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My 7 x Profitable Business Discoveries from My Trip to Melbourne!

From Cakes, to Coffee, to Culture - This Trip to Melbourne rocked and gave me lots of ideas...Profitable Ones at That!

From Cakes, to Coffee, to Culture – This Trip to Melbourne rocked and gave me lots of ideas…Profitable Ones at That!

Visiting Melbourne has totally rocked and it’s been a massive pleasure of a trip. I went with my special significant other, had some time off, visited the folks and had some amazing food.

Don’t get me wrong, I totally love Sydney but the food Melbourne is amazing. Coffee, Cakes, Italian – it’s all awesome. During this time out it’s really got me thinking on the business from a different viewpoint.

That is, instead of working ‘in’ the business, I have been relaxing and working ‘on’ the business (as the old cliche goes). It’s been such a recharge to the system, I wanted to share with you my top findings. One or two of these may inspire you and they include:

1. Getting the Small Things Right: Getting the small things right on a day by day business is critical in business. The coolest places we went into in Melbourne have the finer detail right.

2. Leverage, Automation & Systems: You would have heard me beat this drum many times and it’s awesome. If your primary income is linked to how hard you work (e.g. time for money) watch out – it’s great, but make sure you work on more automated sources of income (e.g. my take of that is ‘The Awesome Marketing Vault’)

3. Work On Your Health: I would have put on a little bit of weight in Melbourne, BUT I lost heaps before I went so I am still ahead. Health is important and totally critical.

4. Consistent Contact: I used to think I would create the ‘Killer’ ad that would turn my business around. Nope. It’s constant contact. Regular great posts, emails and the like are important.

5. Play Your Own Game: When I follow other people I have always gotten into trouble. By taking my own stance and being my ownself it’s been awesome – and more profitable.

6. Use Technology: I am actually writing this blog now in Melbourne Airport. Isn’t that cool? Instead of just sitting here for an hour, I am having fun and talking to these people.

7. Think of Your Big Goal: I have learned that it’s important to have a big goal. As much as I love my job, no one wants to be doing the same thing for 20 years. Think of your master plan and your ‘big goal’ that keeps you going and is what you are aiming for.

So there you go! Some great lessons from my trip and the plane is cometh soon.

Thank you for the read, enjoy the thoughts and of course – Stay Awesome!

Enjoy It While You Can!

This was an awesome Melbourne Breakfast from St. Kilda - must enjoy it while I can!

This was an awesome Melbourne Breakfast from St. Kilda – must enjoy it while I can!

It’s been an absolute pleasure taking a short holiday visiting my folks in Melbourne. My significant other and I have really enjoyed it and when I get back to Sydney (tomorrow), I have some really big projects due out.

This month I am deploying a massive update to ‘The Awesome Marketing Vault’, doing lots of consulting on new clients, improving the business and working on the accounts – basically, getting ready for the next stage of growth and work.

What can happen very easily in business is that at times we have lots of work to do which is ‘time sensitive’. I have people who talk about ‘work life balance’ (who normally don’t have many clients) and whether this is true or not – the reality is that at times in business, we have tons of ‘critical’ things due at once.

Sure, if you don’t do them all it’s not like the galaxy will implode or anything like that, BUT it can be very disruptive to projects, deadlines and things that must be met in order to give you the given results you have.

One big thing I have learned in business is that you will just have really peak times. Be it you get lots of clients, you make tons of money, you are pumping out great projects or like – or tragically something can go against you.

In this context I am more getting to the positive in terms of one where we get busy – we need to keep at it until we get a ‘rest’ time. I am coming to the end of a great rest period now and what I have learned is that we have to enjoy them while we can.

We get busy, we get successful, we have families and we have ambition – which is awesome!

My lessons and advice from this one? When you have time off – enjoy it and love it! I know I have a busy run till the end of the year, so I am enjoying it as much as I can. Once I get back, it’s going to be a busy run which is awesome (as the projects I have give one awesome pay off for life).

