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Selling with really powerful FREE content

Being generous rocks. Always have and people love it (Image Credit, Fallout + Vault Boy)

Being generous rocks. Always have and people love it (Image Credit, Fallout + Vault Boy)

As I normally do; I have been thinking a whole lot about my marketing and approach lately. I have really observed (especially as of late) that just selling something or saying ‘buy this’ straight up rarely works.

You have to give people something for free that is awesome, intelligent, more generous than your competition so people know several important things about you:

  • Firstly, they know you aren’t stingy and you prove you are a great person.
  • Secondly, the actual content solves some of their problems and keeps things moving for them.
  • Thirdly, it gets them involved into your community so they feel part of things.
  • Fourth and finally; you prove beyond reasonable doubt that you really know what they are doing and they become impressed and inspired.

For me, my marketing has been exactly that. If I reflect back over the years, every time I have been generous, helpful, have taken the time to help solve people’s problems and the like I have always got clients and done well.

Whenever I have watched others go the other ‘you give me money for x’ path; I have seen them get into lots of trouble as shown by poor conversion and sales results.

Free Live Webinars, Live Workshops and top content online has always been a blast for me and something that has really worked. I am now finding exactly the same thing in my online marketing for my Awesome Marketing Vault. Just saying ‘Buy the Vault’ would get lots of clicks, but poor sales.

BUT by giving lots of free content and bringing in people that way has been the proven hit for me. In summary, the more generous I am the more clients I get!

My advice and lessons? Give free great stuff away. I totally get you have to be protective with your time (as it’s very limited), but answering questions in workshops, recorded webinars & videos rock. They can give away your knowledge and help people with no additional physical work from yourself and has done wonders for me and many I have worked with.

Start with something small and as time passes give away more, contribute more and become even more awesome than you can possibly imagine!

Love your work, thanks for the ready and keep at it – always be improving.

P.S. If you check out the Fallout Video Games franchise, their marketing is always free funny stuff online. Combined with a great game, it must be a near billion dollar franchise!

I am loving my Facebook Remarketing Advertisement!

Drinking tea in Sydney's Northern Beaches and check out my FB ad. Yay it's working!

Drinking tea in Sydney’s Northern Beaches and check out my FB ad. Yay it’s working!

It was just yesterday that I embarked on my own first personal Facebook Remarketing / Retargeting Ad. For those new to this concept, it where you can show Facebook Ads to people who have already visited your website previously.

It’s incredibly powerful in that you are marketing to people who already have experience with your brand and you can further encourage them become your customers.

It’s been almost 24 hours now and it has definitely much more engagement to ads that go to the ‘cold market’. I have been doing so much Facebook Advertising, I now know in basically 24 hours whether an ad is going to be good or bad for my business.

What I really like about it is that I have friends, people that know me well and awesome acquaintances who are becoming pals liking and seeing the advertisement.

This is a great thing in that instead of spending all of my marketing dollar on people that don’t know me (that will take quite a bit of time to warm up), I am spending it on people who do know me already and I can best get their positive word of mouth or them joining my community.

One key lesson I learned very early on in my Facebook / Online Journey is that you can get thousands of views – and if they are the ‘wrong’ ones it doesn’t matter. Ultimately you have to ensure the ‘right’ message is going before the ‘right’ person so it turns into a lead (and then a sale).

If the right people see the wrong message; don’t expect any sales!

My lessons and advice so far? I love Facebook Remarketing as it hits people that are already warm to you. It’s also critical to be as generous as possible. My advertisement goes straight to Free Content to help people get more powerful than ever before.

I shall keep you updated friends! I’m loving it so far!

Facebook Retargeting and high conversion to sale!

The actual graphic used in my FB retargeting ad. I am excited and wish me luck!

The actual graphic used in my FB retargeting ad. I am excited and wish me luck!

It was just 5 minutes ago and one of my new Facebook Retargeting Ads were just approved. If you are new to the term ‘Retargeting’ it actually gained fame several years ago when Google introduced it into their Adwords platform (then FB picked it up a good 18 months ago).

