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When breaks come your way

The moment I got the role from Sam in Meetup New York. A great break!

It’s been almost a year now since I made a key decision in my business that set my life in a new and amazing direction.

It all started with my Meetup Group “Profitable Marketing” in Sydney. It went great when I started doing fortnightly workshops and I was approached by Meetup HQ to apply for one of their roles.

Meetup HQ (in New York), invited a few people from Sydney to apply for their role as “Meetup City Organiser”. This is to help run Meetup across town.

I knew this was a break, went for it and got it against some serious competition.

This was the easy part, I then had to deliver successful full events for them and get rave reviews.

As I knew this was break, I worked incredibly hard, nailed the events and then it totally morphed into something more amazing. I got involved we WeWork, I was sent to New York to join them and speak to their people and it’s been a great change.

Getting the break came from what I was going already, but in order to make the break work, I had to work extremely hard and deliver.

My advice and thinking? When you get a break, that is when the hard work really begins. If I stuffed up this opportunity, it would have set my whole life back. As I delivered, it’s advanced my life forward and it’s just been wonderful. It’s given me access to clients, people, opportunities and friends that never would have existed unless I went for it.

Take full advantage of your breaks friends! They don’t come everyday, so make them work.

Do what it takes to win big. Love your work and enjoy friends!

Eatin’ Healthy

I like going Middle Eastern over traditional fast food. Helps in those busy times!

As we get busy, life takes off and things happen; that is when unhealthy eating can creep in.

I find this happens to me in times of long hours, difficult conditions or sometimes when I just let myself go and stop thinking and act on pure impulse.

What I have learned the hard way (which I’d love you to learn the easy way by listening to me), is that when you are busy, stressed out or whatever; don’t let your eating slip away on you.

Especially on weekends too, I like to make great eating choices to keep myself on the straight and narrow.

My advice and thinking? Don’t forget about your eating and don’t go into ‘autopilot’ mode. I promise you this will lead to lots of sugar, chocolate and fast food. I like to decide to go to healthy places. Instead of fast food nearby, we hit Hawa (a popular Middle Eastern Place in Western Sydney). It’s great! Much better than other places 😊

Stay healthy friends and keep winning. It’s just worth it.

Delivering Value to Your Audience

Monica Rosenfeld delivered maximum value and we love her work!

Last night we had our best Profitable Marketing Meetup ever.

I’m not the one saying that; people said that to me and it rocked on many levels. What made it even cooler, was that I was able to deliver whilst I even had a slight migraine as part of my sugar withdrawal symptoms (it’s been tough as I’ve lost weight).

We had a great crowd at the beautiful WeWork in Pyrmont (Sydney). I have been reflecting on why it was so great and whilst there are many reasons for that; the core was that amount of value that we delivered.

During this evening, we were grateful to have the powerhouse Monica Rosenfeld with us. Monica is of Sydney’s Hottest Public Relations & Publicity Experts, where she gave incredible ideas to the audience to help them get exposure out of the media.

I also have got better at delivering my own content and this all added up to a great crowd.

My advice and thinking? When you run events and speak at audiences, deliver lots of great ideas to really help them. The greater the ideas you deliver, the more of them you give whilst making it more fun; is the more the audience will rate you.

As the audience likes you more, you sell more and it just rocks. Deliver great value to your audience and strive to do more.

Love your work, thank you Monica and thank you for taking the time to read this article!

The Power of Meetup Two Years Later

Thank you everyone for making Profitable Marketing great!

Even though I have dabbled in running Meetup Groups for a long time, I didn’t get great them till the start of 2017.

After dabbling in it, trying a few events here and there; the time came for me to face the abyss and do one of two things; Make it great or stop doing them.

I deep down knew I could nail Meetup and came up with a new concept. Called “Profitable Marketing”, this was based on 1) Networking, 2) Great Ideas and 3) Inspiration. I also moved my Meetup Group to the CBD of Sydney, to make it work.

These days I run regular fortnightly events with a great crowd of people and Meetup has changed my whole business and like.

