The incredible food of Petko Petkov at AEONA

I love AEONA Coworking Space. It’s a great place where entrepreneurs win big. I popped in there to say hello to the powerhouse Alex & Benny who run the place. As I went in there (with chocolates), my timing was impeccable with them running the Global Coworking Uncovention Convention....

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Michael Colley’s OUTSTANDING Pancakes

My awesome pal Michael Colley is the Chef at the new Café Coffee Traders in Hills (North Western Sydney). Michael being the great guy that he is; invited me to join him at his fabulous establishment to enjoy the coffee and the food. Firstly, the coffee was five star (long black, great...

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I got lots of NO’s today!

Even for a seasoned veteran like me who gets paid $500+GST / Hour to train people in Sales, I even got lots of NO’s today I was filling the last of my workshop and I called up 10 people inviting them, the ones I spoke to said NO to me today. In fact, it was one of the highest NO days I...

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What I did whilst ordering a GREAT PIZZA!

We live near the highly acclaimed Northmead Pizza. It’s rated 4.3 Stars on Google and whilst I think that is too low (it should be 4.9); it makes some of the best Pizza’s ever. Considering the amount of work we have done lately, we decided to make Sunday evening ‘Lazy Pizza’ night to...

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My story of PUSHING BACK in the Corporate World

I usually write blog about entrepreneurship or winning big in business; but this one is slightly different. I am sure you have your own great workplace stories like this. On this Saturday, I was just spending wonderful time with my family. My awesome wife and I were talking about our...

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Being Charismatic and Very Smart

I am very focused these days on meeting great people and I am so lucky to be surrounded by great people. When I meet and befriend successful people, I always love studying their traits to explore why. One great guy I know is Paul Wright from the British Chamber of Commerce. He is one of...

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Ruchi’s Winning Meetup

I love going to Meetup Groups run by complete pro’s. I did exactly that tonight with a wonderful visit to Ruchi Motial-Suri’s Group, “Sydney Leadership and Soft Skill Meetup” (visit it here). It was a great event, well attended by top people and these are the key reasons of why she did a...

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How many phone calls should I make a day?

I have been conducting extensive, powerhouse and confidential research of vital importance. It’s been great where I have been asking top Sales People: “How many phone calls do you make a day?” It’s not that confidential, and I have found basically these results for Sales People when it...

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Winning so much with AEONA + Jamie Simpson

We had one of our best ever Profitable Marketing Meetups tonight. I of course don’t stay that lightly and I mean that on some very cool metrics including: Highest numbers in attendance The most leads I have ever got from an event The feedback from guests How good looking we all are (yes,...

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Great Content with Easy Audio Interviews (Thank you Geoff Anderson!)

I was extremely lucky to meet with Geoff Anderson today for a wonderful lunch at the Sofitel Wentworth in Sydney CBD. We didn’t just enjoy wonderful fine dining ACCOR style; Geoff interviewed me as to my thoughts with video Marketing and more. He’s writing his book and what got me about...

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It looks like the best way to get a meeting is to ask for it?

It’s Sunday evening and I (over email) am booking meetings for not next week (as I’m full up), but the week after. I have conversations all the time, get lots of leads, meet lots of people and most of the time I am on the one to ask for a meeting. I prefer them face to face and why would...

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Getting people HIGH on chocolate

When I was doing a massive update to my Profitable Marketing Meetup this year, I was thinking through exactly how I was going to pull it off, do it for low cost (being that I do the event for free); but still make it great. I knew I couldn’t just starve people, but then I didn’t want to...

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