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Winning one day at a time (Thank you Tony Rosier from TSheets)

Tony Rosier from TSheets is busy winning one day at a time. Love his work!

Tony Rosier from TSheets is busy winning one day at a time. Love his work!

If you have ever studied DISC profiling or one of those tools; I very well fit into the ‘Dominance’ / ‘Director’ / ‘Eagle’ type of category. I am tough, focused, results driven and really don’t being messed around or dealing with fluff.

I always keep asking myself if I have always been like this and it’s just coming to the surface or if I was perhaps a different person that ‘morphed’ into this character over time.

I think being in a happening entrepreneurial city like Sydney CBD has really driven that shift and lately things have taken a very interesting turn. As my business has expanded, the Awesome Marketing Vault Online Mentoring has great traction; I have been very lucky to meet the next generation of wonderful people.

Especially lately I have reconnected with ‘old heroes’ from the past including the awesome Tony Rosier who has helped take TSheets from ‘Start Up’ to ‘Hero’ in a very short space of time. I have been lucky to know Tony for years in many capacities before he took on the high-profile role he has today.

He is kind, dedicated, noble, process driven and a person who I have always liked and taken very seriously. It appears that many take him seriously as well and what I love about what he does it that when he commits to something, HE REALLY DOES DO IT!

I have always known him to be a someone who moves quickly and in just a few years he has taken TSheets from new to Australia to a company that is taken seriously that is working from a 7 figure to an 8 figure revenue.

Besides Tony knowing what he is doing; the results clearly show that and it’s got me thinking as to how he has done it and the key traits that have accelerated that success. From my own viewpoint there are three key factors / points here:

  • Tony’s product and technology with TSheets is unique and in demand.
  • TSheets have given Tony the backing, funding and support to win.
  • Tony’s consistent, strong, ethical and solid play brings in wins every day.

My advice and thinking? It’s very hard to win overnight (and few people do), but the ones that make it and crack the long term are the ones that ‘carry water daily’ playing that long-term game. As Lady Luck has it; some of us make it quicker / slower than others and that is wonderful.

The trick is that you play your own game and you win in your own unique way.

Just like Tony. I love his work.

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The plight of the ‘Immigrant Entrepreneurs’

The incredible group of 'Immigrant Entrepreneurs' we spoke too. Their resolve is admirable!

The incredible group of ‘Immigrant Entrepreneurs’ we spoke too. Their resolve is admirable!

I have spoken at an extreme range of events across Sydney over the years. From multi-millionaire people in the Eastern Suburbs, to High School Students, to Business Owners; I have now spoken to ‘Immigrant Entrepreneurs’.

Just recently I spoke to a fantastic class at the Academy of Entrepreneurs who were fun, dynamic and all of them were overseas students!

Most of the room was from Brazil and it was such an interesting insight into a fascinating part of the Sydney scene being that of immigrants who are motivated entrepreneurs. Some speak perfect English, some are working on it and it reminded me of myself some 10 years ago.

Even though I am Australian; I came to Sydney very broke and it’s been lots of hard and rewarding work to catch up in life, get my business going and become as successful as I can be.

I spoke to quite a few of the wonderful students and got their story on how hard it actually is for them starting in a new city. Low funds, loss of their old friends & family, a new complete language for them and navigating a massive hustling and bustling metropolis such as Sydney.

Australian English is my first language for me and I remember when I came to Sydney! The first 18 months were totally crazy and even 10 years later I can still feel myself adjusting in many ways more than one.

I have heard a range of stats from the government in that over 30% of people in Sydney are not born in Sydney with myself being one of them and it’s incredible. You have to ask yourself who do people make the big move to Sydney and I can tell you this from myself; it’s hard but it’s incredibly rewarding.

As we had a great honest conversation we all agreed on one beautiful thing:

  • Sydney is just wonderful in that anyone can come here penniless and take advantage of the massive opportunities around!

My advice and thinking? Being an Entrepreneur is hard enough and you must take your hat off to the incredible ‘Immigrant Entrepreneurs’! They are dedicated, awesome and very ambitious; I love their work.

>> Check out the Academy of Entrepreneurs Facebook page here!

Love your work friends and here is to living our lives to the profitable extreme.

