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Wine, Whisky & Business

The perfect pick me up afternoon tea after a fine drop of red...

The perfect pick me up afternoon tea after a fine drop of red…

Awesome friends. I am actually tipsy right now which I think is the most important time to use Social Media, write blogs and put up Facebook Videos.

I caught up with an old awesome client (who shall rename nameless) and he asked “Edward do you want a drink?”

I asked for a House Shiraz (meaning glass) and he came up back with the House Shiraz bottle. It was a beautiful drop, we exchanged great ideas and it was a pleasure seeing the old great man again.

As I sit at Gloria Jean’s ordering a Coffee to wake up again and get back in the zone before jumping on the train, it’s got me thinking about business and how it works. Interestingly enough, today is going to be a tough one of me in a fun way. I am off to the City to visit the awesome British Chamber of Commerce for a ‘Whisky Evening’.

Whisky! Oh no is one reaction and this got me thinking on a deeper level.

Is Alcohol (in safety and moderation) good for business networking? I believe it is actually. I have had a glass of wine (or two) at recent Chamber events and it’s helped me connect more with people, have more fun, understand the help that people need and get more high value clients.

I don’t think having a drink is for everyone, BUT if it’s your thing – from a Business & Marketing viewpoint don’t be afraid to enjoy a glass in fun, safety and moderation. It gets you feeling better, makes you easier to talk too, more sociable and also I think it makes you focus more on relationships and people.

My advice friends? Drink or not – be open minded to how to network and improve what you do. The more you do that, the more great ideas you shall come up with to totally improve your game.

Love your work, thanks for the read, please share and of course – stay awesome!

P.S. Thank you to my old awesome client for your great support and friendship. You know who you are!

The meaning of a great client

I once had Michael Mekhitarian as a client and he rocked (and it was great watching him speak today).

I once had Michael Mekhitarian as a client and he rocked (and it was great watching him speak today).

I love my clients! Today I am so blessed to have great subscribers to my online community as well as those who hire me directly to help them.

It’s a really good feeling and it wasn’t always like that. I have had some not so great clients before which have caused me lots of stress. This can be pretending to be ‘my friend’ and not paying invoices when the time comes, or say the ones that pay the bills but they overuse you and pull you down.

Today has been fantastic. I have worked with 3 x clients today who are great, awesome, I gave one a referral (that converted) and they called me up thanking them.

I have had clients before where I have worked my butt off to help them, only to get lukewarm to cold commentary, referred them lots of business to get complaints that it’s too hard or even better – ones that hire me, get my advice, don’t do it then blame me.

Talking to the positive, the ultimate clients are ones like you reading this article. I bet you are person who takes responsibility, is fair, kind, listens to reason, works hard and helps people (which is how I like to think I am).

Great clients are great from many viewpoints and here is why:

  • They spend more with you.
  • They are fun to work with.
  • They will refer you.
  • You will feel great about referring business to them.
  • You will want to see them success.
  • You will become more awesome surrounded by them.

My advice friends? Be awesome first and work your butt off to get lots of high value clients. Work hard for all your clients and as ‘not great’ clients move on smile and forget about them fast. You give the best, so likewise you deserve the best.

Love your work, thanks for the read, share this with those it can help and stay awesome!

P.S. Thank you clients! You are the best.

Winning Facebook Post by Post

One post at time...

One post at time…

Facebook has been a fascinating journey for me. From spending lots learning advertising, putting up lots of posts, working in groups – I have finally been winning Facebook for some time.

I always did ‘OK’ out of Facebook, which is of course not ‘Great’ and for me it was an opportunity to really master the platform.

In summary, I have found Facebook success to be ‘Post by Post’. That is I got ‘some clients’ with advertising, but the bulk have come from fans of my Facebook Page getting closer to me post by post.

I like putting up great links, tons of Facebook Videos and this over time has all worked well by converting people who don’t know me into likes, likes in to followers, followers into fans and fans into clients.

Basically my take is that a single post on Facebook by itself doesn’t do much. It’s the cumulative effect of doing posts all the time that gradually convert people to your cause over time. I like giving lots of great tips, interesting content and if you haven’t already, check out my Facebook Page right here and you can see what I do.

