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Profitable Marketing Forum August 2016 (North Sydney)

Our Live North Sydney Workshop is coming up and you're invited!

Our Live North Sydney Workshop is coming up and you’re invited!

It’s not to go now till our signature event, ‘The Profitable Marketing Forum’ Live Workshop.

I’d love to invite you to join our Free 1/2 Day Workshop where we teach the latest Sales & Marketing Strategies for Small Business Owners and Entrepreneurs and help you leave with a 90 Day Plan of action.

It’s free, content rich, no hard selling or anything like that and we love putting it on to help people and show how awesome we are (lol).

We usually run about 2 – 3 of these per year with our partners and it’s a shared event between myself, my Sales Mentor friend Mark Kyte and Leading Web Developer Martha Arifin.

This time it’s being held with at the Awesome Servcorp North Sydney who are one of the best serviced offices in town.

To learn more and book in, visit our page right here on Meetup. Thank you!

Going back to REAL feminism – Part II

Thank you to 'Women in World War II' page on Wikipedia!

Thank you to ‘Women in World War II’ page on Wikipedia for this gem of an image!

When I am chilling out and resting my brain especially, I tend to get on YouTube and watch cool stuff. I like watching anything from serious documentaries, right through to anything on history, Trump, politics and lately feminism!

If you read Part 1 to this article arc, I used to proudly call myself a feminist when it actually was an empowerment / girl power type of movement.

When the ‘purple haired’ social justice warriors hijacked the movement and turned into in a victimhood man hating movement; that is when myself (and millions of others across the West) have checked out of the movement.

One great supporter / colleague I have lots of respect for left a very intelligent reply to my comment. She is about my mother’s age and not only confirmed what I said, but even doubled-down on my comments. Her comment was:

“Edward, that’s not feminism as I know it. And as someone who personally went through the battles for equal pay and rights in the Seventies, who grew up with a mother who was an extremely intelligent woman who had to leave work when she married, I think I have a fairly solid understanding of ‘real’ feminism and the issues at the heart of it. And with all due respect, as a bloke, while you may be in touch with your inner feminine side (and I’m sure you are), if you haven’t walked the walk, you can’t really understand the reality of what some of us have had to fight for. My friends and I have no time for the nastiness and whingeing that pretends to be feminism these days. That’s not what it is, no matter what “they” want to call it.”

Save for her remark on ‘you are a man and you won’t get it’, I think it’s great commentary and I respect her as a person and the thinking presented.

The part I love about her commentary was when she referenced ‘the nastiness and whingeing’ of modern feminism today. It went from being exactly women fighting for rights and taking responsibility, to hashtags threatening men with women pouring out of ‘Gender Studies’ type degrees that only qualify them to be professional feminists.

Comparing this to women who go into the police force, military, become serious professionals like my friend who left the comment and the like.

The tragedy here is that the ‘modern feminists’ have derailed a great original movement with the ‘true feminists’ today being painted with the purple haired man hating mobsters.

My advice and thinking? For the rights and earnings of women to improve, they need to be part of the system and demonstrate results like many progressive women before them. Whinging needs to turn into productivity, success stories and winning.

After all, saying “Look at me I have done it” is way more influential than living of mummy and daddy while putting hate fill tweets out on the internet.

The great news is that many men and women have categorically rejected the ‘feminism victimhood’ movement and are going back to ‘femnisim girl power’ movement. As the burden of proof lies on me for a remark of that nature, Google ‘decrease in feminists’ and you will see what I mean.

Love your work, thanks for the read and stay awesome!

Going back to REAL feminism

From behind a rifle to behind a hash tag, modern day 'feminism' has a long way to come back!

From behind a rifle to behind a hashtag, modern day ‘feminism’ has a long way to come back!

If you check my YouTube history or look at what I retweet on Twitter, there is a lot on feminism. It includes actual feminists giving their point of view as well as YouTube heroes like Bearing, Thunderf00t and Sargon of Akkad countering them with logic, facts and insights.