The way it works is that you put a bit of code into the backend on your website. As people visit your website, your site actually puts an anonymous browser cookie on their system which lets say FB, Google or the provider know they have visited your website.

In the case of FB, you put in a “Tracking Pixel” onto your site, people visit, they get a browser cookie and this tells FB who they are, what they are doing on your site and the like. You then can create advertising campaign to target them.

So have you ever noticed that when you visit a website and then ‘mysteriously’ you see their FB advertisement within minutes? That is because a ‘Retargeting Ad’ most likely has picked you up. I have plenty of clients that use them and every I know swears by them and I have been getting right into it.

The beauty of it is that you market to people to have already visited your website. This is a great thing in that they now know who you are and you get to market to them again and continue that educational process. As you may have heard / know, it takes many swipes of the same person to turn them into a customer!

My new one is going right now set at $5 per day and it’s targeting 1300 people (in Australia) that have visited my website in the past 180 days. It will take a good 2 – 4 weeks for results to come, so I can very excited. It updates in real time too, so someone who visits my website could literally see a FB ad minutes later. Very cool!

My advice? Make sure you get your website and other areas of your business just right (as I have been doing) and when you know you are ready, try some retargeting. FB is my favourite for sure and it’s a great means of marketing yourself in style.

I shall keep you all updated as to my progress and nervously excited!

Love your work, thanks for the read and stay awesome friends – and here is to FB retargeting!

Minute by minute on the Trump vs Hillary Debate

Loved every minute!

Loved every minute!

It is 11:04AM Sydney Time and the Trump Vs Hilary debate is about to start and I am so nervous / excited about it.

Firstly, this is one of the most awesome elections every in the history of the world. You have the polls almost tied and it must be one of the most energetic elections all time.

Talking as an Australian too; this outcome has massive implications for us in Australia as in the world.

There are lots of reasons why myself and over 50% of the US population are pro Trump. I wanted to capture my emotions are every stage of it!

Edward’s Minute by Minute Reactions:

11:07AM: Hillary Clinton is opening move and must have one the coin toss. She talked jobs in a very high level manner.

11:09AM Powerful opening from Donald talking about the reality of jobs walking and wanting to keep them onshore in the US.

11:11AM Hillary took a personal cheap shot at Trump. Odd it was her. All about him having money and the like.

11:13AM Trump was quite respectful to Clinton and nice.

11:14AM Trump has gone a bit off track and powered up!

11:16AM Hillary got a good hit in on Trump, where Trump said it’s good business how we played on houses in the GFC crash.

11:17AM Hillary has gone heavy attack on Trump talking energy. I say she is winning so far.

11:19AM Heavy conflict talking jobs!

11:21AM Great counter move by Trump hitting back on NAFTA. Heavy move! Hillary energy has notably dropped.

11:23AM Heavy Trump moving talking tax cuts about creating new jobs. Bringing in regulation on jobs and what she is doing.

11:24AM Hillary has started playing victim.

11:27AM Trump is on a roll hitting hard big time and doing some serious damage to Hillary.

11:28AM Hillary slipped saying Trump says ‘crazy things’. Not good. But let’s see the counter from her. Trump got triggered and tried interrupting here.

11:30AM Good hit from Hillary talking Donald on the Top. Donald has taken some damage. He is slightly flustered.

11:31AM Trump is taking damage from moderator on not releasing his tax returns. Trump is weakening here. Not good.

11:33AM Massive counter strike from Trump hitting Hillary talking emails. He got lots of applause from the audience!

11:34AM Hillary is weakened and looking tired. Trump has recharged.

11:36AM Weak counter strike from Hillary talking Trump’s money and she talks about her emails.

11:37AM Trump going for email attack say it wasn’t an accident and it was all a deliberate setup.

11:38AM Trump going hard now talking money. Brilliant! He is firing up.

11:40AM Hillary is slowing down and losing energy.

11:41AM Hillary is ‘class baiting Trump’ putting herself as a middle class where Trump started from the top.

