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Marketing Consistency is AWESOME: The Opposite TOTALLY SUCKS!

Michael Jordan is a great one to research on the topic of Consistency and Repetition! True in all areas of life I think, especially Sales & Marketing!

Michael Jordan is a great one to research on the topic of Consistency and Repetition! True in all areas of life especially Sales & Marketing!

Small Business Marketing is an area of itself and as per some of my earlier articles, one of the largest issues I see out there as a Marketing Mentor is REALLY LAME CONSISTENCY.  Sorry to just start on the negative, but I am not going to sugar coat this issue that is costing many great Entrepreneurs and their families dollars!

Before I go into my rant, err – I mean my constructive piece of compelling writing I wish to thank the awesome Ciaran Keating (East Software) for asking me to talk more on this idea.  We are in this shared “Northern Think Tank Project” and touch wood – this link will be content in his upcoming newsletter so yay!

So back to my original article – Basically too many have great ideas, great technology, great thoughts – they then make a great decision and say hire me to help them (of course I think that is a great decision x x) but then they either don’t do the work at all, or start / stop over and over again.  The reality is that regardless of how great you and your technology is – without consistently interacting with the market you aren’t going to get anywhere near the results you deserve.

Putting my money where my mouth is, I am going to use one of my favourite “Early Game” Marketing Strategies, Business Networking.  I built my 6 Figure Business originally out of doing that 3 x times per week and constantly meeting people for coffee / lunches.  I would work my butt of giving referrals in the hope of getting them and doing my best to sell my services.

Networking can be exhausting work, but make no mistake – it does totally work and if you do a bit of Google Research, it won’t take you long to see Richard Branson backing up my logic here (or perhaps I am backing up his logic!).

The point being is that I would meet countless people that would say Networking wouldn’t work and almost always, it would be due to Marketing Consistency.   That is, they aren’t either doing it enough – or worse, just coming and going without creating any compelling reason as to why someone should hire their services.

In some cases, I have had silly billy people tell me it doesn’t work and they go Networking 1 x per Month! Yes, 1 x per Month.  I would say go at least 12 x times per month.  So in this case, my consistency and workload itself would have a massive impact over theirs.

When I started my business 3 years ago, one of my friends (who I had a falling out with eventually) started his business the same time I did.   Were were friends at the time, but our relationship really started to wane as that person was always they were “Better than me” and they were “Just more experienced” (true or not, it’s not very nice to push someone around like that).

I would go Networking at least 3 times what that person did and would be meeting people 1-on-1 all the time to work out how we can help each other.  That person always had this big idea of “Seminars” and even went as far to say that “I am just a little thinker”.  At the time, my self-esteem was quite low – so I put up with it, eventually I unfriended them on Facebook and never again!

Even though I think I am way better than them, let’s say I wasn’t.   The fact that I SOLD MORE AND BETTER helped explain why I succeeded in my business and they went back to full-time work.

My big lesson early on was the importance of consistency.  As a Marketing Mentor early on when I didn’t have the awesome track record I do today, I would often get hired over way more experienced people than me because they could see my clear focus and would trust me more over the “Big Shots that come and went”.

Even though I have used Business Networking as an example here, pretty much this point applies true in most other Marketing.  Be it knocking on doors, Facebook Posts, LinkedIn Group Contributions, Sticking to Fortnightly Email Marketing and calling up your channel partners asking for referrals every month or so on – CONSISTENCY IS KING!

I hope you have enjoyed my article awesome people and have a great day / night out there!

Edward Zia – Marketing Mentor and man who just became great out of doing it more than everyone else! x x (Well, I at least think I am great.  I so hope the market does too!).

CRACKING HARD NUTS: 10 x Tips for Selling to Corporates!

Just Hit Them Harder? I am quite sure there is more to it than that in Corporate Selling!

Just Hit Them Harder? I am quite sure there is more to it than that in Corporate Selling!

After finishing up with my old Government Days and later leaving the Laboratory as an R&D Chemist – I had a massive big break and at the same company I worked at.  They gave me a totally awesome job as a Technical Representative.

I was dealing with massive clients such as Amcor, Boeing, Ansett (Yes, I am getting OLD), Qantas and also the Royal Australian Airforce.  My early 20’s were my Milk & Honey days and I totally loved it.

It was also very challenging as well in really learning how to sell to Corporates!

The Awesome Lucy Milekovic actually asked me about this topic in an email, so I thought I would write a fine article on it. This is dedicated to her, an awesome Bookkeeping Business Owner based in the Sutherland Shire Region (South of Sydney).

I get this question from quite a few of my clients and whenever I think of the topic, it takes me straight back to my early Corporate / Technical Selling days before I went into full time Corporate Marketing Roles.  Corporates (especially from larger companies) all have their own quirks and there is clearly a different style of selling to them, than say a Small Business Owner / Entrepreneur.

