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An interesting point in the “Australian Human Rights Commission Act 1986”

Be it gay, straight, PRO TRUMP or more - the Act covers us all!

Be it gay, straight, PRO TRUMP or more – the Act covers us all!

When you run communities, speak to lots of people, work with different parts of society and the like; you get to see many viewpoints going in all directions.

For better or worse in Australia, we tend to follow what happens in the United States very closely. I remember a day where no one cared about politics, however in this paradigm it’s quite a big thing that people have been quite obsessed with.

I am of course PRO TRUMP, and this has closed some doors and interesting opened more doors for me (which is great, net is more doors opened for me). With the doors that have been closed for my political viewpoints, that may have been discrimination against poor Ed on the basis of “political opinion”.

I know the act of course covers things like sexuality, skin colour, ethnicity and the like, but only just realised that “political opinion” is also protected. NICE!

As I was reading the “Australian Human Rights Commission Act 1986”, you can’t discriminate based on Political Opinion. Even if I meet someone who is a big leftie that thinks some crazy stuff, that’s cool in my book. However, those lefties rarely show me equal respect or tolerance in that one. This situation and some questions about running groups got me to better get into this issue.

According to the Australian Human Rights Commission website, this is a quick guide of the act:

Australian Human Rights Commission Act 1986

Discrimination on the basis of race, colour, sex, religion, political opinion, national extraction, social origin, age, medical record, criminal record, marital or relationship status, impairment, mental, intellectual or psychiatric disability, physical disability, nationality, sexual orientation, and trade union activity.

Also covers discrimination on the basis of the imputation of one of the above grounds.

My advice and thinking? Accept everyone. I have lots of friends who do things I don’t agree with and it’s critical we treat everyone as individuals. When we treat people like ‘groups’, you are up for trouble. Sure, some lefties think some out there stuff, but I still love them as people and I can think out there stuff too.

Love your work, interesting point here and thank you to the Australian Human Rights Commission, appreciate the top work you do!

I met Ronald McDonald!

Amal rocks and I was surprised Ronald could take my weight. I LOVE HIS WORK!

Amal rocks and I was surprised Ronald could take my weight. I LOVE HIS WORK!

The business networking I do today is far more random, interesting, out there and happening that it ever has been.

From meeting people in public places that end up spending $10,000+ with me (this actually has happened), to literally doing elevator pitches that lead to clients (as in I meet someone in an elevator, swapped cards and got meetings), right through to formal networking events; you would be amazed at the connections I get.

Interestingly as I walked home from a networking event in Sydney CBD, someone recognised me in the street! I honestly had little idea who they were, yet they recognised me from a Chamber event. I then recalled who they were as she said, “Say, you’re Edward Zia aren’t you?”. It was the awesome Amal Maait from Ronald McDonald House Westmead.

Amal is the wonderful Corporate Development Manager of the charitable house, which exists to help families and children stay together whilst children go through extended procedures at Westmead Hospital.

We met up and she took me for tour of Ronald McDonald House. It’s brand new there, massive, has impressive facilities and feels like a Novotel when you go through the facilities there. It was extremely impressive, and the charitable side of McDonald’s really won me over there.

My lessons from this one? When you are considering charities to donate too, I would love you to add Ronald McDonald House to that one. They work very hard to raise funds and they do great work.

>> Learn more about Ronald McDonald House Westmead here!

I love their work, thank you Amal for the tour and LOVE YOUR WORK.

Big things ahead and watch this space ????

Meetup has ENRICHED my life on many many levels!

This letter from Meetup contains something extremely powerful to me. I love their work and THANK YOU!

This letter from Meetup contains something extremely powerful to me. I love their work and THANK YOU!

Tonight, has been a wonderful night and working with incredible entrepreneurs. This group was extra special in that the attendees have Meetup Groups which is a core part of their lives.

This was one of our “Meetup HQ” events that we run in Sydney for the Meetup New York / Global Team. It’s to help us all succeed big time with ideas, getting to know each other and taking the next steps.

As I was coming back home (which takes a bit of time coming out from Sydney CBD), I was reflecting on the many ways in which Meetup has enriched my life. It’s been great, and this is what it’s done for me:

  • Grown my business: Helping me get 50% year on year growth and love it.
  • Put me on the map: Everyone knows me across town now.
  • So many new friends: Thank you Meetup.
  • Endorsement and Confidence: With thanks to my many wins, Meetup HQ has endorsed me. Love it.
  • New York Trip: I contributed to their wonderful annual event. Loved it!

