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Celebrating Your EPIC WINS (Thank you Tony Abbott)

EPIC WIN. Note the awesome Manu in the blue turban behind us.

EPIC WIN. Note the awesome Manu in the blue turban behind us.

It’s 11:29PM as I write this blog, yet it feels like I have the energy I do at 9AM; it’s been an epic night.

With thanks to my awesome friend Manu Spartan Singh I got a message a few days ago on Facebook. There were seats on his table to see the rock star, legend, genius, hard-working patriot and glorious TONY ABBOTT in live.

This is a time in life when you just SAY YES!

This was pretty exciting for me in that you may or may not know; I am a bit of a Donald Trump / Tony Abbott / Nigel Farage type of fan.

Talking to our former PM (who shall be PM again very soon, watch this space); Tony Abbott is an incredible man who sticks up for the worker and protects Australian Interests. I became quite a fan of him and when a certain fellow from the Eastern Suburbs turned on him – I have never looked at things the same way.

Lately Tony Abbott has certainly been making a comeback (what is he up to I wonder?) and the opportunity to meet him tonight has been just wonderful. With my friend Manu I was hanging out waiting for the chance to strike and get my photo.


Tony even reacted saying, “Wow Edward, I love the face you pulled”. Getting a photo with Tony Abbott yes has been on my bucket list and it’s crossed off.

I am now sitting at my PC, eating a bowl of Nobby’s Nuts (they are very tasty) celebrating this win. I shall tell you now; getting this photo was hard! I had to work my way through a very ambitious crowd and got it.

My life is not complete yet, but it’s certainly much more there today.

My advice and thinking? Besides Tony Abbott being glorious and wonderful; what we decide are “EPIC WINS” are something to be celebrated. At times life can be hard with setbacks, responsibilities, taxes, Apple still making computers and it can be very challenging for us.

The wins we get are to be celebrated as it keeps us in the productive zone.

So I am happy! Love your work, thank you for the read and GOD BLESS TONY ABBOTT!

My Tricks & Tips for filling your Meetup Events

Our Forum was epic with a massive crowd. Thank you Meetup and the strategies I use work!

Our Forum was epic with a massive crowd. Thank you Meetup and the strategies I use work!

If you are one of my awesome followers on Social Media (thank you), you will most certainly notice how we have ramped up the use of Meetup Events in our business.

The simple reason for this is how successful they have been on many levels. This has been in terms of getting more high value clients, more leads, serving clients as well as giving back to the community.

These days we run two a month and filling them is getting easier and easier. As you run Meetup events (for many factors); some fill really fast and some need a bit of extra work to fill.

Interestingly as I write this blog our Forum done the day before had an epic crowd and was great. The evening session I have next week is filling a bit slower (most likely due to over shadowing by last week’s event).

It’s all good and in these situations you up your marketing more. These are my top tips for filling Meetups:

  • Meetup Emails: I like to send 2 x emails a week to our Meetup community through their own platform. Everytime I do, it comes back with a few more bookings. It also keeps the community warm.
  • Listing Events SUPER EARLY: The earlier you list them on Meetup the better. They slowly ‘burn’ away and fill up!
  • Facebook: The best way I have found is to do a video with the link included. I find just link sharing itself gets a poor / no-existent reaction, but with Video it works great! I like doing a video a day to keep the pressure on (and I shall on this one).
  • LinkedIn: I share the link through there and very nice.
  • Emailing your own Database: I love it and a great move. Top strategy for getting your own warm crowd in.
  • Personal Invites: As I meet clients and potential clients to be; I invite them along and send them a link. A top strategy that works great!

These are my own top tricks and they work just a treat!

My advice and thinking? Please take these ideas and adapt them to your own thinking and style. The operative point is here not so much ‘Use Facebook’, but use your whole Marketing Ecosystem and just ‘crank’ the events out there. The more that see it, means the more that come, which means the more clients you get.

Love your work, thank you for the read and stay awesome friends!

P.S. This blog is dedicated to a very powerful, intelligent and awesome business woman. You know who you are!

TOP CONCEPTS discussed at the PROFITABLE Marketing Forum (Thank You VCSO!)

Martha Arifin answering questions with pointed ease. Love her work!

Martha Arifin answering questions with pointed ease. Love her work!

It’s 3:47PM as a I write this blog at the beautiful Swiss Ice Cream Store ‘Movenpick’. It’s my own little slice of heaven where I escape and hide back to celebrate wins and of course write blogs.

