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Live Webinar: Profitable Facebook Marketing

PROFITABLE Facebook Marketing! Powerful.

PROFITABLE Facebook Marketing! Powerful.

It’s been a powerful day of marketing already! I had a Live Workshop teaching social media at the CATC Design School with tonight a Live Webinar talking ‘PROFITABLE Facebook Marketing’.

Facebook has been a powerful platform for my business in many ways. It’s helped me get massive exposure, get many high value clients and increase the revenue of my business.

When it comes to Facebook; everyone uses it in their own unique way. From compelling posts, to clever advertising; there are many ways in which one can take it. In the Live Webinar I had a massive crowd that was very attentive and considered everything I was saying. The recording is available right here for you to enjoy.

My advice and thinking? Listen to it carefully, perhaps even watch it several times and formulate your own plan of action. When you know what you are doing, get into it fast and take massive action.

Love your work, enjoy and here to help!

When your marketing takes care of itself

High on caffeine and good times - love the team from 'The Bean Chamber'

High on caffeine and good times – love the team from ‘The Bean Chamber’

If you know me I am a total create of habit; in fact, I like my routine as much as I like variety on what I do. When it comes to Coffee & Cafes, I am the type of person to find my regulars and I had an interesting one with my old café I used to visit.

It was really good originally and they got in new owners which you new didn’t love what they do. Over time it got to the point where I moved on and I started trying various cafes from across Parramatta. Nothing really registered as a place to make my ‘home’ so to speak until I finally walked into this great place by the name of the ‘Bean Chamber’.

I knew immediately this was the spot in that it was really cool, they had great cold & hot tea samples everywhere, the staff were fantastic and I just knew that people cared.

When I got my first coffee from there, they even asked:

– “Do I want house or special blend?”

Nobody has ever asked me that when it comes to coffee and as I consumed that fine beverage I knew I was hooked and a fan forever. I have been there many times (and taken my wife there a few times too now) and it’s my regular that I try and visit as much as I can. It’s so good, that I have become friends with the team there already and I am even writing this blog about them.

They are almost always packed where other nearby cafes are dead quiet. When the street is busy, I have seen lines going out the door there. In short, they are successful because of great staff, top quality food, coffee, a great location and many other reasons.

From a marketing viewpoint, they are just that good that everyone loves them and can’t get enough of them. You can’t help visiting there, telling your friends and the like.

My advice and thinking? Before you even think about marketing – make sure your product / service quality is the best. Marketing the average is a nightmare, yet marketing the ‘awesome’ is actually quite easy. In my own business I am forever pushing myself to come up with new and better ideas for that exact reason too.

Thank you ‘The Bean Chamber’, you rock – appreciate the great coffee + food and inspiration.

My friends – thank you for taking the time to read this. Love your work sharing is caring (lol).

Getting up in front of LOTS of people

Nicole Davidson commanded the room. Love her work!

Nicole Davidson commanded the room. Love her work!

It’s been a week of action, lots of fine wine, top events and getting out there as much as possible (as well as doing lots of client work). For me lately especially; it’s been growth mode in my business.

For a short while there I was as I put it ‘hiding behind Facebook’. That is, thinking that just posting stuff or coming up with clever ads will save me. That is obviously miles away from the truth as it takes a lot of ‘everything’ to win.

What has been a massive winner for me lately (and over the years) has been speaking in front of people about Marketing and what I do. Of course the more I speak in front of the better and a great example of this is the awesome Nicole Davidson who I have become friends with over the latter part of 2016. She actually attended one of our workshops and that night I met her as the MC & Host for the ‘Bizruption’ event that I have become a fan of.

Basically it’s a tech / marketing event and you have hundreds of people there. Hundreds of people and when I got there, she was the big MC up in front of everyone. She did a great job at CBA and she has this very ‘kind / genuine’ style about her. I tend to get up there and provoke people, make jokes and talk about Trump; whereas she got up there as a kind person who just made everyone get along (who ever thought being kind would work? lol).