There are more points of course!

My advice and thinking? Meetup is great and done well, it can be a great launch pad for your business and life. Be it you are doing it with a business or social intent, it will bring great people to you.

As we get surrounded by great people, life just works.

This is my story and thank you for the read and thank you Meetup. I love your work!

Jewish Dating, Finding Love & Israel

I got to hang out with the powerhouse Christie Wilson and Jessica Fass tonight. Love their work!

I got to hang out with the powerhouse Christie Wilson and Jessica Fass tonight. Love their work!

I had a wonderful evening at Cydney O’Sullivan’s Meetup tonight in Sydney CBD. The topic was on how to Pitch & Sell, and it had a great crowd with totally exceptional people.

My very smart friend Christie Wilson was there, and she is totally in the zone. Tonight, we both met a wonderful American Visiting Sydney who runs a Jewish Dating & Coaching Service.

I have met many incredible people in my life and this is one of those experiences where Jessica Fass totally impressed us. It’s not everyday you meet someone who does Dating, let alone Coaching, let alone for wonderful Jewish people.

I totally hit it off with Jess and we are catching up before she heads back to the glorious United States of America (under President Trump). This chance encounter got me thinking as to all the wonderful business people you meet out there.

My advice and thinking? There are so many cool people out there and great ideas IF WE PUT OURSELVES out there. I decided to go to Cydney’s awesome Meetup tonight and I got to connect with Christie and Jewish Dating Jessica.

Jess and I of course spoke about Israel too (it’s on my bucket list to get there) and I am pumped to meet up with her and talk powerhouse ideas.

Get out there and explore friends! You never know who you are going to meet, let alone the great ideas we find.

Love your work, thank you Christie and Jess, stay awesome and of course Israel rocks ????

Winning Winter at AEONA

I love AEONA and Ruchi rocked with her 10 minute Workshop tonight. Nice!

I love AEONA and Ruchi rocked with her 10 minute Workshop tonight. Nice!

Tonight, was one of our ‘Winter Editions’ of our Profitable Marketing Meetup. It’s a great time of year in that it’s obviously cooler, you have end of financial year and businesses are busy.

I love this time of year before Sydney’s Hot Summers return and I loved our event this evening. We had a great group and the discussion went deeper than our previous Meetups.

As this great night played out, I kept thinking and appreciating our great venue that makes it all happen, AEONA on Central!

AEONA is a top Co-Working Space run by the brothers Alex & Benny which is brilliantly located (right near Central Train Station), you get a brilliant big room (with a top view) and people there are just nice on every level.

My advice and thinking? If you are looking for a great place to run events, work, get a desk and be part of a community; you must consider AEONA in your selection. It’s a great spot run by top people and I love their work.

>> Learn more about AEONA at their website here!

They rock, thank you for the read and stay awesome friends!

Sharing your last plate of food

'Never Give Up' was wonderful with many great messages on the wall at Wayside Chapel!

‘Never Give Up’ was wonderful with many great messages on the wall at Wayside Chapel!

These days, I have a privileged and wonderful life by many measures.

However, for those that have known me for a while, you will certainly know this has not been the case all along. Like many of us, I have lived rough (here and there), with those experiences really helping me WIN BIG today.

Instead of buying great people lunch at the Sofitel, I was buying great people lunch at the Wayside Chapel in Kings Cross. Wayside is a well-known Community Centre and I was in their Kitchen with a new wonderful friend I met through Meetup HQ.

The Kitchen provides great low-cost meals, being $4 for a full dish with main + two sides. The food was good (I had the Tuna Bake), and I spoke to quite a few people there.

This included people who are weathered living rough for a long time and people who you can tell who have started living rough just recently. Whilst I was in line, one of the guys went to purchase food and he only at $3.30 (and couldn’t afford the full dish). I obviously spotted him and there was an interesting experience when I did this.

The guy was shocked and as he sat down to eat his Falafel Dish (which looked really good by the way), one of his friends came in where we offered to share his food with him.

Both looked like they hadn’t eaten a proper meal in a full time and what blew me away was how this guy hadn’t enough for his own food, yet he wanted to share it with his pal.

I loved this and my lesson and advice?

If you are reading this blog, I bet you are doing much better than the great people at Wayside Chapel. Appreciate that and make use of what you have. Secondly, always share. If a probable homeless guy can, then anyone can. Thirdly, call in or donate to Wayside Chapel. Great people!

