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Great Content that is ON POINT

Being sharp, direct and ON POINT is everything in content!

I have been thinking lots lately about my own Marketing Strategy and always thinking of how to improve it.

How do I get more clients? How do I stand out more? How do I win and take over the place?

One big key aspect of all this is having great content that is totally ON POINT. What I have found is that when I go too general in my content, it doesn’t really hit.

That makes sense actually, why on earth would someone want hear me rant?

It works when I make strong sharp ideas. I found this out this morning when I did a Facebook Live on sticking to 20 seconds max on an elevator pitch. People loved it!

My advice and thinking? Put out great content ON POINT.

Sharp, brief, value adding and fun; is the way to go.

Love your work, enjoy and stay awesome friends!

“Why won’t people buy my stuff?”

Often the reasons people don’t buy your stuff is simple, and easy fixable!

I speak to lots of frustrated entrepreneurs and I help them get sane and get winning again.

When people are really stuck, I often get asked this question:

  • “Why won’t people buy my stuff?”

It’s a great question in that I have asked this of myself at times. There are lots of reasons for this and want to tell you the top 3 that have applied to thousands I have worked with and at times; yours truly:

  • Lack of trust: Trust can take real time to build up, especially when you are speaking to people for the first time. You need to keep at the Sales & Marketing every day and chip away.
  • No clear outcome: If people don’t completely get the results of what you have, they won’t buy. This very common for coaches. For example, saying that you sell a “Transformation” won’t work. Saying that you will help them “Lose Weight and Find a Partner” shall.
  • Just not Selling & Marketing: I have seen people share post every second day on Facebook and think why they aren’t at six figures yet. It’s ridiculous thinking. I do several videos a day, call up 10 people, reach out to 50 online, run events and it works.

My advice and thinking? One or even several of these points may apply to you and that’s cool. Work on it, fix them up and I’m here to help.

Love your work, win big and enjoy friends!

Getting the BEST TABLE nice and early!

The best seats in the house WERE MINE and it rocked!

It’s Friday and I am reflecting on a very PR & Speaking Driven week for me.

I have spoken at 3 x events this week, (with my own Live Webinar on top of that) and it’s been great.

In all these events I have experienced, one of them is what I organised as part of Meetup HQ. It was our first Social Event (which was a total hit), and it was being held at the beautiful Novotel Sydney on Darling Harbour.

To make this all work, I got in at 4:30PM (for a 6PM start) to secure the BEST TABLE there for our party. I was lucky in doing that, in that by 5PM the place was FULL. As I could get the best spot, it contributed to our wonderful night and things just rocked.

My advice and thinking? When you are running group events, PLEASE GET IN EARLY. I would have been dead meat if I didn’t, but because I did things were a hit.

Love your work, here is to the best seats in the house and stay awesome friends!

My love for Social Meetup Groups

Our Social Meetup HQ rocked tonight! More to come.

Tonight, was a great successful trial in which I was totally thrilled; I ran my first Social Meetup Event and it rocked.

Historically I have tons of experience in the Business / Seminar type of Meetups where this time, the awesome Meetup New York team asked me to run a Social Meetup.

It worked extremely well in that:

  • Small tight group: 12 of us met up and it was great
  • Beautiful Venue: We held it at the trendy Novotel Sydney on Darling Harbour and it was WOW.
  • Fun people and great conversations: Everyone just got along and it was a top night with friends.
  • Business was done: People got along, booked meetings and it’s happening.
  • Easy to organise: Minimal work required, just plug and play.

I really liked it to the point where I shall be considering Social Meetups for what I am doing.

My advice and thinking? Business Meetups are great, whilst Social Meetups bring a new element to the table. I am developing the view that both are great and there is benefit to both the ‘Social’ and ‘Business Seminar’ variants.

Love your work, hope this helps you in creating yours and stay awesome friends!

Watching my pal Brendan Rogers in action

Brendan Rogers is a top guy and he even dropped me off at Gosford Station very late at night!

I was very lucky earlier this week to speak at a great powerhouse event in NSWs Central Coast.

With thanks to my pal Michael Bruhwiller, he has been going around saying VERY NICE things about me.

One of his friends is a Leadership & Performance Coach in the Central Coast that was looking for a Marketing Coach to speak at his event.

I was then referred (thank you Michael!) and contacted by the lovely man Brendan Rogers. What I immediately picked from Brendan Rogers is his kindness, warmth and strength.