11:42AM Hillary went on too long and moderator interrupted her.

11:43AM Trump is on the positive talking about successes. Very nice.

11:45AM Talking race now, Hillary is very weak talking on race relations. Not good for her. She is blaming it on the ‘guns’. Been cautious on police, but hasn’t really defended them.

11:46AM Trump retailed with a strong push on ‘Law and Order’ and talking his endorsement from policing and is going after the inner city poverty in America. Trump is talking thousands killed in Chicago on a big push ‘Law and Order’. Trump is clearly winning. This is the part that Trump is winning clearly.

11:49AM Moderator is trying to argue against Trump, but it failed giving him a chance to talk ‘Stop and Frisk’. Nice!

11:50AM Hillary’s turn and she is trying to say everything is fine. She is going on the heavy positive here.

11:52AM Racism round is fired by Hillary really talking down the issues and saying its race and skin colour. Still waiting for this to pick up.

11:53AM Hillary is low energy.

11:54AM Talking very anti-police almost, pinning everything on them from Hillary. Not sure if this is good for her.

11:55AM Trump talking his endorsement from the NRA. Trump quoting Hillary on her ‘Super Predator’ reference.

11:56AM Trump is going heavy on the stop and Frisk reducing murder rate in NYC.

11:58AM Trump is going heavy for the African Community and defense of them talking about the bad treatment as ‘vote instruments’ of the democrats. Ha ha, he took a dig at Hillary spending lots of time at home.

11:59AM Hillary gave a great snap to Trump and got applause.

12:00PM Hitting Trump on Obama Birther issue and he responded saying he is satisfied. Moderator hitting Trump hard on this point.

12:02PM Hillary got a laugh in a counter one to Trump; she is getting some wins. Hillary is getting a good hit on Trump being sued by the justice department for racism during the 70s.

12:04PM Trump retaliates by bringing up Hillary attacking Obama during the earlier campaign. Trump brought up his club that is open to everyone.

12:07PM Hillary is talking Vladimir Putin in this part. Interesting! She is going a bit weak here.

12:09PM Trump is hitting back on security talking about his endorsements on security and clearly winning – talking Admirals and Generals behind them.

12:11PM Trump is going hard on the cyberwarfare angle.

12:12PM Hillary is weak talking ISIS. No hits here, very weak game here. I think this is where Trump is really winning now.

12:13PM Trump has brought up Iraq and calling both Hillary and Obama on creating the conditions to form on ISIS. Trump is hitting on the ‘taking the oil’ part.

12:15PM Hillary accuses Trump of supporting the Iraq invasion. Hillary is going pro police during the debate.

12:19PM Trump is getting HEAVY damage on Hillary saying that she was the one who has failed to deal with terror.

12:20PM Moderator is trying to accuse Trump of being pro Iraq – Trump has cancelled it out very well and hitting it hard. Nice.

12:21PM Ha ha, Trump is owning everyone! Powerhouse towards the end.

12:22PM Trump is talking about his awesome temperament and the moderator must be pro Trump.

12:25PM Hillary is going on Trump talking Nuclear weapons, but nothing too strong here.

12:27PM Trump made a great counter to this one.

12:31PM Hillary is really losing hard and she is very tired. You can tell.

12:33PM Moderator is hitting Trump hard (but fails) on about Hillary being a woman and Trump comes back and talks on Hillary’s lack of stamina. Hillary got applause on countering Trump.

12:35PM Trump got a massive applause calling Hillary’s bad experience. Hillary is hitting Trump on the way has talked about women.

12:36PM Trump is playing the high road on Hillary about her failed ads and it’s not working. Applause for Trump!

12:37PM Hillary gave a great answer on whether she loses or wins.

12:38PM TRUMP nailed the last scene saying “MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN” and hitting hard on the great parts.

Edward’s Wrap:

Hillary got in some very good hits, got some applause but as the debate moved forward – her energy kept dropping and dropping. If anything, I think Trump had a rough start. But by towards the end he clearly got the upper hand.

