Be ambitious and write down your sales targets for 2018. DO IT!

Ask for MOOOORE in 2018!

I have been working with tons of clients this time of year in planning for 2018. The Marketing & Business Plan is a huge part of being successful and I have noticed that many are BEING TOO CONSERVATIVE. That is, they aren’t going for the stars, moon, upper atmosphere or even the tree...

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This is one of my favourite FB ads ever. Lots of great reasons for that!

Ed’s insider tips for making your FB Ads get noticed, get clicked and CONVERT!

I have been spending at least an hour a day for the past 7 days just working on the FB Advertising side of my FB Campaign. Even though I have been doing FB advertising for a while, I am going through a massive upgrade to make it drive more online sales of my Awesome Marketing Vault, get...

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My POWER WALL. I love it.

My beloved POWER WALL and how it’s changed my life!

Some many years ago, I heard about ‘Vision Boards’ and they were strongly advised to me by some very wealthy and intelligent friends. It’s the board where you basically put up your goals, dreams, visions and aspirations that you look at all the time. It helps prime your sub-conscious...

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The incredible Tina Zinghini from Miss Lushes Lashes. She keeps getting more incredible day by day!

Watching people change as their business doubles, triples and more…

Even though it’s been a few years, it seemingly felt like it was yesterday when I was first contacted by this wonderful person. I remember it being late at night (or at least the afternoon) in getting a message through FB for someone reaching out to win big. I could sense their...

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Make sure you have a great microphone and use it well to get beautiful audio quality!

Beautiful, Crisp and Crystal-Clear Audio

For those that are in Coaching, Sales or have studied Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP); you will probably be able to pick my learning style. Rookies tend to pick me as Visual, with the seasoned veterans correctly picking me as ‘Auditory’. This basically means that I tend to process the...

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Likable, trustable and unstoppable - Julie Crockett is in the zone. We love her work!

Likeable, Trustable, Unstoppable

Even decades ago, I have always had an interest in people. I remember as a child always having been interested in how people work, the power of words and how to influence people to get what I wanted. I had to do what I had to survive on the mean streets at certain points in my life and...

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Sheena Alexandra ('The Commander') is a powerhouse that acts fast and gets results ASAP. She's inspirational and love her work!

Get results ASAP

Today I have been in contact with one of my friends. She is intelligent, powerful, sassy and in the zone, being someone who I hold in high esteem. She has been a guest speaker at my signature workshops and we were talking lots over Facebook messenger today. Sheena Alexandra is one savvy...

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Flight Instructor Amy Chang rocks and the love for what she does shows. Emerging Leader. We love her work!

The need for HIGH ENERGY

If I go back many years to my great times at Tony Robbins (almost 15 years now), I learned a great stack of lessons that strangely did not serve me till later in life. Now I am an entrepreneur, family guy, community leader and the like; I feel the pinch of the world around me and I acted...

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My creativity got an EXTREME workout today and it was worth it!

Working my CREATIVITY on a Sunday!

This has been one of my most productive Sunday’s ever. I am the opposite of well rested for many reasons, in that I have been working on ‘The Awesome Marketing Vault with Edward Zia™’ with the graphical / sales side of it. In terms of the ‘inside’ of the Vault it’s wonderful; it’s been...

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My Awesome Marketing Vault continues to take more form and I love it! True leverage!

Setting up PROFITABLE processes that work whilst you SLEEP!

My Saturday has been a day of working on automation, process, leverage and growing my business whilst I sleep. This has included a massive front-end update to The Awesome Marketing Vault with Edward Zia™, which is my Mentoring Program that I totally love. It’s been very popular this year...

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This FB Ad of mine has brought in great results - the explanation has helped big time!

Being clear in how you help people solve problems!

I have been thinking lots about my own Marketing, Events, Workshops and the lot lately (as I always do). I am forever challenging myself to make them better, engage in best practise ideas and do what I can to do to strengthen my business and that of my wonderful friends. Advertising on...

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If you want to win more, meet more wonderful people! (Thank you Andrew Third and Arthur Maraziotis for being my hot models!)

Have MORE meetings!

As I write this blog, I am very happy in having several new wonderful people join my community. It always tends to happen in bursts, especially when I am just meeting lots of people. Lately I have been speaking at more events, running my own and just being incredibly active in terms of...

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