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Shattering our own glass ceilings (thank you Australian British Chamber)

The international women's day breakfast with the British Chamber was wonderful. Bravo!

The international women’s day breakfast with the British Chamber was wonderful. Bravo!

It was an early start, fresh coffee, smiling faces and a beautiful room at the Ivy in Sydney CBD. If you haven’t been there, the Ivy is a beautiful venue full of great people and the place to do business in style.

I was very lucky to attend their International Women’s Day Breakfast and it was a room with a good 90%+ women and the less than 10% was the proud men like me. In having been raised by a strong mother, I like to think of myself as a ‘Classical Second Wave Feminist’.

In that no purple hair from me or crazy protests blocking freeways; it’s about helping both genders get a true sense of equality and gain more independence and liberty in their lives.

Today’s event did focus on the issues challenging women in the modern world and beyond that; it got me thinking about our own ‘Glass Ceilings’ applied to us.

Sure there can be discrimination going on for whatever reason, however if I think of some of the most successful people I know (gay / straight, man / woman, Christian / Muslim) they actually don’t really care too for labels like these.

In find that even let’s say ‘society’ has put a limiting label on them (e.g. you are a woman, or you are now white or whatever) – they ultimately get over it and go onto achieve many great things.

I think ‘get over it’ means several different things. This can of course be changing the external environment, but I think it needs to be heavily on one’s own thinking. In my own case, I was living in my car when I was around 30 – and today I am going to high-brow events with everyone in suits while I get around in a tight polo wearing and Army Cap.

For me and talking to the wonderful people I know who have gone upwards from nothing; it’s a journey of not only changing your external world (e.g. fighting for equality) but also your internal world.

My advice and thinking? Never let anyone, let alone ‘society’ define you. The establishment is there to be taken down and improved in a way that serves all of us. Hence my justification earlier on my position on Feminism – I am not the modern day “Women need extra rights because”, I am the precursor day “Women need to go harder and take down the system through results”.

Love your work, thank you for the read and love your work Australian British Chamber of Commerce – a wonderful event.

BLOGGING as a powerful Marketing Strategy (4 years later)

Today's screenshot from my ever growing blog. I love it. Powerful!

Today’s screenshot from my ever growing blog. I love it. Powerful!

I woke up today and as I was going through my morning routine and about to enjoy my Orange Flavoured Berocca; whilst sitting at my desk writing my blog for the day.

I really look forward to writing my own blog as I get to not only talk to wonderful people like you, but I reflect on my own growth on many levels.

“Blogging” (or perhaps as it once was known as “Web Logging” on its early inception) has been this incredible part of what I have done for years to very successfully promote myself and what I do.

There are countless customers I never would have had it if wasn’t for blogging in that I remember my first came 2 weeks out of heavy blogging.

Blogging is whereby you basically put our regular articles, videos or say both that log your adventures in one form of another. From my point of view after hundreds of successful blog posts, I have learned that the type of blog that will bring you lots of high value clients will most likely include:

  • Your experiences, learning’s and thinking relevant to the audience.
  • These experiences link into what you are selling / producing in your business.
  • It’s an intelligent, addictive and entertaining read.
  • It leaves the reader with key ideas that helps them and of course makes them like you more.
  • It is either on your business website or at least links back to somewhere in which people can contact / hire you / buy your services.

Some of my earlier blogs did actually come across as a bit negative and even oddball; with some being highly acclaimed and going viral (some being read thousands in just under a month). I took the feedback as to the great blogs and lots of the style you are reading in this blog includes all that.

My thinking and lessons from this? If you are planning your blog, on the edges, about to jump it – my advice is get started and just do it. You may just start with once a week (which is what I recommend) or you may even get straight into daily.

You can blog straight into your website (if it’s setup), your blog or even LinkedIn – heaps of ways of doing it.

It’s a top strategy that I love. Enjoy friends, here to help and happy blogging!

Edward Zia – Marketing Mentor who loves your work 🙂

Creating a powerful Opt-In Lead Page in just minutes!

My high value Webinar Opt In Page - I love it!

My high value Webinar Opt In Page – I love it!

One of my wonderful friends and clients is overseas right now on a cruise and they are loving it. They are putting up great photos on Facebook and they are also working away too from their laptop growing their business whilst having fun.