My advice and lessons? Like Trump, stick to your guns, know your facts, go hard and debate with passion. Hillary’s lack of passion really showed.

Great debate and can’t wait till the next ones!

Preparing for those EPIC moments!

Things change and there is time where you just have to win! (Image Credit & Thanks, The Federalist)

Things change and there is time where you just have to win! (Image Credit & Thanks, The Federalist)

The Trump vs Clinton election must be the most epic US presidential election.

I am not the only one saying it has turned into a global reality TV show.

From the fear of what Trump may say next to whether Hillary will start coughing uncontrollably; every day and every poll is it’s own adventure for many. This is the eve of the first Presidential Debate with it scheduled for 11AM Tuesday 27th September 2016.

I am nervous and if I am feeling this way; I can only imagine what Donald or Hillary herself is going through. I imagine both are quite worried about many things. My take on what they personally would fear includes:

– Trump: Worried Hillary will ‘trigger’ him and he will say something really bad that haunts him till election day.

– Hillary: Worried that she may not have the stamina or fortitude to keep up with Donald the juggernaut.

Assuming my thinking is correct; they are both very valid fears and it has me thinking about our own businesses and those totally EPIC moments we encounter!

There are those big moments I have had where I ran my first seminar, got my first online sale, picked up my first client, got into a debate with a client plus their whole staff and even MCing and even full of aggressive suits!

Basically we all have had moments (and shall have more to come) where we are going against something big and we may feel “Oh Cawd” and it’s just too much for us. I have been there many times and so have the many thousands of great people I have worked with over the years.

When we have those EPIC moments, to me there are key things we must do:

– Prepare: I bet Trump and Hillary are flat out doing what they can. You must do what you can to get ready.

– Don’t Panic: Your emotions by be a roller coaster and you must stay sane. Stay off alcohol of course and try and avoid the use of vices.

– Panic: Well, get excited when the time is right.

– Focus on Winning: Keep losing out of your mind and focus on the game play and thinking you must do to win.

Sometimes in the EPIC moments my heart has felt in my throat; but the trick is trying to breathe and get through every moment. My advice and thinking? Right from leaders of the globe to those still in school, we are going to have challenging moments always in society. Stay sane, prepare well and work your way through them – and smile and win!

Thank you for reading, love your work and go TRUMP (lol).

Being a great boss

The very awesome Teegan and Kaity honouring their GREAT boss. Love their work!

The very awesome Teegan and Kaity honouring their GREAT boss. Love their work!

On a relaxing Sunday in Sydney; I was scrolling through Facebook as I do. Looking at cool posts on anything from Hillary Clinton getting trashed in the polls for president, friends enjoying their day and news across the globe.

I saw one fascinating post of two beautiful beauty therapists genuinely complimenting their boss on Facebook. You don’t see that everyday (in fact you can see the exact opposite at times) and it was a reference to the awesome leadership of a fine Beauty Entrepreneur by the name of Tina Zinghini from Miss Lushes Lashes.

I have been very lucky to be friends and work with Tina for what must have been few years now. She once contacted me over Facebook to help her market her salon. As her quality is so darn awesome, it was very easy for me!

As time has passed, I have seen her salon develop and she has earned the loyalty and respect of her staff over the years. You don’t see this very often (believe me) and when I do; it got me to pay attention and think about Leadership, Management and what makes a great boss.

Over the years I have managed lots of staff right from informants giving me information, professional marketers, sales people, line managers and also volunteer staff (FYI volunteer staff is the HARDEST people you can ever manage!).

From my own personal experience and reflecting on Tina’s successes, these are some of my top key points on how to be a GREAT boss:

– Care for your people: Your staff are humans with needs, concerns and wants. Sure you have limitations based on reality, but you do what you can to help.

– Care for the outcome: Your staff are humans BUT they have a job to do and you treat everyone fairly and make sure they do it.

– Care for fairness and equality: I don’t mean so much race, gender or religion (as I have never seen that as an issue), but more how some bosses treat their staff differently. That is, they accept say 4 out of 10 quality of out one and only accept 9 out of 10 quality of someone else. Not good.