It’s given me lots of great clients, new friends, a growing reputation and the opportunity to get many speaking gigs. It’s taken my business and life to the next level and I love it.

My advice and thinking? If events are something that suits your business and what your trying to do, check out the Meetup platform. Its great for the entrepreneur market and I love it on many levels.

>> Visit my Meetup Group here, Profitable Marketing!

Love your work, thank you for the read and stay awesome friends!

“Basing” Your History, Experience and Claims

Yes, this is me about 20 years younger with a full head of hair.

I had an interesting experience a good year ago, where someone I didn’t know accused me of making up my Military Service.

They were someone who had a traumatic past themselves, and they got quite aggressive with me thinking that I fabricated it all. I spoke to my wonderful mother, got a photo from my original days and even got an email from my old Commanding Officer to base my claim.

When I sent it through to them, I then said in a cheeky fashion, “Where is my apology?”. They then gave me a lengthy apology for the false accusation and embarrassingly went on their way.

Even though I defended my position and the like, it got me thinking in that if I had all the materials already in place, it would never have been questioned.

This to me is the importance of “Basing” or having a “Based” claim, meaning that there is a foundation to what one says about themselves. I have found that in Sales & Marketing, it’s having as much visual proof as possible.

Let’s say you have made a client lots of money or built them an incredible mansion. Don’t just say it, have a written letter from that client endorsing you, or a picture of the mansion you built. When you have the proof or the ‘base’ like this, people just believe you.

My advice and thinking? Have as much visual proof to base your claims as much as possible. I have done this with my Military Services, my client work and more. Every little bit just helps.

Love your work, thank you for the read and stay awesome friends!

Coffee without Sugar & Milk!

I love my coffee as lean as possible!

As I have lost lots of weight lately, a few people rightfully (yet incorrectly) pulled me up on the coffee I drink.

These days, I have a maximum of 2 x Coffees per day, but they are ‘Long Blacks’ with no sugar. This means that they are basically no calories and they don’t contribute to my weight gain.

I know many wonderful people who have say 3 x Lattes a day. That is basically 3 x cups of milk a day, which is a great way to gain weight. That is, if you are trying to gain weight, drink milk! If you aren’t, please don’t – as it’s extremely fattening from that point of view (Soy included).

My advice and thinking? Drop the sugar in your coffee right away. It’s not good and if you need sweetness, use something like Stevia as a natural no calorie sweetener.

I would also suggest dropping the milk too and switching to a long black. If you don’t like that, you can say have a Macchiato or a Piccolo (which are coffees with a dash of milk). I used to drink milky coffee all the time and not good if you are trying to get slim. Switch to the black / light milk stuff and you can’t go wrong.

Love your work, thanks for the read and keep staying awesome friends!

Edward’s Podcast with B2B Marketing Strategist Kym Heffernan

Enjoy the Podcast with Kym Heffernan and myself. Enjoy!

A few months ago, I was very lucky to get a Podcast Request from a very amazing man who I have known for a long time.

I say no to Podcast requests quite often, but not to this guy. The powerhouse Kym Heffernan is a top Business to Business Marketer, and when asked; I was so pumped to say yes.

Kym asked me lots of great questions and he is the best guy.

>> Listen to the Podcast here on YouTube!

Enjoy friends!

Changing Habits

I’m getting happy now!

I once heard that “Success is a habit”.

This made no sense to me, until I did the exact opposite and got really fat. I mean really really fat. I almost broke 100kg which got me thinking about my life in a deeper level.

With some great encouragement, help and support from many people; I made the big (pardon the pun) decision to lose the weight.

What was interesting was that the hardest part of the journey was the first week. Once I got into the new eating plan, kept the calories down, got used to no sugar, everything was just working after that.

You can say that I changed my habit in that moment for life, and it’s just the many months of that new habit to get the results of a lower weight and more health.

My advice and thinking? Failure or Success is totally the daily habits. I was eating lots of junk. I got fat. I cut back the junk. Now slim.

Think carefully about where you want to improve in life and I bet you, that changing a few habits may solve the problem.