Love your work, thank you for the read and of course – Stay Awesome!

Thinking ‘Out of the Box’ in my Cold & Fun Visit to Melbourne!

I love Melbourne and Visiting my old Employer 'Henkel Australia' got me thinking totally out of the box. Loving it!

I love Melbourne and Visiting my old Employer ‘Henkel Australia’ got me thinking totally out of the box. Loving it!

It’s day 2 of my visit to Melbourne and I am loving it. Spending time with my special lady, my mother and father (who I need to see more often). ‘

It’s been a great ‘reset’ to my brain in terms of doing new things, seeing experiences I haven’t encountered in a while and even more – working ‘On’ the business and not such much ‘In’ the business.

Over time I am starting to realize the importance of taking holidays. It’s a great recharge and tons of new ideas have been coming to me. I think what happens is that when we get out of our normal routine, we give ourselves ‘less’ things to think about – it opens our mind to enter a more creative phase to come up with new things in all areas.

Be it getting healthier physically and also coming up with that ‘brilliant’ idea that totally hits the spot. On my trip already, I have come up with great new ideas including:

– Types of Video to promote my Events on Facebook.

– Improving my Online Mentoring Program.

– How to better leverage my communications to help clients and also educate others.

+ More!

I don’t think I would have had these ideas this quickly without the great holiday I have been on so far and it’s reminded me of the critical importance of not just ‘working like a dawg’. Working hard is great, however it’s critical that our work is allocated to the right areas to get maximum efficiency and results.

If we get tired, fatigued, stressed out – our productivity drops, satisfaction goes out the window and growing the business can only get harder.

My advice and thinking? Get out of the box so you can think out of the box. Have great holidays, time off and think of how you can make your business better, more powerful and super awesome.

Love your work, thank you for the read – check out my Mentoring Program The Awesome Marketing Vault’ and of course – Stay Awesome!

Melbourne Coffee, New Scenery & Creative Ideas!

I love visiting my old hometown of Melbourne! It's stimulated lots of new possibly crazy ideas....

I love visiting my old hometown of Melbourne! It’s stimulated lots of new possibly crazy ideas….

It’s the first night of a great trip back to my original home city of Melbourne (Victoria). It’s a beautiful Coastal City that is full of style, fashion, culture, trams and very cold weather.

As someone who is originally from Melbourne who DEFECTED to live in Sydney for the rest of his days, it’s great to be back for a few days to visit my folks with my special / significant other.

My brain has been pumping out creative business ideas that I am actioning now and I have found this over the years almost every time:

– When you get out for a break / mini-holiday the creative ideas flow!

I think there are a lot of reasons for that and one of them is that you break your routine for a short period of time.  It allows you to do totally different things enabling new insights and creative thought to kick in.

For me part of this was going through the lovely Queen Victoria Markets and seeing quite a sophisticated coffee house that ONLY sold coffee. They had a massive line and were producing cups of coffee with what I drank today being one of the best cups I have had in my entire life. Even the packing was quite clever and this experience got me thinking on a range of different viewpoints.

It’s been driving me to think of what new creative ideas I can bring to my business? What new things can I do? What awesome ideas can I come up with and the like?

For me already it’s got me rethinking and improving my Facebook to make it more powerful, compelling and of course – super interesting.

My advice and thinking on this one? Business & Marketing success is dependent on creative ‘out of the box’ ideas and sometimes a short trip is great for that. Melbourne is doing me lots of good and who knows what profitable ideas I shall come up with? (Hopefully a few lol).

Love your work, thank you for the read and of course – stay awesome!

P.S. More of Awesome Melbourne Here I come!

Premium Websites, High Value Clients & Josh Zuker Travel’s Fine Example!

The new Josh Zuker Travel Website is Premium, Impressive and I will help convert more high value clients. Impressive to say the least!

The new Josh Zuker Travel Website is Premium, Impressive and I will help convert more high value clients. Impressive to say the least!