They are in the process of setting up their online presence for their own Coaching business. This involves lots of work in anything from Facebook, to LinkedIn, to Mailchimp – let alone working on your high value website.

One tool which I use and love that makes this whole process so much easier is the program

It is one of the world’s top “Lead Page” programs in that you can subscribe to them, pick from what must be hundreds of templates and set it up for different purposes. It is designed to build those single “Opt-In” pages which are asking people to sign up to something. Generally this is ideal for say a free eBook, Live Webinar, Recorded Webinar / Free Video, Download or even just to your database.

LeadPages integrates with Mailchimp, GoToWebinar and the like and is incredible powerful and I love it. I use it for filling Live Webinars and with thanks to its great pages, I am almost at 10% conversion (this used to be 2% before I used Lead Pages!).

You can also do what is called “A / B Testing” whereby traffic that goes to the page is automatically shown as many variants of the page as you want. Let’s say you want to tweak images or words, you can pick the best one from here. Also LeadPages tells you which of its pages has the highest conversion rate! So you can just pick the best one, change words, colours and images – and you’re in.

My advice and thinking? Check out, I am massive user and it’s a great platform in which I can set up new lead pages fast.

Also too, feel free to sign up to my Live Webinar here and see my page in action.

Love your work, thank you for the read and enjoy!

P.S. Thank you to my wonderful friend overseas, this is my anonymous nod to you!

Our New Venue for our Sydney CBD Profitable Marketing Events (thank you Villaggio on George)

The Villaggio on George at the City of Sydney RSL - Our New Profitable Marketing Venue!

The Villaggio on George at the City of Sydney RSL – Our New Profitable Marketing Venue!

It’s been an honour for us with our Profitable Marketing Events in Sydney CBD. It was at the start of 2016 that we rebooted our Meetup group taking it straight to the hustle bustle with high quality marketing educational events.

From memory we had events with just a total of 6 of us with some events now almost breaking 30! It’s been quite an honour. Our old venue was good to us, but we have out grown the place and we are starting out in the private room in our new venue.

The people at the Villaggio on George (which is part of the City of Sydney RSL) have been wonderful to us and are our new venue for evening events.

We are totally pumped and am looking forward to fine Italian Food, a great new quiet and big room, combined with amazing people like yourselves to join us.

If you are a member of our group already, please make sure you don’t go to the old venue on our next group!

>> If you aren’t a member already, you can join us here at the Meetup page.

Love your work, see you soon and thank you again Villaggio on George. A beautiful venue and great new times ahead!

Giving to CHARITY as part of your Marketing Success (thank you Service Today)

Service Today are using their platform to help Kids with Cancer. Love their work!

Service Today are using their platform to help Kids with Cancer. Love their work!

It was almost a decade ago I came to Sydney. I was penniless, living in between different places and didn’t know anyone; yet as a new arrival to Sydney I was here to make it no matter what it took.

In having always been a charitable guy myself (before I lost all my money I was a six figure Corporate where I used to give lots of charity), I was actually ‘born again’ as a Christian before I moved onto Sydney.

They were some tough, yet soul forming years that serve me to this moment and Hillsong was one of those fantastic communities that welcomed me in. I was able to meet people, make new friends and also start preparing to launch whatever business I had.

I learned some great ideas that paved the way to my business today and I was told many times by successful entrepreneurs there in various forms:

  • Make charity as part of your business and make it a win / win for both parties.

There were many views of this and what I took out of that experience was that when you donate to charity at a negative cost to yourself it is not sustainable or has a limit on it. Of course you donate a few bucks here and there; but just due to costs of living in today’s world (especially Sydney) it’s very hard for us to make generous ongoing donations without impacting us.

This mindset is that you give to charity from your business in a way that helps people and makes you look wonderful which endears you to more high value clients and opportunities. That allows you to GIVE MORE to charity on a longer basis which is certainly what I personally do and advocate.

The most simple and easiest way of achieving this is by promoting charities through your business community! Sure, you make a donation yourself and you put the charity / cause throughout your own business website, Facebook community, email newsletter, LinkedIn, blogs or whatever the case so you help people and look wonderful.