He wasn’t a high energy psycho (like me lol). He was a kind, strong and calm guy and in a way was my wonderful opposite. At Brendan’s event, he had the best crowd and this is what I noticed:

  • It was a calm, kind and great mannered event.
  • Brendan wouldn’t say much, but people would listen to him.
  • Everything about him was building up everyone around him.
  • As a result, everyone loved him!

My advice and thinking? Connect with Brendan Rogers. He is a great guy.

Secondly, always make helping people around you a priority. As you help people around you, you end up helping yourself to WIN BIG 😊

I love your work, many thanks to Brendan and stay awesome friends!

NEW VAULT Content in Section 6: “Building Your PROFITABLE Daily Plan to WIN BIG!”

Check out Section 6 of the Vault for Tonight’s Live Webinar Recording!

Tonight’s Live Webinar rocked, and it was a very popular topic talking how to build your PROFITABLE Daily Plan to WIN BIG.

We got rave reviews from the audience and what I really loved was the intelligent questions I was asked.

This included anything from:

  • The right Social Media Platforms
  • Should one use automated posting programs
  • How to stay productive and when to take time out
  • Best ways to create leverage
  • And More!

The recording has been uploaded into Section 6 of the “The Awesome Marketing Vault with Edward Zia™” and is available for our Premium Subscribers.

>> Login to the Awesome Marketing Vault Here!

Love your work, enjoy and stay awesome friends!

Travelling up the coast with my smart Pal Michael Bruhwiller

A trip up the coast with Michael Bruhwiller would have made compelling television!

It all started some months ago where I got a mysterious request through LinkedIn to speak at an event in the Central Coast of NSW.

Even though I didn’t know the guy who contacted me, I was instantly impressed with the tone (and I am the type of guy that will take any excuse to commercially justify a trip up the Central Coast).

As I spoke more, I realised that this guy was referred to me my Mitronics Sales Master Michael Bruhwiller.

Michael drove me up from Sydney and we had a great conversation about business, life and even showed me some of the great sights.

He is such a great guy on many levels in that:

  • He is very funny.
  • He drove me up the Coast from Sydney.
  • He is well connected.
  • He totally gets Networking.
  • He knows how to sell.
  • He is AWESOME!

My advice and thinking? Michael Bruhwiller is a great guy and connect with him on LinkedIn. He has great ideas and I love his work.

Thank you for the read and stay awesome friends!

My extremely smart pal Anna Sheppard

Anna Sheppard rocks and I love her work!

If you are into the Sydney Business Scene, I bet you would know tons of great people like me. As you meet the many people around town, you start to get an eye for the stars and those who are going to the top.

One of them is my pal Anna Sheppard. She is very smart, charismatic, inspiring and a savvy Marketer. I developed an instant respect for her in almost the first 30 seconds we met and has great ideas.

I put out one of my videos basically calling out ‘Haters’ saying they don’t matter, and Anna left a smart comment. The comment was so great, I am going to include it here word for word:

  • “In my experience People don’t like what they are most afraid of or do not understand. No great scientist, innovator, change maker was liked by all as they challenged the status quo. I believe that People operate in one of two states FEAR or INSPIRATION. Although fear is always without exception a mirror of what they are struggling with personally. Compassion to yourself and also the understanding of what led that ‘non liker’ to be less tolerant of difference is a beautiful thing. A great woman, Deb Maes taught me this when I was working in an incredibly toxic environment and it has helped me stay authentic in myself whatever the environment! You are unique Edward, clever and real community maker and most of all I love how you OWN it!”

My advice and thinking? Listen to Anna. She is in the zone.

I love her work and thank you for the read friends!

Caffè e Crema: A great café in West Ryde (Sydney)

Caffè e Crema made West Ryde Chamber rock. I love all of their work!

I know my coffee and food quality extremely well.

This isn’t arrogance, ego or some misplaced confidence talking; it’s the fact that I eat out 80%+ of my meals outside the home.

This is due to the nature of my work as a Coach, Speaker & Networker and it’s great.

I was invited to speak to the great people at the West Ryde Chamber of Commerce with the event being a breakfast held at ‘Caffè e Crema’ in West Ryde (Sydney).

I got to the event early and the first thing that won me over was the great coffee. It was a top quality Long Black in that it had a great crema, brewed at the perfect temperature, had a smooth flavour and it kick started my morning the right way.

Following my coffee, I had a Banana Smoothie with Soy. Whilst Banana smoothies aren’t rare by any means, it was a great smoothie with the right balance of banana, honey, cinnamon, yoghurt and Soy Milk.