Feminism today has really gone awry in that it’s gone away from women looking to improve their rights and achieve more to a group of people (men included) who are blaming their problems on anything but themselves and having a competition of who is the ‘greater victim’.

What inspired me to write this article was this great tweet I saw from ‘Classic Pics’ on Twitter showing ’19 year old Soviet sniper, who killed 54 men during WWII (1940s)’.

As I was browsing through hundreds of tweets a day, this photo immediately hit me and got me thinking about what on Earth has happened to feminism. You have this 19 year old woman, with a 1940’s era mass produced Sniper Rifle who fought for her country.

I have done lots of study on the Soviet Union and strangely enough, they are one of the least sexist empires I have seen. Don’t get me wrong, I am Pro-Trump and all that – but the Soviets had a very equal view about women in society compared to men.

It got me thinking about the type of ‘awesome feminism’ my mother was involved in and my view of it. I even used to call myself a ‘feminist’ and in my understand and education it was all about:

– Girl Power: Helping women achieve more, prove how awesome they are and break down barriers in society by women demonstrating / proving how capable they are.

My mother was one of the leaders of that in the 80’s. She was an Inspector with Victoria Police, had at least 65 people report to her and was a ‘Policing / Military’ commander in the so called sexist days.

Tragically this has changed over the years with today’s feminists moving towards what I have observed as a new possibile definition to describe feminism today:

– Victim Power: Focusing on why they are not as good as men, how men penalise them, how society penalise them and complaining about it asking men to change the system.

I feel quite sad saying this actually in that I am all about women kicking butt, however feminism today is about hash tags, protesting, talking about the ‘Patriarchy’ oppressing everyone, why men are all sexist and to me the biggest wrong of them all; leading by complaining and not by example. Evidence of this? Go to YouTube and type in ‘feminism fail’ and watch some of that. I get the burden of proof is on me and that is my first bit of evidence.

The good news today is that feminism is dropping in popularity like crazy. I think it hit it’s peak a few years ago and years of crazy hash tags, videos of their antics on YouTube and women turning on feminism has exposed the movement for what it is today. It’s clearly gone from ‘women loving’ to ‘man hating’. They have gone from progressive women like my mother, to regressive bullies we see today. It’s tragic actually, ‘real feminists’ today are being tarred by the extremists.

My lessons, learning and thinking for this one? Victim mentality doesn’t do anyone any good. This type of ‘oppressive’ thinking has totally derailed the feminist cause of today turning strong leaders into tragic bullies.

On one level, I think for feminism to pick up steam again, it needs to go back to personal responsibility, proving strength through success and helping people. On another level, it’s a great lesson to all of us. Never blame your problems on anyone else.

Take charge, take responsibility and succeed. I personally used to be quite a failure and I blamed my results on others around me. The day I started pointing the finger at the mirror my life changed for the better. Ownership, responsibility and taking action is the true path to freedom. This is one I think modern day ‘feminism’ needs to really consider.

Love your work, thanks for the read and stay awesome friends!

P.S. Here here to real girl power! (Thank you Classic Pics from Twitter for the image & inspiration!)

Trusting your positive instinct

Melinda Hird rocks. She is one of those people who you know you can trust!

Melinda Hird rocks. She is one of those people who you know you can trust!

When I worked for the Government a long time ago I was trained in many different areas. From getting physically fit, to learning about serial killers, using Assault Rifles, my old trusty Beretta and even learning good old soft skills; it was a total blast.

In the times I was out on the streets of Melbourne getting information one part of my training that always served me well was ‘trust your instinct’.

I don’t this in a ‘hippie’ sense or anything like that. They mean it seriously from the point of view that we are ‘animals’ with thousands of years of evolution and we can ‘sense’ danger.

If something doesn’t ‘feel’ right, chances are it’s not right. This kept me alive and safe many times.

Now talking to the positive as a Marketing Mentor on the streets of Sydney (which is maybe just as dangerous lol) I have found lots of my younger Federal Agent skills coming to the surface.

Every time I have trusted my instinct things have swung my way. If it feels right, it usually is right. Where I have found this to be true is with the people I choose to work with.

