One tool which I use and love that makes this whole process so much easier is the program

It is one of the world’s top “Lead Page” programs in that you can subscribe to them, pick from what must be hundreds of templates and set it up for different purposes. It is designed to build those single “Opt-In” pages which are asking people to sign up to something. Generally this is ideal for say a free eBook, Live Webinar, Recorded Webinar / Free Video, Download or even just to your database.

LeadPages integrates with Mailchimp, GoToWebinar and the like and is incredible powerful and I love it. I use it for filling Live Webinars and with thanks to its great pages, I am almost at 10% conversion (this used to be 2% before I used Lead Pages!).

You can also do what is called “A / B Testing” whereby traffic that goes to the page is automatically shown as many variants of the page as you want. Let’s say you want to tweak images or words, you can pick the best one from here. Also LeadPages tells you which of its pages has the highest conversion rate! So you can just pick the best one, change words, colours and images – and you’re in.

My advice and thinking? Check out, I am massive user and it’s a great platform in which I can set up new lead pages fast.

Also too, feel free to sign up to my Live Webinar here and see my page in action.

Love your work, thank you for the read and enjoy!

P.S. Thank you to my wonderful friend overseas, this is my anonymous nod to you!