My great photo with some top colours. Lighting Reflexes!

The Perfect Photo and LIGHTNING REFLEXES!

For an amateur photographer (who is great with a modern-day Phone), I am extremely proud of myself for some of the great images I take. From great selfies, to action shots, to those rare moments; I pride myself on being able to identify quick shots and take them. A great photo which I am...

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The Coogee Chamber Crowd are a smart lot of winners. Love their work!

The Smart and Opened Minded WINNERS!

I had a wonderful evening speaking to a great group of (good looking) winners on every level. It all started a few months ago where my wife and I were on the “East Side” of town. In Sydney, the East is full of beaches and wonderful shores and we visited a wonderful evening hosted by the...

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Wayne Wanders knows how to run a great event. Love his work!

Wayne’s World! (Of Great Events)

Awesome! Excellent! I am pumped to finally get back (at 11:12PM) from a wonderful night at Wayne Wander’s Meetup Group tonight. This event provided great content and inspiration to help women invest in properties and I loved it. My wonderful friend and Property Investor Julie Crockett...

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The 'U rock' on the sign also helped make the difference!

Lifting the ENERGY of what you do

I am so pumped are my most successful workshop ever. The reviews have been great, I am super excited (on many levels) and life is pretty good. What made my weekend Mastery Workshop great was not only the good-looking people who came (who are very good looking of course), it was also one...

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I love the great people from our Profitable Marketing Mastery Workshop. Their positive vibes are great!

The KEY reason why my business and life are WORKING!

It’s 10:26PM on Saturday night and I can’t think of being anywhere else. I love writing my blog and reflecting on my key lessons of the day. I have done lots of experimenting with my blog, with my best articles being written post 10PM. Today was an extra special day with our Mastery...

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Andrew Third did a great authentic job and he rocks on many levels!

Authentically WINNING

It was just last week I got to see the powerhouse Andrew Third in action. He spoke at our Profitable Marketing event as he builds his reputation as a speaker. He did a great job in front of a great 50+ crowd, and he had this great charm about him which the audience loved. I was thinking...

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#DontCrackUnderPressure is brilliant on MANY LEVELS!

Making sure you #DontCrackUnderPressure

I am in Sydney CBD at least 4 days a week these days. Be it running events, meeting great people, onboarding new clients and it’s great. I like to get off at Central Train Station, get a coffee from CJ’s, buy myself a Banana Smoothie from World Square and make my way to the Sofitel...

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Cydney O'Sullivan delivered great idea's in her Meetup. Hence, everyone loves her!

Useful ideas that improves the QUALITY of your life

During one of my wonderful evening seminars, one of our attendees made the point that ‘delivering value’ to people is everything. Of course, I agree with that basic idea; however, it’s critical to be specific in what that means. My key lessons in this area has all come back too how our...

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Profitable Marketing Meetup at Aeona rocks! We love their work!

More Winning with Aeona on Central!

I love Aeona on Central for many reasons. They are the wonderful venue where we hold our Profitable Marketing events and we had yet another great event being our best ever! During our event that was on this evening (as I write this blog at 10:32PM), we had lots of people love Aeona and...

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Starbucks Coffee Westfield Parramatta was a surprisingly productive environment. Love it!

Starbucks Coffee is great place to get work done!

Starbucks Coffee is a very productive environment I have found! I rediscovered them during my recent trip to New York as a VIP to the Meetup Togetherfest. As I went from meeting to meeting in New York, Starbucks became my ‘safe zone’. As the streets were cold, they had REALLY...

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We all love winning and it's a great thing! People never see the hard yards though, only we do!


I was extremely impressed to see a great group of winners over the past weeks at the NSW Business Chamber Awards. This included great Finalists, right up to people who won their categories that shall go onto compete on the State Level. I am very lucky to know many of these great people...

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Stanley Hsu is a WINNER on many many levels. Watch this space!

Stanley Hsu WINNING at My Cube Launch in Parramatta!

I had a great morning attending the launch of the new powerhouse ‘My Cube’ at Westfield Parramatta today. It was great and when I posted photos of my friend Stanley Hsu and myself, a group of people said he was on Shark Tank. I had no freakin’ idea and I thought I was cool having friends...

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