Martha Arifin and I were discussing this topic actually when we were booking our Awesome Business Boot Camp.  We checked out the Novotel and then the Pullman Hotel for our venue.  Novotel and Pullman Hotel are of similar star ratings, but the Pullman is a complete Corporate Experience.  There were quite a few Corporates there and we started comparing say two characters:

– A $250 K / Year Corporate Vs A $250 K / Year Entrepreneur!

Two totally different characters and one is probably more about Ideas, Creativity and Flexibility – compared to the Corporate who would be about Management, Process and Approach.  Considering this awesome conversation and my own experiences, here are my own Personal Top 10 x Tips for Cracking Corporates:

1) Always Consider the Person: Good to know say DISC or PeopleSmart so you can pick styles and adapt.

2) Clear Outcome: Be very direct and cut to the chase very quickly.

3) Caution on Chit-Chat: This changes later on, but in the boardroom watch this one.  It can kill your deal if they think you are too interested in stuff outside of business.

4) Answer Questions Straight Up: Same as Entrepreneurs too, just cut to the chase.

5) Concise Answers: Don’t fluff about.

6) Tonality: Keep a Professional, Assertive Tonality.

7) Disarming Lines: If they challenge / push you around, make sure you become an equal quite quickly and disarm them.  Otherwise they will ride you like a cute pony!  Do it nicely though.

8) Smile & Positivity: Many Corporate Employees are nice people, but are stressed out.  Try and be their “Outlet” that they can trust.

9) Listen & Take Notes: Physically take notes and get all the details.

10) Don’t Push for the Sale: By all means ask for it, but if you have to provide more information – then all good!  Make sure you lock in your next appointment time then, or at least via email.

I hope those tips help and quite a few obviously overlap with Entrepreneurs too.  Like all things, these are general tips and make sure you adapt to who you are speaking too.  Quite often in younger Corporates (e.g. Microsoft, Google, Samsung etc) you have Entrepreneur Characters in high-end Management roles – so in selling NEVER ONE SIZE FITS ALL.

If someone wants to talk socially, then talk socially – if someone wants to cut to the chase, then let the chase be cut ASAP!

Hope you enjoy the read, good luck to Lucy Milekovic with her selling next week and have an awesome day or night everyone!

Edward Zia – Marketing Mentor and Former Corporate Nut Cracker x x

The Heroine’s Last Stand: Kylie Warry Showing the Big C whose boss!

Kylie Warry - an amazing leader, brave under fire and the photos says it all (Thank you to the St. George and Sutherland Leader for the great photo and original story)

Kylie Warry – an amazing leader, brave under fire and the photos says it all (Thank you to the St. George and Sutherland Leader for the great photo and original story)

This photo tells far more than 1000 words.  Kylie Warry is an amazing, tough and aspirational leader that I have been very lucky to be friends with.  From the moment we first met, I remember first meeting Kylie and her supportive husband Marc in helping them work on their business.

I remember in a short space of time, seeing Kylie just “Normally” working away and then watched her in real-time go through the tests, the results, the nerves, the fear, the original chemotherapy and then surgery.  What I also saw was the rise of Kylie as a heroine who took many people’s “Last Stand” and turn it into a cause to help inspire and support other people.  I only just saw this article about her come through on Facebook the other day.

“This is Kylie Warry and this is what breast cancer can look like” came out in The Leader showing publicly (and quite visibly) what happened to her.

In my own business life, I have worked with thousands of people now over the years and seen every (well almost!) type of character.  I have seen people who have it all with all the abilities in the world just blow it and waste their god given talents – and then you get the rare Hero / Heroine’s like Kylie.  As they face their last stand, they sure – feel fear like anyone else, buy the just handle themselves with a god given grace.

It’s interesting that this article so much didn’t get my thinking about my own mortality as I think most would – seeing her photo and reading it got me more considering my own life as to when I have had “It all” and failed to use it.  I had an amazing life full of opportunities before the Global Financial Crisis and I never harnessed it.  This ultimately led to my own career, relationship and financial demise – but then, led me to be the flamboyant Floral Shirt Wearing Persian Marketer I am today.

Seeing Kylie has made me think about my life at a much deeper level.  She is an amazing inspiration to be so brave, open and upright during her last stand – showing the big C who is boss!

My advice from Kylie’s amazing story? Share this on Facebook of course and spread the word! Then also put the magnifying glass in your own life and question your own behaviour.  (As I do) you will know in the areas of your life you aren’t living to the full, so decide to go hard and create the life and business you want.

My failing (not anymore but previously) was almost always being a bit chicken of making big moves, expressing my mind and “Letting” myself fully invest into an idea in case “I would fail and look bad”.  Now even admitting that in an article about Kylie & Marc’s awesomeness as a power couple makes me look very silly.

