New Vault Content: “Creating Your PROFITABLE Vision, Mission, Values & Culture to WIN BIG!”

Friends! Tonight’s Live Webinar was a hit and it’s been uploaded into Section 2 of our Awesome Marketing Vault. Section 2 is all free preview, so you can access this without even being a member. >> Visit the “The Awesome Marketing Vault with Edward Zia™” here! Enjoy friends...

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Create Your Own Community

Like I normally do as an introvert disguised as an extrovert; I love to reflect. I think about where I am winning, where I am losing and what changes I need to make. One key aspect of my business over the years has been the “Community Environments” I have been in. Some have been bad,...

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The TALENT of Matthew Vasilescu

For a non-photographer I take good photos. Check that, for a non-photographer, I take great photos. I really know how to use my Samsung Galaxy S9. I’ve even taken better photos using my phone, that other photographers. I rarely get shown up here, however the powerhouse Commercial...

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What makes a HIGH VALUE Wonderful Customer?

“Customers aren’t everything. High Value Customers Are!” The above statement is one of the key lines I always open my Evening Meetups with. I always get people out of “I need more leads” territory and shift them to “I need more high value customer” territory. The reason being is that you...

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Profitable Marketing Mastery Workshop on Saturday 25th May 2019

Awesome Friends! If you love to learn the Latest Sales & Marketing Strategies and grow your business with strength, then our “90 Days of PROFITABLE Sales & Marketing to WIN BIG!” workshop will be perfect for you. This is a full day intensive experience at the Novotel Sydney on...

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Packing as much as you can into your PowerPoints!

Late last year, a few people on LinkedIn (oddly enough), tried to troll me on some of my views when it came to PowerPoint. I have become quite a PowerPoint Commander as of late (as I use it all the time), and two of them tried to gang up on me and tell me that I’m just soooooo wrong, and...

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Doing your Social Media on the Train!

If you’re from a big city like yours truly; you probably have quite a complex train system. In Sydney, we most certainly do, and I find myself on trains quite a lot during the week. I love trains in that it’s my time to do my Social Media! Adding people, sending messages, liking stuff,...

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New Webinar Vault Recording: “Strategies for PROFITABLE Fast Growth & WINNING BIG!”

Friends! After one powerhouse Live Webinar tonight, under Section 2, I have just uploaded “Strategies for PROFITABLE Fast Growth & WINNING BIG!” It’s a great area where we look at how to get high value clients ASAP. There are many reasons we need to move with a sense of urgency at...

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Recovering from bouts of HIGH NEURAL ACTIVITY!

If you go back to God’s Manual (or speak to anyone who studied evolution), they will tell you exactly how humans are crafted. We are built for high bursts of energy in dangerous situations, then times of rest and continued safety. We were never designed for 24 / 7 full on flight or fight...

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I sold my car and now I LOVE UBER!

For years (right from my unemployed days), I drove my wonderful Nissan Red Pulsar. It was a 5 Speed Manual and even though I have gone through bouts of homelessness in my lesser days, I always had a car. As I met my wonderful wife, started a family and got into public transport (and...

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You’ll never get it perfect. Get used to it 😊

I love Sydney. It’s my home for life, full of incredible people and I thought long and hard when I made my decision to settle here. There’s lots going on and it’s one competitive place. I’ve even had New Yorkers turn around and tell me it’s a tougher place than New York City. That is...

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When you feel like your BURNING OUT!

Oh, I’ve so been there. I have done the hours, had knocks in business and felt OMG this is hard! We are humans at the end of the day, and we can only resist negativity for so long. If you feel like your getting tired, your more negative than you usually are and you are focusing on what...

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