– Care for the customer: They know their staff is the one who interacts with the customer and they set a culture and tone where everyone puts the customer first.

In short, you can see a theme here – they care! This is really important and if you know Tina or are lucky to ever meet her – you will find her the type of person who cares about almost everything.

It is no mystery or accident she is successful; in fact, with these traits you expect that.

My advice and thinking? Care about the business, people, staff and the customer. The more you care, the more it will show in your quality of work and the respect your staff have for you.

You cannot make someone respect you. Sure, you can make them fear you (but remember that fear is one of the precusor emotions to hatred).

True respect comes as you earn that from people as they don’t listen to what you say; but assess what you are by your deeds. Hence people like Tina rock and earn the respect of many.

Love your work, thank you for the read, thank you Tina, Teegan and Kaity for the inspiration.

Hitting your message at the right angle

Passionate, brilliant and a pleasure to watch - Ranger Jamie rocks!

Passionate, brilliant and a pleasure to watch – Ranger Jamie rocks!

When it comes to getting your Marketing, message and thinking right; the ‘angle’ at which you hit is everything. There are no doubt dozens (if not hundreds) of potential ways of marketing your business and it’s you can tell when people are still ‘searching’ for that angle and the people who have clearly found it.

One amazing character is Ranger Jamie from his own Tour company Ranger Jamie Tours (visit his Facebook page here).

His Facebook videos are amazing and as I was sitting at my PC, I saw one of his fantastic Facebook videos come up. It was so darn good, it inspired me to think of this topic on a much deeper level. If you check out some of his videos on FB, they get massive engagement, are lots of fun with his clients consuming the content on a regular basis.

It’s high energy, interesting and you know instantly he is a passionate expert in what he does. I am blown away by how many views this awesome man gets and although it looks like he does it with ease; I can totally assure you it took him lots of time, practice, tweaking and work to get this exact angle.

That is, Jamie himself tried so many different things, ‘crazy ideas’ and some of them just stuck. Over time, he did more and more of these and today you can see a powerful, high engagement and growing Facebook page.

You can say that he tried almost every angle possible and he knows the exact ‘takes’ on his marketing to get engagement, smiles and sales.

My advice and lessons from reflecting on the awesome Jamie? Watch his stuff. Check it out and ask yourself how you can do it better. Think of what you sell and just keep trying different angles of pitching this.

This may be Facebook videos, email newsletters or even what you say to people at networking events; the trick is continually shaking up your message. You will know when that exact strike gets a hit!

It usually results in lots of engagement and then leads / sales! You will know when you hit it and you shall know when you still miss it.

Big thank you to Ranger Jamie, love your work and check out his stuff – you will get a smile and some new ideas guaranteed.

Thanks for the read, love your work and stay awesome!

Getting clients sitting on park bench

Be happy, be out there and you never know when you shall meet one awesome high value client!

Be happy, be out there and you never know when you shall meet one awesome high value client!

One of my intelligent and sophisticated clients has got me thinking on the story / adventure of getting hired by them. It’s one of those narratives that to me show the complexity and ‘multiple channels’ of how clients hire us.

I think it was about 18 months ago, I was working away on my Microsoft Surface in Berry Square in North Sydney (the main centre with lots of shops). I was typing away on emails, content and the like – this man stopped to say hello and ask me about the Surface 3 Pro.

We started talking and he asked what I do. I told him and he mentioned “Well, we do have a Marketing Agency – but they aren’t the best”.

We swapped cards, I sent him an email, connected on LinkedIn and then life got in the way and time passed.

About 14 months later, I got a phone call saying “Edward, we need your help, our Marketing Agency has let us down and we need your help on an urgent project”.

(It was strangely like playing any of the Fallout Video games. You bump into someone and it turns into it’s own quest for treasure lol).

I was able to get in there immediately the next afternoon and got straight to work on the account. They gave me something small to test me out and I actually did the work over the weekend. It was that good they kept me!