Our win today was actually for our 28 attendees of our ‘PROFITABLE Marketing Forum’ today. This is our ½ Day Workshop event where the team from Victory Corporate Serviced Offices hosted us. This service office is just beautiful and we totally loved it. The staff, the view, the people, the experience was all just the 6 Star.

As for our Forum; we have received 5 Star reviews already and there were key themes that really concerned our audience that were discussed seemingly with passion, intensity and closure. I tend you use our Forum’s as an indicator for word on the street and here the clear dominating points discussed:

  • What you stand for: Many in the room struggled with the idea of ‘what do I stand for?’ in my own business. This is a massive issue from many viewpoints in that you need a clear edge to stand out and really make it. That is, a top tag line is required!
  • How Social Media really works: We spoke Facebook and LinkedIn and talked to their differences and strengths. LinkedIn is superior for those one on one business connections. Facebook is great for community management. Also, it’s very hard to sell ‘only’ on Social Media. You need that face to face to link it all.
  • Free or Paid in Live Events: We say free events! Critical to give people ‘something for nothing’ to prove how awesome you are. Free events are so much easier to fill too!
  • Making your website convert: Many said this didn’t happen for them and we spoke about strategies to help make this happen.
  • Selling with integrity and being reasonable: Everyone agreed and came together on this point; it’s critical to sell in a way that you want to be sold too. Kindness, honesty and the lot!

Overall it was an incredible experience and our advice and thinking? Come to our next Forum and check out Victory Corporate Serviced Offices in Sydney. They are just incredible!

Also too, make sure you get your top issues answered in your business ASAP. This will keep you focused on what matters so you can stay productive and win in style.

Love your work, thank you for the read and stay awesome!

P.S. Check out the Victory Corporate Serviced Offices Website here – highly recommended!

The LEADER explained (Thank you Janja Bojanic)

Janja Bojanic rocks (and please note the good looking Persian guy in the background).

Janja Bojanic rocks (and please note the good looking Persian guy in the background).

It was just the beautiful Monday of this week I was very grateful to meet a ‘friend of Facebook’ I had known for some time. I can’t actually remember the moment when we became exact FB friends, but what I can tell you is that she is very well liked, respected and known across Sydney.

Months and months passed and a friend from Queensland was speaking at an event in Sydney and I felt it was just right to go and pay them a visit. As a sat there smiling away, we actually recognised each other and started talking.

I immediately was drawn to her strength and focus in that you wouldn’t say she was ‘Commanding’, but she would ‘Command’ presence on a deep subconscious level. This brings me to introduce to you the awesome Janja Bojanic who I was lucky to meet for a healthy Monday lunch and talk about business and get to know each other.

She is a Marketing Mentor with a focus on the Relationships, Retaining and Referral side of the equation with impressive technology and thinking that I liked.

As we spoke, she is definitely a leader. She spoke with calm strength, backed her views with reason & logic, was charismatic, well-spoken and is running events and workshops to help people in Sydney and Brisbane.

I quite admire her openness to opportunity and to me this is her big ‘X Factor’ here:

  • “She is her and that is it.”

You can tell that she knows who she is and that authenticity resonates on many levels. It’s a very admirable trait and as I look in my own mirror on the wall, I beg to challenge myself on a deeper level on that point.

My advice and thinking? Leadership isn’t how you speak to people or how many you manage (I used to think that); I see it as the command and understanding you have over yourself.

I learned very early in the Australian Army that you cannot lead others without command and acceptance of yourself. Janja rocks and she is an inspiration. Make sure you are rocking in your own unique way and firstly inspiring yourself; and then you can hit others.

Love your work, thank you Janja Bojanic for the read and stay awesome!

Running an INCREDIBLE Workshop that gets NEW clients! (Thank you Sharon Grant)

Sharon Grant commanded the room with a strong connection too all. Her 'X Factor' was admirable!

Sharon Grant commanded the room with a strong connection too all. Her ‘X Factor’ was admirable!

It was a beautiful Saturday in Sydney where the weather was quite nice (but not too hot) and for entrepreneurs like myself who love our businesses that much; weekends are a great time to earn new ideas.

I am very lucky to know the powerhouse Sharon Grant who is a Sales Mentor that ran a great workshop titled “Breakfree to Sales Success”. I know Sharon is very powerful and this was actually my first experience of watching her ‘Command and Conquer’ professionally on stage.

Sharon ran an incredible workshop which everyone learned many things and achieved breakthroughs in our own unique way. I have been thinking through the ‘X Factor’ of what made it a success and the big point of difference that Sharon is:

  • “Her unique and powerful engagement and connection with everyone”

That is beyond the obvious such as venue, lighting, coffee, seating and stuff that common sense will tell us; what Sharon did / does that took things to the extra level was her incredible engagement with attendees.