Be it clients, suppliers, referral partners or the like – when I meet someone and have that ‘warm fuzzy feeling’ the relationship always has gone the right way. From awesome friends like Martha Arifin, Mark Kyte, Matt Craig, Phillip Raish and co – I have always had great relations and working with them.

When I first met them and until now, I always thought they were awesome and years on (like a fine wine) our relationships are stronger than ever.

Interestingly on this one as well, a few months ago I was blessed to meet the awesome Melinda Hird. She is kind, happy, polite, quiet and totally underrated. I have seen some of her work and it’s very impressive (I have a feeling I will be using her one of these days for myself).

My first impression of her was all positive. I felt good, I trusted her and thought she was nice.

Moving on to several months later, my instinct served me well in that I know her better, think she is more awesome and enjoy hanging out with her at Chamber functions and the like.

Basically, my positive instinct served me well. It caused me to avoid others and gravitate to her and it’s on the mark. It ‘detected’ she is awesome and worthy of being trusted – with my findings supporting that.

My advice and thinking friends? Meet lots of people and check in with your ‘feelings’. If something doesn’t feel right, slow down and be cautious. If something feels right, follow that! Doesn’t mean you have to jump in, but chances are you are onto a good thing.

I have been lucky to meet so many awesome people including Melinda Hird! She rocks, my instinct likes her and everyone agrees with me.

So maybe I should hire her sooner for some photos lol? Maybe let me lose some more kilos first.

Love your work, thanks for the read and stay awesome!

Eavesdropping and BRILLIANT lessons!

Better keep your voice down if you see this guy sitting next to you lol

Better keep your voice down if you see this guy sitting next to you lol

If you know a bit about my history, I have a bit of an awesomely crazy past and have lived many lives.

When I came of age, I found myself in the Australian Military and it wasn’t long before I had the opportunity of working ‘for the Feds’.

It was great actually, I was a 20 year old helping clean up the streets of Melbourne and I was living this whole Pierce Brosnan fantasy at the time (he was James Bond then).

In my young influential years, I developed the survival and street skills of a Field Agent and loved it. Right from pistols, to speechcraft to following people I practised a bit.

One of my favourite skills is eavesdropping. I was sitting next to a business group at the Novotel and they were speaking so loud, it was hard not to eavesdrop. They had a great chat dealing with core issues which I loved.

In hiding their identity of course, here are some of the key lessons I learned from them – awesome and have to share them with you:

– If you don’t know how, put up your hand and ask!

– If you have a bad sales month don’t panic, put in strategies to turn them around.

– Know what is happening in your business. Everything!

I quite loved it actually and it’s got me reflecting on what I do in my business. In all honesty, I have sucked a bit about saying ‘I don’t know’ which is probably a Middle Eastern Persian Pride thing which I admit and I want to knock.

Also too, I can relate to the poor sales month. I had a weak January this year (which really annoyed me), but I worked my butt off and February 2016 onwards rocked.

The final one, we must know what is happening beneath us. At times I have let unpaid invoices from clients gather dust and go into months, creating issues for everyone when I chase them late.

Basically it was a productive coffee.

My advice friends? Always keep an ear out, especially if you see high powered people working away. I have learned lots from ‘accidental eavesdropping and love it’.

Also too, if you are in a public space keep your voice down. Especially if you see a very handsome Persian Guy on his Surface 3 Pro working away on a table next to you.

Thank you awesome loud people for the tips!

The price of freedom and Sonia Kruger

Sonia Kruger has broken some conversational ground and put herself in harms way. Bravo to her! (Image Credit - Channel 9)

Sonia Kruger has broken some conversational ground and put herself in harms way. Bravo to her! (Image Credit – Channel 9)

As a Marketer and tech blogger I am totally addicted to the internet. There are many times I will be up late on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube staying connected with what is going on the world in real time.

I have been heavily like this for at least the last two years and in the past 3 – 6 months, everything has changed.