So this is it for me! I am so channeling Kylie’s bravery under fire and her amazing leadership in extreme situations.

This is it from Edward Zia! A man truly honoured to be friends with Kylie Warry and her amazing supportive husband Marc.

P.S. Make sure you Google Kylie of course! x x

Being Appreciated for your Hard Work: My Congratulations to Daniel Doherty!

Daniel Doherty at ConnectFX - One great event and thank you to Sebastian Giunta for the great photo!

Daniel Doherty at ConnectFX – One great event and thank you to Sebastian Giunta for the great photo!

10:11PM Thursday Night, Got a Mouth full of Chocolate and very lucky to be opening MC for the Amazing Daniel Doherty’s ConnectFX Business Club.  If you don’t know Daniel, his is this extremely passionate and “Casually Serious” man from the South West of Sydney who runs his business MERLINFX.

I was very lucky to meet and work with this fellow who I met at a dinner and helped him work on his first 100% own event.  I have worked with thousands of people over the years now and I have heard all sorts of amazing stories.  From the down right struggles to the massive wins, to massive injustices to people giving from the heart – I must have heard almost all extremes by now!

In terms of this event and what always interested me about Daniel has been watching him really evolve (in a short space of time) in an Entrepreneurial Respect.  Although brilliant, when I first met him he was a fellow who had clearly been under appreciated and taken advantage of. I don’t mean so much in an abusive way, but a fellow who has just been “used” and just simply not appreciated for years on end.

This I can only relate too.  For years (due to my old poverty mindset discussed in other articles) I was always the door mat in life.  From “friendships”, to early on in my business I have had people just use and use me.  I have learned some very powerful lessons about that and in a different respect, I think that many people just took advantage of Daniel’s kind heart, brilliant skills and generosity without giving back.

Hearing his story (and seeing it backed up with evidence) made me certainly pick up his plight and it also made me reflect on my own history and people doing that to me.  Daniel although has been a serious networker, he has always been donating himself to other people. Tonight it was great watching him run his OWN event, doing it his OWN Awesome way and contributing to the Sydney Business Community.

I think tonight he will be celebrating after running a brilliant event and to me it is certainly bringing quite a smile to my dial.  Daniel has taken a great personal stand against people oppressing him in a very positive way – by creating a new event to help serve the community better than the people original putting their boot to his throat.

I had a recent experience too (in which I fought back with guns blazing) where I had the same thing.  I spend my energy and time supporting a bunch of people that just simply took advantage of me.  The good news is that in being through this process several times, I could adequately defend myself and stop the people doing any more harm against me (and also make sure my friends are being protected too).

Beyond Daniel and my own experiences, I think there is too much “Dog eat Dog” going on out there.  Jim Vass who is this amazingly success business man who I interviewed (dig a month or two earlier in my blog) made a great point:

– “Whenever you do business with someone, make sure there is a drink left in it for them”.

Jim practically meant give back to people that give and make sure it’s fair.  There is too much people who are just “All Take” and “No Give”.  Like Daniel being bled by people that don’t care for him and appreciate his hard work and honest heart, a group of people mobbing me recently (but bring them on I say! I am very good at defending myself these days) I think it’s critical to ensure you don’t wind up like I once did as a doormat for everyone else.

My advice? If you are under the boot of too many people follow Daniel’s Leadership.  He made an ethical and positive stand for his own rights and CREATED an amazing event to help everyone in the business community.

So my big congratulations to Daniel Doherty from one amazing event!

I bet he will be resting tonight with a fine smile!

Thank you for the read and Edward Zia – Marketing Mentor and Supporter of the Under-Dog off to bed now!

10 x Awesome Tips for Overcoming Public Speaking Nerves: Just for Small Business Owners!

Nothing like overcoming those nerves, and delivering one awesome speech on stage!

Nothing like overcoming those nerves, and delivering one awesome speech on stage!

Public Speaking is one profitable, yet powerhouse skill that takes time to master.  As I was discussing in our previous article, who really cares if you are Corporate? You are a cog in the machine and who really cares.

But as a Small Business Owner? You may already know – that it’s a totally different kettle of fish.   Your business is YOU, up on stage it’s YOU, and the ideas being presented are owned by YOU.

The stakes are high too, you may not get many chances (especially early game) to impress so the job is to make the MOST AWESOME impression and to rock the audience in style.

Am I trying to scare you? Of course I am! But of course, scare you into preparing nicely so you just rock and get awesome results.  Be it you are just trying to make a great impression, help some people or sell products from stage – I got my own personal 10 x Tips for you in overcoming nerves – hope you love them:

1) Practice & Preparation: Even I don’t wing it these days, always prepare and this is 50% of the challenge!