That is she would speak to people, ask questions, push people, provoke people and you couldn’t help feeling that you weren’t in a workshop, but Sharon was holding a one on one conversation with you for this time frame.

What we also observed and talked about was Sharon’s indefatigable wit in this process as well. She would keep going and going with incredibly resolve that not only impressed the audience – but I watched people sign up to her the moment she finished.

My advice and thinking? Besides Sharon being wonderful herself, it gave me a sage reminder as too being connected with your audience. Be it Sales, Marketing, Coaching, Property or IT Software – having that connection with your audience turns it from a flat experience of saying watching “YouTube Live” to talking to someone one on one.

Love her work and Sharon totally rocks! She got me thinking and to playing my game at a higher level.

Make sure when you do run workshops, seminars, webinars or whatever you’re into – get people really engaged. That makes the massive difference.

Thanks for the read, here is to Sharon and stay awesome!

Putting your Sales & Marketing Activities into your Outlook / Google Calendar

I would have gone insane long ago if it wasn't for Outlook Calendar synced too all devices!

I would have gone insane long ago if it wasn’t for Outlook Calendar synced too all devices!

In this article, I am hardly going to into anything terribly in the league of ‘rocket science’ and actually take things back to the ‘forgotten basics’.

‘Forgotten basics’ is something I enjoy commenting on in that when I say something, it’s a very “Oh Duh” type of response one would think of and no doubt be able to justify. However it’s easy to point out many examples of where the basic thinking is poorly followed or strangely not followed at all.

When it comes to creating a sense of structure in what we are doing, one simple yet powerful move is to put all your Sales & Marketing activities into your Outlook / Google Calendar. The reason why I am specifying these platforms in particular is because it shows up on all your devices when set correctly.

So regardless of whether you are in the Microsoft or Google Camp the point is that done correctly; you should see whatever you book in anywhere on all devices with the obvious being your phone, tablet, laptop, desktop computer etc.

As my business is busy and we are constantly winning; it’s been a critical move on my end and I love the use of weekly occurring times. This allows me to never miss a beat and here are some examples from each of my days in the week:

  • Monday 10AM to 12PM: Follow up calls on clients and active accounts.
  • Tuesday All Day: Make sure big clients blog goes out.
  • Wednesday: Write up Awesome Marketing Insights Email for Friday Send.
  • Thursday: Follow up on big clients newsletter
  • Friday: Follow up calls for clients and those who owe me money 🙂

You get it! These are just some of my many examples with the operative point being that this structure just makes things easier and better. It’s a simple thing with the software most likely being in your hands already and the more you do it the more powerful we become.

My advice and thinking? Use your Calendar with strength and power. Simple, yet often overlooked and super powerful for making your busy doable so you don’t miss a beat.

Love your work, thanks for the read, put everything into your Calendar and stay awesome!

How I fill LIVE Events with Social Media

For whatever event you have to bring people together - Social Media rocks it!

For whatever event you have to bring people together – Social Media rocks it!

Over the past few weeks to month especially; we have been doing lots of work on our Live Event Program. During 2016 we got it too ‘Good’ with 2017 being the year I wish to get it to ‘Great’.

With all the lessons and wins I have had it has taken me to a strong position of where Social Media fits too in our business environment. One of the biggest way Social Media has served me well if by helping fill events.

Then of course as you fill your free events, people have a chance to meet you, experience your brand and then instead of having to ‘sell’ – they turn around and just ‘buy’ you as the trust has been established.

To help you with our own free events or events to come, this is how I fill my own events:

  • Meetup: By hosting events on the Meetup Platform they get filled automatically by people there. For paid events, Eventbrite is really good (but I like sticking to free events).
  • Email Marketing: By building your database you can send them email invites to your events. I like this move and it works incredibly well.
  • Facebook: I like doing videos talking about events and sharing the link in there. Works really well as they see you in action and have the link. Groups also work great too.
  • LinkedIn: A great platform to share events through – works great.

Also too in addition to the above moves, also ‘Direct Invites’ work incredibly well. This is where let’s say I am talking to someone that loves the idea of it; I just email them the Meetup Group link so they can sign up.

Of course the more you do is the more you sign up and that part of it I totally love! My advice and thinking friends? Free Live Events are a great Marketing Strategy and you use your Social Media / Online to fill them. Score!

Love your work, thank you for the read, go for it and stay awesome!