Terrorist attacks in their frequency, impact and style have gone through the roof. As we have always known, the leftist governments of the world and their supportive media have done their best to quell the population and do what they can do deny the Islam / Terrorism connection.

This has all changed in the past few months in terms of the world’s population not buying that story anymore. People are panicked, concerned and you can tell the gig is up with the media and people are speaking their mind.

In Australia many people talk about it and some of the right commentators have been on it. However, you saw a ‘landmark’ move with TV Host and Personality Sonia Kruger coming out with very strong moves on banning Muslim Immigrants in Australia.

Many have agreed with her (just a look on Facebook Comments can show that) and my view is that this is a setup. This has all been orchestrated with the media (as she isn’t fired).

For the record, I don’t personally agree with what she has suggested and I find it extreme. However, the conversation she is starting is critical and must happen. If it was started earlier in more reasonable progressive standards, it wouldn’t have defaulted to people like Sonia to deal with.

But it has.

Assuming there was a ‘setup’ to create noise on this issue, I suspect they may have miscalculated the hate and death threats Sonia is now getting. I have seen some of them myself on Twitter and Facebook and it’s pretty crazy. Many have been deleted and it didn’t take long to find these comments:

Sonia Proof

This is one of many and Sonia has come out fearful for her life and safety. With many of the comments I have seen this doesn’t surprise me at all. Even though I think Sonia’s move was setup from the start, reality may have kicked in and it’s amazing how polarizing her move has been.

If you talk France and Germany, they have attacks going ‘all the time’ right now and I have lost count over the past few months. It’s being accepted as the ‘new normal’ over there and it’s been directly attributed to the massive influx of migrants which have been imported in. Talking about this issue and even Sonia putting forward her ‘ban them all view’ has clearly made her a marked woman.

This is the price of freedom today; to even question or put views forward on Islamic Immigration has made her physically fear her safety and I pray for her safety, however that won’t do her much good if someone takes some initiative.

What is happening to Sonia has got me thinking on a much deeper level and brought up the old saying to mind:

– “The Price of Freedom is Eternal Vigilance”

Setup or not, I think Sonia is really speaking about freedom and for that there are people that clearly want to kill her. I bet she is now eternally vigilant, watching her back at every turn.

My advice and lessons? It’s crazy times we are in with everything changing quickly. We got to speak the truth, work on the issues to make things better. I think Sonia is a brave woman (setup or not) who has brought a massive new conversation to the surface. I am looking forward to see what is to come.

Thanks for the read friends and prayers for Sonia too! She is a tough woman, so I am sure she will be fine.

Webinar Recording – Getting high value clients a simple email!

Email Marketing is one powerhouse strategy and highly recommended!

Email Marketing is one powerhouse strategy and highly recommended!

You gotta love Email Marketing! Over the years it’s been a powerful marketing strategy for me and about 2 – 3 years ago I lost count of how many clients how brought to my business.

I have had clients where this strategy alone has increased their sales by at least 40% which is amazing and very awesome for everyone involved.

The trick with email marketing is to really give people value and lightly sell your services. I am sure you are like me in that you sneer when someone you haven’t seen you in a long time just sends you a ‘sales’ email out of the blue.

You don’t want to be that person. You want to be the person that sends amazing high value content that inspires, educates and gets people hiring you.

Enjoy the Live Webinar Recording here. I ask you to take action on what you learn and if you aren’t a client of mine yet, you better consider it lol

The girl power of Ghostbusters 2016

Light fun with some amusing lines, Ghostbuster's 2016 tried.

Light fun with some amusing lines, Ghostbuster’s 2016 tried.

Ghostbusters 2016 has attracted some serious unwanted attention. From having one of the most disliked movie trailers ever on YouTube to reinforcing negative Black American stereotypes to poor commercial performance it’s been a hit for Sony.

** Light Spoiler Alert! **

As I contemplated writing a blog discussing how it’s playing out, my wife came in and rightfully demanded that we should at least watch the film. In being a great husband, I agreed to that. I put aside my bias, views and conservative thinking.