2) Beautiful Handouts: Make you look good, feel good and do most of the sale!

3) Smile: Feel bad? Just smile, it makes you feel better.

4) Breathe: Take in deep breaths prior and take it easy.

5) Well Rested Perk: I can speak with 3 hours sleep, but I am a veteran.  Starting out, get well rested so you can focus 100%.

6) Focus on others: Focus on awesome people in the room and not yourself!

7) Honest Heart: Come to give.  Takes out all the pressure.

8) Don’t Sell: Just focus on awesome content, then people buy.

9) Love what you do: Passion overcomes nerves.

10) Consume positive stuff that day: No Nightmare on Elm St or Friday 13th! Just happy films and stuff.

And of course my unwritten rule, DO IT ALL THE TIME!

I can so promise you, if you keep up this fine regimen – you will be totally rocking before you know it!

Thank you for the read too and big thanks from Edward Zia! Marketing Mentor and man who loves to talk (to much x x)

P.S Thank you again to the Fallout Creators for more of their Awesome “Vault Boy” artwork I so love using in my articles!

Strong People Lifting Others Up: The True Mark of an Awesome Operator!

Helping People Proves you are Strong and Awesome! Go The Rock!

Helping People Proves you are Strong and Awesome! Go The Rock!

I love “The Rock”.  He is one of the few celebrities out there that I think is a normal person who has really used his fame to help people and do the right thing.  I certainly look up to him as a role model / personal hero in quite a few respects and I saw this gem come through on his Facebook Page.

This image really sparked my imagination and thinking from several points of view:

1) My life is all of a sudden “Mysteriously Working” as I help other people.  I so believe in the view that “If you help enough people achieve their dreams you achieve your own”.

2) Weak People are the ones that put people down.  The people that have put me down in my own life are never successful.  People who are way more successful than me have done nothing but lifted me up.

For example, these days I get a lot of dirty politics aimed my way.  From people backstabbing, to those that had posed as my friends to use me, to those that try and keep me out of certain social groups – as I think back, none of them are more successful than me.

In fact, if I consider people that are successful, e.g. Karen & Grant Dempsey, Jim Vass, Jude Dowsett, Daniel Doherty, Edward Wright, Ciaran Keating, Martha Arifin and the list goes on – they have NEVER been the ones to ever put me down.

It’s always those viscous, powerless, little animals that are the ones that like to strike in the shadows completely out of probably spite, resentment and “Tall Poppy Syndrome”.

Then bringing the Rock into it, you have a man that certainly appears successful.  The rumours you hear about his good deeds appear to be consistent with these posts and you can see a highly successful figure using their powers to lift people up.

Bill Gates too! The richest man in the world, who HAS DECIDED to go and help the developing world.  Those viscous tall poppy people are CRITICIZING him! Really? He has plenty of other choices and he is doing amazing stuff with his wealth and people are still sticking it to him.

And guess what? All those people I bet are weak, powerless and completely pathetic.

So this is a great post I think in reminding us what makes a strong person.  It’s not someone who dominates or controls, it’s someone who supports and inspires.

Now, if you have acted with this behaviour before (even I have), it’s okay and may I invite you right now to change your ways.  We have all done things we aren’t proud of and redemption is choice you can make right now.  So please consider this – forget about yourself and set your life and heart on helping other people.  Doesn’t matter what you do for a living, you can live to serve your own greed or live to serve others.  I heard a great saying which I am proving true in my own life right now “If you help enough other people achieve their dreams, so shall you achieve yours!”.

However, if you are awesome and in line with the Rock’s Image, you are lifting people enough – please move on from the last paragraph.  Keep up the great work.  You are totally awesome and I love the example your setting.  True Leader you are!

Thank you from Edward Zia! Man who loves lifting others up (and surprisingly my life works when I do that).

Awesome Inspiring NIGHTMARES: Part II

Some great films in here all at once! My Nightmares aren't nightmares at all, more liberating visions I think (love this pic and thank you to and the great artist!)

Some great films in here all at once! My Nightmares aren’t nightmares at all, more liberating visions I think (love this pic and thank you to and the great artist!)

Awesome and Inspiring Nightmare? Really Edward is what you are saying? Yes it is.  It is the 3rd night in the row I have had nightmares.  They weren’t terrifying or anything – but they were in a way “Resetting” type of nightmares that in the respect.

If you have read some of my previous posts or know me in the “Real World” so to speak, 2013 was a totally redefining year for me and the most awesome year of my life.  Had I never have been so successful, but I also dealt with lots of personal themes and challenges.  In a way, it was a very compressed year – I dealt with many things that most would probably deal with over years and it was tough – but I loved it.  I remember confronting issues impacting me and others including:

– Relationship Breakdowns.

– Dating.

– Homelessness.

– People posing as friends to use you.