>> It works just great and in fact I am going to do it now, please visit Service Today’s great post here to learn more!

My advice and thinking? Don’t fall into the trap of ‘one day I will get money to donate to charity’ – as I can promise you that day never comes. Start today and do it in a clever win / win way that works for everyone and is sustainable.

Appreciate the read and thank you Service Today!

P.S. Flavia, Adriano & Zak – love your work.

The day you cross 3,000 likes! (thank you Tina Zinghini)

One rightfully proud Tina as she breaks the 3,000 like ceiling - love her work!

One rightfully proud Tina as she breaks the 3,000 like ceiling – love her work!

It was a beautiful summer day. A good 26 degrees C, beautiful sunlight, the birds chirping and all things just being wonderful.

Such a day is perfect for a drive out to Camden in the Greater South West of Sydney. If you haven’t been there or not from this fine city; it’s a beautiful, wealthy and affluent country town. Even though it’s technically on the city’s fringes – it feels like you are clearly deep in Australia’s heartland.

Tina Zinghini runs an award winning lashes salon out there by the name of ‘Miss Lushes Lashes’. It’s incredible and I have been very lucky to know Tina and watch her salon grow over the years.

On just the Thursday gone we met up for a late working lunch and it was in that moment Tina crossed 3,000 likes on Facebook. In a low density regional area it’s a massive move to make and if you check out her Facebook page – her engagement is greater than pages I know with 30,000 likes.

For Tina it was a landmark watershed moment in that not only a massive chunk of her clients come from Facebook, but I think it was more of an ‘emotional achievement’ for her on many levels. She didn’t articulate it this way; but you could certainly see the emotional impact.

Stop and think about this for a moment, there is 3,000 people out there that loves Tina’s business. That is pretty incredible! That can fill many buses.

My advice wonderful friends? Besides checking out how awesome Tina is at Facebook, keep a great track on those key moments of achievement online.

In fact I can’t wait till my next 1,000!

Love your work Tina and please like and follow her fine Facebook Page here!

PROFITABLE LinkedIn Marketing (Live Sydney CBD Workshop)

Our PROFITABLE Marketing Workshops. Been a hit and you're invited!

Our PROFITABLE Marketing Workshops. Been a hit and you’re invited!

If I take the time to reflect back on my years in business and all the wins; I have made some really powerful winning moves. Some of them I made nice and early in my business, with some of them only making even recently (which of course I did much earlier).

Becoming a power user of LinkedIn was one of my earliest moves and even for a while there, I used my LinkedIn page even as my website until I could save the funds from my earliest days to build the precursor to what has become my leading website today.

With many of our wins and experiences, both myself and Martha Arifin and running a Live Sydney CBD Workshop on LinkedIn which we are really excited about. This includes us looking at key aspects including:

  • How to write and structure your page
  • The power of LinkedIn Premium
  • Searching for High Value Decision Makers
  • How to get warm introductions
  • Using it as part of your selling and business networking experience
  • Making yourself shine as a leader on the platform
  • And many more

It’s something we are all very excited about and this is being held via our Meetup Group on Tuesday 7th March 2017 at 99 on York St.

>> To learn more and register, please visit our Meetup Page here.

Thank you and see you then!

1 x Key Tip to conquer the fear of SELLING once and for all!

Conquer your fear of selling ASAP and win (thank you Escape Hunt Sydney for the great pic)

Conquer your fear of selling ASAP and win (thank you Escape Hunt Sydney for the great pic)

One of the big areas I am working on my own business and helping clients in their own enterprises is dealing with the fear of selling.

I remember being in my 20’s and learning how to sell (when I was in the Speciality Chemical Space) was really hard for me on many levels. Dealing with rejection, sales targets, all that pressure and the like really added up on me in many ways.

Today I am a total natural at it and I can certainly promise you that it wasn’t the case originally. I had to work very hard, commit myself to overcome the fear of selling.

Even if you have the best Facebook, LinkedIn, Email Marketing, Live Webinar Strategy or whatever the case maybe; at some point you have to sell! Last night at a workshop we ran, my awesome friend Martha Arifin made a great point.

She held up an empty bottle on a table before her and simply said “If you can’t sell this product in the real world face to face, how can you sell it online?”

