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Business Networking IN A CINEMA! (Thank you Stefan Sojka)

Stefan Sojka's 'Thriving Communities' Networking Event in a cinema was original. I love his work!

Stefan Sojka’s ‘Thriving Communities’ Networking Event in a cinema was original. I love his work!

For those that know me as a business networker that has worn out many shoes across town; I must say that this was a first for me.

It was business networking in a cinema! My friend Stefan Sojka hosted his very popular ‘Thriving Communities’ networking event at the Event Cinemas at Macquarie Park (the Ryde area of Sydney).

There were hundreds of people, great food, drinks, top connections and if you know Stefan he is a very kind man that knows how to bring people together in the right context.

I have seen all sorts of business networking events, but Stefan nailed it in terms of originality. He had music, children’s choirs and even key parts of the event in a cinema.

It was awesome, wonderful, very comfortable and in parts of it I was literally sitting back like I was watching a movie totally enjoying the business networking event.

My advice and thinking?

There are so many ways that we can connect, meet people and even run our own events. Running part of your event in a cinema was such an original idea, a top talking point and something incredibly original.

When you run your own events, come up with something original. When it comes to you attending events of others, keep up the diversity and variety. I find the more different events we go to is the better. We meet interesting people and our odds of profitable connections go through the roof.

Love your work Stefan, here is to the ‘networking movies’ and thank you for the read friends!

Putting on GREAT EVENTS (thank you Rachele Grassi!)

Rachele Grassi runs wonderful events and she got me thinking...

Rachele Grassi runs wonderful events and she got me thinking…

When you are busy in the entrepreneur scene, you seemingly can’t get away from events. In my own situation, it’s gone from a necessary evil, to something that I now totally love and enjoy.

Be it you are an attendee searching for great new connections and ideas or the one putting them on; events can be high stakes from many different viewpoints.

Ultimately many of us at some point will put on events. In my case it’s to support my community, showcase what I do and get more high value clients. With many of my wonderful friends it can be to reward their staff, build camaraderie and reward their high value clients.

Rachele Grassi who is the COO for the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Sydney runs lots of events and I have become a massive fan of the great work she does. I went to one of her events just today (as I write this blog) and it was done well at many levels. It got me thinking as to what creates a wonderful event and these are my top events as to what she has done brilliantly:

1.       Built a crowd and invited lots of people personally (myself included).

2.       It was hosted at a nice Law Firm / Beautiful Office.

3.       The speakers really knew what they were doing.

4.       It was marketed very accurately. That is what she promised is what I got.

5.       The food and coffee options were abundant.

6.       It was short and sharp. Just an hour and a bit.

7.       Inclusive and upbeat; I made new friends.

These key reasons really stood out and Rachele nailed the event.

My advice and thinking? As you run your events really think it through. It takes lots of little things done well and as you get better at the experience you create you can expect more and more people to sign up and join your wonderful community / buy what you do.

Love your work, thank you Rachele Grassi for the invite and stay awesome friends.

7 x ways to spot a NICE WONDERFUL person!

There is always time to spend with WONDERFUL and NICE people! Love your work Lillian.

There is always time to spend with WONDERFUL and NICE people! Love your work Lillian.

It’s a cruisy Monday afternoon as I write this blog and I had a wonderful breakfast with a new friend.

Even though I have known her for a short while as an attendee of one of my workshops, we reconnected and had a chance to meet up one on one. When I first met her, I thought she was a nice lady and after spending some time with her it vindicated my original view.

She is NICE and WONDERFUL being the type of person that everyone would want to be surrounded by. Lillian Astorri rocks and she made me think of how to spot wonderful people.

I mean I write lots of blogs trashing bad people, why not take a time to write a blog about wonderful people? I think it’s time to repent my negative (yet really funny) ways and focus on the positive and wonderful.

When it comes to spotting nice and wonderful people, these are my top seven ways to spot them:

1.       Look friendly: Most nice people look quite friendly and are easy to speak too. If they smile, are kind and listen – it’s a great start.

2.       Accept your point of view: Whether they agree with you or not, nice people usually will accept what you say. When I listen to people, I like to turn off the judgement, to get to know them as people.

3.       Are strong and confident: Nice people usually must be very strong to stay nice. I find they are confident people or at least on the path way there.