For me to really succeed in Facebook it’s been putting up lots of awesome posts and never stopping. In the old days nobody knew who I was on FB and now I have a great crowd which follows me, shares my stuff, interacts, refers me and hires me!

My advice and tips friends? To make Facebook work you got to put up posts all the time. Make sure you enjoy it, love it and over time you will connect with people that turn into clients (of course depending on what industry you are in).

Feel free to get some ideas from my page, share this blog with those it can help and stay awesome!

Finding Hidden Gems of Flavour, Fun & Food

Bob from Wonganella Estate was very awesome and the quality of his venue is just outstanding!

Bob from Wonganella Estate was very awesome and the quality of his venue is just outstanding!

Our Easter has been fantastic so far. Over the past few months, I have been putting in some very rewarding (and well paying off) hours into my business and when Easter was around the corner – I was like “Cannot wait!”.

I went extra hard knowing there was a small break and with thanks to my wife’s great planning, we went on a quick overnight visit to NSW’s Central Coast. As we went further North, we went through Newcastle to Nelson’s Bay (with a fantastic night at Mercure at Newcastle Airport).

One thing that we found what that the ‘main tourist locations’ really started to lose it’s appeal after the third place. You would get water, many average ‘tourist cafes’ really serving the same stuff – and it got a bit tedious.

As we were heading back to Sydney, we popped into Murray’s Brewery and it was flat out like Sydney Airport.

I knew it wouldn’t work out and I noticed in the distance, this sign saying ‘Wine Tasting & Restaurant’ over the hill. We thought, yes let’s check it out.

We discovered this hidden winery with great wines (I purchased the Shiraz) that had just an outstanding menu. Wonganella Estate was it’s name and it was nick named ‘Bobs Farm’ with the kind Bob who said hello, gave us some great commentary and was part of the wine tasting experience.

There were key reasons we loved the place:

Food Quality: Outstanding, the seafood was cooked to perfection.

Wine & Offering: I know my Shiraz and it was a very smooth on the light end. Purchased a Bottle.

Coffee & Dessert: Outstanding – I know my Long Blacks and it was great.

People: Bob and the people were just great and loved it.

Forest & Water Views: Just outstanding and loved it.

It’s a great spot and if you head behind Murray’s Brewery – you can see the signage on top of the hill.

My advice and thinking? If you enjoy wine – this is the place for you. Great food, beverages and options.

Thank you Bob, enjoy and stay awesome!

My Thumbs Up for Mercure Newcastle Airport

Love the Hotel Mercure Newcastle Airport. 5 stars!

Love the Hotel Mercure Newcastle Airport. 5 stars!

It’s 8:42AM on Easter Sunday as I write my latest Marketing Blog and I am really impressed with the people, the facilities and the quality of food / coffee at the Mercure Newcastle Airport.

There are a series of very strange unpredictable events that led me here. My wife and have escaped Sydney for a fast & fun getaway and we had accommodation that fell over at the the last minute.

It started a mad panic and being Easter Weekend in the Newcastle Area, everything was booked. 

However, it was Mercure Newcastle Airport to the Rescue. If you have read any of my previous blogs, I am a massive Accor Fan. I love both the Novotel and Mercure Brands (each in their own unique way).

I must have stayed in hundreds of hotels in my life of all the top brands and I have always come back to the Accor Brands of Hotels as the best.

Talking to this Hotel, I am sitting at right now and writing this article – I love it here and give it the full five stars. It’s a ‘Business Hotel’ setup for the Military, Industrial and Business people within walking distance of Newcastle Airport (with a shuttle that is available if you wish).

My wife and I have had a great time here and these are the big reasons why:

– They helped us out and we just squeezed in the second last room where our original accommodation (not from Mercure or Novotel) fell over.

– The Coffee is just amazing and as a Melbourne Coffee man too, it’s really good.

– The staff are patient and really kind.

– The room is just beautiful. Great fit out, full facilities and you feel totally 100% great here.

– The Restaurant and the food quality was flavorsome, plentiful and even better with great options and rare / uncommon garnishes (I think my fish had Thyme in it, or some rare herb which was impressive).

– The pricing is very fair.

Overall, we are thrilled and love the place! If you are working or doing business near and around the Airport, or say wanting a good place to stop while passing through – highly recommended.