Over the stacking years now of being a Marketing Mentor I have learned many amazing things. Every day that passes I seem to learn something more and one re-occurring theme has been over the years is:

It’s not about getting clients, it’s about getting profitable clients!

I can swear to this statement with pin-point accuracy in that I have turned around many of my own clients not by them getting ‘more clients’ but getting more of the ‘right clients’.

One key element of attracting the right clients is that of one’s website. Be it they are a referral to you or say find you online for the first time – they website is one of the first things potential clients see.

When this occurs, two things happen:

They either like it and stay. Or they don’t and go.

Obviously them going is not a great thing and we don’t want that. We want people to stick on our websites for a while, do lots of reading and then say “Awesome, I’m in” and make an enquiry!

This all sounds great on the surface and what it comes down to is having a quality website that tells the potential client what they need to hear, it makes you look like a ‘Trusted Supplier’ and also it gives them great functionality for purchasing / making contact.

When I work with clients, getting the website right is often one of my earliest recommendations for exactly that reason. You maybe say getting 2,000 visits per month and no leads. Update your website and get say 20 Leads per month with 5 converting into clients. Nice!

A great example of a brand new website (out today) is done by the awesome Josh Zuker from Josh Zuker Travel.

He has worked very hard on creating a brand new website that gives great information, looks premium and is up there with a ‘High Quality Travel Brand’. I think it’s a great new launch and like many clients – I am sure he will wield this nicely to grow his business and help more people.

My advice and thinking? Get your strategy right, make sure your product / service rocks and get your website right. It is there selling for you 24 hours per day 7 days a week, so give it the TLC and energy it deserves.

Love your work, thank you to Josh Zuker for being the poster boy – and of course, stay awesome!

Fisherman’s Friends, Sore Throats & Saving My Workshop!

My sore throat and workshop was saved by a mere pack of Fisherman's Friends. Always pays to come up with great ideas in difficult moments!

My sore throat and workshop was saved by a mere pack of Fisherman’s Friends. Always pays to come up with great ideas in difficult moments!

I am a very lucky man with a sore throat that is coming good. Today I was very lucky to do a full day workshop with one of my awesome clients ‘The Northern Sydney Institute, part of TAFE NSW’ (“NSI”). It was a hit and I got some rave reviews – so I am very happy.

NSI are an impressive type of business that are a natural hybrid between Enterprise, Mid-Tier Entrepreneurial and Government. They have traits of each with a unique type of individuals working with them creating change and innovation at a local and organizational level.

Our workshop was lots of fun working dealing with anything from the pleasant fun of selling to the not so pleasant side of working with people that can be hard to influence.

I haven’t had a sore throat in about 12 months and like my luck at times – I woke up with a sore throat that day. I was itchy on the right hand side and after a meeting that morning, my voice was already getting raspy.

I had at least 6 x hours of speaking to get through and I was very worried. I mean really worried. My voice needs to hold up so I can make the day all in one piece. This took me to immediate ‘Battle Stations’ and I went straight to a Pharmacy to load on what I had.

There were some heavy lozenges, however it was an old classic that saved my life. Fisherman’s Friends were available in their ‘Sugar Free’ version and after taking one I felt immediate relief.

The pain went away and my voice actually worked and sounded 100% in nature. Throughout the whole day I ate a whole packet of them and if it wasn’t for them I would have been dead meat for sure. It helped me make the workshop a success and oh boy I am lucky!

My advice and thinking? Stuff can always go wrong at the best of times and we got to come up with cunning back up plans.

In my case it was a packet of awesome Fisherman Friend’s that saved my day. Who ever thought that would make all the difference?

Love your work, thank you for the read and stay awesome!

Insights from Martha Arifin on Creating Your Profitable Online Product & Membership Site!

Martha Arifin spoke in tonights Awesome Webinar and I got some great insights. Loved it!