Ghostbusters 2016 wasn’t bad! I enjoyed alot of it. My wife chirped, giggled and even defended my critique of it.

I am going to give it my pro’s and con’s and give my own star rating on what I felt about it. Enjoy:

The Pro’s:

– Respect for the original: Many complained that it didn’t respect the original with the ‘girl Ghostbusters’ in there. Totally disagree! It gave great respect, cameos and honoured the original 1984 film.

– You feel the streets of NY: It was quite real, gritty and you feel the character’s frustration on dealing with bureaucrats, bad food and surviving in the modern world.

– Some great slapstick: It was great light entertainment. Enjoyed it with some great scenes.

– Chris Hemsworth: He was funny and a total pleasure to watch in action. The moment he was on camera he gave the whole film humour and depth (and made fun of men big time).

The Con’s:

– It didn’t feel like a movie: It felt more like watching a television show with a series of sketches all linked together. There was no real plot with any depth for review.

– Man bashing: I love making jokes at the expense of anyone (including men), but sometimes it went too far. This made the women themselves look weaker.

– Reinforcement of racial stereotypes: I had a real problem with how they treated the role of Patty (Leslie Jones). Instead of breaking some new ground, they made her the rail worker, ‘sassy’ woman of the streets. Pity on this one.

– Poor fighting scenes: The actual fighting of the ghosts wasn’t scary or even on edge. It looked more like a CGI fest and the weapons were quite questionable.

– Chris Hemsworth: He was so good, he weakened the other characters.

Overall Thoughts and Ratings:

It was an average film and something you can enjoy on DVD or iTunes later on. I certainly wouldn’t go to the cinemas to watch it and also felt it was no where near as ‘ground breaking’ as the original.

The original was a film that anyone can enjoy, with the 2016 version not having the strength or the wide appeal. With it’s heavy feminist humour, crudeness and ‘girl power focus’, it’s a film for those with an interest in social justice and feminism who love taking the mickey out of men (I love taking the mickey out of anyone, including myself for a laugh)

My advice and thinking? Watch it when you get some downtime. But don’t rush to a cinema. I also wish Sony and co never mixed politics with Ghostbusters, it weakened a great movie.

Tragically too, I also don’t think this shows women as strong characters or anything like that. It seems that they tried to do a ‘me too’ of men’s roles and not stand alone (whereas the new Wonder Woman coming out looks awesome!).

Thanks for the read, stay awesome and enjoy!

Ivanka Trump; Donald’s secret weapon

Even the lefties love her - Ivanka is certainly the 'Trump' card! (Image Credit, Ivanka Trump)

Even the lefties love her – Ivanka is certainly the ‘Trump’ card! (Image Credit, Ivanka Trump)

The past few months have been some rocky times for the Trump’s. In some days following Clinton Vs Trump polls daily, she was doing him damage in some core areas.

Key areas Hillary was clearly doing Trump damage was in terms of women’s rights, minorities and immigration and even gay rights. This got me worried for the Trump’s and I was shaken on whether or not they are going to win the election.

However, in all the years I have studied Trump, I knew he would have a rabbit in his hat / a card up his sleeve (in fact he would have many). I was sitting back and waiting for the exact time he would play that card.

It turned out that card is his own flesh and blood Ivanka Trump. She came out with a stellar speech at the RNC 2016 (‘Republican National Convention’) and she nailed it.

For whatever damage Melania Trump took with the ‘plagiarism’ (which I think has done her more good and may have been a setup), Ivanka has come back miles for everyone supporting Trump in core areas.

Her speech was flawless and basically filled all the weaknesses that people feel about Donald. This included women’s pay, rights and of course the awesome LGBT community. It was engaging, powerful and many said it was a speech you would expect to hear at a democratic convention and hardly one of the Republicans. It’s a clever fascinating move that will appeal to many ex-Bernie Sander’s voters, the LGBT community which Hillary and the democrats have clearly turned on (especially with their preference on Islam over Gay Rights) and many swinging voters that would like to hear such a kind message.

You even have the massive left who are obvious natural enemies of the Trump supporting her.