What was fascinating and very educational to me about this story was how it took 12 months for them to hire me. In the meantime the man read lots of my blogs, got into my content and checked out my website many times with his business partner.

Without me even knowing, my online presence was busy doing the sell for me and it was totally amazing. Today, they are a fantastic big client of mine who I love working with and have been getting projects out and kicking goals.

It all started talking to a nice man while I was sitting on park bench to now.

My advice and lessons? Two things from this one. Firstly, you never know where you are going to meet a new client. Secondly, the sales process that people go through can be very complex. People don’t just talk to you once and hire you.

Oh no, they think about it for months, Google you, Facebook you, LinkedIn you, hit your live webinars and go through the lot. Then only some come through as clients.

Keep that in mind with your business and get everything right. So if they Google you or check out your website, you know they will have a great experience.

Over time you pick up more and more clients and just keep winning.

Love your work, thank you awesome client and thank you for taking the time to read this. Trust it helps you in your own journey of success.

It’s the PEOPLE, not the companies!

It's the people man! They are our clients and friends - not company structures and machines.

It’s the people man! They are our clients and friends – not company structures and machines.

I get asked a few times a month a very reasonable question which goes roughly like this “Edward, who are your target customers? Which industries do you go after?”

When I started out in business, I could answer this question to the letter.

Ironically, six years later I am actually quite more open on that question than when I started out. I have found time and time again that it’s not so much the ‘Industry’ or ‘Vertical’ I work with, but ultimately the type of person in that organisation.

Some of my top clients have a very similar viewpoint too; they have dropped the notion of “this is the target vertical industry” to a mindset of:

– “This is how we help people and may the right ones approach us first”

I have found that this type of thinking doesn’t suit all industries / companies, but it certainly suits quite a few of them. In some situations it’s very obvious, e.g. a Mortgage Broker targeting mum’s and dad’s. That’s reasonable right?

But consider for the moment that say in that journey; the Mortgage Broker meets a high value multi-millionaire property investor that likes them and clicks. Let’s say they trust the broker with millions of dollars of loans used for investment properties and even a business.

Should that Mortgage Broker walk away and say “Oh no, I only do mum’s and dad’s?”. Of course not! They should take the opportunity.

This actually happened to one of my clients some years back. She started out in a particular type of finance then picked up a massive client outside of her target market. It did require her to partner with some other businesses to fully service that massive client; however she made lots of money out of it and I bet she is rolling in it now (I should send her an email actually, I may do that now lol).

My lessons and advice on this one? Sure – you may have a particular target market or industry, but please don’t put the blinkers on. Ultimately businesses are run by people, with people being the ones who choose to hire those that suit them the most. Go about your marketing and business and keep an open mind to who you work with. You may pass the ultimate business opportunity that sets you on a new path in business and life.

Love your work, stay awesome, I did email that old fabulous client that inspired this email.

Thanks for the read and go kick some butt out there.

Edward Zia – Marketing Mentor & Blogger

Dreams and conversations with Miss Piggy

Miss Piggy came into my dreams to give me Marketing advice. I best speak to Joel Curtis lol

Miss Piggy came into my dreams to give me Marketing advice (image credit, Miss Piggy – Twitter)

It’s been one of the first times for me in about 10 years where I can actually slow down, rest up and ironically deliver more to more clients that I did when I was running around like crazy.

I have been blessed to get better at what I do, have more systems in place, get work done quicker and most importantly cut to the chase faster. As a result, I have been relaxing and resting up as much as I can. It’s been a long decade for me and I have loved it. Things are humming and through automation and leverage I can keep things moving that way beyond my own input.

Interestingly, I have had lots of very cool dreams lately. I mean really funny, amusing, colourful and vivid ones. They have been really inspiring and have been strangely getting input into my marketing and thinking.

I am a massive fan of that ‘creative’ technique whereby you think of an issue as you fall asleep. Once you do lose main consciousness, it churns in your creative mind and it can give a new approach to a situation (hence why people have many breakthroughs in the morning shower).