She did herself a massive favour and I am sure she picked up quite a few leads / clients that night. You only have to get up and the ‘right’ person sees you, falls in love with you and takes action to purchase your services or products as required. Nicole rocks and power to her for going after that opportunity to MC and be the woman in charge for the night.

My advice and thinking? Get up and speak in front of people as much as possible. I used to speak in front of small groups to build my experience and over the years it’s become easy speaking in front of hundreds. It’s become better for me, easier, and it just works great.

You may then ask me the next question “Edward, how do I get speaking gigs?”. Great question. Go meet lots of people, become their friends, ask them and run your own events. As you keep doing that and getting more popular, more shall come and seek you out.

Thank you Nicole Davidson! I learned from watching you in action that night and love your work.

You rock and thank you for the read. Here’s to public speaking and getting up in front of lots of people!

Live Workshop: Designing your Website for Maximum Sales, Conversion & PROFITABILITY

live-sydney-cbd-marketing-workshopIf we reflect back on the many years of successes and wins we have had in marketing; many of those wins have come back to having a powerful website.

You can do all the FB, Networking and LinkedIn you want – however you must have that powerful website to bring it all together.

Getting your website right is a critical part of effective marketing for almost any industry and in particular when it comes to Coaches, Consultants and Mentors (basically those in the ideas game).

To help our awesome community, we have a Live Sydney CBD Workshop coming up with myself, Martha Arifin & Mark Kyte talking “Designing your Website for Maximum Sales, Conversion & PROFITABILITY”.

We have it listed on our Meetup page and you can book in right there to join us:

>> 6:30PM Tuesday 8th November 2016, 99 on York St, Sydney CBD

Pumped and till then friends! Book in early and please share it with those it can help.

Love your work and thanks from Edward Zia!

The fun Costa Georgiadis, awesome students and tasty edible gardens

The fun Costa Georgiadis, awesome students and tasty edible gardens!

The fun Costa Georgiadis, awesome students and tasty edible gardens!

I love Northern Sydney Institute (TAFE NSW) for many reasons. Firstly I have been very lucky to work with them for years, secondly they are very kind people and thirdly; they have some amazing events at their Ryde Sydney Campus.

This is where they teach culinary arts and they host lots of their VIP events with students catering and developing real practical skills. What we all say and notice is how fantastic the food is and how attentive the service is.

As they are students, they are trying really hard to make a great impression and build their careers. The food is most certainly made with love and this event was great in that they had celebrity Costa Georgiadis come down and help open their new ‘edible garden’.

As they told the story, they used to have a tennis court there that didn’t get used that much. Eventually TAFE started looking at it sideways and some brilliant stroke of genius came up to turn it into an edible garden built and planted by the students.

It’s come up just great with fantastic herbs and at this VIP event you had Costa as the amazing entertainer keeping us all engaged, great speeches and students working hard. It also started raining! You had everyone taking cover, chef students wearing ponchos as the show must go on!

In short, it was an amazing event and it got me thinking as to how progressive TAFE is, the great initiatives and what it’s like to have that raw motivation and passion in what we do.

Everyone at this event was very unique in the respect that they are motivated people. They love what they do and the results show for it.

It was a fun evening on many levels and it’s reminded me as to one key point / lesson from the night:

“When you love what you do, you never work another day in your life”

My advice and thinking? Create a business / career / life that is based around what you love. That is when you can become not only wealthy, but truly successful on many more levels.

Thank you Northern Sydney Institute! It’s an honour working with you amazing people and love your work.

An offer from Servcorp North Sydney: 20% off all facility bookings

The awesome Hayley in action at Servcorp North Sydney. We love her work!

The awesome Hayley in action at Servcorp North Sydney. We love her work!

As you may be aware, I am a massive fan of Servcorp. They are the world’s best Serviced Office concept and I don’t say that out of bias or emotion; I speak that to a massive truth.