– People taking your side.

– Helping others.

– Overcoming ones issues!

– Developing an Awesome Mind & Life I am proud of!

– etc.

One thing that impacted me from last year was the “Homeless” issue.  That is, to this day – the emotional fallout of losing that side of me and my “Identity” being tied up in physical objects shined some light on my thinking.  That is, my own “Personal Security” was coming from “Things” and not generated internally.  I think that form of materialism is very dangerous – hence, it wasn’t being “Homeless” that caused the pain, it was my materialistic attachment to a physical “Home” that caused me the pain.  This issue I confronted head on last week and as part of my regular prayer to JC for changing this and helping me grow, I have had revealing nightmares!

So here is my last one, including the awesome Jude Dowsett’s assisted interpretation of it:

[My Nightmare]:

I was in Vietnam, in this “Resort” that was strangely militarized.  I had to go to a Suburb in Melbourne by the name of Malvern to an important meeting and I had to get back to the Resort Lobby / Reception time.  I met with Grant Dempsey (my awesome bud and Leader of 4Networking) who told me that I needed to go back to Malvern and I must get to the lobby in time to transport there to make it.

Grant Dempsey told me that he had separated with his wife Karen Dempsey which totally disturbed and unsettled me.  I realized I was running out of time and like a Persian Assassin I was running through this massive resort trying to make the lobby. I ran through supermarkets, native “Vietnamese” markets and everyone was trying to block me.  Putting trolleys in my way, trying to distract me so I would just run around them.

I then take a “Wrong” direction and find myself outside of the resort.  I was desperate to get back in and was begging the guard.  He told me to buy a ticket (it was like a Sydney Rail type of ticket) to get back in and I so no.  As I kept begging, I felt this disgust come over me as I wanted to get back in.  Then I woke up!

[Interpretation and thanks to Jude]:

“Vietnam” to me was probably one of my primary holidays ever when I traveled there for 30 days after my Government and early Corporate Days.  A fun and revealing time – the fact they were Vietnamese was a reference to me seeking fun.

“Malvern” is quite an affluent suburb of Melbourne where my mother and I used to go as a child and I loved it there.  Wanting to go there is a desire for elements of my past and happiness.

“Grant & Karen Dempsey” were the great people that helped me get back on my feet after my old life winding up and helped create my future that I have today.  Them splitting up in my dream, was my external reliance on them moving towards myself.

The “Resort” represented my old life and I was struggling to keep it.  However, as events unfolded I started to question what I was doing and even though I wanted it back, I also resented it.

In the last moment of the dream I remember turning and looking beyond the “Resort” questioning my behaviour and thinking “What is out there?”.

[My Advice and Interpretation]:

I am hardly a guy to believe dreams are precognition or anything like that, but it’s certainly my subconscious mind trying to speak with me. I think as I am changing and consciously wanting to move on for the past, as I rest my sub-conscious mind is re-wiring itself for my new future.

So I love it! It’s 8:33AM Monday morning as I complete this article and I feel quite liberated from the nightmare.  My question is now, “Was it really a nightmare as it set me free?”.

Something to ponder and have a rocking day / night everyone!

Edward Zia – Marketing Mentor and Dreamer Now!

10 x Tips for a Compelling 40 Seconds Elevator Pitch: For Awesome Small Business Owners!

Your 40 Second Elevator Pitch! Being Cool under pressure with a smile works! (Thank you to Fallout and GoG.Com for the awesome pic of Vault Boy!)

Your 40 Second Elevator Pitch! Being Cool under pressure with a smile works! (Thank you to Fallout and GoG.Com for the awesome pic of Vault Boy!)

As a Small Business Owner coming up with a compelling pitch to promote your business can be a massive headache at times.  I think as a Corporate / Employee it’s really easy.  You just get up and say what someone has told you to say – and if someone doesn’t like it, WHO CARES?

You can blame your boss or the company and it’s not really you up on stage.  You are just a cog in the machine of your company.

BUT like what I have experienced, when it’s just you and your business – it’s you up on stage bearing your soul! And how hard is that?

I think at the start it can be hard, but with continual preparation, skill and refinement you can get really good at it and deliver a sharp compelling message.

Talking to more my own Personal Business Networking Experiences and also help building / running the 4Networking Australia Community, I find that as you get more experienced your 40 second rounds get shorter.

That is you use less words and you get more business! To be clear too, I don’t mean “Say Less”, you “Say More” in “Less Words”.

I think the trick is really learning how to get across the power of what you say to get a conversation started.  A newbie mistake is trying to sell you from stage – no way! You just want to say enough to get a conversation started and get people thinking about a great referral for you (including them) – that is the point of a compelling 40 seconds round in my view.