4.       They are quite spiritual: When people believe in something beyond themselves, chances are they are quite wonderful. From Buddhists who believe in karma to secularists that believe in the ‘universe’. It makes a total difference.

5.       They aren’t asking for ‘stuff’: Nice people know the world is give and take with them appreciating what they have and not asking you for stuff. They are just wonderful.

6.       They reciprocate: Do them a favour and they will do one for you.

7.       They are a mirror of you: If you are a nice person, you will attract nice people.

My advice and thinking? Be nice first. You can’t expect the world to be nice to you if you are mean to it.

Obviously if you are reading my blog, you are a nice person. Make sure you hang out with other nice people! You both build each other to achieve greatness.

This may include getting rid of not nice people and that’s great! Do it.

That gives you room to meet awesome people like Lillian Astorri (love her work).

Stay awesome, thanks for the read and enjoy!

Trolls are totally UNHINGED people

There is a great few episodes of Gerald Broflovski trolling in South Park. Humorous truths!

There is a great few episodes of Gerald Broflovski trolling in South Park. Humorous truths!

One of my wonderful friends over the weekend went through something I have been through many times; dealing with the emotional fallout of trolls.

‘Troll’ is in this context to our friends on the internet that trash what we do. Be it they have a point or none (with the latter being most common), when someone hits us on Facebook, sends us abusive emails or does something to us it can stimulate a range of negative emotions.

I don’t get trolled much anymore (which bothers me), but when I do I now appreciate it. Being trolled means we are standing apart and doing something that is shaking people up.

I got trolled over the weekend (which is wonderful) in terms of someone just not liking me and what I stand for. It was great! It was an awesome opportunity to kick them out of the community so they can go and be unhinged somewhere else.

My friend who got trolled was over their religious views and as they are new on the scene, it rightfully rattled them.

I have had interesting experiences where I bumped into people who trolled me face to face. They take one look at me and get very nervous and they usually behave as my best pal. It’s quite an act of cowardice and to me a ‘true troll’ would say to me face to face as they would online.

However, the common ‘troll’ are not ‘real trolls’ and when I meet them they are never successful or happy people. They are usually highly unstable, unhinged and disturbed people.

Trolls are usually just bad people. However, I think some people who end up trolling are quite sad people. For whatever reason, their lives haven’t worked out and they have taken the ‘tall poppy’ path of least resistance.

My advice and thinking? Don’t let trolls pull down your game. From the ones I have met, they are almost always unsuccessful unhinged people which have their own issues in life. I have never ever been trolled by a successful person which is probably the answer right there.

Stick to your guns and remember when you get trolled, PUT OUT MORE CONTENT. Do more. Keep attacking. As you do, they all fade away as your success climbs.

Love your work, thank you to my wonderful friend – hope you go hard and trigger the trolls more.

You rock and thanks for the read!

P.S. For my South Park fan friends out there, check out the wonderful episodes where Gerald Broflovski gets addicted to ‘Internet Trolling’. Also thank you to my wonderful friend, hope you go extra hard with your content and make the trolls suffer more.

Putta Downa Da Forka

Getting my eating under control took me lots of tries and rethinking everything. WORTH IT!

Getting my eating under control took me lots of tries and rethinking everything. WORTH IT!

I have been very grateful to the wonderful Jesus Christ lately for helping me finally get my eating under control. In confessing to you all, ‘food’ has always been my vice and I have had a lot of issues with my relationship to it.

After once going too far food wise, I finally hit the point and really got my discipline up. I prayed quite heavily and as I kept my focus in the right direction, my discipline just keeps improving and the results have been great.

I must of course be careful now. I am feeling great, but I know that If I am not careful, I could relapse back into old ways (which I will ensure I do not do again).

Many wonderful people have asked me how I have done it. Even though my Psychologist and Nutritional friends have every right to disagree with the overt simplicity of this statement, the truth is that:

  • I just stopped being dumb.

I was being dumb! I would eat heavy carbs after 6PM, I would have some days where I ate over 12,000+ kilojoules (more than 3000+ Calories) and what a shock I got a bit fat.

Why I did this is a whole other conversation, but it comes down to me putting down the fork. Saying no. Having light meals after 6PM. Great quality exercise. Making sure I also don’t go too far above 8,000 kilojoules per day also made a wonderful difference.