Whilst that was all I ate, everything else was just incredible. I could tell from feedback, just looking at it and even being tempted to eat more (I didn’t eat more as I was full from a massive dinner the previous evening).

My advice and thinking? If you are looking for a great café in West Ryde, then look no further than Caffè e Crema. It’s located on 67 Ryedale Rd, which is just near West Ryde Train Station.

I love their work, highly recommended and enjoy!

Trump has taken over our minds!

He cannot be stopped

Be it you love or hate Donald Trump, it’s nothing short of impressive in how he has taken over everyone’s minds.

His fans worship his every move as an act of the divine. His foes attack him with facts (fake or real) any chance they get. The traditional mass media talk about him all the time. Trump has taken over our Social Media, turning his critics into those that play into his hands.

I was walking through Barangaroo (in Sydney) this week where I saw a massive Trump head. It looked great and you couldn’t miss it being an odd sculpture in which you could sit in on the other side and enjoy the water.

Everyone was taking photos, selfies, enjoying it and the Trump sculpture had its own security detail for obvious reasons. I heard people say it was great, scoff at it with one constant; everyone was engaged! You couldn’t walk past it without noticing it.

My advice and thinking? Trump is perhaps some kind of genius to pull this off. Never in all my years have I ever seen someone in politics take so much air from the camera and media.

Trump’s funny, out there, outrageous, says things that don’t make sense, puts out great facts and knows how to play the media. I would say he’s the Earth’s greatest Marketer and we can learn so much from him.

What do you think friends? I’d love to hear your thoughts 😊

I got sold an EXTRA SCOOP!

She got me with the two scoops and GOT ME GOOD!

Meetup HQ was a great event tonight. In fact, it was our greatest ever and I left in a very celebratory mood.

As a guy who came from a Middle Eastern Background, alcohol isn’t so much my thing as ice cream.

In fact, I really like ice cream and I am a DIE HARD FAN of the Mövenpick Swiss ice cream. It’s the best brand of ice cream out there and I can assure you, that there is no one that loves Mövenpick more than I do.

It’s a great brand of ice cream in that is has a unique flavour, extra creamy without a ‘fake chemical’ taste, enough sugar to make it sweet, not enough sugar to make it sickly sweet and they also have incredible flavours.

There is a Mövenpick ice cream store at the end of Pyrmont Walking Bridge in Sydney and tonight I stopped in for a scoop of ice cream. As I went to order, the extremely brilliant sales girl sensed some hesitation on me when I reluctantly ordered just ‘one scoop’.

She knew I wanted two and she gave me that little nudge saying:

  • “Come on, get two scoops. You deserve it. You’ve worked hard”

I did! It was great. As I walked home I realised, I just got sold too and I loved it.

Why was she successful? It’s because she understood what I was thinking and targeted my exact motives. She knows I work hard, and I wanted it; so she pushed me in the ‘right’ direction. She also had the strength to ask and she was extremely savvy.

My advice and thinking? Know your customers and know when to sell. It just works and also check out Mövenpick. It’s a great product, made by a top company with a great working culture (BTW, I don’t actually know that, but I know it’s true judging by the ice cream quality).

I love their work, stay awesome friends and keep selling!

The Importance of BRIBES and CORRUPTION

Let’s see if my simple not bribe wins this one!

I love bribes! They are best thing ever and I have carefully used bribes to get the outcomes I need over the years.

From giving some a chocolate, to small gift, to cash for information (from my Government Days), bribes are just totally awesome.

I of course mean this in the ‘legal’ side of bribes (where I like to call it ‘Strategic Gifting’).

Giving gifts to people at the right time can shift whole situations in your direction and in fact; I am in the process of applying for SOMETHING REALLY BIG right now.

If I get this outcome, I will probably make an extra $100k next year; however it’s odds are probably 50 / 50 at best. There are far too many factors to predict this one, so I even sent them some gifts.

It was an ‘Edward Zia’ coffee cup, thank you letter and a bag of ‘Natural’ lollies. Whilst this is hardly up there bribes or corruption by any metric, it’s a simple and easy gift. Whether it will influence this deal over the line or not is impossible to say, but what I can say is that it will make a big impression and they shall remember me.

My advice and thinking? When it’s the right time bribe people!

I can be buying lunch, coffee, small gifts and anything to get the edge. I do it ALL THE TIME and it rocks. Believe me 😊

Love your work, thanks for the read and I love corruption. It rocks!