For example, talking my own personal story. When I first started, my 40 seconds needed lots of work.  Now I think it’s really good and I can do it very easily on the fly.  Here is my before and after:

[Ed’s Old 40 Seconds – Said with Nerves and Fear]:

Hello Everyone.  My name is Edward Zia and I am a Business & Marketing Coach & Mentor.  I help Small to Medium Businesses with their Marketing and help them grow their businesses drawing on my career experience, my entrepreneurial experience and also using top strategies that I have used over the years.  My clients consider me creative and reliable and I am very keen on referrals to Small to Medium Business Owners that can benefit from my skills.  I really do like to meet open minded people in that working with them would be a great win / win for each other.  If you are interested, I would love to have a chat – so please contact me in the break and we can have a meeting to discuss your needs.  Thank you from Edward Zia – Business & Marketing Coach and Mentor.

[Even that put me to Sleep!]

[Ed’s Current 40 Seconds – Said in 20 seconds with tons of confidence]:

Hello Everyone! The name’s Edward Zia – Small Business Marketing Mentor and I love helping my awesome clients get more profitable clients and master their Sales & Marketing.  I am looking for awesome people like yourself that would love working with me.  Thank you so much from Edward Zia!


That actually takes me about 15 seconds to say and I get way more of a response that my original. It even leaves me to time to give an authentic compliment to someone in the room.

I hope that examples help and here are my Top 10 Tips from over the years of an Awesome 40 Second Round:

1) Aim to do it in 20 seconds – More time the better.

2) Givers Gain – Think about who you can support in the room with your time available.

3) Be really direct and cut to the chase – 100% Fluff Free!

4) Don’t read –  Say it naturally, much more convincing.

5) Tone and Body Language is critical – Say it like you love it and believe it!

6) Smile as you speak – It makes the words come out easier.

7) Use common Street Language – Big Words don’t work!

8) Watch the audience – See how they take to it and keep tweaking.

9) Change it all the time – Especially with a similar audience, make it always interesting.

10) Do it all the time – Keep improving and never slow down!

I hope you like this one and my tips give you a massive hand out there in the field.

Thank you from Edward Zia – Marketing Mentor who Loves a Sweet 20 Seconds Round.

P.S. This article is dedicated to an Awesome IT Services Lady who knows who she is.  Keep up the great work and wrote this with you in mind!

Turning NEGATIVE Nightmares to POSITIVE Dreams!

I can't say my Dream was as blissful as this one - but it's certainly leading to massive awesome Positive Outcomes as I learn the lessons my mind is trying to tell me!

I can’t say my Dream was as blissful as this one – but it’s certainly leading to massive awesome Positive Outcomes as I learn the lessons my mind is trying to tell me!

Positive Dreams? Hardly – I had a very very rough night of sleep and I had to get this article down before I forget all the detail.  Over the past few days I have felt “Funny” about things.  Positive and Happy with the way things are going – but I have noticed that my “brain” is really been tapping me on the shoulder to reflect on the past and put some of my experiences behind me.

Being a hard-working Persian Man from Inner-West Sydney, my typical response is “Ehhh – Get on with it!” and so my awesome sub-conscious brain has come back saying “No way, Edward – time for you to think about things!”.

One big thing I have noticed throughout my life is the importance of spending time each week to relax (even just a little bit) to help your mind unwind and put things in perspective.

As per the heading, I went to bed at about 10PM and had nothing but Nightmares.  They weren’t intense ones or anything, but these nightmares have got me positively reflecting on my life in many ways.  I do like to try and get the message out of my dreams and what it’s saying and the awesome Jude has been great in helping me do that.

One thing to note, a few days ago I was reflecting on how awesome my life has become – HOWEVER I have been a bit caught up in the past.  That is, spending too much time thinking about people from the past who have hurt me and wanting to move on to the next part of my life.

As per Jude’s help, I have put in my dreams below and with her help the interpretation is as follows:

[Dream 1]:

– Myself and a few of my friends are all of a sudden out of business and we are all together employees of all my old previous bosses (the bad ones).  Even though I was my same character today I was wearing my old Business Suit & Tie and wondering where my modern “Buff Guy” Floral shirts are today.  In the dream I am reflecting on what happened and how much I have slipped in life.

[Interpretation with thanks to Jude]:

– My old clothing is a sign of me hanging onto my old beliefs that don’t serve me.  Although I was wearing them, they disgusted me and I wanted to get them off me as quickly as possible.  My Positive feeling is today, it’s time for me to move on from the past and totally embrace my awesome future coming!

[Dream 2]:

– I parked my car somewhere odd (illegally double parked it) and I was going for a walk to see someone.  I was completely myself and as I walked back and I was going to some pub.  As I walked back, I would see more people from my past.  Usually old bosses.  Then one funny scene (this was my old boss) with his daughter (who I both enjoyed working with and were actually great) and I ran past him and deliberately knocked him causing to spill his coffee.  He didn’t know who I was but yelled out at me – I was running back to my car, panicking about getting a fine.