Martha Arifin spoke in the Awesome Webinar giving some great insights. Loved it!

I was very lucky yet again to be working with the awesome Martha Arifin tonight on our latest webinar ‘Creating Your Profitable Online Product & Membership Site’. We had a great crowd interested in learning more about this real niche of an area.

This isn’t for everyone, but for some it’s just perfect. For me especially, I love my business, my clients & what I do. About 6 months ago I was totally capped out workload wise and for me – the only way to grow is have some form of Leverage & Automation.

Creating the Online Mentoring Program ‘The Awesome Marketing Vault’ was the answer for me with tonight’s webinar being the chance to reflect on how I have done it and learn from my awesome business partner Martha.

In this case, I got some great insights from listening to Martha that I would love to share with you all when it comes to creating your profitable Online Product:

1. Consideration: Really think it through and make it part of your business.

2. Foundation: Make sure your business is working first before you ‘Productize’ it.

3. Connection: People don’t buy content, they buy communities. Of course you need content, but they need connection and the opportunity to interact.

4. Planning: Plan it well first and then technically map it out.

5. Implementation: This can be quite a long part of the project and you want to get it right.

6. Expectations: If you want to earn a bit of money here and there – just work harder in what you are doing. Online Products & Membership sites are hard work, but for high return.

7. Continually Work at it: Make it part of your business and just continually work on it as part of things.

There is a lot more to do it and I always like to say that you ‘Learn by Teaching’. Enjoy the tips, check out The Vault if you want to learn more and of course – Stay Awesome!

The Dawg: You Never Know What’s Coming Next…

From moving boxes on Sunday, to being licked by a Dawg to handing over business cards - be ready for awesome events to come!

From moving boxes on Sunday, to being licked by a Dawg to handing over business cards – be ready for awesome events to come!

It’s been an awesomely busy Sunday – very reflective of some of my client facing days where I may be back to back for 12 hours!

Business has been awesome lately and I have been blessed with a great flow of awesome clients and people who I genuinely want to see Grow, Succeed & Prosper.

Today was a very funny day and one thing I have always said in business is that you never know when a potential opportunity shall come up. My better half had to move offices today and I was with her lugging boxes of books and equipment from Level 9 to the Ground Floor.

She intelligently sold some of her office furniture to a lovely woman through Gum Tree who hired a van to come and pick it up. When she arrived, she had a nice big black dog on her seat. The lovely woman was double parked and it was the fast and most funniest situation I have had all weekend.

Both her and my other half had to go upstairs to trade cash for the furniture and I was told to sit in this woman’s van with her big black dog. The dog was awesome! He jumped on me and worked very hard to lick my face (which was just nice) and he probably smelt cat on me.

When the woman and my better half came back 10 minutes later, I found out she was a brand new Entrepreneur Accountant. I introduced myself to her, happened to have a card on me and even an invite to our upcoming Free Sales & Marketing Workshop.

I had my gym bag with me and yes, I have flyer tickets and business cards in there. You just never know who you are going to meet, so it’s always great to be prepared.

Who knows, she may have thrown out my card and flyer (I doubt it though, she was really nice) – it may sit on her desk for 3 months and then one-day she thinks ‘I need some Marketing Help & Business Growth, I am going to call Ed!’

From moving furniture, to sitting in a strangers van with her dog, to meeting a possible client – the truth is that we never know what is going to come next.

My advice and thinking? Be prepared. Not just for bad things, but for AWESOME THINGS!

Love your work, thank you for the read and of course – Stay Awesome!

Being Streetwise & Not Listening to Idiots!

I have listened to some idiots in my time and got into lots of trouble. Only listen to the awesome I say! (Thank you Fallout and Vault Boy for the Image Cred)

I have listened to some idiots in my time and got into lots of trouble. Only listen to the awesome I say! (Thank you Fallout and Vault Boy for the Image Cred)

I bet if you are reading this article, you may have seen my headline and thought ‘Awesome’. I was very lucky to meet up with some awesome people for dinner tonight and we spoke about bad bosses and people that have ripped us off / taken advantage of us over the years.