Thank you to the staff and managed of Hotel Mercure Newcastle Airport. Love your work and keep it up.

You can’t argue with the scoreboard

The scoreboard is the ultimate truth of performance (Image Credit - Right Side Broadcasting)

The scoreboard is the ultimate truth of performance (Image Credit – Right Side Broadcasting)

If you are connected with me on Facebook, it won’t take you long to figure out I am a massive Donald Trump fan. I was a fan of him far before his whole foray into helping rebuild America and since he has entered the political arena – my ‘fan love’ for him has at least tripled.

What I find interesting about this whole issue is that you have people and the media really distorting what he is saying – and even beyond that, making up false quotes of what he says to spread lies over the internet.

You have lots of people talking about him, even his competitors can’t stop talking about him (I wish they would figure out that by talking about him, they are promoting him – they should just play their own game).

Anti Trump / Anti America, Pro Trump / Pro America or whatever the case maybe, you have to look at the scoreboard in that it doesn’t lie. He has a historical track record of results, he has worked with the political arenas for years and the figures show (at least in the Republican Camp) that the majority love him.

You can say what you want, but that doesn’t diminish what the scoreboard says. This whole situation has got me thinking about results and what results means.

With last nights blog, I hit a nerve in talking about people that have less results than say me – but are happy to criticise me, downplay me and I bet if I gave them advice, they would take it with anything but positivity.

My big lesson has been with results. If you don’t have the results, you are open to criticism and you should take it and listen. A lot of my life I didn’t have results and from that viewpoint you should be open.

If you are getting results, yes you hear what is being said, but logically that should diminish those who are giving the advice.

Let’s put it this way, someone in a given area (say one of my fitness clients like Liz) is way better than me. If Liz came along and gave me some fitness advice – I would shut up, seriously listen to it and improve (and she is awesome).

However, if someone really overweight and sick came along to give me fitness advice, would I be a smart man if I took it? Of course not, that would be pure stupidity at work.

My advice friends? Scoreboards don’t lie. If yours isn’t looking good, Survive, Adapt Win. If yours is looking good, really be careful who you listen too. While you are at it too, those who are behind you in your area of winning – make sure you help them along.

Love your work, thanks for the read, share this with those it can help and please stay awesome!

P.S. Image Credit and thanks to Right Side Broadcasting. Appreciate it.

Being a nonconformist

The Goth kids in South Park sorta have figured it out...

The Goth kids in South Park sorta have figured it out…

One of my favourite cartoons of all time is South Park. I love them, it’s been a big part of life (for like forever) and I have even taken my love of South Park to the point where I have even designed Mr. Garrison as a character in my latest game of game XCOM2.

In this great show, you have the ‘Goth Kids’. They are the group of kids who hang out, drink coffee, smoke cigarettes and they hate all the ‘Conformists’ (with the running joke being that if you want to be a nonconformist – you have to dress like and act they like do).

Even though I have hardly a ‘Goth’ or ‘Emo’ (I feel comfortable wearing Polo tops and Designer Shorts), I tend to relate to these kids in my own life. Over the past few years, I have had this strange situation (especially in the last 6 months), where my success has been growing. As you know, as you get more successful – you start becoming different and ‘Tall Poppy Syndrome’ can kick in.

I have had a few notable people really try and tell me off for the way I dress, behave differently, not accept me – even though I am succeeding getting the results. Strangely enough I took a ‘bit of it’ for a short while, but there were a few incidents where they went too far and woke up my sleeping giant within. It’s funny actually, I don’t go around telling anyone to dress in certain shirts, tell them to go the gym or play some moral high horse – so why do they do it to me?

That actually doesn’t concern me, it’s more the fact that I want to be myself, my heart is in the right place and I am getting the results. Sure, if I wasn’t getting the results, come after me – but if you are getting it, they have got no case.

You can probably read into my frustration which is true! I have learned some big lessons from all this that I’d love to share with you.

This is it being – be open, be yourself and make sure you are getting results. If you aren’t getting results, it’s very hard to stand there and ‘be different’. But if you are getting results being different, then no one has got nothing on you. If they try and tell you how to act / behave, put them in their place. They have no right to do that and you have full rights not to have to put up with that.