As I would go along, more people from my past would try and interrupt and stop me.  I woke up eventually feeling “Wait a Sec, this is a Dream”.

[Dream 2’s Interpretation with Jude]:

My car is my identity and I am questioning it now especially with the end bit of the dream involving me not even wanting it anymore. It’s a sign that my mind is shedding the past and really wants to move on.

It’s 10:51AM on a Sunday as I write this article and the reflections I think are amazing.  I am so off the gym now to put more thought into these and I like it.  I think my sub-conscious mind is totally on my side; it’s helping me let go of my past and embrace a new awesome future!

Thank you for the read, hope you have a great day or night wherever you are!

Edward Zia – Entrepreneur, Dreamer and Marketer! x x

10 x Totally AWESOME Public Speaking Tips for Small Business Owners!

Come on, we all love a round of applause don't we? Well, follow my 10 x Public Tips and you may up for some roses thrown in your direction!

Come on, we all love a round of applause don’t we? Well, follow my 10 x Public Tips and you may up for some roses thrown in your direction!

Public Speaking in a Small Business I think is totally different to say Public Speaking when you are an employee in a Corporate.  I have been in business now for 3 years (about 1.5 years full time) and worked as a Senior Marketing Manager for years in the Corporate World.

When I was in my old Corporate Life (way before I got washed up in the GFC) I used to be able to speak in front of hundreds and it was easy! Totally easy.  It’s my job, I got a Corporate Line to sell.  Just get up, smile, go through the content and done.  Just so easy.

Now wind the clock forward a near decade and I am now an Entrepreneur in my own business for the first time getting up in front of people for a 10 minute presentation.  I remember my first public speech as a Marketing Mentor / Consultant working for myself. It was at 4Networking Liverpool (Sydney) in front of about 15 x people.  And have a will guess?


Yes, I was freaking out, panicked and all over the place.  I am very good at knowing when to “Get over myself” and I did it and I think did a great 5 out of 10 job for my first time.  These days I feel I am quite good at it and in writing this blog now, it has me reflecting on why I was so scared about it?

I think the reality is that as a Small Business Owner / Entrepreneur, you aren’t some Corporate as part of a big company.  IT’S YOU UP ON STAGE! You are representing yourself and you are giving your raw soul to the audience.

That is totally confronting and I think very few people master this skill, let alone attempt too.  But make no mistake, public speaking is one amazing and profitable skill that anyone can master.

I think the other myth to “Debunk” as well is that there is this lie out there that you have to be “Really Loud” and have to be “Naturally Confident”.  When people see me speak these days and I tell them I could barely put a 40 second elevator pitch together they just laugh at and say “Yes Sure Ed, You are a Natural”.  When I hear that, it actually offends me slightly.  Not in that I think the person is dissing me or anything – but more they are just writing off all the hard work I have put in over the years to master this craft.

These days I can get up naturally and speak on almost any professional topic I have training in with little preparation and skill.  But this is the culmination of years of hard work. I think when starting out it’s important to

In reflection on a 7:33PM on my Saturday Night here are my Top 10 x Tips I wish I could have given to myself those 3 years ago:

1) Accept your fears are normal and everyone freaks out the first time.

2) Focus all your energy on the audience and not on your own fears.

3) Smile and think happy thoughts.

4) Really practice what you are going to say.

5) Have a sweet 1 to 2 page handout to give to everyone.

6) Aim your content to the audience.

7) Stay under time! Make sure you don’t go over.

8) Make sure your hands are under control.

9) Give positive body language.

10) Be Patient and Nice to yourself!

Hearing these 10 x Tips would have totally helped me and it’s what I have personally learned over the years and loved.

I trust it helps you on your speech-craft and like all things, if you love what I have to say, then you will totally love my Online Course the Awesome Marketing Vault! Right here for instant access x x

Thank you from Edward Zia – Marketing Mentor going Public Speaker and Trainer these days!!

P.S This blog is dedicated to an awesome fellow from Regional Australia who is speaking next week, so I wrote this for him and the world!

The AWESOME FIONA KANE: The Nutritionist that helped me lose 20kg and keep it off!

The Amazing Health Entrepreneur and Nutritionist Fiona Kane - I owe this Awesome Woman Big Time for Helping Turn my Health Around!

The Amazing Health Entrepreneur and Nutritionist Fiona Kane – I owe this Awesome Woman Big Time for Helping Turn my Health Around!

I owe Fiona Kane much more than a Blog Post / Article – in fact, I am quite indebted to her.  She is this amazing Health Entrepreneur, Nutritionist, Old Client and Top operator.  Her business Informed Health is an impressive clinic out in the Penrith Sector of Sydney (a beautiful forest environment located 50km direct West of Sydney CBD).