Such true words were spoken and it has me thinking on many levels about this topic. Once you get a lead in, you need to speak with them and convert it into a customer. If you are online person, you have to know what to put on your website to sell.

There is lots to learn with the art of selling and here is my powerhouse tip to get over the fear of it.

  • Just keep pushing yourself and SELLING MORE!

That’s it!

I just had to keep doing it in my case and every day it got easier, I didn’t have to think about it and even to today where I am as comfortable selling as I am standing in my kitchen.

My advice and thinking? Just keep doing it. Hard at the start, but as your conscious and subconscious mind gets it, you shall be automatically ‘in the zone’ in no time.

Love your work, sell beautifully and get out there and explore fellow entrepreneurs!

The DIFFERENCE between Sales & Marketing

It's almost important to not hide 'behind your social media'. Get out there and explore!

It’s almost important to not hide ‘behind your social media’. Get out there and explore!

Even in my own language, there can be many times where I use the words ‘Sales’ & ‘Marketing’ almost interchangeably. Most of us do in its practical application with good cause.

However, if you don’t know the difference between what these two means; it can create lots of problems when it comes to getting more high value profitable clients.

You get many definitions of these words that can almost be ‘fluid’ from company to company and I have found a good practical, useful and applied definition to suit Small Business Owners & Entrepreneurs is the following:

  • Marketing: Bringing in leads
  • Sales: Converting leads to customers

This is not technically correct by any stretch of the imagination and I know that my Marketing Mentor & Sales Coach friends would be quite upset at me right now (apologies in advance).

The main reason I use this definition is to get people thinking about the importance of both. I was with a fantastic client from Queensland who was visiting Sydney over the weekend and we spoke this through on many levels. You can for example be pumping out all the Facebook videos you want (which I would call Marketing) and that may bring you leads and interest.

One you get those leads and interest, that is where Marketing ends and Sales begins. Extra ads won’t turn a lead into a customer; one must meet with them to sort it out and make it all possible. It could be at once end a Facebook Messenger discussion, a phone call or best of all; a face to face meeting.

The common mistake I have found many (including myself to make) is actually “Over Marketing” and “Under Selling”. To me, it’s a mixture of both.

You have great Marketing that builds your brand, brings in leads and works well – backed up by outstanding Sales that turns leads into customers.

A great overlapping example is say visiting a Business Chamber looking for new clients. As you are there, you may so do a video and people see you from a distance (Marketing). As you talk to people to get gauge interest, get meetings and the like; this is Sales.

Marketing & Sales are obviously overlapping ideas, but they are difference and it’s good to know that. For example, in my business – my Marketing is actually really good! My Sales is what I am working on now to upgrade things.

My advice and thinking? Make sure you are Marketing AND SELLING. Two different concepts and they are powerful together.

Love your work, thanks for the read and stay awesome wonderful friends.

PROFITABLE Business Networking & Personal Selling (Live Webinar Recording)

This Live Webinar rocked!It’s been a great 5 to 6 years since I have been in business and I have tested and performed dozens of different marketing strategies. Out of this whole experience and melting pot; I have learned from the world’s billionaires, those top performers across Australia and my own proven results.

Even though I love Facebook, LinkedIn, Email Marketing, Websites and the like; my favourite and best performing strategy is ‘Face to Face’.

If you think towards the end of the world’s most epic election last year too when the glorious Donald Trump saved America from the clutches of the Corporations embodied in Hillary Clinton (lol), I remember in the last few weeks of the campaign that Hillary would barely do rallies; preferring Twitter and Facebook.

On the other hand, Trump would be cranking rallies at times of 5 x per day – Face to Face!

Talking to you and me as entrepreneurs, I can tell that working Face to Face totally rocks and it’s even more powerful when you networking in exactly the ‘right places’.

In this Webinar I looked at all of this, including discussion of DISC Profiling in terms of selling. Enjoy this recording and love your work!

Creating POLLS to email out on Mailchimp

I am quite proud of my first test poll using Mailchimp. Love it!!

I am quite proud of my first test poll using Mailchimp. Love it!!

One of my wonderful clients asked me a question on Friday that in working with thousands of people, seeing easily over 10,000+ email newsletters in my time that finally stumped me where I had to go off and learn how to do it.