Before I lost the weight, I was feeling really ‘not right’ all the time. My emotions sometimes would move on a dime, I would always be hungry (from eating too much sugar) and I always had a sore lower back and my right knee played up.

As the weight went down, all that extra pain just left and it’s been a wonderful cathartic exercise!

In short? I put down the fork. It hasn’t been doing ‘more’, but doing ‘less’ of the wrong thing.

My advice and thinking? We are all built differently and there is nothing wrong with getting some held to do this. Even though I did ‘win in the end’, in hindsight I wish I got some professional help to get my weight and that under control (I did it myself over time).

The sooner you get your weight under control, the better you shall feel and it will take your life to the next level.

Love your work, thank you for your support everyone and appreciate it!

The layered beauty of Port Macquarie

Port Macquarie - you should definitely be here!

Port Macquarie – you should definitely be here!

It’s been a trip of years in the making and I finally got to go visit the incredible business hub / holiday spot of Port Macquarie in the Mid Northern NSW Coast.

The Regional Business Awards was my perfect excuse to go and I got to meet the locals, hang out with the locals and enjoy some wonderful food from the locals.

Now I have some experience of Port Macquarie, I finished up there summarising my view of the place in this one statement:

  • Port Macquarie has layers of beauty and is a wonderful relaxing place to unwind in style

That is Port Macquarie isn’t so much known for one thing if that makes sense. You don’t have a tall building, rare caves, big bridges or some type of rare feature; it’s just a beautiful place on all levels.

The people there are some of the kindest you will ever meet. People smile in the street, help with directions and are wonderful. The Food and Coffee I tried everywhere was just wonderful. The water was clear, slightly calm and lovely. The trees and green was just wonderful.

You also get the beautiful artwork painted on the rocks on the shore is an incredible sight to see as you read stories and think of all these lives of wonderful people that have gone by.

In short, Port Macquarie is just ‘beautiful’. Even though I wasn’t there for long, I strangely had a good chance to unwind and even though I was only gone for 24 hours; it feels like a week has passed.

My advice and thinking? Book yourself into a wonderful trip to Port Macquarie and if you can make it a business trip somehow, then do it! I would love to go back there tied in with a Business Chamber Meeting or Evening, however give yourself 2 or 3 days to really immerse yourself in the experience.

I had to pack my stuff and move on just as I got into it. Next time shall be longer.

Thank you Port Macquarie! Love your work and till next time.

Downturn? Market More!

Fun, educational and entertaining - the 2017 Regional Business Awards for the Mid North Coast rocked!

Fun, educational and entertaining – the 2017 Regional Business Awards for the Mid North Coast rocked!

It’s 10:27PM as I write this article in my beautiful room at the Rydges in Port Macquarie. I have had a few drinks (what a great time to write a blog) and enjoyed an incredible night with wonderful people at the 2017 Reginal Business Awards for the Mid North Coast.

These are the events where you get the best of the best when it comes to local Business Leaders, Entrepreneurs and Corporates. To get ‘Finalist’ in an award category is a mission by itself, with getting ‘Winner’ being even better.

As these awards play out, you not only have an incredible night but you hear the winner’s acceptance speeches. These are the rare, 1 out of 1000 type of characters who run at an incredibly high standard of living.

‘Stebercraft International’ won several awards including the ‘Regional Business of the Year’. When you hear their leader in action it’s pretty obvious why they have won.

During his first acceptance award, he spoke of a massive downturn that impacted his business. He explained how hard it was in Australia, so he marketed more overseas. He attended expo’s all over Australia and Asia, picked up lots of massive orders and turned a losing situation into massive growth.

You don’t hear this often in that when lots of people get downturns they fold, or never really get out of them for good. This powerhouse character was the opposite. I could tell that he took the so called ‘downturn’ as an opportunity to create something new for his business and life.

That is, his business took a hit and he MARKETED MORE!

This is music to my ears and my advice and thinking?

When you are losing in your business for whatever reason being wrong or right; don’t take it lying down. Do something about it. If your product is tired, update it. If there is a problem in your business, fix it. If you are just wonderful but need more customers, MARKET MORE!

That’s it! This wonderful man from Stebercraft summed it up beautifully. Losing is only fixed by winning and what better way than by getting more high value customers.