>> Visit the Wayside Chapel Website here!

Love your work, thank you to my friend and Wayside, you all rock on many levels.

Getting more DONE NOW at The Academy of Entrepreneurs

This was a dangerous and powerhouse group. I loved their speed on many many levels!

This was a dangerous and powerhouse group. I loved their speed on many many levels!

Even though I have been running lots of evening events, it was Friday where I had my first full day of Educating at “The Academy of Entrepreneurs”.

It’s a powerhouse Academy with a top reputation across Sydney, and it was a great experience working with the students there.

What I found was that these are not ordinary ‘students’ by any stretch of the imagination. As I taught and went through my content, the audience is so ambitious in that they DO EVERYTHING ON THE SPOT.

I am more used to people taking great ideas and say doing them the next day, however here they were doing everything on the spot. I suggested videos, and they wanted to do videos right away and put them on Facebook.

I talked about logos and colour psychology and what do they do? Load up DIY Logo Editors online and produce their logos.

I quite loved it in that in all my years, I have never ever worked with people who are so fast on implementation. It got me thinking as to how business works and how implementation is not only critical, it’s a choice!

When we get ideas, I am all for thinking about things. However, there is this point where we are just procrastinating and wasting lots and lots of times. As entrepreneurs, every moment counts, and we must get work done now.

My advice and thinking? Like the wonderful students at the Academy, don’t mess around. Get stuff done now.

As we nail projects right away it helps us make more money, succeed faster and win. Shall everything be perfect? No! Shall we make mistakes along the way? Yes! Shall we win more? You bet.

Get it done, faster, better and love your work. Thank you, Academy of Entrepreneurs! Totally in the zone ????

Cockatoo Island: My best 40th Ever!

From high places, to great views, to old relics - Cockatoo Island rocks! (Great photo Kevin)

From high places, to great views, to old relics – Cockatoo Island rocks! (Great photo Kevin)

One thing is for sure is that I will only have one 40th Birthday. Unless some new technology comes out tomorrow, I shall be only 40 once and for my Birthday we took a punt and did it on Cockatoo Island.

This all started about two months ago where we went for my first visit there. I instantly fell in love with the place and it was that evening I considered and decided to have my 40th there.

I didn’t quite know the format, how it would play out, but I figured that we would figure it out as it comes.

It was a top 40th and Cockatoo Island is a great place! Here are my reasons why the island is great:

  • The views are incredible: You get to see Sydney CBD, North Shore and lots more.
  • Beautiful hill at the top: With great views of everywhere and top for a picnic.
  • Great Phone Signal: You have a 4G Tower 100m away from you, so I doubt there are many places in Australia with Faster data.
  • Easy Ferry Access: Lots of ferries go there and its part of the regular Public Transport Grid. Nice!
  • Lots to do and explore: It used to be an old WWII ear shipyard that is very creepy and interesting.
  • Spooky at night: All great during the day, creepy and fun at night!
  • Great facilities: You have a café, alcohol (if that’s for you) and for an island you get what you need.

My advice and thinking? Cockatoo Island is great! Highly recommend and it rocks.

Thank you for coming friends and Kevin, great photo mate! I had to use you ????

Getting the Background Right for your Videos!

The Media Wall at Academy of Entrepreneurs makes the videos look just great. Love it!

The Media Wall at Academy of Entrepreneurs makes the videos look just great. Love it!

Today was my first full official day Educating & Mentoring at the Academy of Entrepreneurs.

It was great on many levels as I worked with a powerhouse group of entrepreneurs.

They were great on every level and an early (yet powerful) question that we covered was how to do videos for Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn.

This was my 60 second “Thought Leader” format where one gives a tip. Part of this discussion focused on getting the background right.

I find getting the background right is critical in that when we don’t, it’s really distracting and not high quality.

Be it there are rubbish bins, too much moment, an ugly kitchen or more; a poor background totally detracts from what you are doing.

I love:

–          No movement, so they focus on you.

–          A nice, beautiful background (dark is great).

–          Great visuals that make you look great.

At our event, the Academy of Entrepreneurs had their media wall and I loved it. The videos looked great!

My advice and thinking? When you do videos, get a great background. It may be a stream, the ocean, a city or even a white wall; find something that just works.

Love your work, thank you for the read and stay awesome friends!