Edward getting asked HARD QUESTIONS (Thank you Paula Mills)

The awesome Paula and Mariana from Academy of Entrepreneurs. Love their work!

The awesome Paula and Mariana from Academy of Entrepreneurs. Love their work!

Even though it was only weeks ago; it’s been such a fun and productive time in that I feel like I have known the awesome Paula Mills from the Academy of Entrepreneurs for years now.

I spoke at one of their events full of Entrepreneurs on Marketing in that it means many great things to me. In light of this wonderful time I am totally pumped and she took the time to send me an interesting email asking questions about my own business experience.

It was such great questioning I thought I would bear my soul to the world and had to share it through the format of a blog for us all to enjoy. I have taken her questions straight from her email and put them below. Enjoy:

1)            What was the first marketing activity that triggered successful results to your startup?

  • It was clearly Business Networking! Meeting people face to face, getting coffee chats and having great conversations kicked me off here. I love it.

2)            What marketing advice would you could give an entrepreneur building their business?

  • Get your business right and start with the Highest Return and Low Cost Marketing Strategies. Business Networking, Facebook, LinkedIn, Email Marketing, Live Events and Coffee Chats were my original moves that paved the way forward.

3)            What marketing superpowers do you wish you had that would have driven faster success into your business?

  • I really wish I knew the importance of Sales earlier on and stuck to talking to lots of people. I also wish I looked for online platforms such as Teachable much earlier and saved myself lots of money on websites. Also too, I wish I knew about the high value Chambers of Sydney and just went there from day one.

4)            What role did marketing play in helping drive success in your startup phase?

  • It was everything! No Marketing, No Clients, No Success. It’s everything to our success.

5)            Share with us your favourite brand. And what and why you admire them?

  • Microsoft! I love them from a range of viewpoints in that they were losing, they grew up, turned it around and leading with high end Premium Technology and Cloud Computing. Powerful and love their work!

6)            What is the key financial lesson you acquired throughout your entrepreneurial journey?

  • Keep chasing up money that people owe you and get it in. Never take no for an answer.

7)            What is your number one advice for future entrepreneurs in regards to accounting/finance?

  • Cashflow and getting in what you are owed ASAP is critical in business. You can bill whatever you want, but get it into your account quickly. If you run out of cash you die. I want you to live!

8)            What is the most valuable tool you used to conduct Market Research that positioned you as a market leader?

  • It was several things that included speaking to Thought Leaders from multiple industries. Their knowledge really hit me and directed me the right way to my wins today.

9)            What advice do you have for entrepreneurs when defining the perfect price for their product / services?

  • Start off with competitive pricing and put it up slowly. That way you never outprice yourself, you can build volume and win later.

10)          What is your business’ key accounting system? Why have you chosen this systems? What are its benefits?

  • XERO! XERO! XERO! Automated, Market Leader and great people.

Super thank you!!

BIG hugs from your fan,


I am very glad that such a sassy and intelligent character such as Paula is a fan, I think she is wonderful.

This was it my friends and it was just fantastic.

To learn more about Academy of Entrepreneurs, visit their FB page here!

Direct and to the POINT (Thank you Priya Songappan)

Reconnecting with Priya Songappan years later rocked. I LOVED her 'Direct and to the point' Marketing!!

Reconnecting with Priya Songappan years later rocked. I LOVED her ‘Direct and to the point’ Marketing!!

It was some years ago when I used to run lots of events in Parramatta (Western Sydney) before my focus moved to the hustle and bustle of Sydney CBD.

Parramatta was certainly a much smaller and quieter city in those days and I actually remember what I did with fond memories as it paved the way for what I have today and all the awesome people I know.

During this time I met a lot of start-up entrepreneurs in that part of town like myself that some years later have ‘made it’ (so to speak) in going from survival to prospering in style with a smile.

Lately I have been lucky to reconnect with many of these fantastic people with some of us being on parallel journeys of going from helping people locally to having stronger ‘whole Sydney’ business footprints.

One of these characters who made an early impression on me now has a happening Design Business and interestingly with her play I LOVED HER WORDING.