P.S. Join our Meetup Group here!

Making it easy to get what you want FAST & NOW (Thank you Service Today)

The Service Today 'Welcome Pack' was a few nice goodies too. Love their work!

The Service Today ‘Welcome Pack’ was a few nice goodies too. Love their work!

About 2 weeks ago I noticed there was lots of water in my bathroom. The Floor Towel Mat was always soaked and seemingly no matter how much I mopped up, the floor would get mysteriously wet again.

I embarked on a witch hunt against my own behaviour of doing something silly like leaving the Shower Door open and came up empty handed.

I started then thinking ‘Oh No, there must be a leak somewhere!’ I then decided to perfectly mop up and dry the bathroom and yes, about 45 minutes later the floor was wet again. After going back to my old diagnostic technician self, I eventually figured out it was the tap connected to the wall that fills the cistern of the toilet.

YES! I am going to take this out once and for all and I have heard about Service Today for quite a while. The thing was though it was about 8PM at night on a Thursday and I had the Friday morning free. I knew it was late and I called Service Today’s 1300 Number (from their Website) and it was almost instantly answered by a ‘nice boy’ by the name of Roy.

We spoke. We talked and I was booked for a Plumber to visit in the morning. It was incredibly easy to do and as promised, about 8:30AM the next morning I had a ‘strong nice man’ by the name of Michael come along. He was great, generated a quote quite quickly and the problem was fixed ASAP (and he also fixed some other minor issues that has been bugging me for a long time).

Payment was simply EFTPOS / Card and there was a receipt sent to me straight afterwards.

That’s it! All done. I am totally happy. 5 Stars!

From start to finish the process was relatively painless as can be, the job was done quickly and there were no funny shenanigans going down. It was great.

My advice and lessons from this one? Like Service Today obviously have in their process & delivery you want your own business to be just easy. People can find you, learn about you, speak to you and book in with you without any problems. Also it has to be fast too. In whatever you do, people want what they are paying for ASAP. I couldn’t agree more and it’s a huge part of how I roll and the many awesomely successful people I know.

So move with ease, speed and show the market how much of a pro you are. Referrals then come with much greater ease! Love your work, thank you for the read, appreciate it Service Today and stay awesome!

P.S. Visit the Service Today website here!

Overwhelm: When there is a lot riding on you!

It can sometimes feel that way as an entrepreneur! Keep smiling. (Image Credit & Thanks: Fallout + Vault Boy)

It can sometimes feel that way as an entrepreneur! Keep smiling. (Image Credit & Thanks: Fallout + Vault Boy)

It’s 9:01AM Friday and this is the perfect time for me to write this blog. About 10 minutes ago I actually got totally overwhelmed with all the great things racing through my mind and I had to stop and pause.

My thinking was going incredibly well in that it got too busy and at one point it went on a negative spiral. I went in say about 30 minutes from thinking about winning and started to get fixated on the old anxiety loop of “What if all these not good things happen?”

It’s that “What if?” “What if?” “What if” type of situation. I actually used to be very bad when it comes to overwhelm and anxiety of this nature and these days my moments are few and far between.

I just entered that downward spiral but was able to get myself mentally out of it so now I am feeling relieved about the whole process. I think as we get busier, more successful and there are more moving parts in our lives; it’s very easy to get a sense of overwhelm and have anxiety if we aren’t careful and to me it’s critical to ensure we not only prevent it, but have coping strategies in place.

I countered it this time which I am quite happy with and here is my thinking on the topic of preventing / curing such situations:

  • Prevention: Being healthy, fit, keeping up with your workload and consuming positive materials.
  • Curing / Overcoming: Faith, positive mindset, let the emotions pass.

I felt it coming on… The tight chest, fast breathing and the unreasonable extreme worry that wasn’t there 20 minutes ago. I slowed down, breathed deeply, chilled out and now I am back in the zone.

My advice and thinking? This can happen to the best of us and each of us respond in different ways. The trick is that when your negative pattern kicks in, you don’t let it take over too much. I think we have to be forever vigilant. It’s the price of freedom after all right?

Love your work, thanks for the read and trust this helps; make sure you don’t let overwhelm get the better of you.

I won. This time 🙂

P.S. Thank you Fallout & Vault boy for the great inspiring image, you always have me thinking!

Getting clients whilst waiting for Fish and Chips

I shall now think business when I see Fish and Chips!

I shall now think business when I see Fish and Chips!

After a very long drive from Sydney’s Northern Beaches back to where I live, I was certainly famished like many at that time of night.