Keeping Up Your Energy Whilst YOU’RE WINNING!

And be surrounded by winners too. They rock and make business GREAT!

And be surrounded by winners too. They rock and make business GREAT!

I just got back from another fantastic NSW BC Evening tonight. This was the Business Awards Gala for the South West of Sydney. and I was grateful to meet lots of wonderful people at the Campbelltown Catholic Club.

This club is a great spot and very well known in this part of Sydney. It was a great event where we saw lots of great people win big.

I loved it, got great meetings lined up and I have gone through some interesting experiences in my life lately. Thankfully the business has been wonderful, lots of activities have been going down with a rising intensity in what I do.

As I have been doing lots of speaking, it has been a test of my overall health and continued energy. These days I will speak a few times a week, have great meetings after meetings and sometimes my energy can take a dip.

Be it I have those short moments where I get grumpy, tired or worn out, I have been developing my tricks as to keep up my energy. These are my favourites:

–          A great night sleep: I stay off my phone now and it’s been great. Lots more rest!

–          A little bit of chocolate: Just a little bit, it works!

–          Zero Alcohol: Don’t care anymore, don’t have any of it. Slows you down too much.

–          Focusing on one thing at a time: So you don’t get overloaded.

–          Chill out and rest: Even sitting down for 5 minutes at say the Sofitel or Novotel is great.

–          Smile and appreciate: Great to remember what you have.

–          Stay in the zone: Self communication is everything.

My advice and thinking? You must keep your energy up as you work away. Critical to keep winning.

Enjoy my tips, hope they help you WIN BIG.

Love your work friends ????

The Perfect Photo and LIGHTNING REFLEXES!

My great photo with some top colours. Lighting Reflexes!

My great photo with some top colours. Lighting Reflexes!

For an amateur photographer (who is great with a modern-day Phone), I am extremely proud of myself for some of the great images I take.

From great selfies, to action shots, to those rare moments; I pride myself on being able to identify quick shots and take them.

A great photo which I am proud of was taken just before I spoke at the Coogee Chamber of Commerce. I was outside on the beach and I noticed a massive storm front coming towards the shore. It was light turning to dark and there were rare extraordinary colours.

It was rare, I don’t think I have seen anything like it. It was almost apocalyptic and full day light was turning to dark literally in 5 second blocks. Time would not wait, and I pulled out my phone and took the ultimate selfie.

Others were doing the same and in under 5 minutes, it was almost pitch black and I was so proud of my photo. Even though I had a few minutes to get this photo, there have been so many great opportunities where I have had just say 20 seconds to grab the selfie or photo.

I once took a photo with a top influencer that I put on LinkedIn. I got a lead from that photo which turned into a client. If I did not take that photo, would they have come a lead? Perhaps not.

My advice and thinking? Lightning reflexes my friend! When you see that great photo pull out your phone and snap away. It’s great, it’s worth it and it rocks.

Love your work, take lots of great photos, post them everywhere and of course; WIN BIG!

The Smart and Opened Minded WINNERS!

The Coogee Chamber Crowd are a smart lot of winners. Love their work!

The Coogee Chamber Crowd are a smart lot of winners. Love their work!

I had a wonderful evening speaking to a great group of (good looking) winners on every level. It all started a few months ago where my wife and I were on the “East Side” of town.

In Sydney, the East is full of beaches and wonderful shores and we visited a wonderful evening hosted by the Coogee Chamber of Commerce. We visited, it was totally incredible, and we made some new wonderful friends.

Bernadette Summers (their President) is wonderful, we connected on Facebook and she checked some of my many videos. She loved them and after checking out my credentials, I was grateful to be invited to speak at their Chamber.

Tonight, was wonderful and as I worked with them, I was blown away by how open minded they were. The Chamber was extremely quiet compared to other events, however they were taking in everything I was saying, and it was just incredible.

People listened, asked lots of great questions and they loved the ideas we discussed and shared when it come to Sales & Marketing.

As I made the journey back home tonight from the “East Side” of Sydney (which we call the Eastern Suburbs), I was reflecting on how open minded they are. The Coogee Chamber crowd really loved the new ideas and they are winners.

My advice and thinking? Winners are naturally open-minded people who love learning new ideas. As a winner learns many new ideas, they make lots of great moves that give them the edge. Coogee Chamber are a great example of these and if you are from this part of town or visiting, you must check them out.

I love their work, thank you for the read and stay awesome friends!