Her own materials had very simple wording, strong claims, great imagery and when I looked this over; it was even like how I write and Market. As you worked through her Corporate Profile and materials it was simple benefit / outcome one after the other. Instead of pages and pages of content; you could be more than half asleep and you would get exactly what her business is about and what she stands for.

Priya Songappan certainly did impress me and we have a lot in common in terms of our directness, minimal ‘fluff’ and putting out the strong salient points that sell.

My advice and reinforced thinking? Less is more! Don’t write massive essays to sell. Make powerful points and back them up with as little, YET STRONG wording as powerful.

I love Priya’s work and check out her website here.

Love your work, stay awesome and make sure you like and share!

Take yourself SERIOUSLY to be taken SERIOUSLY (thank you Annie Sophia)

Sassy, strong and stylish - the awesome Annie Sophia gave me some sage advice today...

Sassy, strong and stylish – the awesome Annie Sophia gave me some sage advice today…

I was very lucky to reconnect with awesome friend Annie Sophia during a family event we held in the Northern Beaches of Sydney.

Even though I have only known her for a few years now; I totally see eye to eye with her and understand how she works on many levels. She is direct, strong, intelligent, win / win and a very successful entrepreneur who I just think seriously rocks.

We spent a bit of time one on one during the event catching up and interestingly she gave me some feedback that I kind of didn’t want to hear, but what I needed to hear.

I saw her about 6 months earlier face to face and at the time, I was overweight. Yes I was! I have no excuses but being slack and I put on weight which is really bad. I got fat by eating lots of junk food. Whose fault? Mine and I am sorry!

When we reconnected face to face, she immediately complimented the way I looked and reminded me that I didn’t look so wonderful back when I saw her last. She even said I look wonderful which I take as a massive compliment; yet also a warning from an awesomely fit and stylish character like her.

The truth of the matter is that I MESSED up by getting fat and even though I am not now, if I am not careful it can be stacked back on very quickly. I know that if I do get fat again it will cost me lots of money in that people wouldn’t take me as seriously as they do now.

After all; I work as a Coach, Marketer and Entrepreneur who runs around telling people how to live. If I go and get really fat, does it mean that I take my own advice seriously?

Of course this questions seriously disturbs me and I think it’s very true. If we especially work in industries where we are our own product; we must take ourselves seriously before others will take it seriously.

I am about helping people becoming successful in many areas and I can only logically expect people to do that if I am in good health! Annie Sophia is a high end Stylish and Fashion Coach and I can tell you that she looks the part.

My advice and thinking? We must take ourselves seriously if we expect others to be taken seriously. If we can’t get discipline right in certain areas you can’t expect anyone else to follow your advice or lead. However, talking to the positive; when we lead through our own pure results, it can be much more influential that telling people to do as we say and not as we do.

Annie Sophia did give me a sage warning. I love her work and perhaps this time I should heed her advice…

Love your work, thank you for the read and stay awesome!

P.S. Visit Annie Sophia’s website here!


10 years ago I never thought of how strong I would become - nor how much it would scare me!

10 years ago I never thought of how strong I would become – nor how much it would scare me!

Over the many years I have continually heard the idea that we are terrified of our own strengths. This view is often shared from the viewpoint of Life Coaches and I remember that when I first heard it I never quite thought much of it.

I actually kind of thought it was ‘dumb’ actually in that logically it sounded quite insane to me at the time. After all, being scared of our Strengths? What are you talking about? It’s a virtue and why on earth is that a problem?

7 years are first hearing it, I have declared it a great statement and not only am enjoying a serving of ‘Humble Pie’ with fresh cream; I am actually going to double down on this statement and really break it down and unpack why I think this occurs.

The people who told me this never really understood it themselves (or at least took the time to explain to me how it works). It’s critical not to just ‘listen and believe’, but to really critically think it through and understand the mechanics of how it works and why it manifests itself on a physical level (after all, I am a detail guy!).

In my own business, life and entrepreneurial journey; I have really started to focus on my strengths which has changed everything. I have more wonderful clients, glorious friends and am just feeling better about life every day. As this plays out, your own strengths naturally have to come to the surface.

I want to get more done in a day, I have more people depending on me and in this scenario this it forces me to really step up in that if I didn’t; I would go totally insane!