It was raining, traffic was slow and at about 7:15PM I arrived at Hills Ocean Seafood to pick up (wait for it), really good Seafood!

It’s a great spot and as I walked in there, a nice friendly lady who was waiting in there smiled at me. She recognised me from a Business Breakfast we went too and we started talking.

As luck has it, she has a need for my services and I ended up running out to my car to get a business card and Corporate Profile to give to her. It was quite funny how business and life works in that a simple trip to pick up dinner can instantly turn into business in many great ways.

This is not the first time incredible business opportunities have come my way in that I have even picked up big clients whilst sitting on park benches in North Sydney (seriously). This brings me back to what ‘Networking’ really is.

‘Networking’ is not just going to event and swapping cards; it’s how we behave in our lives and the thinking that that we apply in a regular basis. Business can come at almost any time and to be this brings me to several salient points:

  • You are always being watched! (In a good way).
  • Have a card on you or at least nearby.
  • Be ready to wheel and deal.

Interestingly too, I actually had a bit of a headache (a bit of nice wine at British Chamber last night) and I most certainly didn’t let that dampen my pace. When there is an opportunity go for it!

My advice and thinking? Business can come from anywhere and that is just great. Be ready, smile and go for it!

Love your work and thank you Hills Ocean Seafood for the business opportunities 🙂


Police Academy! A timeless classic that made me the man I am today (seriously).

Police Academy! A timeless classic that made me the man I am today (seriously).

I was speaking to a fantastic client today and not so much talking pure ‘Marketing’ actually; I played much more to my Business Mentor side talking about many issues that confound us in life in business.

They are doing an incredible job in managing the multiple businesses they own and interestingly enough with all the work they are doing – they are getting a bit worn and overwhelmed.

I of course can only relate and commend them; life as an entrepreneur can be very much like it and I have been there many times (even recently) myself where you can in a way think the world is caving in on you with the burden of responsibility on ones shoulders.

This client is an amazing tough person who I have utmost respect for and as the conversation progressed, I couldn’t help but think of one of my favourite scenes from the 80’s film Police Academy. As the ‘unfit’ recruits were going through the Police Academy and think about the awesome supporting character “Officer Debbie Callahan” played by Leslie Eileen Easterbrook.

She played the blonde, beautiful and extremely dangerous fitness instructor for the cadets often beating up men, pushing men around and doing all sorts of cool stuff like that. In one of my favourite scenes everyone is doing push-ups and they can’t keep up with her strength and she says:


That actually formed the advice and thinking for my wonderful client today. Yes they are overwhelmed, tired and very fairly worn out (been there myself). My response is:


The reason being is that when you are winning, that is the time you must double down and go hard. If you relax and chill out, the business improvements you are putting in can snap back which isn’t a good move. Also as you push yourself more, you become tougher and what was say a strain 3 months ago is just another day today.

My advice? Don’t let your fatigue get in your way of winning. You feel tried? Awesome. Time to go hard and win.


Love your work, thank you Police Academy and stay awesome from Edward Zia.

P.S. Thank you wonderful client. You are an inspiration and love how much you are winning. Full nod to you.

The importance of lots of ‘High Energy’ in your events (thank you Laura Viskovich)

Laura Viskovich delivered at her event - love her work!

Laura Viskovich delivered at her event – love her work!

It’s 11:29PM, I took my first awesome Uber home this evening (another story for another time) and I am quite impressed at an event run by my friend Laura Viskovich. If you know Laura; she is awesome. High energy, kind, helps other people, owns a Children’s Entertainment / Party Company and is in the zone.

As part of what she does in helping the community, she launched her new Meetup group tonight with a great networking event. Just on Monday I got a personal invite and had some room to attend and say hello.

It was a very fun experience and it was easy to lose track of time there. I think there are a few good reasons for that with the core one I wish to focus on being the importance of ‘High Energy’. What I mean by this term is:

  • Being upbeat
  • Positive
  • Interactive
  • Fun
  • High engaging

It basically required Laura to deliver a great performance which she did leading to a great event where people were really happy and pumped. You had people stay back, have a great time and rocked.

My advice and thinking from all this? If you run events go ‘High Energy’ as much as you can. Of course we are all built differently and this term means different things to different people. In the content I am talking, apply it in the Liberal way you interpret it.

Basically make your events very interesting and fun with respect to the audience. ‘Fun’ means people come back, bring people and leave great reviews.

Laura rocks and check out her Meetup Group here!

Thank you, love your work, keep it up Laura – looking forward to more ahead!