In fact, I bet if you are reading this article – you must totally be able to relate to me. I spent many years of my life being a doormat – don’t do it my friend (if you are). Go hard, push back and be the awesome character you are destined to be.

Love your work, thanks for the read, thank you South Park and stay awesome!

Protect Your Interests

Life will test you in all sorts of ways. Stand proud, be strong and be fair! (Like Microsoft is to me. They rock).

Life will test you in all sorts of ways. Stand proud, be strong and be fair! (Like Microsoft is to me. They rock).

I have had a very awesomely crazy few months in my business lately. I have been blessed to do some amazing things, have some great new clients join the the community and run some great events and the like.

It’s got me thinking, I have pushed myself very hard and also have been blessed to have some great people and friends supporting me as I do them. Most people have just been fantastic!

As I reflect over the years, I have had say maybe a good 5 – 10 instances where people have really tried to take advantage of my good nature. This can vary from lightest of someone using up my time, right through to people using my services – promising to pay and never doing (I bet you may relate to that one).

As an Entrepreneur, you get people every now and then and you have to be careful about people that aren’t looking after your interests – but they want to get a piece of you.

It’s tragic, it still bugs me to this day and it happens. You will get people every now and then that don’t have necessarily the same ethics / value system you have. I am a strong believer in win / win and reciprocity – and it’s a dangerous (and incorrect) assumption thinking that everyone else is like me.

Most people are and you just gotta be careful every now and then! If you feel if someone is going too far and not rewarding you for the work you are doing, I have learned it’s really important to speak up. It’s critical to get your fair share and make sure all your details are win / win.

If you say are not delivering enough for a relationship, then get to work! Deliver, reward and help people. Equally speaking, if someone isn’t delivering for what you put in – demand fair treatment, fight for it and get it.

It’s been a big lesson of mine and something that is a must to know as a business owner.

My advice? Be fair and enforce it as a 2 way street. You must be fair and you must be treated fairly. You will be very happy by this and trust me on this one – don’t go quiet and learn the hard way.

Thanks for the read, love your work, please share and stay awesome!

P.S. Happy Easter too!

Live Webinar – Simple, Profitable & Successful Marketing Strategies (March 2016)

Simple, Profitable and Successful Marketing Strategies rocked - loved it and enjoy the recording!

Simple, Profitable and Successful Marketing Strategies rocked – loved it and enjoy the recording!

Tonight was a fantastic and high energy Webinar of mine. It had a great turnout, some great questions and on a very funny note I was actually a few minutes late to the webinar.

In all the years I have run webinars, I have never been late! I have had so many awesome new clients and I was out with a client in Cronulla (quite south of Sydney). We worked hard and on the way back to Sydney (to do the Webinar) I had peak hour traffic, cars, roadworks and I hit the webinar.

In this one there was a great crowd waiting and I dove straight into the ideas, content and inspiration to help people really succeed in their operations. In this case, I took a “Simple and Profitable” look at key Marketing Strategies. It was great, inspirational and the recording is right here for you to enjoy.

Take action with what you learn, share it with those it can help and stay awesome!

Just give it away!

Mark Kyte is one cool guy following the 'give it away thinking'. No surprise he is popular and gets hired...

Mark Kyte is one cool guy following the ‘give it away thinking’. No surprise he is popular and gets hired…

Mark Kyte, Martha Arifin and myself have been incredibly busy lately with our Workshops in the City. We have spent lots of money and worked really hard to build some really good Meetup groups with us (*finally*) creating a powerful format after all these years.

We run topics on a range of Marketing Concepts and we great reviews, lots of repeat visits and we get a great tight group of people that we deliberately don’t like going away 20 people (15 is a sweet spot for a great experience).

People love it, we love it and we get hired for this simple reason:

– We love giving it all away!

We don’t worry about selling in our workshops at all. All we have to focus on is just giving away tons of great knowledge, answering people’s questions and what happens is that people hire us, refer us or even share our work on Facebook and Social Media.

Basically it comes down to this; nobody likes being sold too. We love getting great help, great information and choosing to buy when we are ready from a supplier / company we trust.

I am no different, I expect no one else to be and we apply this experience into our workshops. I tragically know people that like to “Hold Back” and we strongly recommend against that. Tell everyone everything in the time you have with them for FREE!