This is powerful, massive and very impressive. Ivanka is ‘the Trump Card’ and now she has been played, I feel massive confidence in Donald Trump being the next President of basically Western Civilisation.

The other side of things too is that Ivanka (before Donald going for the whitehouse) is highly respected, liked and a real social rights champion. So if the left is going to attack here, it’s a tough one. She also wore a $138 dress, compared to say Hillary’s ‘$12,495 Giorgio Armani tweed jacket’ (with the joke being Hillary wearing that jacket while talking about issues of inequality).

My thinking? The Trump’s are some of the best marketers on the planet. Expect them to be in power. They understand the terrain and just know how to play it.

Hillary is going to choke, trip and struggle more than she is.

Awesome times ahead friends. Let’s see the best marketers on the planet pave their way to victory.

Sonia Kruger; Thrown under the bus or a total setup?

Brilliant, clever and all planned out in my view. Sonia Kruger is a media genius! (Image Credit and thanks to Sonia)

Brilliant, clever and all planned out in my view. Sonia Kruger is a media genius! (Image Credit and thanks to Sonia)

If you asked me a few weeks ago who Sonia Kruger was, I would have probably made a lame poor quality joke to the extent of ‘Freddy’s Sister?’

She is now famous and infamous across Australia (and I bet the world right now) being the talk, focus and understanding of many. If you have focusing on more important news (lol) and missed this one, it all started on Channels 9’s today show where called for a ban of muslims entering Australia.

Now if you know Australian media that well, they have a strong lean towards the left. Their socialist views make them very pro-Islam in many ways and you can imagine the shock and horror of her co-presenters on the show. They immediately went after her.

Later on, some of her braver media friends came to her defense on the basis of ‘we don’t agree with her, but she is not a racist / a nice person’. Then, the media came out and silenced her friends on not being able to defend her. You then know she was threatened and they forced her to apologise, but if you listen to what Sonia did – she didn’t at all.

She dug in her heels and didn’t actually withdraw her statement, she stood by it.

What was fascinating about this has all played out is that media didn’t just fire her, didn’t really ‘throw her under the bus’ and personalities have been reluctant to come out and condemn her.

The truth of the matter is that a lot of people agree with her! Viewing on comments on Facebook, Twitter and commentary from others makes this very clear and the reality of it is that she is quite popular and liked. You can’t just ‘take her out’ without a massive backlash. As this played out, I was itching to see Waleed Aly’s (from the Project) reaction to this and he didn’t actually attack her (clever man).

He took the approach of empathising with her fear and disagreeing on the issue. I have lots of respect for Waleed and he knew just ‘attacking’ her wasn’t the way to go.

My thinking on all this is that it’s all a play by Sonia Kruger and people within the networks. Sonia is a highly respected, well understood and experienced television presenter that knew this would all play out like this. She also would have known that the establishment would have come down hard on her.

This was a setup by herself and in the networks in that it has played out very well for everyone (including Sonia herself). Sonia is now becoming a well known, serious and respected character and without any polls to back me – I bet many more like her honesty and directness.

What is the agenda here? I bet there are several at work:

– Ratings: Even I am talking about it.

– Sonia’s Career: Everyone knows about her and for what she loses, she will gain more.

– Conservative Faceless Backers: For her to go against the ‘establishment’ like that and seemingly risk her career? No way. She has backers who want this to all happen.

– People wanting to stop Islamic Immigration: What better way than to get Sonia to start the discussion in the more mainstream?

It’s a setup my friends and Sonia Kruger is a clever operator who knows the game. Still, I know someone put her up to this and she isn’t acting alone. This was a well planned, orchestrated and tactical move all developed to serve everyone involved. I actually don’t agree with her extreme thinking, but still I admire the cleverness of it all. It has just worked out ‘too well’ for this to be a simple gaffe.

Enjoy the read friends, don’t believe what you hear and I bet you she will become quite a powerful character in the time to come!


Melania Trump’s speech was a brilliant PR stunt!

