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It’s great being a Failure and a Loser!

Hey everyone! Guess what?

I’m a failure and a loser.

In fact, I am willing to bet that I have failed in life more than you have. I have made big mistakes, had large regrets and put myself in tight spots.

But you know what is great about all these times I have failed and lost?

It’s taught me powerhouse lessons that enabled me to become a winner.

My advice and thinking? Reframe “Failure” and being a “Loser” into short term situations. The idea is to get the most out of them to create the real life you want.

I’d love to hear your thoughts friends and of course; I LOVE YOUR WORK!

Curing Loneliness & Finding Community

I have spent many years of my life as quite a lonely guy.

This includes many moves when I was younger to different housing, right through to joining the Army when I was older, and then moving Interstate starting a new life.

I have spent many times of my life quite lonely and I always used to think it was just me! As life passed, I realised that this is not the case at all.

When I was lucky to be invited to speak at the Meetup Togetherfest 2018 in New York, they hit me with one stat that supported by Meetup is so successful:

  • “Nearly Three Quarters (72%) of Americans Feel Lonely”

Whilst I am not American, I bet the stats in Australia are identical.

Feeling lonely is not a good thing, especially as an Entrepreneur and my advice to you is that you need to make some great friends.

Running Meetups, starting Meetups, joining the Business Chambers and more have helped me conquer being lonely over the years. Having friends and a sense of community has driven my productivity and it’s a great thing.

Nothing wrong with admitting you are lonely or have no friends. I used to be like that! Take steps and make great friends.

Love your work, reach out anytime and god bless friends!

The RARE times you shall see me in a SUIT

Truth be known, I am not a suit fan. Everyone tells me how great I look in them (which is true since I lost the pounds), but I don’t like it.

I used to like suits when I was younger, but years of wearing them just wore me out. I love dressing like an Entrepreneur and it just works.

There are times however, where one must wear a SUIT or necessary business clothing. To me this includes:

  • Business Chambers
  • Paid Speaking Events where they require this
  • Special Events

The opposite also becomes true too. If I wear a Business Suit to WeWork or one of my Meetups, I would look like a COP or someone from Canberra.

My advice and thinking? Dress for the situation. You shall know what suits one at the right time.

Love your work and you rock friends!

Finding where GREAT people hang out

Truth be told, that I’m an introvert!

Many people are surprised, however some of those with the necessary training can pick my traits there. In being a proud introvert, “Business Networking” is something that used to terrify me for a long time.

I visited many different events and business environments, to find very few places where I felt comfortable (which led me to launching my own Meetup Community too).

One key learning of mine has been finding places where GREAT people hang out. For me, it’s been my own Meetups (of course) and NSW Business Chamber.

In fact, almost any Chamber is full of great people.

My advice and thinking? Go visit your local Chamber (which I’m a fan of) and get out there. I find that when you meet someone cool and connected, they know all the “HOT SPOTS”. If you be nice to them and ask them, who knows what you can find…

Love your work, find the great people, give to them first and you shall receive 😊

My first Selfie from my NEW Samsung Galaxy S10

It’s 11:31PM and I am in the process of setting up my new Samsung Galaxy S10 Phone.

It’s an incredible phone and to kick off this experience I took my first selfie. I am impressed by the quality in that it’s dark this late at night, yet it looks just wonderful!

Watch this space my friends, more to come here 😊

Love your work!

Thickening Your Skin

I had an extremely productive day. Meet a great client, made 30+ phone calls (for my workshop) and put out a stack of strong videos.

Right now, I am “playing for keeps” in what I’m doing, I’m working very hard (and smart) on cracking things to make my business and life to the next level.

During this whole experience today, I had someone tear me up on one of my phone calls. I was 50 / 50 about calling this person to begin with and they said they don’t need my stuff, it’s not for them and they started going all aggressive on me.

I just cut the call on them, finished up and carried on (to get ready for my very successful radio interview).

What I found interesting about this experience, is that say 5 years ago, this meanie would have thrown me out of the zone. Today, it has the opposite. It inspired me to go harder.

My advice and thinking? Like I have over the years, THICKEN YOUR SKIN and GET TOUGH. When things take off and you really get busy, you’re going to need it. You can have some stick reduce your mojo, and one must stay focused.

Love your work and thank you to the meanie who gave me a hard time today. You have made me even tougher 😊

My results of producing more content

Upping my content has worked great. Love it!

You may have noticed some changes to my Social Media Content Strategy lately.

It’s more content! I used to do 1 to 2 videos per day.

I have now upped it to 3 to 5 videos a day, and it’s been a massive change to everything. It’s a bit more work (but not really that hard) and I’ve had the following results so far (after about 2 weeks):

  • About double the leads
  • More new clients
  • Lots more engagement

As I’ve been putting out more content, more people are getting into what I do and I love it.

My advice and thinking? If you’re Social Media Strategy isn’t where you want it, do more content. I can produce it fast now and it totally rocks.

Check mine out, love to hear your thoughts and love your group.

Get on the RADIO

I was only thinking that a decade ago, I was a homeless veteran living in my car.

Now I’m a Community Leader & Influencer on the radio!

It was cool, and it was my first mainstream radio interview ever with he awesome Alexi Boyd on her Triple H 100.1 FM Radio Station.

What fascinated me about this, was the interest that it gathered. Lots of people heard me, added me on LinkedIn and it’s helped build my “Media Kit” for more to come.

Most of what I do I have done myself over Social Media (which has rocked) and getting some mainstream has been great.

My advice and thinking? If you know people in Radio, TV, Media and more; get in contact with them. Put yourself out there as a speaker.

Most will say no, but you will get that break which comes your way. You only need a few good breaks to pave the way for more greatness to come. Also, connect with Alexi Boyd on LinkedIn and tell her I sent you. She’s a legend.

>> UPDATE: Listen to the Radio Interview here on Triple H 100.1 FM Radio!

Love your work 😊