There is work I must get done, decisions I must make and they have to be done brilliantly, quickly and with effectiveness. These circumstances have just made me become stronger and here is the problem of all this:

  • As we become stronger, people challenge you more and you must stand your ground!

This is such a true thing and I think one of the many reasons why we are afraid of our strengths and success. As we succeed and our strengths come to the surface, our lives really do change in many ways which for me is scary enough!

Also too, I have really found my strengths to be the way I motivate people, create change, attack existing norms and disrupt what is around me. For a guy that lived in his car about 10 years ago, this is a far change in life on many levels that has been scary. After all, it turns out that I actually do know what I am doing, I can lead and I have some incredible ideas with people out there who don’t like me among a sea of supporters.

Scary, scary and scary on many levels. As my strengths come to the surface, I have found myself equally fearing them giving credibility to the ideas that we are ‘terrified of our strengths’.

My advice and thinking? It’s great to admit that we are scared of this and the reasons behind it. Be it change, having to clash with people, change what you do, get more done or the like; the more honest you are with it the better off you shall be. I used to not acknowledge this but it’s totally true.

Really think hard about your strengths and own them. When you meet people that want to take you down a peg with their own ‘tall poppy’ and the like; make sure you smile and defend your turf with style.

The more you own who you ‘really are’ the more good times you shall find ahead. For me right now it’s an unfolding adventure of discovery so stay tuned.

Love your work, thanks for the read and here is to exploring our own strengths in style.

The journey of KNOWING yourself

Look within and keep asking yourself those hard questions!

Look within and keep asking yourself those hard questions!

As I write this blog it’s actually at the end of the day on my Birthday! I only have one of them a year (lol) and I always use it as a chance for reflection against what I have achieved, the losses, the wins and also asking myself some deeper questions about how I tick.

I probably don’t spend Birthdays in the way that most do; mostly because I have had many atypical celebration days to the norm. Until recently in the past few years, I have actually spent lots of Birthdays on my own where I have developed a big creative space where I tend took inwards.

In throughout this whole process and talking to many people lately about this topic; I find it’s really important that you get to know who you really are.

I don’t mean things like your ‘identity’ in terms of your favourite colour, food, what you do for a living or textbook demographics about yourself. I am making a reference to the inner being behind all the cool clothing, great looks and attractive physique I bet you have.

I mean the actual spirit and soul of who you are in terms of who you are really on Earth, your life purpose and what really floats your book or brings on your inner most ‘Darth Vader’.

As Entrepreneurs especially it’s critical to know oneself in that by doing this it can help you grow the business in a way that you want to ensure it meets your life goals. For me having the creative room, free time, space, smiles and the like is really important for me and in knowing this its encouraged me to take my business in a massively successful online direction.

The more I go in the online direction is the happier I become as I know myself, what I like, what I don’t like and my own ‘life purpose’ so I can take things in the direction I want. The actual reflection on my birthday has helped me explore this on a much deeper level.

My advice and thinking? Spend some quality time with the most important person in the world; YOU! Remove the shackles of societal expectations and reflect within and really explore the type of person you are.

The more you can get closer to you inner self is the more clearly you will get about who you really are. This shall focus you in ways you may have never quite thought possible.

Knowing thyself I think is actually a core part of the journey on the road to happiness…

Love your work, thank you for the read, love your work and stay awesome!

My Latest Marketing Plan to SHARE with you!

Modelling my latest Marketing Plan in one of the most beautiful cities in the world!

Modelling my latest Marketing Plan in one of the most beautiful cities in the world!

In walking the talk and referencing Microsoft in terms of ‘Eating my own Dog Food’; I am proud to share with you my latest update of my Marketing Plan for 2017 (just updated in June).

I generally update my plan every two months (with the last update in April 2017). This time there were actually some quite serious changes which has impacted my business on several extremely positive levels.

My Awesome Marketing Vault Online Course *is finally* taking off which makes me smile, the business is growing nicely and I have become more personally focused in my own Sales & Marketing.

This thinking has been reflected in terms of my Sales Targets, Behaviours and of course KPIs.

>> You can download my Marketing Plan here!

I trust it inspires you to greatness in yourself and if you have any questions or would like a hand in creating yours, please get in touch.

Love your work, thank you for the read and stay awesome!