Their staff rocks, their premises rock, their pricing is very fair and more so – it’s a great environment in which we have done business and completely excelled. One of my friends and business colleagues (we have known each other for 6 years plus now) is the awesome Hayley Mackintosh.

I met here when she was a receptionist at Servcorp and now she is the General Manager of Servcorp North Sydney. It’s a beautiful property and we have been holding our Marketing Forums there in 2016.

As a trusted friend, she sent us through this offer that is open to our fine community. Copied straight from her email, enjoy:


Good Afternoon Edward, Martha & Mark,  

It was lovely seeing you again today at the PMF free workshop today; hosted at Servcorp North Sydney.  

Thank you for your continued support of Servcorp. Please see below exclusive offer valid until 31st December 2016.

I thought we would provide an exclusive offer to you, as the wonderful PMF organisers! This promotion will run until the end of 2016; whereby you will receive 20% off all bookings at Servcorp North Sydney. To receive this exclusive offer on your bookings, simply contact myself or my colleague Nicolette on +61 2 8019 7000 or via email and mention the offer code: PMF-NSM2016

Included in the information provided today, is a 1 hour complimentary meeting voucher that is also valid until 31st December 2016. Complimentary casual booking fee included in this offer.

So there you go friends:

Don’t they rock? What a fantastic offer. Details are all there and if it appeals to you; feel free to take it up or book a tour of the premises with them.

Love your work, thanks for the read and thank you Servcorp North Sydney!

Creating powerful gifts that impress and SELLS!

the-gifts-from-kate-morris-just-rocked-love-her-workI was very lucky last week to meet the awesome Kate Morris from Allsorts Bookkeeping. She is this bubbly, kind, savvy and detail focused entrepreneur that I have got to know very well in such a short space of time.

It’s only been I think a week or two; and it feels like months already and when you meet her you can understand why. I was blessed for her to attend one of our marketing workshops yesterday and she even brought gifts for people.

It was this nice folded box with her licorice brand all over it and when you opened it – it included a really nice XERO Pen & Stack of “Post-it Notes” fully branded. It’s such a simple gift, yet it’s so powerful and makes a wonderful impression.

During the event she attracted lots of attention and I even understood she got a few leads. It’s impressive and I totally love it and find her an inspirational type of person. It was a great sample of what we can do in that selling is not just running around to people saying “Buy my stuff”.

It’s about connecting with people, proving you can be trusted, giving value and then letting them to decide to hire you when they are ready. Giving quality gifts is a great way of doing that (I have my branded coffee cup for example) and Kate totally nailed it on this one.

My advice and thinking? Don’t think about sales and getting people to buy your stuff. Think about it in terms of making friends, building awesome relationships and helping people as the subject matter of what you do. That paves the way for many awesome things to come!

Thank you Kate, love your work, appreciate the great vibes and you rock.

Appreciate the read and you stay awesome friends.

The quality location attracts quality people

The best of the best! Thank you Servcorp North Sydney!

It’s been a fast, action packed and hard run for me since 5AM today. We had our North Sydney ‘Profitable Marketing Forum’ and this went incredibly well as we continue building on what we know.

It was hosted by Hayley Mackintosh and the team from Servcorp North Sydney and this event was one of the best we have ever done. People were engaged, happy, it’s 4:36PM already and have been contacted by five attendees already.

The response indicates that it was a hit!

There are a lot of reasons for why it went so well and one of the core reasons is “Location, Location, Location”. Servcorp North Sydney is a beautiful office space with easily one of the best views from North Sydney going out over the harbour bridge and Sydney CBD (looking from North to South).

We have noted that when you get better locations, you get a higher brow and very awesome audience in attendance. When you are in top locations, you get wonderful audiences and it makes perfect sense.

People who are doing the best expect the best! I certainly do these days. I love to be working away from exotic and beautiful locations in that it feels good, helps you be as productive as can be, stimulates creative thinking and is just ‘fun’ being in top quality places.