Love your work, thank you NSW Business Chamber for such a wonderful event and love your work friends. It’s time for us all to market hard and smile!

The power of SILENCE and FUNNY STARES in debating

Tucker Carlson's trademarked 'Tuck Face' is an incredible move he uses well to win his debates. Nice.

Tucker Carlson’s trademarked ‘Tuck Face’ is an incredible move he uses well to win his debates. Nice.

If you have spoken to me for any length of time, you will no doubt see my debating streak come to the surface. Be it you bait me with something controversial or challenge my own viewpoints, I will debate and back my own position (unless I am totally wrong in which case I will just fold).

Many regard me today as a person who is very effective at arguing points and I must share with you one of my secret weapons:

  • Tucker Carlson!!

If you YouTube this genius, it will come up with countless videos of him tearing part lefties on Camera with logic, facts and real funny lines. He is one of Fox News top contributors who is a Conservative that I find myself agreeing with on many points.

Tucker is explosive, interrupts sometimes, can be quite bullish; however also has some traits in which he lets his opponents hang themselves.

He has this look about him which is nick named ‘Tuck Face’. That is, as people are telling him just weird and daft stuff, he does this ‘WTF type of stare’ which would even psyche out his hardest opponent.

That is beyond the words, Tucker is a master of using silence and aggressive body language to win his debates from many different viewpoints.

As he debates his trademarked ‘Tuck Face’ helps him get the answers he wants and not so much persuade his opponents; but the audience easily sides with his sentiments.

My advice and thinking? Winning arguments or making points it’s just going on and on. There are times to go quiet, watch what people are saying, giving people space to answer and using your body language to get the edge.

Be it a funny stare, smiling, laughing or frowning – there are many possible moves you can make. Lots of ways you can win.

Love your work, thank you for the read, appreciate you Tucker Carlson and stay awesome friends!

Embracing your GREATNESS

Simla Sooboodoo and Lauren Balen know their stuff and rock. When I told them, it was funny watching their shock.

Simla Sooboodoo and Lauren Balen know their stuff and rock. When I told them, it was funny watching their shock.

I am sure that you have seen lots of wonderful people in your life never believe in themselves.

That is certainly true whenever I look in the mirror. The issue of accepting (let alone embracing) my own greatness has taken years of conscious thought and exploration from myself.

I tend to look at things this way:

  • If we don’t embrace our own greatness and back ourselves, who will?

The answer is probably no one. For years I was very hard on myself without purpose, logic or reason and it didn’t result in any great outcomes.

Talking to the positive however; the moment I started to fully back myself life started changing for the better. As this has played out, I am getting more perceptive at picking up people who are ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT, who for whatever reason don’t believe that themselves.

I call out people too when they don’t believe in themselves. It’s a dangerous habit which keeps us poor and very unsuccessful.

As to why people do this, there are a lot of reasons. I think one of the core reasons come from ‘Tall Poppy Syndrome’. That if we are told on one hand that we are not allowed to shine above everyone else around us, then how can we believe in ourselves?

This obvious contradiction is very common and the sooner we break it the better!

Over the past few weeks, I have been working with some incredible BRILLIANT people including the wonderful Lauren Balen and Simla Sooboodoo. They are powerhouse operators and we had a funny conversation when I pointed this out to them.

That is, I wasn’t flattering them; I seriously do think they are brilliant entrepreneurs and I told them that. THEY WERE SHOCKED! They could tell that I was telling the truth as I saw it, however it took them some thinking and time to accept the magnitude of what I was saying.

I completely get that in that if you said the same thing to me 10 years, I would never have believed you.

My advice and thinking? It’s time to shatter our own glass ceilings and break the limitations of our own thinking. It’s only when we accept how wonderful we truly are, push our potential and embrace our greatness is that we start to move forward in life.

As we better get behind ourselves and become our own ‘cheer squad’ it creates motivation, drives creativity and makes business just more profitable.

You are a great person. Accept that. Right now. Then go and win big.

Love your work, thank you for the read, stay awesome and it’s now time to fully embrace your greatness!

My tips & tricks to FILL A WORKSHOP

And great food helps to fill workshops!

And great food helps to fill workshops!

Workshops are a wonderful strategy for many of us awesomely attractive entrepreneurs.

