This guy is not only a legend, but he gets it!

This guy is not only a legend, but he gets it!

It was only last week where a group of my wonderful friends were all messaging me this story from RT. I thought it was fake news at first, however it turned out to be extremely real.

There is this cool (and very handsome) guy from India who is worshipping Donald Trump as a God. He has built a shrine for Trump and prays to him as you would expect any deity. I still personally think this guy is trolling the world, however I am going to assume he is serious about this.

This is totally cool! I have talked for ages about praying to Trump like Jesus and whilst it gets shocked laughter from many, I have loved Donald Trump all along.

These days its very easy to be pro Trump, but a few years back it was like being gay in the 50’s. You would put it out there, to deal with some people accepting you, some people hating you and the like.

Now it’s becoming mainstream and this very cool Indian guy and my story has taught me about owning who you really are. If you are gay, it’s great to come out. If you are Pro Trump, it’s great to come out. If you are Pro Hillary, sure I may laugh at you, but I love you all the same (so please come out).

My advice and thinking? Own who you are and don’t worry about people judging you. They will! Get used to the idea of people not liking you. At least you’re being honest about who you are. Then you will know your friends are true friends!

Love your work, thank you for the read and best wishes to my Indian friend. He rocks!