For me, who did I dream of last night? You guessed it. Miss Piggy. She is awesome and a childhood amusing hero. I can’t recall the exact dialogue, but we where in a medieval setting and she was telling me how wonderful she was, how awesome she was and I recall she even said to me:

“Edward, you got to put yourself out there and tell the world how wonderful you are!”

Isnt’ that cool? Miss Piggy for FREE is giving me high level Marketing and Business advice. Obviously my mind has been churning this idea over and it’s now totally coming to the surface as a realisation for me.

It inspired me to write this blog and also record such thoughts.

What I have learned over the years is that our mind can speak to us in unique ways. It can be through conscious thoughts and questions – but sometimes it’s the ‘creative subconscious’ that may only come out through dreams or in strange experiences.

My advice and learnings? Marketing and Entrepreneurship is an artform and requires high levels of creativity. Create the conditions in your life for that to happen. Get well rested, be happy and listen to the crazy stuff in your dreams.

You may get that multi-million dollar idea. As for me, I am quite inspired to kick some butt today.

Thank you Miss Piggy! You rock. Stay awesome friends, listen to your feelings / creative mind and kick butt today.

I’m gunna take me another shot I am

my-many-games-of-star-wars-commander-has-taught-me-about-losing-and-winning-keep-at-itIt’s quite funny when we are working away improving our Marketing and our business.

My 2016 has been one of seriously questioning everything, changing everything and improving what I am doing.

It’s been a great one – a total change in the way I work and it’s come down to less hours worked by myself and more value delivered to my clients and the community.

What I have learned as a result of all this is that when we try and improve things; it doesn’t always work. I have a really good Facebook advertisement going now (8 minute video) that is the best I have ever done.

I am trying to improve on it and I have taken now 2 shots and I can’t beat it. What I did was just that good, it’s hard for me to beat and improve on.

It’s certainly a good problem to have and I have a few hours off in Sydney CBD after a lunch client meeting. As a result, I am going to drag myself to Luna Park / under Sydney Harbour Bridge to have another shot at the video (well not drag myself, but head there with smile, bounce and be ready to try again).

Basically what I have considered is that I may actually fail in doing my new Facebook Video today. I am not being negative or anything like that – it’s a different perspective.

I may totally nail it today and if I do that is great. Let’s say I don’t, but it will take me 3 x shots to get really good at it. That is, it will take me 3 x shots to get the perfect result. Then that new video takes my business to a new level of success and abundance.

So it’s not that “Oh Cawd, I have failed today” if it doesn’t work out. It’s a matter of “I am a bit closer”.

One of the favourite metaphors I have had is a great initiative from the Quitline with their campaign idea “Never Quit Quitting”. It demonstrates to people that you may have to quit quite a few times but every time you quit – you get closer to knowing the bad stuff for good.

That makes perfect sense to me in both a positive and negative sense. Sometimes everytime we try it we still don’t have the result; but we are that one step closer to winning.

My advice friends? Keep at it. You won’t always get it and that is great. However every time brings you that little bit closer to an EPIC win.

Thanks for the read, wish me luck today (lol) and stay awesome!

Live Webinar: High Return and Low Cost Marketing Strategies

High return and low cost marketing strategies was a hit. Loved it!

High return and low cost marketing strategies was a hit. Loved it!

Tonight’s Live Webinar was my favourite ever for a range of reasons. Firstly; it is the latest in my thinking and I was asked some very intelligent questions that got me thinking on a much deeper level about Marketing and all things nice.

In this experience, I went through my latest thinking to talk through the best zero to low cash cost Marketing Strategies that has built my own business and the thousands I have worked with. The key point of all this is how all of the marketing strategies work together.

It can be very easy to think “Oh my god, if I just do this one strategy everything will be fine”. The years of victories have taught me that this miles from the truth. It’s about nailing everything just beautifully and taking it to the next level.

Please find the recording included here and enjoy friends! Trust it helps you create the six and seven figures you deserve and stay awesome!