These days I am very lucky to be surrounded by so many awesome people (including ones like you reading my blog) and like I am sure many of us in Sydney or any big city – we have had crooks and villains come our way too.

I am very grateful for the success I have today and in looking back on it, I realized how naive I used to be.

Over the years I have worked very hard on becoming more savvy and it’s a critical skill. I have some great friends and earlier in my business my ‘Streetwise Smarts’ helped me pick some people who weren’t exactly friends making a move on me.

That is, I could pick some people doing stuff against me and I knew they were only pretending to be ‘nice’ to me in order to get something. What was quite funny about this situation is that they thought I didn’t know what was going on and figured they were probably way smarter than me.

The good news is that I wasn’t really paying attention to what they were saying and going back in time – it got me thinking about people who were just idiots. That is, they were just giving me really bad advice most likely out of jealousy and wanting to not see me succeed. Tragic, but you get some people that do that.

Talking to the positive, I have some awesome people caring for me, supporting me and helping me strive to become more. This is great, totally inspiring and as a component of being ‘streetwise’ it’s critical to know who to listen too and who we must totally ignore.

My advice and lessons? Watch out for idiots! They can pretend to be your friends and may even offer you ‘advice’ that if you aren’t careful will lead to your destruction.

Focus on the awesome people. They matter and mean the best.

Love your thoughts, thanks for the read – and stay awesome!

5 Hour Car Rides with Martha & The Quest for Awesomeness!

From Shooting Video Footage to Talking Strategy - Spending 5 hours talking to Martha today was time well spent!

From Shooting Video Footage to Talking Strategy – Spending 5 hours talking to Martha today was time well spent!

Martha Arifin and I have been busy lately. From speaking at events, to shared clients, to working on new concepts – we are almost on the phone every day discussing key ideas to make things happen.

Today we were very grateful to be key speakers at a Conference for an impressive large mid-tier firm. They had their annual conference in the Hunter Valley where we spoke on Business Networking, LinkedIn and key Marketing Ideas.

If you haven’t been, the Hunter Valley is one of Australia’s top Wine Regions with a global reputation.

It is a good 2.5 hour drive from Sydney (direct North) with Martha and I in the car to and from. It was quite fun actually and it was a very profitable experience spending some long hours with Martha planning, thinking, working through problems and in simple terms – helping people ‘become more awesome’.

I have been incredibly lucky to work with Martha over the years and today’s experience got me reflecting on not only how lucky I am to know her, but how other awesome people make us ‘more awesome’.

Over the past few years I have worked very hard to not only surround myself with the right people, but to be ‘the right person’ that others choose to surround themselves with. This has come from making decisions with ‘integrity’ as a key value paradigm behind it, putting ethics over profits and making a concerted effort to add value to the lives of others.

Much of this came to the surface in the drive with Martha today. We talked business, projects and also shared lots of stories as to the ‘crazy stuff’ we have seen on the mean & nice streets of Sydney. Both of us have had very shared experiences from people taking advantage of us, to helping us and in our time in business – we have seen lots of people come and go.

Many business people we have seen ‘go’ have commonly (and tragically) been shonky ones. A very common format is that people come in, use people like crazy and then have ‘karma’ pay them back when nobody will refer or hire them. On the positive too, ‘the awesome’ get endless referrals and support from others around them.

Our conversation bought many of these concepts up to top of mind and my advice & thinking from all this?

It’s not easy at times being ‘awesome’ and it certainly means different things to different people. My take of this term is being the best version of yourself and the more we strive to it is the more successful we become and also the more satisfaction we get out of life.

For me, my life used to suck because I used to suck. Taking my focus from helping myself to helping others has been paramount – I love what I do and I am lucky to have what I have.

Thank you for the read, love your work, keep at it, thank you Martha Arifin and of course Stay Awesome!