What happens is that you prove to people you are wonderful and you end up getting hired – lots.

My advice and thinking? Just give it away! Don’t worry, share your knowledge and ideas freely with the right people. You build fans, friends and your community will grow around you big time.

Love your work friends, thanks for the read – and stay awesome!

The Similar Awesome Wavelength

It was a pleasure meeting with like minded leader Laura Viskovich today. Brilliant, intelligent and full of life. Inspiring!

It was a pleasure meeting with like minded leader Laura Viskovich today. Brilliant, intelligent and full of life. Inspiring!

Working Sydney over the past few years has taught me many great lessons. From the awesome trying to help us, to those that wish to take from us (and everyone else in between) – I have seen the brilliant and quite crazy stuff.

As time has passed, I have learned a great deal of lessons with one of my key ones being to trust your “Sixth Sense” when it comes to working with people. I was working with awesome people all day from Clint, to Kai, to Mark and also the awesome Laura Viskovich today.

If you haven’t met Laura, in simple terms she is a very energetic, awesome and powerful woman who is simply “out there”.

She has drive, passion, intelligence and if anything – I think she gives off a simliar (yet much saner) vibe that what I would give off.

Basically, I felt she was a very savvy operator of a similar mindset and wavelength. We have had similar experiences, had similar views and when it came to business – much of our thinking & ethics were on a similar page.

Interestingly, both of us have achieved very rapid results and growth in our business at similar times and in short – we are quite similar in nature in what we are going through. There is no surprise that we work well together, and it got me thinking about myself and people on a much closer level.

If I think of my successful friends, clients & colleagues – none of them are successful by accident. They just didn’t walk along and “Pooofff” came along rocking businesses. They worked hard for them, building them Facebook Post by Facebook Post and client by client.

Basically, Laura, my clients, my friends and the like are intelligent, successful people of contribution. It’s that thread we have in common which is why we all get along and it’s all why “Like attracts like”. We in turn are either successful Professionals, Managers or Entrepreneurs and as we grow we continue to think on a similar wavelength.

Awesome people are those that we meet where there is a mutual respect and like going on. Mark, Clint, Kai & Laura (who I met with today) are great examples of people I click with for a range of reasons. It’s good to look at people we click with as I find it gives a deeper level of insight into ourselves.

The more we understand ourselves, the more happier and successful we become (hence I love hanging out with people on a similar wavelength).

My lesson and insight from today? Search hard and find people at least as cool as yourself. You will love it and your life will grow into areas you may once have never thought possible.

Thank you Laura Viskovich for the inspiration.

Enjoy the blog, thanks for reading, share with those it can help and stay awesome!

When the events are on, you gotta make it!

From Food, to Medical Equipment, to Premium Venues - there are lots of great events out there to meet people. Make sure you get there!

From Food, to Medical Equipment, to Premium Venues – there are lots of great events out there to meet people. Make sure you get there!

It’s 10:13AM on Sunday as I write this article and there are two Expo’s I am going too today.

It’s funny when you I look at events and their importance in my business. Even though I am a strong Facebook, LinkedIn and Email Marketing man – over the years, events and networking have been two of my key strategies for success.

I go to events today in quantity, however they are much higher quality events that I would have say attended five years ago.

The big thing I have learned with events is how hard it is sometimes to attend them all. Today is Sunday and there are two great expo’s that are a must attend and if I don’t go today – that is it till next year. About 2 weeks ago, I attended 5 x different events in combination with my other workload.

It was a lot of events, but the truth is that those events don’t come along very often – so I either attend them immediately or I miss out. In those events I have met new clients, made great new connections and you never know – I may have met someone else that gives me a big break that gets me on TV or something like you (you just don’t know).

What I do know is this, at times you will have tons of events going down. You are flat out! You have a 8 hour day already and there is an event. It’s hard. But guess what?

You must go to the event. If you don’t, the reality is that you will miss out on clients and growth of yourself and your own business. That is not good.

What is good is making yourself go to the events? You may be a bit tired, even a bit nervous – but that’s cool. You keep at it, meet lots of people and get results. I can promise that after you increase your revenue, you will be smiling more and eager to hit them.

(Also too, it’s great content for social media and Facebook).

Love your work, thanks for the read, share this article with those it can help and stay awesome!