It’s a powerful leveraged way to get more high value profitable clients and to also just look wonderful.

It also gives you regular public speaking practice so over time you become a great speaker (even if you start off from a weak base like I once did).

I assume that if you are reading this article, you are already convinced on workshops as a Marketing Strategy and it comes down to us running them frequently and ultimately filling them.

I run my Live Sydney CBD workshops usually each fortnight and I use a range of strategies to get them filled and keep them full. My top key tips & tricks are:

  • Give the workshop a great topic and name (this makes filling it easy).
  • Host it on a great platform like Meetup or Eventbrite.
  • Share that link everywhere!
  • Invite people in my newsletter database.
  • Invite people in the Eventbrite and Meetup Databases.
  • Share the links through LinkedIn & Facebook.
  • PERSONALLY invite people all the time!

The last strategy to me is the most powerful in that if I say get low numbers for a workshop I just need to invite more people. I find that I get 1 booking per 20 invites and I love inviting friends from LinkedIn & Facebook to do that. I never just invite anyone; I spend some time inviting people to the events who I KNOW WILL LOVE IT.

My advice and thinking? If you put all this time and energy into running an event, you want it nice and full. Make sure you have enough time to market it well so you get at least 40 bookings. That way with say a 50% turn up rate, you know you have a wonderful crowd of 20 people.

Also too, only invite the right people along! Not just anyone, but only the awesomely wonderful that you know will love it and in turn you shall love.

Market your events hard and win big time!

Love your work, thank you for the read and stay awesome friends!

Whilst waiting for Pasta & Italian Salad

It's incredible what can happen in 15 minutes!

It’s incredible what can happen in 15 minutes!

My wonderful mother visited us and whilst we were watching some evening free to air television there was a great ad for a Pasta Sauce.

The ad was just so well done I immediately reacted asking if we had Pasta.

Alas we didn’t.

However, after some collective problem solving we decided that I should brave the Sydney cold winter and visit the local Italian Take Away (which is really good BTW) to pick up some real pasta and salad.

It was a 5-minute drive and after I ordered, I had a good 15 minute wait ahead of me. In that time, I was extremely productive with my trusty mobile phone. In this time, I did the following:

–          Did a video promoting my coming Tuesday workshop and sharing it into a stack of FB groups.

–          Spoke to three people over messenger. One who is about to join the Vault (touch wood).

–          Played a round of Star Wars Commander in my mobile phone.

It was the most productive session I had waiting to pick up food and it was just wonderful. As I knew I only had 15 minutes, it kept me productive and in the zone.

My advice and thinking? You can do many things with a mobile phone these days and it’s only going to get more powerful as time passes. While you are waiting too, it’s incredible the amount of fun we can have and what we can get done.

15 minutes doesn’t sound like long, but when we are committed and doing the right activities it can be super powerful.

It could be 15 minutes of powerhouse meditation, 15 minutes of valuable sales time or 15 minutes of writing a blog that could be seen by thousands.

There is no such thing as ‘dead’ time. Make TIME work for you.

Love your work, thank you for the read and stay awesome friends!

Always reinventing yourself

You always wanna stay relevant...

You always wanna stay relevant…

One key observation for my own business and many of others is how growth tends to occur in steps. Our business is at a given level, we make some changes and then it grows!

Then what can happen is that growth can slow down or even stop. In my own business, it’s grown a lot lately and I can sense that my growth is ‘slowing down’ a little bit which I of course don’t like.

When growth slows down it’s time to start asking hard questions about how you can tweak things to keep it moving and growing in the right direction.

For example, I have found through results that my business succeeds on meeting new people, staying connected with dozens of people a day, putting our great content and having nice full workshops.

As I have been sensitive to what is really working; it feeds into how I must reinvent myself to keep growing and keep winning.

I have learned that the worst thing you can do in business is keep it static. Of course, you must keep consistent, but you also need to be questioning your own game in terms of how to improve things.

For me, I have taken my workshops to the next level and really focused on staying personally connected with people and it just works. This keeps my business growing and I totally love!

My advice and thinking friends? Keep asking yourself what is really working in your business and do more and more of that. If something isn’t working, pull back on it and focus on what really matters.

As we do more of that, things just go our way and our business works more.

Keep reinventing yourself and what you do! Always.

Love your work, like share and enjoy!