Following your passion and winning in the now (Thank you Lorraine Makasini)

Lorraine Makasini is clearly following her passion and I love her work!

Lorraine Makasini is clearly following her passion and I love her work!

It was only just recently I spoke to a group of wonderful Coaches of many forms. From those more into heavy business processes and those into the shades of grey in the mind; they were a very ambitious group of people that impressed me (which is getting harder and harder to do these days).

It wasn’t the fact they used nice words, had a top script, a nice suit or had a smile painted on; there was something different and extremely unique about this group of people.

I most certainly did notice it (at least subconsciously) and have become fast friends with a few of them. As this all played out, the top of the group accepted my invite to join one of the incredible NSW Business Chamber events.

During the event these days I work as a Volunteer Visitor Host there (least I could do as they have been wonderful to me) doing my part in helping welcome people by working the door. It’s a fun, exhausting yet energising night where I talk to lots of people and have to rely on speed, fast judgements and cutting to the chase just to remain productive.

You can really tell who is there because *they have to* and those who deep down are following their passions and *want to be there*.

One great example of an emerging leader that has impressed me is the awesome Coach Lorraine Makasini. After I first met her, I had my pick of her as someone who would win big and interestingly she had done that so far.

She came to NSW Business Chamber and like me, she was very honest in how it can be a confronting experience at first. NSW Business Chamber events are massive and full of sophisticated or almost everyone can feel a bit nervous before their first visit. I most certainly did and it’s quite normal.

After 5 minutes, it appeared that Lorraine has been there forever. Power to her!

Lorraine liked people, people liked her and as I did my rounds looking after everyone I could tell that she was winning in terms of making new profitable connections.

She was winning! She loved what she was doing. She loved people and her ‘now’ experience you could tell was very pleasant.

I started asking myself some deep questions as to why awesome people like Lorraine tend to win and some just tend to struggle and it does come down to an often overlooked basic in business:

  • You must have passion and love for what you do!

I get asked that question all the times in terms of how I am so motivated in doing what I do and that is the answer I give. I love what I do! It’s just wonderful and through the dark nights and the light days; it’s that passion that keeps me going.

Hence Lorriaine and I get along very well. Great minds think alike.

My advice and thinking? Through the thousands I have worked with over the years the winners are almost always (in fact always now I think about it) those with a passion and love for what they do. If you think about it this way; the ones with the love and passion will work the extra hours, go the extra mile, read that extra bit of material and go the extra length. Hence, they out perform their peers and make it far and rise to the top.

I can promise you that I didn’t start my business with a sliver spoon in myself (in fact I was in massive debt from previous mistakes in my life), but my passion and commitment to the cause (with thanks to JC) has made all the difference.

Thank you Lorraine Makasini and thank you for the read. Enjoy!

P.S. Also massive thanks to NSW Business Chamber for creating such wonderful events. 

I talk to at least 30 WONDERFUL PEOPLE a day!

Keep mixing with wonderful people always! (Love your work Jamie and Nathalie)

Keep mixing with wonderful people always! (Love your work Jamie and Nathalie)

In a way that could almost be seen contradictory (but I mean this complementary) I once got caught up too much with ‘Automated Marketing’.

Leverage, Automation, Emails, FB Videos and being seen thousands of times per day is absolutely wonderful; however we have found it’s not enough by itself.

A good 3 months ago I started to shift lots of my thinking as my business went online with my Awesome Marketing Vault taking off. I actually started finding that I have more time available that I used too in that I am doing a better job of looking after my clients without having to do the direct input of hours.

As lots of aspects I would teach have been replaced by my videos, my awesome clients learn more without me present and when we do work directly together it’s an opportunity to focus on much more serious higher level issues.

As a result, I have had more time available and do you think I went to sit on the beach, do nothing and sit there humming and thinking about abundance?

If any of you know me at all, OF COURSE NOT.

It’s given me an opportunity to put out better content and talk to more people. It’s been an incredible experience and I have actually learned lots about not so much Marketing, but SALES.

In terms of growing my own community and helping more people I have found that it’s an exercise of just talking to lots of people all the time! To get a new awesome person into our community actually takes lots of work! I don’t just ask one person and ‘hey presto’ they come on in. I speak to dozens of people and over time some will take action and join us. Basically I have found it has come down to this for me:

  • I must speak to at least 30 people a day!