I get asked all the time about event locations and I always say to people make sure you are in an aspirational type of environment that makes everyone feel good. As you do that you get better turnouts, better feedback and of course you build your following for next time.

Servcorp North Sydney is certainly a beautiful place and if you are in this part of town, I strongly encourage you to check it out.

My advice and thinking? When it comes to running quality events, make sure you are in a quality location. That way with ‘quality’ content, expect to attractive ‘quality’ people. After all, we are attracted to what we are or what we’d like to be! Human nature.

Love your work, thank you everyone for a great event and stay awesome!

Saving working dog’s one post at a time

Di and Carey from Australian Working Dog Rescue taught me many things about virtues and FB!

Di and Carey from Australian Working Dog Rescue taught me many things about virtues and FB!

It was only yesterday afternoon that I was with a high powered IT client in North Sydney. We spoke about content maps, site architecture, target markets, product launches and got our strategy right.

Then this morning, I was about in the Hawkesbury Region (50km North West of Sydney) visiting the charitable and very awesome Di & Carey Edward’s from Australian Working Dog Rescue.

It was quite a story before I met them and I was immediately impressed by their Facebook Page which is approaching 500,000 likes. To give some perspective; I have worked hard for get to 6200 likes and they have totally nailed the ‘cuteness’ + ‘ethical factor’.

When I visited today, they were on a nice country block with sheep, goats and dogs they are looking after themselves and finding homes for. They are right into the animal welfare and they basically find working dog’s that are tragically about to be ‘retired’.

People surrender working dogs to them and both Di & Carey visit pounds to pick up animals and save them from being ‘retired’.

There is a very tragic side of what happens to working dogs that have nowhere to go and what inspired me about this charity / cause is how they have saved thousands of dogs and put them into kind homes.

I did what I could to introduce them to NSW Business Chamber and some corporate sponsors and talking marketing:

>> You must visit their Facebook Page here!

They are absolute pro’s when it comes to cuteness, the cause and getting people into their message. Even though I am a cat person, they have one my heart and although my business is totally different – I am busy pondering how I can learn from them to make my own Facebook even better.

My advice and thinking? Check out what they do closely. Like me, what they do may be totally different but there is always something to learn. Also if you like what you see on their page, please like and share! The foundation of an effective charity is a great cause with high levels of awareness. Thank you Di & Carey – you rocks and of course I have to say this “Who let the dog’s out?”

Stay awesome, thanks for the read and here is to Working Dog’s and Facebook!

First impressions of my Microsoft Surface Pro 4

Microsoft! Love your work.

Microsoft! Love your work.

It’s 9:35PM and I have technology all over my desk and a beautiful Microsoft Surface Pro 4 looking at me.

A very long story cut short; I have had my Surface Pro 3 and have loved it. After years of heavy use, being dropped and extreme demands placed on it – the touch screen has partially died. I knew it was time to make the upgrade.

I made the decision to finally purchase the Surface Pro 4 at 6:30PM on a Sydney train and ran myself to the Microsoft Flagship store and just got in about 6:55PM (with a closing time of 7:00PM).

It’s definitely a powerful and beautiful device and here are the first key things I have noticed about it:

– It’s large for a tablet.

– Beautiful glass ‘tapered’ type of screen.

– It’s really bright (if you push it that far).

– The pen feels so smooth on the surface.

– It ‘feels’ notably lighter than almost anything out there.

– The keyboard is that much bit better.

– It’s really fast!

I haven’t tried the audio yet or anything like that, but I tell you what – the Surface Pro 4 is a powerful device and it’s something you can put on a desk in front of a client and be super proud of.

My advice and thinking? The Surface Pro 4 is one beautiful device and bravo Microsoft.

If you want to get powerful work done, must have the best tools on the market.

This is so it! Anyway, I must get back to my new productive toy. Stay awesome friends!

Wins & losses

Even playing the awesome Fallout Video Games educated me in 'wins and losses' thinking. Big time!