FREE Live Sydney Workshop: ‘The Profitable Marketing Forum’ (Tuesday 20th October 2015)

Martha Arifin and Edward Zia (me) are back for the October 'Profitable Marketing Forum'. Join us won't you?

Martha Arifin and Edward Zia (me) are back for the October ‘Profitable Marketing Forum’. Join us won’t you?

If you were one of the attendees from our first ‘Profitable Marketing Forum’ you will know I speak the 100% truth when I say:

It was awesome and we have received countless rave reviews!

Our first Forum was our successful pilot program and since that time we have been busy working on the upgrade / next generation.

This one is bigger, better, faster and more enjoyable educating our attendees on the latest Sales & Marketing trends to help them get more Profitable High Value Clients.

Martha Arifin & Edward Zia (me) are looking forward to exploring with you a range of areas covering anything from finding your edge, getting your message right, LinkedIn, Facebook, Mailchimp, Email Marketing, Online Marketing, Real World Face to Face Selling, Automation and more!

We are offering this for Free with no lame sales pitch promising a valuable content rich event. We love doing this as Marketing is what we enjoy and we love giving to the community.

It runs from 9AM to 1PM at Novotel Sydney Olympic Park (which is one beautiful venue) and you’re invited. As it’s full of new content, it’s perfect for previous attendees to join us to stay current and we’d love new awesome people (perhaps yourself) to be part of the profitable action.

Please share this with those it can help and Martha & I can’t wait till we see you then!

>> Learn More & Register Here!

Ambitious Councils, Motivated Business Owners & The Impressive BBAS

The Bold, The Elite & The Few? Domenica Mirarchi (pictured far left) and her BBAS Team run one impressive 'Council Led' operation. Rare and no doubt a model for more to follow!It has been a very long yet rewarding day. I was up at 5AM, speaking at an event at 7:30AM and as I write this blog starting at 11:28PM – I am positively inspired from working with a chain of great people all day.

My day began speaking to a fine crowd of Business Owners, Mid-Tiers and Corporates at a Networking Breakfast organized by the Bankstown Business Advisory Service (“BBAS”). My awesome colleague Martha Arifin and I did a fine presentation on ‘Automated Marketing Strategies’ (which you are welcome to download here) to a room of almost 100 business owners who are eager for more knowledge to give them the edge.

As we spoke to this fine crowd, I couldn’t help reflect on how rare this actual concept is. Sure there are plenty of Networking Groups around town and business improvement events of one nature or another – but what is unique about BBAS is that it’s run by the Council. That is, an employee of Bankstown Council by the name of Domenica Mirarchi (“Dom”) one came up with fine idea to help connect, mentor and educate local business owners in the South West of Sydney.

To her amazing credit after several years of work, she turned a few small networking events into a very impressive business improvement type of organization offering events to connect, help each other and learn the edge (I actually know how big their database is and although I can’t tell you, I can tell you it’s massive!)

In this context Martha and I came in as ‘Expert Speakers’ to help out and to our knowledge there is nothing else like this across Sydney. That is – this is the first council we know of to have taken so much initiative in helping their business owners grow.

In speaking with Dom, she explained that this model has been adopted already by the Liverpool Council (South Western Sydney) with some trials to come in other councils and the like. It’s very impressive and it showed me actually how much can be done when someone has a good idea and you have a Government willing to back something.

I had no idea this concept existed till recently.

It’s true that across Sydney some Council’s honestly are very questionable in their value, but you get some that really work hard to help people (e.g. Bankstown, Hills & Parramatta are Councils I know that are doing their best and are beyond question). I think it’s a great sign that councils are getting more ‘Development’ centric and moving on from just being ‘Enforcement’ centric which obviously creates a great situation for everyone.

If you like what you see here, check out the BBAS website here – I promise you shall learn something.

Love your work, thank you to Dom and her team from Bankstown Council – and of course Stay Awesome!