Be it face to face, events, over the phone, saying hello through Facebook Messenger or LinkedIn; I need to speak to lots of people. When you play numbers such as these, you only need one or two to like what you are about and that can turn into a meeting, an online, sale or a referral.

Also too, it gives me the chance to help people too. I may never ever have them as clients, but I can at least give them a few pointers to make their life easier. After all, spirituality rocks.

My advice and thinking? Set yourself a great target of the number of people you must speak too every day. Mine is at least 30 and it just works. Do it, win and enjoy!

Love your work, thank you for the read and stay awesome friends.

P.S. Smash that like and share x x

Edward did nothing wrong!

Edward did nothing wrong!

Edward did nothing wrong!

I have been speaking to many wonderful clients lately exploring the concept of ‘Impostor Syndrome’. If you haven’t heard these exact words then you will know what I mean when I say it’s us feeling deep down that we are ‘not worthy’ or ‘not good enough’ for whatever we are doing in life.

This may not be a problem if we are happy with our lot in life. However, if we want to grow, deliver more, lead and achieve it’s a massive problem.

Basically what happens to many of us is that we start stepping up in our business, it can create a lot of emotional issues that can slow us down. Anxiety, stress, fear of rejection and more; this can all come to the surface creating us a feeling of ‘un-wellness’ that can really slow down our Marketing in more ways than one.

This has been very challenging for me over the past few months and I have been working through my own internal issues saying this over and over again:

  • Edward did nothing wrong!

As I say this to myself it helps me get over that little ‘Impostor Syndrome’ than can exist in all of us and slow down what we want to achieve in life.

My advice and thinking? If you are feeling these type of feelings don’t let it stop you. As you fight it more you get over it and I like my own power saying of ‘I did nothing wrong!’. That gets me out of the mental cycle and gets me back to a state of abundance and mental productivity.

After all nothing beats getting out of our own way.

Love your work, thank you for the read and you did nothing wrong!

Our Lives during the long NIGHTS (Thank you Benny Hill!)

Benny Hill now controls my dreams. Nice!

Benny Hill now controls my dreams. Nice!

I found it fascinating learning in first year Anatomy (and then much later on ‘Neuro Linguistic Programming’) that our brains are actually thinking 24 hours per day.

Even though we may say sleep whatever hours we sleep; our organic computer is busy recharging, recalculating and plotting it’s moves for the next day.

When I started out in business, I used to have a real scarcity / negative mindset. Rightly or wrongly I developed this over many years and for me I started taking advantage of evenings to change the way I think.

This started actually listening to hypnosis tapes (yes, ‘tapes’) which later became MP3’s through my iPod. As these messages pounded my mind throughout the night it would help me gradually change and improve my life.

These days its gets even funnier. I listen to YouTube on continuous with anything from Donald Trump speeches, Alex Jones, Milo Yiannopoulos, Sargon of Akkad and whatever funny stuff online.

Many ask me how I have become so confident (especially as of late) and I can tell you that this technique has been instrumental. As a I listed to these great speakers whilst I sleep (with headphones from my S7), I dream of many wonderful things.

Some of these dreams can be really cool and if anything, I had the recent dream in which myself and my wife were on a ‘Survivorish’ / Reality TV show with a bit of Big Brother. It was really fun with anything from cookoffs, to hanging off ropes, fighting on the top of logs over water with soft bats and the like. For whatever reason my wife was just pregnant too!

We had all these challenges and at one part one of the show one of the contestants tried to kiss my wife. In a typical ‘Edward Zia’ fit of rage I went a bit crazy and pushed the guy to the ground. Then, security kicked in the door and pulled guns on me saying ‘Freeze Eddie!’.

I then freaked out and ran for it with them chasing me to the Benny Hill soundtrack. It was wonderful and even though it was funny as hell, it started my day with a smile and a spring in my step.

My advice and thinking? As we sleep it’s a great chance to mediate prior, take it easy, listen to great stuff and keep pushing our minds the way we want.

The more we do it the better. You also get epic dreams too. Love your work, thank you for the read and stay awesome!

P.S. You rock Benny Hill.