Even playing the awesome Fallout Video Games educated me in ‘wins and losses’ thinking. Big time!

Some years going back, I was quite interested in Currency Trading. I had some friends that got really good at in (and went onto achieve some massive things) and it never quite suited me.

I tried quite a few things before my business today including property, currency trading and even considered becoming a life coach (seriously – imagine me as a life coach? lol).

As I worked through these areas and currency trading in particular; it was very useful for helping me undo the years of ’employee’ corporate thinking I have. Basically, I was absolutely terrified of making mistakes and it’s very hard / impossible to be an entrepreneur with that type of thinking.

Last week, I was very lucky to be invited to speak and workshop with a good 20+ group of business owners and managers from Hills (Sydney’s Northwest).

The first thing I opened up on was basically the mindset of a marketer / entrepreneur is getting used to ‘wins / losses’ type of thinking. It basically works like this:

– You are not going to win all the time (in fact, sometimes you may lose most of the time).

– Make sure your wins are bigger than your losses.

– Don’t let your losses get to you, get back up and go after your next win.

This happens to me all the time in terms of missing out on clients, not having all my Facebook posts working, some of my marketing not working out and just making general mistakes regardless of how hard I try. Even though I run awesome workshops today (proven by the 5 star reviews I get), I have had my “corkers” – that sometimes haunt me to this day.

What can happen to anyone is that we can get bummed out at times and feel down. The reason for this is quite simply that deep down we don’t want to lose. Nobody does at all.

But the problem of this thinking is that in order to win (and win big) we have to lose. I picked up last week a large Government Client and that is because I have lost a lot to get it. In fact, it took me a year to pick them up.

My advice and thinking friends? Know you are going to lose! Expect it. BUT keep pushing for wins and massive wins. Some of my massive wins negate 10 x of my losses and makes it all worth it.

Love your work, thanks for the read and stay awesome friends!

P.S. Thank you Fallout and Vault Boy – your education in this area knows no bounds!

Turning your losses into a WIN

trump-is-winningAs you may or may not know; I am a closeted Trump supporter. I haven’t always been a fan of Trump, but some years back I picked up one of his booked titled “How to Get Rich” (way before the Apprentice and that were out) and I started getting into his logic.

I never actually agreed with everything he said, but he provoked me and challenged me to take a long hard look in the mirror and improve myself.

Winding the clock forward to today; even left leaning publications are getting their readers ‘ready’ for Trump to get in.

When I heard he was going into the election, I knew he would win. I have said that from day one in terms of what I know about him. So I have been rooting for him all along.

BUT there have been times where I thought, you are losing man!

When the ‘grab them by the kitty cat’ tapes came out, I thought for a moment there he was totally stuffed. His polls did take a massive, very short term hit.

What I loved about Trump, was the fact that he is a true winner. Not because he was actually ‘winning’ (he was losing at that time), but he didn’t accept the fact he was losing and did what he could to now successfully turn things around. He changed his gameplay he hit back Hillary harder, dug up all the darker dirt on Bill, won the second two debates (I think he did a very average job in the first one) and more so; just kept going.

After the third debate combined with Wikileaks, Hillary is definitely on the defence now and when you think of how much hot water Trump was it a few weeks ago – look at what he has achieved.

To me this is how we can get in our business, marketing and life at times. We can lose a big client (several at once in fact), our marketing can stop working if the market changes or something out of your control can hit you pretty hard. The ‘Winning’ mindset I think Trump demonstrated here was him going extra hard when he started losing. Many people could have crumbled under that pressure, but not him. He just kept going, winning and smiling.

My advice friends? You will get into plenty of losing situations. I know I have! The challenge for all of us is to keep going super hard with strength, style and looking the spectre of fear in the face.

I find as well that the more we overcome our fears and turnaround losing situations; it gets easier and easier for next time. Stay awesome, love your work and thank you for the read!

P.S. Thank you for the great content. You rock.