Connect with Julie Crockett. Inpsiriational character. I love her work!

Profitable Inspiration from Julie Crockett

I am a massive fan of Property Investor & Specialist Julie Crockett. She is a big shot in the Sydney Business scene and I was very grateful to be invited to one of her events tonight. It was hosted at the beautiful offices of Shadforth Financial Group, and it provided incredible...

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Chocolate on arrival! Simple and it just works!

Chocolate makes EVENTS better!

We had one of our best events ever last night at our PROFITABLE MARKETING Meetup. These are our fortnightly gatherings and it’s become a large group of lots of wonderful people. It’s wonderful and it’s got me thinking as to the many things that creates a great event. The location,...

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From one office to another, AEONA Surry Hills is taking over Sydney!

AEONA Co-Working Space Rocks + Winning Expansion!

Tonight, was our wonderful “PROFITABLE MARKETING Meetup”. This is where a massive group of us get together to talk Marketing, Entrepreneurship and Winning Big. It was a wonderful evening for many reasons, with a key contributing factor being that of our friends from AEONA Co-Working...

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I think I am going to go with the red on this one...

Should I wear a Red or Black top?

There is an extremely intense discussion, debate and review we are doing in my business right now (lol). There are two camps in that, should I wear a ‘Black’ or ‘Red’ top. As part of my gradual makeover, I now have my own line of Lacrosse Shirts. I love them, upmarket Casual is my total...

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Less is most certainly more!

My NEW PowerPoint’s are SHORTER and BETTER!

I have just finished my next generation PowerPoint for our Free Evening Seminar and I am pumped. As time always passes, I make lots of new changes and improvements to everything I am doing. In this case (I have known this for a while), my PowerPoints are just far too long! I think that...

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Less gives more punch! (Image Credit and thanks to Batman and Robin)

Make your Content Shorter, Powerful and PUNCHY!

Like I have been over the past 2 years, I am continually looking at my own performance and making it better on a day by day basis. A core part of my own success has come from producing powerful CONTENT and I am busy improving it. Linked Videos, Facebook Lives and this article you are...

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The Count would be great at Sales!

Do the Numbers!

It’s Friday wonderful friends and it’s been an awesomely productive week. I have connected with lots of new people, got lots of wonderful clients and loving it. Interestingly however, this week of mine has been quite different / better than many of my previous weeks. I have spoken to at...

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Thank you for making Profitable Marketing Meetup Sydney rock! Join us next time!

The Great People, Valuable Content and Fun Evenings at Profitable Marketing Meetup Sydney!

I only must go back less than two years to remember the original Profitable Marketing Meeting Group. We only had about 3 people for our first meeting and it’s slowly grown and grown to 60+ for our events in 2018. THANK YOU to everyone for being part of it and I have listened extreme...

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Sarah and Shaun Button from Koa Recovery are an inspirational success story. Love their work!

7 x Winning Insights into Sarah & Shaun Button from KOA Recovery!

The epic journey started last year… One of my wonderful friends (and high-end Psychologist) Joel Curtis gave me an introduction to some wonderful people that were starting a business in ‘Cryogenic Healing’. Being a science fiction buff myself, I was immediately enamoured by this on...

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Cartman gets it. Take no BS, stand up for yourself and WIN BIG!

Take no BS, kick butt and WIN BIG!

I love it when people I work with win big. It seriously floats my boat in that I love seeing my friends do well and even better; I love it when they really stick it to the establishment and succeed. Over the years I have been in wonderful business, I have had wonderful clients start off...

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Take charge, command and WIN BIG! (Cartman Gets It!)


We had a rocking Live Webinar tonight with a group of wonderful people. I usually get anything from 2 to 10 people on a Live experience. Even though numbers are a far cry from my 70+ at Live Events, they are REALLY ENGAGED, and the recordings get watched hundreds of times. In this Live...

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Making your Meetup Group as enticing as possible is a great start. The way to go!

Ed’s Top 7 x Secrets to build your Meetup Group FAST!

I am really chuffed at some great news that has come out from my wonderful friends at Meetup HQ. I’m very lucky and grateful to be one of their “Meetup City Organisers”. It’s a volunteer role where I help educate other Meetup Group Leaders in Sydney, to get better at what they are doing....

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