Hot Black Quoffee seriously conquers jet lag!

My love for ‘HOT BLACK QUOFFEE’ to conquer jet lag!

I am really surprised as to how I am wreathing the jet lag so far. I don’t know if I am going to crash soon, but I remember that this time I am way better than what I was last time I travelled overseas. I have even been doing videos and lots of my wonderful friends are saying that I have...

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I did eat well and sleep well on the planes, so I'm doin' okay!

I so can’t sleep!

It’s About 4:27AM New York time and although my jet lag isn’t that bad, I still can’t sleep. I woke up about an hour ago and tried to go back to sleep, but it just wasn’t working out. However, as I was very poorly trying to sleep, I have been awake and in the zone with creative ideas one...

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A hot chocolate to keep my breakthroughs going! Thank you friends!

Thoughts on the plane from Sydney to Los Angeles!

As I flew from Sydney to LA on my trip to the Meetup Togetherfest Conference, I spent some time off the internet! It was great and a real chance for me to sit back, think and consider my life. I knew I would get a big breakthrough. Would you love to hear it? I better get it out quick, as...

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Aeona on Central gave a great vibe that helped our event just work!

A great venue and the subconscious mind (Thank you Aeona)

It’s 10:52PM as I finally sit down to write this blog and guess what? I am getting ready for New York and love it. I am attending, speaking and contributing to the wonderful Global Meetup Conference and this is my last blog till I get off in the Northern Hemisphere. Tonight, we had our...

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I love Matt Craig and my new website! In the zone!

More tweaks to my NEWLY UPDATED Website!

With thanks to the wonderful Matt Craig from MindArc, my website has gone through some wonderful updates. It is now slimmer, more powerful, beautiful and looks just great. Matt did a great job of my website updates and when they came back, I realised that the instructions I gave to him...

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I love my website! Simple, powerful and shall be higher conversion!

Profitable Updates my Beautiful Website! (Thank you Matt Craig)

It’s Sunday, it’s a beautiful day and I am going to be out doing family stuff very soon. As I was tying up some loose ends before I go to New York, I got an email from my wonderful friend Matt Craig from MindArc Digital Agency. He in record time made some updates to my website that have...

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Edward Wright is an expert and legend! He saved my PC and hours of pain!

EXPERTS! Use them!

It was only a few days ago where I was working away on my Windows 10 Touch Screen Desktop. It’s a few years old and like Windows does, it always sends through automatic updates. Usually about once a week it will do a serious update of some form on all my devices and this was its regular...

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My Novotel Sundae hit the spot. A perfect way to end the week!

“Stuff it! It’s Friday!”

We work hard, we win big and if you are like me; you may have some totally epic weeks. One big thing that I have really learned (especially over the past few months) and the times where you have to say, “Stuff it!” and totally chill out. I did exactly that this Friday. I was with a old...

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It's kinda cool reading a blog about yourself. Nic eand enjoy!

A feature article written about Edward Zia (yours truly!)

This is one of those blogs where I don’t give value, marketing ideas or even try to tell you how to run your business. It’s written about me and my own story! My awesome wife and ‘Managing Director’ / ‘Boss’ Lassie passed me to this great guy by the name of James Mac who is starting a...

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Even though it's a few years old, my $800 Epson Project rocks. Worth it!

Using a decent, high quality, beautiful resolution PROJECTOR!

I just got back from a wonderful event at NSW Business Chamber tonight, hosted at the beautiful venue in Sydney CBD called “The Establishment”. It was the first time I visited their lovely ballroom there, and it was a great event of hundreds of us networking together this evening. During...

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The principle driven Felicity Wilson MP of North Shore Sydney. Love her work!

The importance of our PRINCIPLES

Some months ago, I was at a wonderful Business Chamber event in Sydney’s Lower North Shore. I had a spare evening (which isn’t always common), saw the invite and decided to go. It was great, there were many incredible people there including AWESOME LIBERALS. Being a proud member of the...

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Novotel Sydney on Darling Harbour gave our events the right look and feel to win big. Love it!

Getting the right LOOK & FEEL for your events!

I am coming down from a great Workshop over the weekend at Novotel Sydney on Darling Harbour. The incredible people, great discussion, many new ideas going down and we all loved it. As this played out, one continual round of feedback I received was how great the venue was. The food, the...

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