Bravo Trump's! The masters of PR (Image Cred - Melania Trump FB)

Bravo Trump’s! The masters of PR (Image Cred – Melania Trump FB)

As a total lover and supporter of Donald Trump and co, when reports of his wife Melania Trump’s speech plagiarizing Michelle Obama’s original speech, I was immediately suspicious.

It just didn’t stack up from a range of viewpoints.

Firstly, I wouldn’t believe for a second that the Trump’s or their people would find anything inspirational in what the Obama’s would do.

Secondly, I thought it was a mistake at first – but then the facts came in. Hmm, appears to be some definite copying here.

Thirdly, as a person who has written content for some of Australia’s Top Companies and wealthiest people, I knew mistakes like this don’t happen.

I started thinking it was a carefully orchestrated, deliberate PR student to get free media.

I expressed this idea to a few people, who dismissed me as a loon (as usual), but then this post came out from Donald Trump’s Twitter Page:Donald Trump on Twitter

As I saw this and thought about it overnight, it made perfect sense to me. This was a deliberate setup by the Trump’s. They knew it would get picked up by the media, they knew people would spread the story, they knew it would give them coverage and they knew by his wife getting attacked, people would feel sympathy for her!

That has exactly happened! I don’t believe for a second this was a ‘mistake’ in that it’s totally brilliant and it’s worked wonders for them. People are now digging into how the Obama’s have done the same thing and I think it’s another brilliant PR strategy from ‘Uncle Don’ at work.

My advice and thinking? Don’t believe what you hear and always look at the agenda behind it. Lately I have been getting into Twitter, News and really studying how the media works and how it can be used to one advantage.

My own inspiration from this is to work out how I can make this all work for my business. My take is that we firstly understand how it works and put out our ‘dangerous ideas’ as much as we can for it to take hold in the world.

Watch this space, bravo Donald as “Good news is Melania’s speech got more publicity than any in the history of politics especially if you believe that all press is good press!”

Love your work, stay awesome and appreciate the read!

Slowly, surely and steady, BUT…

The cute little guy is making it, but too slow!

The cute little guy is making it, but too slow!

As I write this blog 9:41AM on Wednesday, it has been pouring I think for at least 4 hours in Sydney.

If you aren’t from around here, Sydney is ‘subtropical’ place. You do get some cold weather, however it’s moderately high in humidity and when it rains, it really rains.

Even though the flooding can be quite problematic (using a lefty word), it can also be quite beautiful in terms of gushing rivers and lots of wildlife coming out of hiding.

As I was walking towards McDonald’s to buy my very awesome wife Hotcakes for breakfast (they are good for you! McDonald’s said so), I noticed a snail on the footpath. Before I saved him leaving him on a leaf, it was a great chance to get up close and personal and do a video.

Strangely enough, snails from a distance are nothing newsworthy but when you get close with a camera, they become these beautiful, details and complex creatures.

I noticed that he was slowly moving. Slowing moving. Even though I admired his determination, I was quite impatient watching him move along. Also too, he was on a public footpath. This little guy is crusin’ for a brusin’ and I am glad I found him before a cyclist did. He was great in the sense that he was determined, but because he was so slow – it left him exposed, weak and vulnerable. In business & marketing, I have learned exactly the same thing.

Many times I have come up with great ideas, but I just didn’t launch them quickly enough. What happened as a result is that I would lose ideas, other projects would take them over. I learned my lesson early on and move quickly now!

What also tragically happened was that I noticed some of my clients would do the same thing. They would just take too long to get projects / marketing and the like done. They would lose their drive for it, stop doing it or even worse – someone else does it and they lose the opportunity.

I am all for ‘slow and steady’ wins the race, BUT you also have to ‘strike while the iron is hot’ and ‘timing is everything’ in the war of cliches.  My advice and thinking? Be steady, be driven, BUT do it quickly. You don’t have much time in this modern world and the sooner we strike, the sooner revenue comes our way.

These days I am very good at getting stuff done (ask anyone that knows me) and it’s paid total dividends. Go hard and win friends.

Thanks for the read! Trust it helps and stay awesome.