He is a kind and strong man who asked “Edward, how do we send out Polls using Mailchimp?”.

It was a great question and I know for advanced situations, you’re best bet would be to use say an advanced Survey with Survey Monkey and you just put a link to it with your newsletter.

On the simple end, Mailchimp has some included basic poll functionality which you can use for asking basic questions to choose from options (be it several or between say a “Yes” and “No”) as well questions with a 1 to 10 rating system.

For basic questions it’s really good and in doing one myself, I decided to create test survey asking for people to give their thinking as to whether Ivanka Trump will be the first female president in 2020. It actually came out really well and it was once of those strange times where it worked ‘First Time’ over.

With some Google Searching I found this great guide on the Mailchimp website which was really easy to understand and follow.

It involves designing your newsletter and using ‘Merge Tags’ in the text. In the image included, this is how I go the questions in about Ivanka Trump:

*|SURVEY: No, she will never run for president|*

*|SURVEY: It’s possible, Donald Trump may step aside|*

*|SURVEY: It’s quite likely; I think she will make the move|*

*|SURVEY: This is extremely likely. I bet she will do it.|*

What I think liked was that it’s very easy to get the results from Reports after you send the campaign out to your database.

My advice and thinking? For basic polls; this Mailchimp integrated functionality is simple to use, easy and very impressive. If you want to do a serious survey, then I wouldn’t use this at all, go to Survey Monkey for that one.

Love your work, thank you super client for the great question, happy polling and stay awesome friends!

Brilliant people that WIN quickly: How, How, How? (Thank you Ranger Jamie!)

The Awesome Ranger Jamie with my Marine Cap - love his work!

The Awesome Ranger Jamie with my Marine Cap – love his work!

Everyone is most certainly created differently and talking business & entrepreneurship; some people take a bit of time to succeed in business and some ‘make it’ just that bit quicker.

I can look you in the eye and say it took me a good 3 years before I could claim that I was ‘successful’ and I know many people how have done it in more or less time.

Obviously I am interested in those who have succeeded in less time and a good 20% of my many clients today would fall into the “Rapid Victory” type of category. If you speak to any of these amazing people, I will be the first to say that regardless of their luck; they earned it.

They worked hard, did amazing long nights, took many risks, totally reoriented their lives, committed to something that was unseen, learned the basic skills required to succeed in business and more so on this point; they had the courage to keep doubling down one win after another.

The ‘tall poppy syndrome’ people (who isn’t of course you as such ‘people’ would never read this blog) are the pure enemies of what you & I stand for and will often try to take the personal win away from these people by saying “Oh you got lucky”, “Your Daddy / Mummy gave you money” or they just make up some kind of BS. Although I defend their right to free speech and the like; I am the first to speak against these people that are the pure antithesis of our success.

Talking to the positive, these incredible people win quickly for a range of reasons. One person who I wish to study that I am blessed to know incredibly well is the very awesome ‘Ranger Jamie Simpson’.

He is this indefatigable Ranger that started his own Nature Tour & Experience Company in the last 2 years and he is conquering the market. He has achieved more in this time frame than many could dream of and in knowing him, these are my top 7 reasons of how he has done it:

  • Jamie has a clear vision of what he wants. He does it and loves his work.
  • He loves his customers and making them happy is what he lives for.
  • The people that work for his company are incredible – Jamie knows how to pick them.
  • Jamie doesn’t waste time; if he doesn’t know something he goes to the pro’s to get answers fast.
  • He is one consistent player and never stops Marketing and Selling.
  • Jamie continually questions his approach and thinks about speeding it up.
  • Ranger Jamie gets work done ASAP, beautifully and brilliantly!

In my book these are very powerful reasons and he is incredible; teaching me many things about what it takes and how to speed up my own success.

My advice and thinking? If you want to win quickly, hang out with and study people who are winning quickly right next to you. As it’s ‘now’ and you know them, you can study their traits and how they are doing it.

For example, hanging out with Ranger Jamie is one profitable move. Love your work, trust the thoughts help, stay awesome and Ranger Jamie – keep up the great work!

P.S. Secret friend from today, trust this helps!