Love your work, enjoy and thanks for your support friends!

Redback Conferencing: A Pro Live Webinar & Recording Experience

Redback Conferencing has top facilities and great people. Highly recommended!

I love the Australian Marketing Institute (“AMI”) and have been a member there for what must have been 15+ years.

It’s been a core part of my own professional development and as this has all played out, I have become one of their Speakers & Educators. One of my early moves has been doing that of a Webinar with them for the Institute’s members across the nation.

This is where Redback Conferencing (“Redback”) came into play. Redback is a top player in the conferencing and distance space and it’s something to be seen in how they operate. I have been there previously in doing a Live Webinar with NSW Business Chamber and have loved how they roll.

It’s a beautiful office space, great environment and the people there are great. I am quite used to doing Live Webinars myself at my home office, but even though I love my home office; the Redback experience is just great.

They have beautiful spaces, great environments, top computers, camera’s, audio and more. The staff are great, and I had the Gianno Punla look after me. He was the ‘MC’ and controller that made it just great.

My advice and thinking? If you are after some serious conferencing, webinar and recording facilities; check out Redback. They are great to work with.

>> Visit the Redback Conferencing Website here!

I love their work and thank you Gianno Punla, great guy.

A brilliant quote from the handsome Elon Musk

Elon Musk nails it once again!

Believe it or not, I, me, Edward, has crossed 1200 followers on Instagram.

That’s 1200 followers on Instagram! It’s a lot for me, considering that Instagram is not even my primary or secondary platform. I have found myself browsing social lots on Instagram and even enjoying it!

Even though I totally love LinkedIn, Facebook and Meetup; you get some outstanding content that makes a lot of sense and there was this one quote from Elon Musk. I haven’t even decided to verify whether he said this or not, in that it’s something that Elon Musk would say and I have heard him express in many different settings.

This is what I have (poorly) tried to explain to people from day one of my business, that Elon nails. When I saw it, I took a fine screenshot from my Phone. Enjoy:

  • “Work like hell. I mean you just have to put in 80 to 100 hours every week. This improves the odds of success. If other people are putting on 40 hour workweeks and you’re putting in 100 hour workweeks, then even if you’re doing the same thing, you know that you will achieve in 4 months what it takes them a year to achieve”.

So true and totally summaries my own journey of success.

Elon rocks. I love his work. Great guy. Thanks for the read!

P.S. I think Elon is a Trump supporter too.

My Power Food before Public Speaking

The berries and fruits got me in the zone for a Profitable Marketing Meetup. I love it!

I have been asked lots lately as to how I prepare for my public speaking and events.

These days I speak at least once a week at an event, with this only set to increase in the coming years. As I do so much speaking (and have great Mentors), I have been able to learn all the inside tricks to powerhouse public speaking.

One key ritual of mine is the food that I eat prior. Firstly, I take it easy on food that day before. Secondly, I take it easy on the day of speaking. Thirdly and finally; I enjoy cards and lots of natural sugars.

What has worked great for me is eating a mixture of fruit and dried fruit prior. I love the good old dates and sultanas (remembering my Middle Eastern heritage) and regular fruit. I find this keeps me feeling good, light and totally pumped for an incredible event.

My advice and thinking? If you are speaking at say an evening, keep it easy on the food that day. Carbs are the way to go, and avoid things like Potato Chips, heavy meals, too much dairy and the like.

This has helped bring my speaking up to the next level and it just works. Find your own power mix and enjoy friends.

Love your work 😊


Our Profitable Marketing Mastery Workshops are a hit and love to have you with us!

We are totally pumped for our first full day Mastery Workshop in 2019.

It’s on Saturday 23rd February 2019 at the beautiful Novotel Sydney on Darling Harbour and we had an incredible line up of workshops to date.

In this full day intensive, we are exploring “PROFITABLE Persuasion, Selling, Marketing and Influence!” with a powerhouse small group of entrepreneurs who wish to win big.

>> To learn more, download the PDF here!

Any questions and to book, please get in touch with me at / 0458 310 670

Love your work, limited spots and till then!