If you know me outside of my blog or have possibly read some of my previous articles, as an Veteran from my old Government days I suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).  The last say 5 months have been great, however in early 2013 it was very hard on me.  I had relationships breakdown, “Close Friends” take advantage of me and use me, and I was still quite overweight and had an binge eating / sugar addiction problem.

Throughout my life as a result of the life-long condition, it’s very easy for me to get addicted to things.  Alcohol & Food have always been my big problems and I got the drinking in check a few years ago – but food was still hanging on!

I met Fiona Kane I think early on last year (and before that from memory) and it was when my business was rocking, but my personal life was about to all tip over as it did (but I happy now).

She really understood me and got right into “My Head” in a short space of time and gave me such profound advice that changed me for the better. Basically, she made me aware in no time:

– I eat because I am trying to distract myself from my underlying psychological trauma.

– So face and resolve that trauma.

– Watch the Sugar.

– Go exercise and make it a routine.

Even though it sounds very “Derp / Obvious”, she was able to get the idea across to me in a way which created the powerful change.

Also as a funny joke, my title is misleading! I have put in 8 kg since.  I got to about 98kg (no exercise), and got my weight down to about 78kg.  Since I have been hitting the gym hard, I am now about 88kg but my jeans are loose so nice one.

My learning from this whole experience is I think admitting your own weakness / limitations and seeking out professional help.  Sure, I may be a brilliant Marketing Mentor and Online Character – but like anyone I have my own demons that I face.  I think it’s great when you then take action and hire Coaches, Mentors or People like Fiona Kane to help you deal with the weakness you have.

So thank you Fiona! You have changed my life for the better.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and check out Fiona’s Website right here!

Edward Zia – Marketing Mentor who isn’t a Porky Piggy anymore thanks to Fiona Kane!

The Case for Only WORKING WITH AWESOME Clients!

A Facebook Photo of the Card I sent to Awesome Mark Finch that I put up.  Lucky to work with Awesome People.  Yeah!

A Facebook Photo of the Card I sent to Awesome Mark Finch that I put up. Lucky to work with Awesome People. Yeah!

I am a lucky man to have a high end operator like Mark Finch engage some of my Personal Marketing & Business Mentoring Services.  Technically Brilliant, Heart of Gold and you can tell he is someone who is serious about helping people (and making an awesome buck for himself in the process).

I have reflected on some of the awesome heroes and villains I worked with in 2013.  As I always say, most people are awesome – but you get that odd rat-bag every now and then that just does mean things to you and tries to clean you out.  Referral Partners taking and not giving, people not paying you, trying to use you for free consulting and all that type of fun.  BUT then you meet the majority of Awesome People (like Mark as the hero of the article).  They are just normal people like you and me, kind, awesome, hard-working and busy trying to help people and their own families.

For not just me, but talking almost everyone successful in business – they have their share of people just doing the wrong thing by them.  I had a few people business wise rip me off last year, but what hurt more was more so called “Friends” who just hung around long enough to get stuff from me, then turfed me and moved on afterwards.  Sure it hurt at the time and writing about it can bug me – but many of these people that did that to me aren’t anything but successful.  Generally if someone will do that to me, chances are they have done that to 10 x other people – and you know to steer clear of them.

Talking more with clients that are the “Wrong Ones”, I have seen some awesome people just get taken advantage of.  This lovely woman in the 4Networking Global LinkedIn Forum was telling a hurtful story of a big company not paying her when they had more than the means and it was her own personal livelihood on the line.

Now talking the positive, when you work with Awesome People (like Mark) it’s all the other way around.  You get more results with them, they pay you on time, you are happy, they are happy, they refer to you great people and life is just good and rocking.

It’s very easy for me to say now “Just work with Awesome People”, but I think reality kicks in as well.  If you have just started out and you are fighting against rising bills, can you be as picky? OF COURSE NOT! This is especially true in Professional Services.

However, I think as you can build your base, then the case for just taking on Awesome Clients is critical.  In short:

– They Pay on Time (if at all).

– They will make you feel good.

– They will promote you.

– They will work with you.

– They are reasonable.

– You will want to give them “More” and be happy about it.

– You aren’t wasting your time with the Bad people!

– You are investing your time in Awesome People!

My advice if you have a few scum-bags around you? Don’t do what I did in 2013 and get upset about them.  Just walk away and move on! Life is short and plenty of Awesome Fish in the Sea!

And speaking of Awesome, make sure you check out my Awesome Marketing Vault – full of Natural Marketing Goodness for Small Business Owners!

Thank you for the read and 10:53PM as I close this blog, time for my beddy byes!

Edward Zia – Marketing Mentor and Indefatigable Persian who loves blogging late at night x x